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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar


Chapter 1

When you’re out in the club, don’t think I’m not. Even when you’re out makin’ love, don’t think I’m not. When you’re feeling good in somebody’s spot, getting hot, don’t stop. Just don’t think I’m not, ‘cause I’m out getting mine.
By: Kandi

Gwen sat alone at the bar, trying to drink away her sorrows. ‘Damn him for choosing her! How could he. He was seeing her behind my back, then he choose her!’ She thought, sipping her vodka on the rocks. It trickled down her throat, and she cringed at the bitter taste. A muffled sob came out of her mouth, that caused the bartender to glance at her. She was slowly loosing her composure again, and ran to the bathroom. She slammed the stall door shut, and crumpled to the ground.

Hank, Sheridan, and Luis entered the bar. It had been a week since Sheridan’s release, and they were celebrating. She had miraculously recovered, and seemed to be in better health then before the faked death. Smiling, and arm-in-arm with Luis, she led the way to a table near the center of the room.

Hank stared at Luis and Sheridan. He really didn’t want to be there, but they insisted. He felt like a third wheel, and nodded his head as they conversed. It was sad really, at one time he thought there was a chance for him and Sheridan. He excused himself from the table, and went to get the drinks, even though he and Luis would be the only ones consuming alcohol.

He swiftly walked up to the bar, and greeted the bartender, who appeared to be worried about something or another. Hank gave him the drink order, and stood, waiting for them to be done. Staring off into space, he began to think of what it would be like when he found true love. The kind Luis and Sheridan felt. He was gently brought back by the sad voice of a woman. He turned his head towards her, and felt a mixture of emotions at the site. Here was this beautiful woman, with flowing brown hair, and deep green eyes, so sad and disappointed. She had been crying, and looked as though her world had been torn apart. There was something familiar about her, he tried to place it as he moved away from her stool as she requested.

That’s when it hit him. She was Gwen Hotchkiss, ex-fiancée of Ethan Crane. The one Ethan dumped for Theresa. ‘That’s why she’s so sad.’ He concluded. He continued to stare until Jack, the bartender, called him. He walked over and mindlessly picked up his drinks.

Returning to his table, he set the drinks down, and tried to join the conversation. His mind focused for a few moments, but then drifted back to Gwen, who appeared to be crying once again. Finally, when it seemed as though the present conversation had stopped, he broached the subject.

"Isn’t that Gwen Hotchkiss over there?" He asked Sheridan, pointing towards the hunched over woman at the bar counter.

"Oh God, it is! She looks so sad. I’m going to go talk to her, if you’ll excuse me." Sheridan said, scooting her chair out and walking towards Gwen. Luis and Hank’s eyes followed her as she approached Gwen.

"Why’d ya have to do that Hank?" Luis asked.

"In case you haven’t noticed, she’s a wreck, and your sister is the cause of all this. Not to mention that Sheridan and Gwen are friends." Hank angrily replied.

"Sorry dude." Luis apologized. "I can’t help it if Ethan choose Theresa. Why do you care so much? You don’t gotta thing for her, do you?"

"No." Hank denied, although the thought had never occurred to him. ‘Do I have a thing for her? Sure she’s beautiful, but what is it that has me so defensive of her?’ Hank questioned himself. His thoughts were interrupted by the return of Sheridan, and Gwen.

"I asked Gwen to join us. I hope no one minds." Sheridan said, looking directly at Luis. Luis nodded, understanding what she meant. He glance over at Hank, to see if he was going to make a comment, but found Hank staring at Gwen, who was sitting to his right. ‘What’s going on there?’ Luis evilly thought. ‘I think I’ll give them some time alone.’ Luis thought, knowing how both of them could use a rebound.

"Sheridan, would you like to dance?" Luis asked. Sheridan shot him a look, but accepted his offer. As soon as they were to the dance floor, moving to the slow music, she interrogated him.

"What’d you do that for? Gwen’s hurting right now, the last thing she needs is to see us in love." Sheridan explained.

"No, my dear, the last thing she needs is to see us, period. Both of us are related to the people who broke her heart. Hank isn’t, so maybe talking to him will help." Luis said, looking over Sheridan’s shoulder to watch his friend. Hank had concern and care in his eyes, and his chair was scooted close to Gwen’s.

"Plus, I think my buddy has a thing for her. God knows they could both use a rebound." Luis informed Sheridan.


"Gwen needs someone to get over Ethan, and Hank’s still reeling off of losing you. They’d be good for each other, at least at this state." Luis explained. Sheridan nodded her head, and then rested it on his chest.

. . . Meanwhile . . .

"Gwen, I’m so sorry to hear what happened. That was very wrong of Ethan to behave like that." Hank offered, hoping it would allow her to have a conversation with him. They had only met once, after Ethan called off the wedding, but he remembered that day like yesterday. The anger and hurt in her eyes gave her a new, undefined beauty. He was in awe of just how competent she was, for being so distraught. And yet, here she was, sitting in front of him, slowly breaking apart.

"Thank you Hank." She muffled, tears returning to her eyes. She didn’t want to be reminded of Ethan, but yet again she was. It wasn’t his fault, they’d only met once, and even then, she was enraged at the wedding being cancelled. Yet here he was, trying to make her feel better. Why? What had she done to deserve his concern? And what was it about him that made her heart race, and her body feel alive, when moments ago it felt dead?

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