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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by JulianCrane1

Sheridan wondered where this was coming from although she had a pretty good idea. It hadn’t been all that long ago when things were a mess between them. He was without a doubt the strongest man she’d ever known, but he had a vulnerable side that he kept closely guarded. Only with her did he let his guard down. It was one of the countless endearing qualities that she loved about him. "You will never have to find out, Luis, because I’m not going anywhere. I love you so, so much. Don’t ever doubt that." She gave him a reassuring smile which he returned. She ran her fingers lightly down his neck and kissed him once more. "Just relax. Let me take care of you," she whispered into his ear which caused a shiver up his spine.

She grabbed a big, soft sponge from behind her and emerged it into the steaming bath. When it was completely saturated she held it over one of his shoulders and squeezed it allowing the water to run down his body. He inhaled deeply as the hot water washed over him. It felt wonderful. She did the same thing to the other shoulder and repeated this process several times. They maintained eye contact while she worked. When all of his skin was wet, she put the sponge down in the bath water and grabbed the large cup resting at the back of the tub. She filled the cup full of water. "Close your eyes," she whispered to Luis. He did as he was told and Sheridan gently poured the water over his head as to not get it in his eyes. She did this a couple more times to ensure that his hair was completely wet. She sat the cup down and reached behind Luis for the bottle of shampoo. When she did, she allowed her breasts to rub against him.

Luis felt her ample breasts brushing against his skin and he opened his eyes. He saw her reaching past him for the shampoo and he placed a kiss on her shoulder. Sheridan got the bottle and slowly pulled back so her face was mere inches from his. Her eyes wandered from his eyes to his lips and back to his eyes. Luis brought a hand up and brushed the hair away from her eyes. She licked her lips lightly and slowly leaned in and brushed her lips against his. The kiss started slowly and sweetly. He ran his tongue lightly over her lips begging for entrance. She gently parted her lips and their kiss rapidly grew more intense and passionate. They were both getting caught up in the moment, but Sheridan wanted to prolong this night for as long as she could. Reluctantly she slowed the kiss and pulled away, giving him a few quick pecks before sitting back against the tub.

She picked up the shampoo bottle and poured some into her hands. She placed them on Luis’ head and began to work up a lather. Luis closed his eyes and reveled in feeling her wash his hair. "Mmm, Sheridan…that feels so good," he moaned as her fingers continued to massage his head and work the lather in a slow and sensual manner. She smiled at the content look on his face. He seemed much more relaxed now and she was happy to be doing this for him. In all honesty, this was as much of a turn-on for her as it was him. Luis felt his body tingle from her touch. He didn’t think she had any idea of exactly how much he was enjoying this. Luis opened his eyes and gave her a look that she wasn’t really sure of.

"What’s that look?" she asked curiously.

Luis grinned at her. "Well, I was just thinking about how it’s not everyday that a beautiful naked woman washes my hair." Sheridan smiled and continued to wash his hair. "It’s extremely sexy," he said in a low voice. She stopped her hands and looked into his eyes and saw them piercing through her. It set her soul ablaze when he looked at her like that. She reached behind her without breaking his gaze and found the cup. She scooted closer to him and reached behind to turn on the water. Sheridan glanced up and saw Luis looking down at her with his big dark eyes. She felt the heat from his stare as she filled up the cup with clean water.

"Close your eyes, baby." Sheridan poured the warm water over his head and began rinsing his hair. He exhaled a contented sigh as the water washed over him. She repeated this a few more times until there were no suds remaining. She leaned in and kissed his wet mouth softly while her hand reached behind and turned off the water. Luis brought both hands up and cupped her face while they were engaged in kisses. Sheridan let a soft moan escape as Luis delicately nibbled on her bottom lip. When she could no longer breathe, she pulled away. "I love the way you kiss, Luis," she said quietly. He gave her a puckish grin and pressed his lips firmly against hers. Sheridan put her hands on his chest and halfheartedly pushed him away. She flashed him a sexy grin. "There’s plenty of time for kissing, honey, but right now I need for you to turn around." She moved back so he could do as she instructed. She was having a difficult time warding off his advances and she didn’t know how much longer she could resist this man.

Luis sat between her legs with his back to her. She found his body wash and poured a generous amount onto the sponge and worked it into a foamy lather. She ran the sponge over his back, shoulders, and arms in a peaceful, soothing behavior. Luis closed his eyes and listened to the music that was playing and the rain that was falling outside. He concentrated on the sensations Sheridan was giving him as she washed his body. The bath was very sensual and erotic and he was savoring every second. After she rinsed his back she told him to lean back against her. He gently leaned back but it wasn’t close enough for Sheridan and she wrapped an arm around him pulling him as close to her body as possible. His head was resting against her shoulder and he could feel her breasts pressing against his back. That feeling drove him wild. She placed a warm kiss on his temple and began washing his chest and worked her way down to his stomach. Her movements were slow and deliberate as she wanted him to be completely relaxed.

Once she finished washing his entire body, she wrapped her legs and arms around him holding him close. Luis tilted his head up so he could kiss her and she happily indulged him. She brought one of his hands to her mouth and placed succulent kisses on each of his fingertips and then did the same to the other hand. He let out a thankful moan and he rubbed his hands up and down her bare legs. Sheridan remained wrapped around Luis just holding him while her head rested against his. The CD had ended and there was only the sound of the rain pattering against the window and the rhythmic sound of their breathing. Sheridan nuzzled his neck and trailed sweet kisses from his neck and face. Her tongue swirled around his earlobe and she nibbled on it lightly. "How do you feel?" she whispered into his ear.

He leaned back and kissed her lips firmly. "Amazing. I knew this bath was an excellent idea, but I had no idea it was going to be like this…so peaceful, relaxing, romantic."

Sheridan felt a smile playing on her lips and she kissed his temple. "I’m glad you feel better."

"Thanks for taking such good care of me."

"My pleasure, believe me." She smiled because she was nowhere near done with him and he had no clue. Sheridan kissed his cheek and brushed the wet hair back off his forehead, casually styling it with her fingers. "I love you."

He looked up so he could see her beautiful face. Her dazzling blue eyes twinkled in the glow from the candles. His hand reached behind her head and pulled her in for a steamy kiss. "I love you, baby."

Luis sat up and turned around to face her. He returned the favor and cleansed her body in a slow, sensual manner just as she had done for him. When he finished, he pulled her towards him and met her mouth in an avid kiss. He inched his hands slowly down her body and held her close to him as he continued to kiss her. His lips left her mouth and traveled down her face and neck. She moaned favorably when he reached a tender spot on her neck. She wanted him so much, but she wanted to get out of the tub first and continue with her plan. "Luis?"

"Hmm?" He didn’t look up and continued kissing and nibbling on her neck.

"How about we get out of this tub?" Luis didn’t stop and went for the ticklish spot on Sheridan’s neck. She giggled and found it hard to get the words out. He smiled and continued kissing. Her senses were starting to fly out of the window. "Luis, It’s getting cold and I’m a prune." Luis looked up and laughed at the cute expression on her face. "Besides, I have more for you."

He raised his eyebrows, surprised. "More? I’m not sure what I did to deserve you, but I thank my lucky stars everyday." She gave him a sweet smile. He slowly stood up and exited the tub. He helped Sheridan out and dried off her body with a towel and wrapped it around her. Luis dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him. He kissed her lovingly and then wrapped her in a hug. "Thank you for doing this for me."

She smiled against his shoulder. "You’re welcome." She told him to go into the bedroom and she’d be there in a minute. Once she blew out the candles she walked into their bedroom with a bottle of scented massage oil in hand and found him standing by the window peering out into the night. The rain was still pouring down and thunder rolled in the distance. Brief lightening flashes lit the sky and cast its glow into their room. She sat the oil on the nightstand and walked up behind Luis and wrapped her arms around him. Sheridan placed kisses on his shoulders and back. He turned around flashed his sexy grin which caused a smile of her own to form. She held out her hand and he took it and she led them over to their bed. Luis brushed his fingers down her arms lightly and felt the goosebumps form. "Lay down…on your stomach."

Luis gave her a sly look and climbed onto the king sized, four poster bed. He laid down in the middle of the bed and Sheridan grabbed the massage oil and climbed onto the bed as well. She seated herself on his backside putting most of her weight on her knees. She opened the bottle and poured a small amount of the oil in her hands and worked to warm it up before she touched Luis. Her hands started at the small of his back and she slid her hands up the length of him. Sheridan felt him tense up at first and then relax under her hands. She worked each muscle in his lower back increasing the intensity in which she massaged. "Mmm," Luis moaned. Her hands moved higher on his back and she began massaging his well-defined lats. Her hands glided over his back and the oil glistened when the lighting flashed. "Ooh Sheridan…that feels incredible."

She concentrated on a new muscle group as her hands reached the area between his neck and shoulders. She dug her hands into that area and he groaned. "Damn that feels amazing." She smiled, glad that she was pleasuring him. Sheridan felt her breathing becoming more shallow and rapid. Touching his hard body was always a turn on and it wasn’t any different tonight. Her hands moved over the area and then they concentrated on his neck trying to relieve the tension that had built up over the week. Sheridan leaned over him and placed a kiss on his cheek while she continued the massage. Luis turned his head slightly so he could kiss her lips. He kissed her mouth fully and didn’t want to stop. Sheridan sat back and continued rubbing his muscles. She worked everything that was exposed to her…his back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and legs. She moved off of his backside and ran her hands over his buttocks, kneading gently. Luis was very relaxed from the massage but he was growing more turned on by the second.



"Turn over please."





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