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I do not own any of the characters on the show Passions, nor do I claim to. I don’t own the singers of the songs listed in this story either. In fact, I’m just a broke college student that doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. So, if you would like to sue, I guess you’d get about one nickel, my textbooks, or a hefty stack of bills!

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by JulianCrane1

Chapter Three

Luis woke up and looked at the clock. It was almost 11:00. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept that late. He also couldn’t remember the last time he slept that soundly. He thought about being with Sheridan last night and he felt the smile creep up on his face. He couldn’t believe how much fun they had. He had a lot of fun when they went to the Lobster Shack, but this was different. He laughed at some of the events that occurred last night. He couldn’t remember a time when he had had that much fun at a movie. He knew it was because of whom he was with, and thinking of her made his smile grow wider. He heard a knock on his door and then saw Miguel stick his head in the room.

"Hey bro, you awake?"

"Yeah, Miguel, come on in."

"So, how did your date go last night?"

Luis smiled again thinking about it. "It was good." "Just good?" Miguel asked.

"I’d say by the dopey look on your face that it was better than good."

"Okay, it was probably one of the best dates I’ve ever had," Luis said.

"I knew it. I knew you were falling hard and fast for Sheridan Crane."

"Yup, it looks that way," Luis replied. "Is there something you need or did you just come in here to ask about my date?"

"Well, Mama sent me in here to see if you were alive or not, but I was pretty curious about your date. What are you doing today?"

"Well, I thought I’d go for a run and then I’m going to call Sheridan and do something with her later."

"Hey, good deal. Well, I gotta go meet up with Kay."

"Kay…why aren’t you doing something with Charity?" Luis asked. "Oh, well, I have been feeling bad that I haven’t spent anytime with her at all since Charity came to town, so I thought I’d take her to a movie to prove that she’s still my best friend."

"Really? Are you sure that’s all it is?"

"Luis, you know what Kay is to me. She’s just my best friend…the tomboy next door."

"Have you actually looked at her lately, Miguel? Kay is hardly a tomboy anymore. She’s growing up into a beautiful young woman." ‘He has no idea that she is head over heels in love with him,’ Luis thought.

‘What? Kay is just my buddy. What is Luis talking about?’ "I think that you’re just a little loopy from your date last night with the lovely Sheridan. I’m totally into Charity. Kay is just a bud."

"Okay Miguel. I’ll catch ya later. Oh, by the way, Sheridan is planning a dance after the big Harmony/Vineyard game next week."

"Really…that’s great. I’ll have to ask Charity to go. See ya bro."

"Yeah, see ya." Luis got up and got dressed to go for a run.

Sheridan just woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about her date with Luis, and especially her kiss with Luis. ‘That was so much better than all those times I fantasized about kissing him. I got the real thing.’ She smiled and got dressed for her morning, well, make that afternoon run. She grabbed her Walkman and ran out the door.

Sheridan was running on the path in the park and saw a guy stretching that looked like Luis. ‘Well, this day is starting off better than I had expected.’ She ran over to him and slowed down but didn’t stop. "Hey Bernardo, care to be my running partner?" she asked over her shoulder as she ran past Luis.

"Sheridan, hey stop for a second."

Sheridan stopped and ran over to him. "What’s up. Is something wrong?"

"Mmm…nope. I just wanted to tell you good morning." He looked down at his watch. "Make that good afternoon."

"Good afternoon, officer."

"Oh, I think I have something for you, Sheridan."

"Really? What’s that?" Luis pulled her in and kissed her fervently and just as she was getting into it, he pulled away and started running. She looked in his direction, stunned by his kiss, but realized this was part of her payback from teasing him. "Luis! Get back here!" She took off running after him trying to catch up.

Luis was laughing to himself. He found it hard to pull away from her, but he had to get her back. He slowed up a little and let her catch up. When she did, she smacked him on the arm. "That was mean."

"I know, but I told you I’d get you back."

"Yeah, but last time was so much more fun," she whined.

"Come on Sheridan, don’t get whiney on me," Luis teased."

"Oh, just shut up and run," Sheridan tossed back at him. She smiled at him and took off and he caught up to her, and they jogged their three miles together. They ran to Luis’ house since it was closer to get some water.

Luis was out of breath when they arrived. "I forgot how good of a runner you are."

Sheridan was out of breath as well. "Yeah, you’re not so bad yourself," Sheridan replied. Luis handed her a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. "Thank you."

"No problem. I’m really glad we ran into each other."

Sheridan smiled at him. "Me too, Luis. So, are we going to start planning the dance today?"

"Sounds like a good plan to me," Luis said.

"Great. Would you mind driving me home so I could get cleaned up?"

"Sure, let me find my keys."


Luis walked back into the kitchen. "Hey, would you mind if I just got cleaned up here before I took you home? I’ll drop you off and then go run some errands."

"That’s fine. Take your time."

"Okay, you can hang out in my room, or in the living room. It doesn’t matter." He flashed his killer smile at her and went to get ready.

Sheridan walked into the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room and looked around. She always felt comfortable when she was in this house. Probably because it was a real home and not the mausoleum the mansion was. She wanted to go in Luis’ room…he did say she could, so she walked in there. She looked around his room. It was simple, but comfortable. It looked like a guy’s room. She was tired from their run. She had run extra hard to keep up with Luis, and now she was worn out. She still heard the shower running and figured she would just catch a few winks while he finished getting ready. Sheridan lay down on his bed. She inhaled the scent of him on his pillow and felt really close to him at that moment. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Luis walked into his room and found Sheridan fast asleep on his bed. He stood for a moment and just watched her. She looked so peaceful. She started to mumble something in her sleep and Luis moved closer to see what she was saying. "Mmm…Luis." Sheridan laughed lightly and rolled over and hugged the pillow close to her. Luis smiled. ‘She’s dreaming about me.’ He decided to wake her up, even though he was thoroughly interested in learning more about Sheridan’s dream.

He sat on the edge of his bed and brushed a piece of hair out of Sheridan’s eyes. He shook her gently. "Hey sleepyhead, wake up."

"Hmm…Luis?" she said through closed eyes.

"Yeah, it’s me. Wake up."

Suddenly Sheridan’s eyes were fully open and she was staring Luis straight in the eyes. She forgot where she was. "Luis?"

"Um, yeah, Sheridan."

"Am I still dreaming?" she asked confused.

Luis found it hard to not laugh. "No, you’re at my house. You fell asleep while I was in the shower."

"The shower?" Sheridan remembered what she was dreaming about and felt her cheeks blush.

"You sure are out of it when you fall asleep huh, Sheridan?"

Sheridan sat up and remembered why she was there. "Okay, I’m awake now. I can’t believe I fell asleep. I guess the run wore me out more than I thought."

"Come on, I’ll take you home so you can get cleaned up," Luis said. He held out his hands to help Sheridan up.

"Thanks Luis."

When they were in the car, Luis was still thinking about hearing Sheridan moan his name in her sleep. "Hey Sheridan?"


"What were you dreaming about earlier?" Luis tried not to smile and give it away.

"Dreaming?" she asked.

"Yeah, I heard you mumbling something in your sleep. It sounded like a good dream to me."

‘God, what did I say in my sleep? I was dreaming about us in the shower at the Youth Center. If I said anything I will be mortified.’ "I, uh, I was…dreaming about our date last night," she lied. ‘That will have to do. I don’t want him knowing I dream about us having sex.’

"Oh really? I guess I do have that affect on the ladies."

She looked over at him and rolled her eyes at him. She couldn’t help but smile at his charm. "I guess you do Luis."

Luis pulled up to Sheridan’s cottage and dropped her off. "I have a few errands to run, do you want me to call before I come back over, or what?"

"No Luis, I’ll leave the door unlocked and you can just let yourself in." She smiled at him.

"Okay Sheridan. See you in a little while. Bye."

"Bye Luis." She shut the car door and watched him drive away. She unlocked her door and went inside.

Sheridan kicked off her tennis shoes and threw them in her closet. She put her CD player on random and cranked up the volume and then got in the shower. Once she was in the shower, she let her mind wander to the time she and Luis had been spending together. She replayed the memory of Luis kissing her for the first time over and over in her memory. ‘I can’t believe how wonderful his lips felt against my own.’ She sighed happily and decided that she’d been in the shower long enough.

She was looking through her closet for something to wear when she heard her Bruce Springsteen CD begin playing. She loved this CD. It reminded her of her days at boarding school with her friend Annie. They both loved Bruce Springsteen, and everyone else thought they were crazy. She thought back to when they got tickets to his concert and they made a huge banner that said ‘ANNIE & SHERRY LOVE BRUCE’ to take with them. Sheridan used to hate when people called her Sherry, but for some reason, she didn’t care when Annie did it. She really missed her. Annie was always so mischievous and seemed to drag her along when she was in trouble, but she wouldn’t trade their friendship for anything. Annie always made boarding school fun. She stirred herself from her own reverie of the past and decided on a pair of jeans and a pink, three-quarter length sleeve shirt. She dried her hair and started putting on her makeup as she was dancing around in her bathroom singing along to her CD.

Luis arrived at Sheridan’s cottage and he knocked on the door, but she didn’t answer. He figured it was because the music was blaring and she didn’t hear him. He let himself in and looked for Sheridan. He could smell her perfume in the air and inhaled deeply. Meanwhile, Sheridan finished getting ready and wanted to get something to drink. She walked out of her room singing, unaware that Luis was sitting on the couch.

Glory days well they’ll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl’s eye
Glory days, glory daaaays

Luis caught this little performance and started laughing. She was still oblivious to the fact that he was there. She was dancing and singing in front of the refrigerator looking for a drink and Luis loved every second of this. ‘Who knew Sheridan was a Springsteen fan? The more that I learn about her the more intrigued I am.’ He smiled and watched her some more. Sheridan picked up a Coke can from the refrigerator and started to walk back into her room. She turned around and saw Luis sitting on the couch smiling at her.

Upon seeing Luis, Sheridan felt her cheeks turn beet red. ‘How long has he been here and how much of that performance did he see? Oh God, I’ve completely made an ass out of myself.’

Luis started clapping. "Bravo Sheridan." This only made her blush even more.

"Luis, how long have you been here?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, long enough to witness your little performance of ‘The Boss’," he said smirking. Sheridan stared at Luis nervously and averted his eyes due to her embarrassment. She walked over to the stereo to turn it down. She returned to the couch and sat down. Luis was still smiling at her. He thought she was so attractive when she was nervous, or in this case embarrassed.

"What?" she asked with a smile.

"I had no idea that you were a Springsteen fan."

"Well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me, Officer."

"I think you’re right, but I enjoy finding out new things ya know." Sheridan finally smiled at him. She had embarrassed him a lot last night, so I guess it was his turn now.

"Is that so?"

"Yup. So, are you a big fan of ‘The Boss’ or do you just sort of like him?"

"Are you kidding? I LOVE him. He is one of my all time favorites!" she exclaimed.

‘God, this woman is amazing.’ "Me too."

Sheridan laughed. "It looks like we just have lots in common huh?"

"It looks that way," Luis said.

"Wait right here, I have something I want to show you." Sheridan got up and ran into her room and returned carrying a scrapbook.

She sat down next to Luis and handed him the book. "This…is how much I like Springsteen." Luis opened up the book and found lots of old magazine clippings and ticket stubs to his concerts and tons of pictures. He smiled as he was looking through the book. It really took him back to when he was growing up and he and Hank had gone to see him in concert one year. "Do you want something to drink?" Sheridan offered.

Luis didn’t look up from the book. "Yeah, that would be great, thank you." Sheridan smiled at him and got up to get him a Coke out of the refrigerator. Luis was looking at old pictures of Sheridan. She had long hair in these pictures and was standing with a red haired girl. He assumed it was when she was in boarding school. He looked more closely at the picture and saw the sign that said ‘ANNIE & SHERRY LOVE BRUCE!’ ‘Sherry? I wonder if very many people call her that. That’s cute.’ Sheridan returned with Luis’ drink and handed it to him. He looked up at her and into her big blue eyes. "Thanks." Sheridan saw the picture he was about to look at and took it. She didn’t want him to know that people called her Sherry.

"Why, Sheridan, you aren’t trying to hide anything from me are you?"

"Um, no not really. It’s just not a very good picture. Here’s a better one," she said as she flipped the page.

"I can’t believe you have all of this stuff. It’s great, Sheridan."

"Thank you. I told you I was a fan. Are you?" she asked again.

"Well, I have seen The Boss in concert, but I don’t have anything as elaborate as this, cataloging his life," he said smiling. He flipped the page and saw an autographed picture of him. It said ‘To Sherry, Love Bruce Springsteen.’ Sheridan saw him looking at that and took the book away from him.

"Okay, why don’t we get started on the dance."

"Sheridan, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you were deliberately trying to keep me from finding out something about you."

"Don’t be silly, Luis. I just look so dopey in those pictures with my hair so long."

"I don’t think so…I think you look great."

She felt herself blushing again. ‘Why do I always blush whenever Luis is around? Because he is unlike anyone you’ve ever met, that’s why!’ "Thank you, Luis."

Sheridan grabbed a pad of paper and two pens so they could write down what they needed for the dance. When she returned she sat down on the floor so she could write on the coffee table. Luis just looked at her for a moment. She wasn’t wearing much makeup and her hair wasn’t impeccably fixed like it usually was. She had little barrettes in her hair that gave her a youthful look but she was still the most breathtaking woman he had ever seen. He kept thinking about her and didn’t hear what she was saying. "How does that sound to you?"

"Huh? What did you say, Sheridan?"

Sheridan grinned at him. "You like to space out don’t ya? Did you hear a word I said?"

"I’m sorry, I didn’t," he said as he slid off the couch to sit on the floor beside her.

"What were you thinking about that caused you to be a million miles away?"

Luis smiled coyly at her. "Oh, you know…things."

"Things?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.


She laughed dryly, "Okay Luis. Whatever you say."

They talked some more about the dance and decided that the kids could dress up and they would ask Chad to DJ the dance. They settled on what they would have for refreshments and she said that she would go shopping for decorations later this week. This took them a lot longer than they had expected, but they kept getting off track and talking about other things and laughing. Sheridan heard her stomach growl and looked at her watch. It was almost 6:00 and she hadn’t had anything to eat that day. "Luis, I’m starving."

"Me too. How about we go get a pizza and then rent a movie at Blockbuster? Unless of course you’re sick of me and want me to leave."

‘YES! He wants to stay! This has been the best day.’ "Of course I’m not sick of you, and a pizza sounds great. Let me put my shoes on and we can go." Sheridan hopped to her feet and went into her room. Luis watched her go and smiled thinking about what a wonderful time he was having. Sheridan returned to the living room and went to grab her jacket. Luis jumped to his feet to help her. He slid the jacket on her and rested his hands on her shoulders. He was inhaling the sweet smell of her hair and Sheridan slowly turned her head to see Luis’ face. She found his eyes gazing into her own. ‘Those eyes. They are so intense that you could get lost in them.’ Sheridan’s eyes made their way down to Luis’ mouth. She wanted to kiss him so badly. She chewed nervously on her bottom lip but decided to kiss him anyway. She kissed him gently on the lips and pulled back to look into his eyes.

"Hmm…and what was that for Miss Crane?" he asked sweetly.

"For helping me with my jacket. Now let’s go…I’m STARVING," she said with a huge grin as she pulled him out of her cottage. He just laughed at her and allowed her to drag him to the car. She hopped into Luis’ Jeep and he shut the door for her. Luis started the Jeep and Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen was blaring on his radio. Sheridan started laughing, as did Luis as he turned down the radio.

"I told you I was a fan of The Boss," he said as his infectious grin spread across his face.

"I think that everyone should be," Sheridan said, still giggling.

"Hey Crane, do you have your cell phone with you?"

"Yeah, do you want me to order the pizza?"

"You read my mind," Luis said.

"Well then, let me try out my psychic powers again and guess what you want on the pizza." Sheridan shut her eyes and jokingly rubbed her temples. Luis just laughed at her. "You want…pepperoni and mushrooms on your pizza…preferably from Papa John’s."

Luis stopped laughing and glanced over at her. "How did you do that? That is my favorite," he exclaimed.

Sheridan smiled and tried to keep from giggling, but it didn’t work. "It’s my favorite too, so I guess it was just wishful thinking." She called and ordered the pizza as Luis drove to the video store.

Sheridan and Luis were walking through the isles looking for a movie to rent. Luis wanted to watch a scary movie to see if Sheridan was a scaredy cat. The image of that was amusing to him, but he also hoped that she would snuggle up to him if she did get scared. Sheridan wanted to watch a chick flick but she didn’t want to make Luis suffer through it. After all, she did drag him to see Grease last night. ‘Maybe if we get a scary movie, I can sit close to Luis. Sheridan, stop acting like a little schoolgirl and pull it together.’ They were in the scary movie isle and she picked up Scream 2 as Luis picked up Scream. She looked up at Luis and met his eyes. It was amazing to her that they had so much in common. She always knew they had to have more in common than what they already knew about, but there was more than she could have imagined. Luis grinned at her. "I guess great minds think alike huh, Sheridan?"

"Yeah, I guess so. So, which one are we getting, Luis?"

"Why not both? It’s still early."

‘YES!!!!’ "Okay, sounds good to me." They paid for the movies and went to pick up their pizza.

Sheridan noticed there was a liquor store next to Papa John’s. "Hey Luis, what kind of beer do you want?"

"Don’t tell me that you like to drink beer."

"What’s good pizza without a cold beer?"

‘This woman is AMAZING!’ Luis smirked a little; "whatever you want is fine with me."

"Be careful what you tell me, Luis," she said smiling as she hopped out of the Jeep. Luis went to get the pizza and Sheridan returned with a 12-pack of Coors under her arm. Luis saw the kind of beer she bought and felt like she was reading his mind. It was weird, but wonderful at the same time.

He drove back to Sheridan’s and they were jamming to Springsteen in the car. Both Sheridan and Luis were thinking about how they needed to talk about what was happening between them, but they didn’t want to. They were slipping into a comfort zone and loved spending time together, and didn’t think it necessary to analyze their relationship to death tonight.

Sheridan unlocked the door to her cottage and checked her machine. There was a message from Hank asking her out for the night, which she quickly deleted and groaned upon hearing it. Luis couldn’t help but laugh. Sheridan got two plates from the cupboard and brought them into the living room. When she walked in there, she found Luis sitting on a blanket that he had spread out on the floor. "And what might this be, Officer?"

"A carpet picnic," he said nonchalantly.

"Oh, a carpet picnic," she said with her eyebrows raised and the corners of her mouth turning up. She handed him the plates and sat down. As soon as she sat down, she popped up again and ran to the kitchen. She returned with two beers and some napkins. "Here you go," she said as she handed Luis a beer.


Sheridan smiled and opened the pizza box to get a piece of pizza. They talked more about the dance as they ate. "I was thinking Luis, if Chad doesn’t have a lot of the ‘oldies’ to play at the dance, maybe I could talk to the local music stores to see if they will donate some."

"Yeah, that would be a good idea. I know that Mama has a lot of oldies at home too."

"Well, I have some CDs with oldies songs on them, so we can use those too."

"I think we have this dance pretty much planned, Crane."

"I think we do too. Then I propose a toast, to the dance." Luis raised his beer bottle and clinked it with hers.

"To the dance." Sheridan stood up to take the plates to the kitchen, but Luis insisted that he do it instead.

He returned to the living room and handed Sheridan another beer. "So, should we get the full effect of the scary movie and watch it with the lights off?" she asked, praying that he would say yes.

"Definitely. You can’t watch a scary movie with the lights on because it defeats the whole purpose." Sheridan got up and switched off the lights as Luis put the tape into the VCR. He turned around and found her sitting on the floor leaning up against the couch. He sat himself down next to her. Luis picked up her hand and brought it to his mouth and kissed it. She sighed lightly and smiled at him. She picked up the remote and skipped through the previews to get to the main attraction. The movie started and they sat in silence. Sheridan didn’t get too scared by the movie at first. She did find herself jumping from time to time and Luis thought it was cute. He wrapped his arm around her instinctively and she snuggled up close to him as he hoped she would. At one point during the movie though, Sheridan screamed and practically jumped into Luis’ lap. He laughed at her and she smacked him on the arm. She settled herself sitting between Luis’ legs and she leaned up against him. He wrapped both of his arms around her. She felt really safe being with him. She normally felt safe with him, but being in his arms, she felt like no harm could come her way. Luis was having a hard time concentrating on the movie with Sheridan leaning up against him the way she was. He found himself watching her reactions to the movie more closely than the movie itself.

Sheridan got up to use the bathroom after the movie was over. "I’ll be right back," she said, mocking the movie. Luis laughed. When she walked back out into the living room, she didn’t see Luis anywhere. "Luis? Where are you? I know you’re just trying to scare me." She looked all over the living room and didn’t see him. She walked into her room, hoping to find him there, but she didn’t. She walked back into the living room and Luis jumped out from behind the couch and grabbed her. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! LUIS LOPEZ-FITZGERALD you scared the hell out of me!" She smacked him hard on the arm.

Luis grinned and started laughing at her. ‘She is so adorable.’

"So you think this is funny?"

"Yes, I do. I think it’s hilarious," he replied.

"Well, let’s see how funny you think this is, Luis." Sheridan started poking him in the ribs and tickling him and Luis started laughing. He tried to get around Sheridan but he was laughing too hard to move. He started tickling her back and she started squealing with laughter. Neither would relent on their tickling war, but Sheridan was laughing so hard that she fell backwards onto the couch pulling Luis with her.

Luis was now on top of Sheridan lying on the couch. Both of them were still laughing and tickling each other. Sheridan was squirming underneath him trying to break free but couldn’t because her body hurt from laughing. She felt Luis ease up a little and Sheridan made her move. She went in for the kill and tickled Luis as hard as she could, causing him to laugh uncontrollably. Sheridan then tried to roll them over, but they ended up falling off of the couch. She heard Luis bump his head on the coffee table.

"Oww!" Luis said as he reached up to touch his head. He was still laughing however.

Sheridan’s eyes opened really wide afraid that she hurt him. "Luis, oh my God, are you okay?" She saw that he was still laughing, so that caused her to laugh as well.

"Man, Sheridan, getting a little vicious aren’t you?"

"Luis, I’m so sorry. Where does it hurt?" ‘Way to go idiot…why don’t you just club him over the head? Real smooth, Sheridan!’

Luis pointed to the left side of his forehead. "Right here," he said faking his injury.

Sheridan noticed him sticking his lip out. He looked so cute at that moment. "Can I see?" she asked softly as she carefully removed Luis’ hand from his head.

Sheridan leaned in and gently kissed his forehead. "Is that any better?"

"Mmm, yeah, but now there is a pain right here," he said pointing to his cheek.

"Hmm…you have pesky travelling pain I see."

"Mmm hmm."

She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Does it hurt anywhere else, Luis?"

‘Oh, I could think of a few places…don’t go there, Luis!’ "Well, seeing as you are so good at making the pain go away, it really hurts right here," he said pointing to his lips.

"Oh, well, I’d better see if I can remedy that then." Sheridan leaned in and kissed his lips sweetly. "Better?"

"Yeah, but they still kinda hurt," he said playfully. Sheridan grinned slyly at him and leaned in and brushed her lips over Luis’ before kissing him full on the mouth.

Sheridan pulled away but rested her forehead against his. "Is that better, Luis?" she asked grinning at him.

"Indeed it is. You are very good at that."

"I’m sorry that you hit your head," she said.

"Hey, that’s okay. Remind me to get hurt more often around you."

She giggled at him and started to get up. She looked at the clock and it was only 9:30. "So, should we watch the second movie?" he asked.

"Yeah, as long as you don’t try to scare the bejesus out of me." She turned and smiled at him.

"Well, I won’t seeing as I get injuries to the head when I do try to scare you."

Sheridan knew he was kidding, but she still felt bad. "Luis, I’m really sorry you hit your head."

He just smiled at her. "Don’t worry about it…I’m fine. As you know, I can be pretty thick-headed at times."

Sheridan giggled. "No argument from me on that one," she said playfully.

Sheridan got up and moved to the couch and Luis put the movie in the VCR. Luis grabbed a throw pillow and tossed into Sheridan’s lap and he plopped down and rested his head on it. Sheridan laughed. "Comfy Luis?"


"Well that’s good, we wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable at all, Officer," she said, smiling wryly.

"That’s what I thought…this place looks pretty hospitable to me." Sheridan rolled her eyes and smirked and Luis just smiled innocently at her.

The movie was starting and Sheridan found herself just watching Luis watch the movie. He was laughing at the people being stabbed because he knew what was going to happen. She started running her fingers through his hair. She didn’t really want to watch the movie at all. Sheridan traced his jaw line lightly with her index finger and then down his neck. She felt the goosebumps form on his neck, but she didn’t stop. She started playing with his hair again, and Luis slowly sat up. Sheridan was afraid she’d done something wrong, but Luis cupped her face with both of his hands and brought her mouth to meet his. Luis had his hands in her hair as their mouths explored each other and then he lowered his hands to wrap them around her waist. Sheridan had her hands on his chest and brought one up and placed it behind his head.

They continued kissing and Luis slowly lay back on the couch pulling Sheridan on top of him. Both Sheridan and Luis were really getting into it and Luis had one of his hands up her shirt caressing the small of her back. ‘I love the way Luis kisses me, but why do I feel like a teenager right now?’ The more she thought about it, the funnier it became. She broke the kiss and started giggling. Luis just looked at her.


Sheridan started laughing even harder and she buried her face into Luis’ neck and laughed more, causing Luis to start laughing. Sheridan pulled back and looked at Luis. "Do you feel like a teenager right now Luis?"

"Well, now that you mention it. We are making out during the movie like we’re in high school or something." He grinned at her and she sat up and pulled Luis up too.

"I just started hearing the movie in the background and I suddenly felt like I was in high school again making out with my boyfriend." ‘Did I just say boyfriend? YOU IDIOT!’

‘Did she just call me her boyfriend? Oh, I’m probably just wishing I heard that. That’s a concept I could definitely get used to.’ "I know what you mean, Sheridan. And as much as I enjoy kissing you, I think we should call it a night."

"I think that you’re right." She met his eyes and they shared a shy smile.

Luis got up and put his coat on. She walked him to the door. "Thank you for a wonderful day, Luis."

"No, thank you. These last two days have been the best I’ve had in a very long time."

"I feel the same way. So…this is goodnight then."

"Yeah, I suppose it is." They just stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and Luis planted a sweet kiss on her lips before heading out the door. He turned around and said goodnight and headed for his car. Sheridan sighed and leaned up against the door and touched her lips with her fingers. She heard a knock at the door, which made her jump. She turned around and saw Luis standing outside.

Sheridan smiled as she opened the door. "Hi."


"Did you forget something, Luis?"

"Um, yeah, actually, I did."

"What is it?"

"This…" He grabbed her and kissed her passionately and she felt herself melt right there. When the kiss ended, Sheridan wrapped her arms around Luis and hugged him as close to her body as possible.

"Goodnight, Luis," she whispered into his ear.

He kissed her forehead. "Goodnight, Sheridan." He lightly touched the end of her nose and walked out the door.





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