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You've Got Mail
Passions style-
Part Two














 to be continued

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 29

Sheridan paced anxiously at the end of the pier waiting for Jay to arrive. So many thoughts were going through her head right now causing her to be completely flustered. As many times as sheíd surveyed the docks looking for Jay, she nearly jumped out of her skin when Jay seemingly snuck up behind her.

"Hey Sheridan" Jay said with a huge grin on her face as she quietly approached Sheridan. "Whatís up? Whatís this all about?"

"Jay! You nearly scared me half to death!" Sheridan exclaimed as she whipped around to face her.

"Boy, you really are a bundle of nerves arenít you?" Jay remarked.

"I guess you could say that" Sheridan responded. "I just have so many things on my mind right now."

"Well, Iím here to listen Sheridan" Jay said sincerely.

"Thanks Jay" Sheridan grinned uneasily. She wrung her hands together rapidly. "Can we walk?" Sheridan asked. "I donít think I can stand still very long."

"Letís walk then" Jay agreed readily. The two friends strolled down the pier as Sheridan gathered her thoughts.

"Jay, you've been friends with Luis for a long time, right? You met at the Police Academy and then you were his police partner, right?"

"Well, yeah ..." Jay began to answer.

Sheridan nodded. She already knew the answer to the question, but she needed affirmation from Jay in order to ask the questions on her mind. "As his friend" Sheridan continued before Jay could say anything else, "do you believe he really meant it when he apologized to me?" Sheridan was visibly nervous and almost was afraid to ask the question.

"Well Sheridan, I think that..."

"He sounded so sincere when he apologized to me and after all he did save my life last night" Sheridan rambled. "I just wish I knew what to believe."

"Sheridan, I think..."

"Of course he saved my life. He was on duty, he had to stop the mugger. He would have done the same for anyone." Sheridan was barely conscious of the fact that Jay was there right now. She was at war with herself and Jay was the lucky witness to the event.

"Of course Luis would have saved..."

"See, I knew it! He hates me! Heíll never think of me as anything but a Crane!"

"Sheridan, Slow down! Take a breath and let me get a word in" Jay said determinedly. "First, I've told you before that Luis doesn't hate you. Second, Luis would not have apologized to you if he didn't mean it sincerely."

"Do you really think so?" Sheridan asked optimistically.

"Sheridan, yes I do think so" Jay said with a confused laugh. "Just where are you going with this anyway?"

"I pray youíre right" Sheridan said. "I so want him to be sincere in his promise to not bring up my family" Sheridan sighed in frustration. "If only my last name wasnít Crane I wouldnít be in this mess."

"What mess?" Jay asked. She was beginning to have an idea where this conversation was going, but Sheridan was so wound up she was all over the place.

"Pezz and Luis, Jay" Sheridan said. "Pezz is Luis."

Jay couldnít help but laugh. "Yes he is Sheridan."

Sheridan stopped walking and stared at Jay in all seriousness. "Jay, do you think that Luis will still want to be with KCGirl when he finds out that she is me?"

"No more beating around the bush there" Jay said surprised.

Sheridan took Jayís remark as a "no" but in the delicate mood she was in right now, she probably would have taken just about any response as a no. She frowned at first and then smiled wryly as she once again began walking, briskly this time. "Thatís about what I figured" Sheridan said.

"Figured what?" Jay asked. "I havenít given you my answer yet Sheridan."

"I thought you had" Sheridan answered.

"Sheridan, you're not giving me a chance to talk" Jay laughed.

Sheridan stopped in her tracks and turned, giving Jay her full attention.

Jay was surprised by what she was watching. "Sheridan, let me ask you a question here before I answer you."

"Sure Jay."

"Are you asking all of these questions about Luis because you want Luis slash PezzMan?"

Sheridan sighed heavily. She looked at Jay for a long moment before nodding her head in an affirmative manner. "Yes, I think so."

A smile slowly crept onto Jayís face. "Finally! It's about time one of you got a clue."

Sheridan was still frustrated, despite Jayís light attitude to the whole subject. "Jay, I just donít know what to do. The minute Luis finds out KC and I are the same person, heíll never want anything to do with either one of us again. So what am I going to do?"

"I think you need to make absolutely certain that you know what you want. And, I think you should start by asking yourself who it is you want and why you want them. So let me ask you, do you want Luis or Pezz?"

"I want them both" Sheridan answered assuredly.

"Good answer. Now, can you tell me why you've decided that you want them both?"

Sheridan was starting to fidget nervously again. "Iíve told you before why I have such strong feelings for Pezz, havenít I?" Sheridan asked.

Jay nodded.

"As for Luis, letís just say that if he hadnít blown up when he found out my last name was Crane, I would have made a play for him the first day we met."

Jay grinned. "Does that mean I was right?"

Sheridan gave her friend a smirk. "Yes, you were right, but heís done so much to hurt me I donít know why I can even consider having feelings for him."

"Sheridan" Jay said, "We canít always control the way we feel about people."

"Believe me, I know" Sheridan replied. "Thatís why Iím having such a problem. I canít seem to get thoughts of Luis out of my head and not just because heís Pezz."

Jay said nothing. She waited for Sheridan to finally get out what she was feeling and then maybe she could help her come up with a solution.

"Jay, I wish I knew what it was about Luis that made me feel the way I do" Sheridan began. "It would make sense that itís knowing heís Pezz that has me attracted to him, but if the truth be known, I was attracted to Luis before I found out he was Pezz."

"Iím not surprised" Jay agreed. "Go on."

"Itís not even because Luis is incredibly handsome and sexy either. Iíve known hundreds of men with killer good looks and bodies to die for and none of them ever made me feel this way."

"How exactly does Luis make you feel, Sheridan?"

"I canít explain it Jay" Sheridan said in frustration. "If I had to use one word Iíd have to say connected. Somehow I feel a connection with him that goes beyond anything Iíve ever experienced before."

Jay could see how deeply Sheridan was affected by all of this. She just walked in silence and let Sheridan try to explain what she was feeling.

"Maybe itís because we seem to want the same things out of life, even though we are from two completely different worlds. The first thing I noticed was at the Youth Center the first day we met. He was so good with those kids. He still is and what he is doing with those kids at the Youth Center is something I have dreamed about for a long time."

They walked in silence for a few minutes while Sheridan thought some more.

"Whatever it is Jay, I want a chance to get to know him better. I know Pezz would love to have a relationship with KC, but I donít know if Luis will feel the same way when he finds out that Iím KC. I donít know if I can risk getting hurt again, if Luis canít get over his prejudice of my family."

"I need something to help me think. What do say we go get some ice cream?" Jay suggested. "Don't worry Sheridan. We'll figure something out. What Pezz and KC have is very special and there's got to be a way to find out if Luis and Sheridan are meant to have that same kind of special connection without you or Luis getting hurt in the process."

Sheridan smiled and the two of them headed towards the ice cream shop.

Luis glanced at his watch and saw it was still early. He still had a few hours to go before KC would be online and he couldnít just sit around and do nothing. He walked back downstairs to the kitchen to tell his mother where he was going.

"Mama" Luis said as he headed for the kitchen door. "I think Iím going to take a walk for a little bit."

"Iím surprised youíre not online with your friend KCGirl" Pilar commented.

Luis chuckled. "I canít get anything past you can I?"

Pilar smiled slightly.

"Actually Iíll be talking to her around 8:00" Luis admitted. "We havenít chatted in close to a week."

"Did you ever find out why she didnít make the meeting?" Pilar asked curiously.

"She didnít say Mama" Luis said, "but she told me that she still wants to meet me sometime soon and Iíd understand everything then."

"Very good mijo" Pilar responded quietly. She still had her suspicions that KCGirl was Sheridan Crane, but she didnít dare share them with her son. "Have a good walk Luis."

"Iíll be back in a little while" he said as he kissed his mother on the cheek. "Can I bring you back anything?"

"No, thank you mijo" she smiled.

With that, Luis opened the door of the kitchen and left. He decided to take a walk by the water and clear his head.

"Back in ten minutes? What kind of luck is that?" Sheridan said gloomily. "I wonder if itís a sign?"

"A sign?" Jay asked in confusion.

Sheridan laughed as she walked over to a bench near by and sat down. "Donít pay any attention to me. Iím just going to sit here and wait. I have my heart set on a cone of mint chocolate chip with colored sprinkles and nothing is going to stop me."

"So Jay, any suggestions for me while we wait for the store to reopen?"

"I do have an idea just beginning to take shape in my head" Jay said thoughtfully.

"Out with it, please! " Sheridan encouraged.

"Well, it's not fully formed yet, but ..... I was thinking ..... Luis has told me how much he likes talking with KC. And, you've told me that KC and Pezz have a great time together when you talk online, right?"

Sheridan lit up. "The best time Jay. We talk about anything and everything. Since Pezz and I donít really know much about each others lives outside of what we talk about online, there is nothing stopping us from letting loose. Pezz doesnít judge me based on my family or any other preconceived notions. The same goes for me. Weíre just two people with a lot in common."

"Well, if KC and Pezz have a lot in common, then so do Sheridan and Luis" Jay pointed out. "You're already seeing Pezz in things that Luis says and does. So it seems like Luis should get the chance to see KC in the things Sheridan says and does. Why not try to talk to Luis about some of the same things that KC and Pezz have talked about? See if you can recreate that special communication."

"Such as our love of Spain or living in a small town?" Sheridan asked, thinking she got the idea.

"Thatís exactly what Iím talking about" Jay said. "Now that Luis has promised to stop holding the Crane name against you, the two of you can start to be friends. As your friend, Luis can discover things he likes about KC in Sheridan. Maybe your real life friendship will develop into more the same way as Pezz and KC's internet friendship grew."

Jay could see the wheels in Sheridanís head turning already.

"Sheridan, I have to warn you about something though" Jay said. "Two things actually. The first is that Luis is going to fight his feelings for you and not just because you are a Crane. Luis has very strong feelings for KC and I think he is well on his way to falling in love with her. But Luis has always been a one-woman kind of guy and no matter what he starts to feel for Sheridan, he's not going to want to cheat on KC."

"But Iím KC" Sheridan said.

"Yes, but he's not going to know that" Jay said. "The other thing you have to be prepared for is Luis' reaction to the fact that you are keeping the information about you being KC from him. When he finds out the truth, he's not going to like it. But, I can also tell you that while Luis has a temper, he can also be very forgiving with those he cares about."

"You agreed with me that if Luis found out now that I was KC he wouldnít get over it."

"True, if Luis found out now, I don't think he would be able to deal with it" Jay nodded. "But you can't keep this information a secret from Luis forever. I can't keep it a secret for very long. I can't and I won't. Luis has based his whole life on honesty and keeping your identity as KC from him is dishonest. I think we can keep this secret for a short period of time, say the next week or so, in order to see what happens between the two of you. But it can't go on much longer than that. One of us will have to tell him."

"I see your point" Sheridan frowned. "I donít think Iíd like it too much if the situation was reversed."

"Sheridan, I'm going along with now because for quite some time I've had a strong feeling that you and Luis belong together. I also can't see any other way of finding out if that is true. But you should know that if he asks me a direct question, I won't lie to him. Our friendship has been based on honestly, sometimes brutal honesty and I value him and our friendship too much to keep him in the dark for very long. I won't risk losing his friendship for anything. But I also want Luis to be happy and I knew that Beth would never make him truly happy. KC makes him happy and if there's a chance that Sheridan could be the woman to make Luis happy, then we have to try this, for his sake and yours."

Sheridan nodded thoughtfully, completely understanding where Jay was coming from. She looked up and saw several people in line waiting for ice cream.

"Look! They opened and we didnít see them!" Sheridan exclaimed. She jumped up and took her place in line. "Ever since you mentioned ice cream I havenít been able to get the idea out of my head."

"Another ice cream lover" Jay grinned.

"Thatís me" Sheridan said happily. It wasnít long before the customer in front of Sheridan and Jay was leaving and it was their turn to order.

"Iíd like a cone of Coffee Almond Fudge" Jay said.

"And Iíd like a cone of Mint Chocolate Chip with colored sprinkles" Sheridan ordered with enthusiasm.

"Make that two cones of mint chocolate chip but I want chocolate sprinkles on mine, not colored" a voice behind Jay and Sheridan said.

Jay and Sheridan turned and saw Luis standing there wearing his signature grin. Sheridan couldnít help the smile from forming on her face when she was greeted with such a pleasant smile. The intensity in which he stared at her right now made her knees weak.

"Chocolate sprinkles, huh?" Sheridan said impishly. "I hate to tell you, but colored sprinkles rule."

"Oh really?" Luis asked good humoredly.

"Yes really" Sheridan smiled, staring right back at Luis, her blue eyes dancing with mischief.

Jay watched the two interact and decided to herself this was a very good start. Now if she could only think of a way to leave them alone...

Luis paid for cones for all three and he and Sheridan didnít miss a beat teasing each other about which was better, chocolate or colored sprinkles. Jay watched in amusement when her cell phone went off. She answered it quickly and a moment later she put it back in her pocket and turned to Sheridan and Luis.

"Hey big guy, can you do me a favor?" Jay asked Luis.

"Sure Jay, anything for you" Luis grinned as he took a lick of his ice cream.

"Mom just called and she needs me to help get Grandma to bed. Sheís mad because they preempted Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy for local coverage of the Carnival. Something about a well known band is playing there tonight and tomorrow and the local affiliate is covering it. Anyway, since her programs arenĎt on now, she is insisting on going to bed early."

"Thatís right!" Luis said as he silently chastised himself for not remembering. "Bruce Springsteen is playing tomorrow night! I almost forgot!"

"Whoa! The Boss?" Jay asked. "Are you going? And more importantly, am I going with you?"

"Yeah, Marty, Cal and I are meeting there" Luis said.

"I saw Bruce Springsteen once" Sheridan announced. "He was awesome in concert."

Luis looked at Sheridan in surprise. "I never thought of you as being the type to go to a rock concert" he said with a smile.

"I bet I might surprise you with what I like Luis" Sheridan said demurely.

"Anyway, my favor Luis? Could you make sure Sheridan makes it back to her car safely? I really have to run."

"Jay, I can make it..."

"Iíd be happy to, Jay" Luis agreed readily. "Iíll see if I can get you a ticket for tomorrow night" he shouted as she was running down the boardwalk.

"Thanks Luis!" he could hear her yell as she disappeared in the setting sun. "Iíll see you guys in the morning!"

Sheridan and Luis slowly walked in the direction of the parking lot, neither one saying much, just enjoying their ice cream. Luis was still reeling at the fact that Sheridan had been to a concert. "Tell me Sheridan" Luis asked, "what other concerts have you been to besides Bruce?"

Sheridan thought for a minute. Sheridan listed at least a dozen different concerts that sheíd been to, mostly while she was in Europe. Luis was surprised to say the least.

"Iím impressed" Luis answered her. "I never would have guessed."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I had to sneak off to most of them" Sheridan replied as she recalled her adventures.

"Most of the concerts Iíve seen have been right here in Harmony at the Summer Carnival" Luis admitted. "My friend Hank and I would sneak into them when we were kids. Most of the time weíd get caught, but it was fun while it lasted." Luis laughed at the memory. "I tried to get Beth, thatís my ex-girlfriend" he explained, "to go to a few with me, but she was never really interested. We had very different tastes in music."

"Sorry to hear that" Sheridan said. Sheíd heard lots from Jay about why Beth wasnít the right girl for Luis and imagined this was just one of many differences they had.

"Donít worry about it" Luis said dismissing the whole thing. "It seems to me that you have a very similar taste in music to my internet friend."

"Really?" Sheridan asked hiding her nervousness. She had to be careful now how she answered any questions. One thing she didnít want to do was lie.

"Sheridan, would you like me to see if I can find a ticket for you as well for tomorrow nightís concert?" Luis asked nonchalantly. "Iíll be looking for one for Jay anyway. It should be a good show."

Sheridan turned her head sideways and smiled. "Iíd like that."

"Ok" Luis returned with a small smile of his own.

"Hereís my car" Sheridan remarked as she motioned to her BMW.

"I should have recognized the tires" Luis said jokingly.

Sheridan laughed slightly at his remark. "Well then, thank you very much for the ice cream cone and I guess Iíll see you in the morning" she smiled as she inserted the key in the lock. She was about to open the door when Luis did it for her. She smiled in appreciation at him.

"Youíre very welcome Sheridan" Luis smiled back.

"Thank you Luis" she said. She was impressed. Not many men still treated women like ladies, never mind women from families they disliked. She gingerly climbed into her car and opened the window as Luis gently closed the door once she was settled.

"Youíre welcome" he smiled warmly as he leaned his head down towards the opened window. "Iíll let you know tomorrow if I had any luck finding those tickets. I think I know where I can find a couple."

"It sounds like fun" Sheridan said airily.

"Have a good night Sheridan" he said as she started the engine.

"You too Luis" she smiled. Sheridan then slowly pulled out of the lot leaving Luis standing there watching her depart.

Luis sauntered into his room and tossed his keys on his desk. His mind wandered back to the wharf and his encounter with Sheridan. He smiled to himself when he thought about their mutual fondness for mint chocolate chip ice cream. "Colored sprinkles" he laughed as he sat down to his computer.

Luis checked his watch and it was a few minutes before eight. He checked and KC wasnít on line yet. He sighed and again found his mind drifting to Sheridan while he waited. He caught himself quickly though. "What am I doing?" He asked himself. Luis shook his head to try and rid himself of these thoughts.

Luis stood up and decided to go grab himself a soda while he waited. He hoped the distraction would help him rid his head of the picture of the very beautiful Sheridan Crane.

Sheridan sat down at her computer and checked her mail. She smiled when she saw she had a note from Pezz and quickly clicked on the icon.

Hi Angel,
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. As difficult as this is for me not being at work, I understand the need for the process. It doesnít mean I like it, but I understand it. No matter though. I have enough to keep me busy with my volunteer job. This week is the Harmony Carnival as well, so there is much to keep me occupied.

A thought occurred to me this afternoon. I have no idea what you do for a living?

Sheridan grinned. "Here it comes."

Do you own your own business? Work for someone else? What kind of work do you do? All the time weíve spent chatting and emailing each other, weíve never discussed what you do.

"Youíre right Pezz, we really havenít talked about it."

If you donít want to tell me thatís ok, Iíll understand, but I was curious.

"Hmm, what do I do? That is a very good question."

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for me. Iím going bowling with a bunch of kids in the morning and then in the afternoon taking them to a ceramics shop. Iíve never been, but I understand itís fun. Have you ever had an interest in ceramics?

"Oh Pezz, Iím so sorry you have to think the worst."

If I figure out what Iím supposed to be doing, I have something very special in mind to make. Donít tell anyone though. Itís not a fitting image of a macho cop :)

I think Iím going to take a walk and clear my head. Iíll be back around eight. Iíd really love to talk with you tonight.

Take care,

"Well, I guess I should unblock myself and see if youíre online." Sheridan unblocked her screen name and sure enough the first person who popped up was Pezz. She immediately sent him an IM.

[KCGirl] Hi Pezz :)
[PezzMan] Hi sweetie! I was hoping youíd be online.
[KCGirl] I just read your email. Sounds like youíre going to be too busy to miss work.
[PezzMan] Yeah, I guess so. I probably would have used some vacation days this week anyway so I suppose this is a blessing in disguise.
[KCGirl] Are you really ok? I mean with everything youíve been through?
[PezzMan] Iím trying not to think about it too much. I know the guy was scum, but still...
[KCGirl] Iím so sorry you had to be put in that position Pezz. :-(
[PezzMan] Itís not your fault angel. Itís no oneís fault. I donít even blame the woman who was mugged.

Sheridan was almost afraid to ask the next question, but she had to. She had to know for sure if he still held any animosity towards her.

[KCGirl] Why would you blame her?
[PezzMan] I donít blame her KC. I suppose I should explain. Remember the woman I told you about? The one I blasted in the park?
[KCGirl] Yes, I remember. You told me you felt terrible about it.
[PezzMan] I did feel terrible. I still do, though I did apologize to her.
[KCGirl] Good for you :)
[PezzMan] She was the woman I saved from the mugger.
[KCGirl] Does it bother you?
[PezzMan] No, it doesnít. She was innocent. She did nothing to deserve having that man attack her, just like she didnít deserve having me attack her on a different level.

Sheridan smiled in relief. "He really does mean it" she said.

[KCGirl] Iím glad youíre coming to terms with your anger Pezz. I have to tell you, I was shocked to learn that you could act in such a manner. I never would have believed it if I hadnít heard it from you.

"Or experienced it first hand. I hope this means youíre really over it, Luis. God I hope so."

[PezzMan] On to a different topic. Tell me angel, are you going to tell me what occupies your days? ;)
[KCGirl] Persistent arenít we? :)
[PezzMan] Thatís my middle name.
[KCGirl] Iíll tell you this much. I spend a good portion of my day working with children. Itís something that Iíve always dreamed of doing and love every minute of it.
[PezzMan] Are you a teacher?
[KCGirl] Not in the traditional sense, but I suppose I teach them some things. Iíd really love to tell you exactly what it is I do Pezz, but Harmony is a very small town.
[PezzMan] So it is :)
[KCGirl] One of these days soon, Iíll tell you all about what I do Pezz, I promise.
[PezzMan] I wonít pry anymore. Iím glad to hear you work with children though. I respect that.
KCGirl. Thank you sir :)
[PezzMan] Do you think youíll be going to any of the activities at the Summer Carnival?
[KCGirl] I think I might. I didnít even realize there was a summer Carnival until recently.
[PezzMan] Thatís right, youíve been out of the country. Did you ever go as a kid?
[KCGirl] Once I think. From what I remember it was a lot of fun.
[PezzMan] I predict youíll love it!
[KCGirl] I have a feeling youíre right. Something tells me the next two weeks are going to be a lot of fun. At least I hope they will be.

Their conversation went on for several hours before they both finally decided they needed to get some sleep for their big days tomorrow.

[PezzMan] I wonít be around tomorrow night angel, but Iíll try to email you around dinner. Iím going to see the Boss.
[KCGirl] Have a great time Pezz :) If Iím lucky Iíll be going to that concert as well.
[PezzMan] No kidding? Maybe Iíll see you there? Iíll be looking for you. :)
[KCGirl] Youíre funny! For starters, you arenít sure what I look like, not to mention Iím not sure Iíll be going. We wonít even discuss the fact that there will be thousands of people there.
[PezzMan] If you catch a dark haired dark eyed man staring into your beautiful blue eyes angel, itíll be me.

Sheridan couldnít keep the smile off her face. "I know it will be you Luis" she said softly.

[KCGirl] Iíll think of you when I see this man :)
[PezzMan] Take care angel! I wish I could take YOU with me to the concert.
[KCGirl] If youíre thinking of me, youíll be taking me with you. I assure you, if I go, youíll be with me :-D
[PezzMan] Aww! You are so sweet!
[KCGirl] Goodnight Pezz.
[PezzMan] Goodnight KC.

Sheridan and Luis signed off their computers and went to bed. KC was foremost on Luisí mind as Luis was foremost on Sheridanís mind.





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