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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar


Chapter 5

"YOUíRE WHAT?!" Jonathan Hotchkiss yelled at his daughter who stood before him.

"Iím. Moving. Out." Gwen spelled out for him.

"I heard you, I just didnít believe you. What in Hell possessed you to do this?" He angrily snapped at her.

"I donít know, loosing my job, my friends, my fiancée. Or how about the fact that no one in my family even cares about me!" Gwen yelled. "And donít you dare say it isnít so! ĎI canít believe you blew the Crane deal!í I believe is what you said to me!"

Jonathan averted his eyes, not wanting to face the truth. "Ah, but Gwen, how are you going to live off an assistant District Attorneyís salary? All your fancy clothes, parties, habits, cars. You really arenít counting on us once you move out." Jonathan countered.

"No Father. Iíll get by. I donít need you, I donít need the stupid clothes, or cars, or parties! I never even really like those things anyway!" Gwen replied. She glared at him as he stared back.

"Well Gwen. I guess thereís nothing left to say. Donít worry, when you canít make it out in the real world, your mother and I will welcome you back." Jonathan smiled.

"Huh!" Gwen huffed, and stormed out of the Hotchkiss library. As she past the door, she saw her mother, bewildered by the yelling.

"Gwen, I donít understand. What happened? Donít you still want Ethan?" Rebecca asked.

"God Mother! Itís always about Ethan! Her broke my heart into pieces. Why would I want him back?" Gwen screamed.

"Gwen, dear, calm down. Donít do anything rash." Rebecca begs.

"Too late for that dear." Jonathan said from the library door.

"Jonathan, what do you mean?" Rebecca asked.

"Our beloved daughter had decided to leave home, and join the normal, middle class, hum-drum people." Jonathan explained to his wife.

"Gwen, no! What will the members of the Country Club think?" Rebecca replied in horror.

Gwen stared open mouthed at both her parents. She rolled her eyes, turned on her heal, and left the mansion. She hopped in her BMW, and didnít look back as she drove away.

When Hank pulled his used Grand Am into the second parking spot, he noted that Gwenís BMW was already there. ĎShe must have wanted to get an early start.í He thought. He got out of his car, and turned towards the back door. He grabbed one of the small boxes he had of things, and walked towards the door. He was balancing the box while trying to grab his keys and open the door, when Gwen opened the door. She smiled at the funny site, while backing away from the door and letting him enter.

"Glad you could make it." She smiled.

"Wow, you really went full out." Hank said, gasping in awe of the perfectly decorated living room. A big screen television leaned against the west wall, and directly across from it was a matching leather chair and couch. A floor lamp and table were on each side of the couch, and a small table stood next to the chair. A few modern, but not eccentric, paintings hung on the wall.

"I hope you donít mind it. I went a little crazy at the furniture store, with daddyís credit card." Gwen smiled wickedly.

"Really?" Hank joked.

"Yes, well, after he blew up today, I thought it was only necessary. A little payback for all his nasty comments, and withheld love." Gwen nodded, standing behind her decision.

"Alright. Iím going to go set this down in my room." Hank said.

"Hank, if you want anything, donít hesitate to ask. Iím still hell bent on paying him back. So if you need anything, just let me know." Gwen offered. Hank nodded, and continued on his way. He passed the kitchen, which was now stocked with food and other necessities. Hank peered into the dinning room, and noticed the china sitting in a china cupboard, and an oak table with matching chairs and place settings.

He walked through the still blank halls, and entered his bedroom. It was completely empty, and he sighed. ĎI donít want to take Gwen up on her offer. Sam said he still has some spare bedroom furniture from the B&B remodeling, I should use that.í Hank decided.

He set his box down, and unloaded the otherís, while Gwen fixed up her room.

Gwen walked around her new queen bed, pulling the quilt gently. The first thing she had done when the furniture arrived was set up the living room and dinning room. Her bedroom was going to be the last thing she worked on. After putting the quilt on, she tossed on a few decorative pillows. ĎPerfect.í she thought.

"Iím going to go back to Samís and get the rest of my stuff, Iíll be back a little later." Hank said, interrupting her thoughts. "Your room looks really nice." He commented.

"Thank you. Iíll see you back here later then." She smiled. Hank nodded and left the room, fearing if he stayed a moment longer heíd give into his temptation to scoop her up and kiss her.

Gwen sighed as he left. ĎThere he goes again.í She moved over to a box next to her dresser, and began to unpack. After finishing her task, she glanced around her room. Her bed was pushed up against the west wall next to the door frame. Across from it was her dresser and a television, which sat on top. A small, old fashion chair sat in the northeast corner and gave the room a classic touch. ĎGreat, now I have nothing to do.í She thought, running through a check list engraved in her mind. She walked out of her room and into the kitchen.

"I guess I could go to the Book Cafe. Theyíve got books there and I havenít read the newest John Grisham yet." She said aloud to herself. Pulling out on of the cabinet drawers, she grabbed a notepad and jotted Hank a note.

Hank- Went to the Book Cafe. Help yourself to anything you need. Iíll see you tonight, I was thinking we could order dinner from a restaurant. What do you think?

She grabbed her purse and coat, and left their condo.

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