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You've Got Mail
Passions style-
Part Two














 to be continued

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 24

Unable to sleep in her current emotional state, Sheridan made herself a hot cup of tea and decided to go back online in hopes of finding some of her internet buddies lurking about. She checked her buddy list and sighed with relief when she saw Godis was indeed online. She IMíd her in hopes that some idle chit chat would help her forget some of her troubles.

[KCGirl] Hi Godis!
[Godis] KCGirl! What are you doing online so late?
[KCGirl] Couldnít sleep. Thought Iíd see if you or Baby were around.
[Godis] Weíre here girl, but you need to be sleeping! Isnít tomorrow youíre big day?
Sheridan felt the tears begin again and fought them as best she could.
[KCGirl] Yes, itís supposed to be. Thatís one of the reasonís I canít sleep.
[Godis] Nervous? I get it. :)

"Nervous?" Sheridan said out loud, "You have no idea Godis."

[KCGirl] Is Baby ghosting? You said she was here?
[Godis] She had to leave for a few minutes but sheíll be back. One of the twins woke up.
[KCGirl] God love her! She must have the patience of Job. :)
[Godis] No kidding. I couldnít do it, LOL.

Sheridan smiled sadly. All her life sheíd dreamed of becoming a mother. But in the preferred order of things, first she needed a husband, a man to love with her whole heart and soul, who loved her the same way. Every time it looked like that might happen, something came up.....

[KCGirl] Care to do a three way when she gets back?
[Godis] Iíll ask her. She just popped back in.

Sheridan looked over at her buddy list and sure enough BabyShuis had just signed back on. Sheridan had her volume turned down so she couldnít hear her enter. She waited a moment when she saw an invitation appear to Godis chat. She quickly clicked on the screen and entered the chat with her two friends.

[BabyShuis] KC! What a surprise!
[KCGirl] Hi Baby! How are you tonight?
[BabyShuis] Tired, but other than that, great! The girls are so active these days! LOL
[KCGirl] I bet!
[Godis] Can you believe KC is here talking to us right now when sheís supposed to meet her "hottie" in a few hours?
[BabyShuis] I know it! I would think youíd be sleeping sweetie!
[KCGirl] I wish I could. Too much on my mind.
[Godis] Sheís nervous Baby! LOL
[BabyShuis] Aww! I can only imagine. KC, I hope youíre taking someone with you... You know, just in case?
[KCGirl] Yes, I do have someone to come with me, but I donít think sheís going to be able to help me much.
[BabyShuis] KC, is something wrong?

Sheridan felt the tears threaten again. "Yes, there is something wrong" Sheridan said. "Iím about to lose the friendship of the one person who knows the real me." She stared blankly at the screen for a moment deciding how to answer. She wasnít sure if she should burden her friends with her problems.

[Godis] Now Iím nervous! KC, what is it? Whatís wrong?
[BabyShuis] Sweetie, you can tell us if something is bothering you. Weíre here for you when ever you need us.

Sheridan smiled.

[KCGirl] You guys are the best, did you know that? And yes, youíre right, there is something wrong.
[BabyShuis] Is there something we can do to help?
[KCGirl] I wish there was something you could do to help, but unfortunately I donít think anyone can help me. I think Pezz is going to hate me when we meet tomorrow.
[Godis] NO WAY! How can he hate you? Thatís impossible!
[BabyShuis] Aw, why would you think that? From what youíve told us he seemed to be Mr. Right? Why all the sudden self doubts? You are one of the nicest people Iíve ever met! So to speak, LOL.
[Godis] Babyís right! How can he hate you? Youíre too nice for that.

Sheridan took a deep breath and decided how best to explain this without going into too much detail.

[KCGirl] Do you remember that macho jerk I was telling you about?
[BabyShuis] I think you mentioned something about him.
[Godis] I think so.
[KCGirl] Well, this man that I work for hates my family with a passion and when he found out I was a member of that family he decided to use me as his punching bag.
[Godis] HE HIT YOU? Where is that no good son of a bitch! Iíll take care of him for you KC!

Sheridan was pleasantly amused by Godisí protectiveness.

[KCGirl] No, he didnít HIT me Godis. I just meant that figuratively. He has been nothing but a rude, overbearing, chauvinistic, mean, macho pig jerk, thatís all.
[BabyShuis] Um, forgive me, but thatís enough, isnít it?
[KCGirl] Youíre right Baby, that is enough but he never stops there. He always seems to find a way of getting to me. Even when it appears weíre getting along.
[Godis] What does this jerk have to do with your Pezzhead?
[BabyShuis] Itís PezzMan, Godis.
[Godis] I know, Iím just trying to lighten the mood a little.

Sheridan smiled again. It was working. Her mood was lightening a little.

[KCGirl] Thanks Godis. Itís working! :)
[BabyShuis] So what is it sweetie? What has you so upset?
[KCGirl] I think PezzMan is that Macho jerk.
[Godis] WHAT?
[BabyShuis] Are you serious? Thatís impossible!
[KCGirl] Oh, Iím serious all right.
[Godis] How can you be so sure? I mean, have you seen him?
[KCGirl] I heard one of his friends call him the PezzMan and I heard the explanation of how he got the nickname.
[BabyShuis] Oh, honey, are you sure there isnít some mistake? Are you ABSOLUTELY positive that your Pezz is this jerk?
[Godis] Surely there has to be someone else with the name PezzMan? Think about all the people who canít get the screen names they want because they are already taken?
[KCGirl] Godis, How many people would take that as a screen name?
[BabyShuis] KC, isnít is possible that it could be a mistake?

If only it were a mistake Baby!" Sheridan said sadly.

[KCGirl] Anything is possible, but both Pezz and the other guy are both from Harmony.
[Godis] Are you sure?
[KCGirl] Pezz told me the other day he was from Harmony and I know where Mr. Macho is from.
[BabyShuis] So what are you going to do?
[KCGirl] Iím not sure. I may not meet him.
[Godis] What if youíre wrong? What if Pezz is NOT the jerk?
[KCGirl] And what if he is? Heíll hate me.
[BabyShuis] You donít know that KC. He might surprise you.

Sheridan shook her head. "I donít know about that. I think Luis hates my family too much."

[KCGirl] I donít know guys. I donít think heíll be as forgiving as you think he will. You donít know this man like I do. His hatred of my family runs deep.
[Godis] KC, I think you owe it to yourself to find out. At least find out if they are indeed one in the same person.
[BabyShuis] I agree with Godis. Sweetie, Iíve never seen you as happy as you are when you talk about Pezz. I pictured you marrying him some day.

Sheridan couldnít help the smile from forming on her lips. Before she found out that Luis and Pezz were the same person, sheíd imagined the same thing herself.

[KCGirl] Iíll tell you what, Iíll think about it.
[Godis] Good girl!
[BabyShuis] Thereís my gal! Stay strong! I have a good feeling about this. I bet everything will work out in the end. You deserve to be happy KC.
[Godis] ITA!!
[KCGirl] Thank you both for being here for me tonight. I think Iíll be able to get some sleep now. I feel a little better about things.
[BabyShuis] Anytime KC. Weíre here for you.
[Godis] What Baby said. :-)
[KCGirl] Good night ladies and thank you.
[Godis] Night KC. Good luck tomorrow.
[BabyShuis] Good night sweetie and I really hope everything works out for you tomorrow.

Sheridan signed off. She sat back in her chair and closed her eyes briefly. She was beginning to feel tired again and decided to try and get some sleep. She looked at the clock and it was after 4 am. Tomorrow was fast approaching.

Luis sat on the red bench in the park waiting for KC to arrive. He felt his heart speed up every time a blonde haired woman passed by and smiled at him. His nerves were on edge until finally he saw her coming to him slowly. A vision of beauty smiling in a way he could do nothing but sit there and stare in awe of her perfection.

Standing slowly, Luis finally managed to smile in return. She held out a Wonderwoman Pez Dispenser and offered him a piece of candy.

"Hi Pezz" she said in an angelic voice.

"KC!" Luis responded in a daze. He could smell her perfume and itís fragrance took his breath away. "Finally, we meet. Youíre more beautiful that I ever imagined."

"Thank you Pezz" She smiled shyly, her cheeks with a hint of red.

Luis held his hands out wanting to embrace her. "May I?" he asked nervously.

"You may" KC answered with a touch of excitement.

Luis closed the distance between them and engulfed KC in a tight embrace. The feel of her body this close to his was more than heíd hoped for. He sighed happily holding this woman, his angel in his arms. After a few minutes of their embrace, Luis pulled back, his eyes glazed with pure happiness.

"What do you say we go for a walk?" Luis suggested as he pulled out of the embrace.

"Iíd like that" he heard in response. With their arms linked Pezz and KC walked through the park gazing deeply into each otherís eyes. When they reached the edge of the park, Luis spotted a stranded motorist in the street.

"I have to go help her" he told KC. "Iíll be back my angel."

"Pezz, please donít go" KC asked.

"I must my angel. Iíll be back." Luis smiled and walked away from KC. He was now in his police uniform and was wearing sunglasses. He walked up to the stranded motorist who was struggling with a tire.

"May I help you Miss?" He asked with his signature grin.

Sheridan smiled brightly at him. "Thank you Luis, Iíd love to."

Luis took Sheridan into his arms and the two of them began to dance the tango. He felt the heat from the dance and didnít think there was anything in this world that could make him feel better than he did at this moment.

"Pezz? Are you coming back?" Luis heard as he danced with Sheridan. He looked up and saw KC standing at the edge of the park waiting for him with open arms.

"I have to go" he told Sheridan, but the sultry look in her blue eyes was almost more that he could take. He felt himself being pulled back to Sheridan, though he wanted to go to KC. "KC, Iím coming!"

"Luis, do you really want to leave?" Sheridan asked.

Luis whipped his head back and forth between the two women. A sound seemed to appear from no where, getting louder and louder until Luis opened his eyes. He blinked several times until he realized he was in his own room at home.

Slowly he arose, sitting on the edge of his bed, his hands rubbing sleep from his eyes. "Whoa, that was definitely weird" he said. Luis looked up and saw the sun shining brightly outside his bedroom window. He looked at his alarm clock and it read 10:30. His heart jumped into his throat and he bolted out of bed. In an hour and a half, he was going to meet KC.

Sheridan smiled in her sleep. She walked down the long aisle in her elegant white dress to the man she loved and loved her. The church was filled with people, whose eyes were filled with tears of joy for the happy couple.

He smiled at her as he took her hand. She was thankful he couldnít see her face through the veil as she blushed scarlet still from a single look this man she loved so desperately gave her.

The priest performed the ceremony and she repeated her vows excitedly in anticipation of beginning her new life with her one true love. With love in his eyes, he repeated the same vows to her. To love honor and cherish until death do us part.

" KC and Pezz, I now pronounce you man and wife" the priest announces with a grin on his face. The congregation cheered as he lifted her veil to bestow a kiss on his new bride.

Having lifted the veil. Pezz leaned in to kiss his beloved KC when the Cheshire cat grin faded from his face. He back away from her in horror. "YOU!" he accused.

"Pezz, what is it?" KC asked with a perplexed look on her face. "I love you and you love me, donít you remember?"

"I donít love you! I canít love you! NEVER!!"

"But Pezz!" KC said, a desperate quality to her voice, "Whatís wrong?"

"Youíre not the love of my life. Youíre nothing but a damned Crane!"

"No! You canít mean that!"

"Oh, but I do mean that. Youíre a damned Crane. The Cranes are responsible for my fatherís disappearance and youíre a Crane." Pezz walked down the aisle leaving his bride in tears, stunned.

"Please" she cried, "donít leave me!"

Without turning around he held his hand in the air in a dismissive fashion. "Youíre nothing but a damned Crane. I could never love someone who belongs to that family. Good-bye."

"Noooo! Noooo! Donít leave me! "Pezz! Luis!!! Please donít leave me!"

Luis said nothing. He continued to walk out of the church, while the crowd that had gathered each in turn stuck their heads in the air and followed Luis out of the church. Sheridan was left on her knees, sobbing as her new husband left her completely heart broken at the altar.

Her eyes fluttered open and she was relieved to realize it was nothing but a nightmare. She caught her breath and sat up in bed, panic setting in. "What am I going to do?" She asked. "What if Pezz really is Luis? Heís going to hate me."

She looked over at her clock and saw that it was nearly 11:00. she was supposed to meet Jay at the Book Cafe in 5 minutes and she was to meet Pezz in about an hour. Still not sure what she was going to do, she decided she needed to meet Jay regardless. She flew out of bed and quickly dressed. What she thought would be the happiest day of her life was starting to seem more life a nightmare.

Jay sat reading her Sunday paper in the Book Cafe as she waited for Sheridan. She glanced at her watch and couldnít imagine what was keeping her. It was nearly 11:30 and Sheridan was supposed to meet her at 11. Jay decided to give her another five minutes before she called her to make sure she hadnít overslept. Jay knew how much Sheridan wanted to meet her cyber pal and couldnít imagine what would keep her from showing up this morning.

Jay took a sip of her coffee and turned to the Sports page when she heard the front door of the Book Cafe open and lifted her head, expecting to see Sheridan walking in in a near panic. The look of surprise on her face was genuine when instead of a rattled Sheridan, she saw a very nervous looking Luis.

Jay held her newspaper up a little higher, to completely hide her features from Luisí view. She really didnít want him to see her sitting there and then have Sheridan walk in and join her. She watched as he walked up to the counter and ordered a coffee to go.

As Luis waited for his coffee, Jay saw him check his watch at least four times. She could tell he was on edge, more so than sheíd ever seen before. His order was filled and after paying for it, Luis turned and quickly hurried to the door. He opened the door to leave and as soon as he turned the handle, the door flew open and Sheridan Crane came flying in, crashing right into Luis, his coffee spilling everywhere.

"What the..." Luis began to yell as he was doused with hot coffee. He looked up and saw that not only was he covered with coffee, but the person responsible was none other than Sheridan Crane.

Jay cringed when she saw what happened. "Oh no" she mumbled to herself. "This is not good."

"Do you enjoy this Miss Crane?" Luis asked venomously.

"Iím sorry Officer" Sheridan apologized. "I was in a hurry and I wasnít watching where I was going."

"Now if that isnít an understatement for you" Luis spat bitterly.

"Look, I said I was sorry" Sheridan said, anger creeping into her voice. "I didnít do it on purpose."

"Yeah, as if Iíll believe that Miss Crane" Luis said curtly. "I donít have time for this right now. Stay out of my way, will you?" Without waiting for a response, Luis stormed out of the Book Cafe leaving an angry, confused Sheridan in his wake.

Holding in her anger, Sheridan approached Jay who saw the whole scene unfold. She again glanced at her watch and saw it was just about time to leave if they were to make it to the park on time. "Iím sorry for being so late Jay" Sheridan made her apology, "I overslept."

"I figured it was something like that" Jay answered as she watched Sheridan continue to look over her shoulder watching Luis walk down the street through the window of the Book Cafe. "Iím sure he didnít mean it Sheridan" Jay said trying to appease Sheridan somewhat.

"Iím afraid he did mean it Jay" Sheridan said wistfully. "It seems as though last nightís occurrence was what was out of character for Officer Lopez Fitzgerald."

"Sheridan" Jay began, "Once you get to know Luis..."

"Save it Jay" Sheridan said holding her hand in the air to stop her from continuing in the direction she knew this conversation was headed. "Can we just get going and get this over with?" Sheridan asked in a slightly irked tone.

Jay was taken aback by the sudden change in Sheridanís demeanor. Last she knew Sheridan was excited about her meeting with her cyber friend and now it almost seemed as if she... As if she knew her cyber pal was Luis.

Jay said nothing at this point. She nodded and gathered her paper and coffee. She and Sheridan left the Book Cafe together heading for Lighthouse Park

Luis found his way to the red bench by the flower garden in Lighthouse Park. He took a deep breath, scanning his eyes in all directions for any signs of her before he anxiously seated himself on the bench. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the Superman Pezz Dispenser heíd purchased the afternoon before at Kralikís Department Store. He smiled remembering the look on Jayís face when heíd shown it to her wondering if heíd found it in the piñata.

He flipped the head back with his thumb exposing one of the tiny candies. He grabbed it and popped it into his mouth while his eyes surveyed the area once again for any signs of KC. He glanced again at his watch and tried to shake the nervousness that continued to grown inside of him. He couldnít remember the last time he felt this anxious about anything in his entire life.

Sheridan and Jay walked to the entrance of Lighthouse Park. "Weíre here Sheridan" Jay told her as they walked into the park.

"Oh God, I donít know if I can do this" Sheridan said. The closer they got to the flower garden the more she was sure this was all a very bad idea. But as much as she didnít want to confront this situation, she wanted to know once and for all if PezzMan was indeed Luis Lopez Fitzgerald.

"Sheridan, I thought you were looking forward to meeting this man?" Jay asked.

"I am" Sheridan answered. "I mean I was. Oh Jay, I donít know what I mean!" Sheridan threw her hands up in frustration.

Jay watched Sheridanís expression and was more sure than ever she had an idea what was about to happen, but said nothing. Sheridan needed to be the one to say something.

"Jay, is there a way to approach this area without being seen?" Sheridan asked in almost a panic. "I want to be able to see him before he sees me."

"I think so" Jay answered. "Letís go this way" she suggested pointing Sheridan in a slightly different direction. She planned on having her approach the garden from the rear, so if her cyber pal was sitting on the bench, heíd not see her walking towards him.

Sheridan nodded in appreciation and the two women walked in silence until Jay came to a stop. The red bench was in view and Jay saw Luis sitting there fidgeting anxiously. "Weíre here Sheridan."

Sheridan felt as if she was going to pass out. She was here and in all probability Pezz was waiting for her.

Sheridan turned away, unwilling to look yet to see if anyone was sitting at the bench.
"Is there anyone sitting on the bench?" She asked, almost hoping the answer would be no.

Jay glanced over at the bench and turned back to face Sheridan. "Uh, yeah, there is Sheridan."

Sheridan exhaled the breath sheíd been holding. She felt herself about to start hyperventilating and tried to slow her breathing. This was not time to panic, not yet. "Can you see what he looks like?" Sheridan asked, an almost pained look on her face.

Jay glanced back over at the bench. She saw it was Luis sitting there and all her suspicions were now completely confirmed. "Yes Sheridan" Jay answered. "I can see what he looks like."

Sheridanís eyes pleaded with Jay. "Do you know him Jay?" Sheridan asked fearfully.

Jay glanced back at Luis and then over to Sheridan. She nodded her head in an affirmative manner. "Oh yeah, I know him" Jay responded, gauging Sheridanís reaction carefully.

The deeper into this conversation Sheridan became, the larger the lump in her throat became. She felt like crying at this point because she knew in a moment, she was going to find out that the man of her dreams was none other than a man that hated her like a plague. "Do I know him Jay?" Sheridan asked, not really wanting her to answer.

"Come look for yourself Sheridan" Jay answered. She knew this was something Sheridan had to do. She had to see Luis sitting on the bench with her own eyes.

Sheridan slowly and deliberately walked over to a spot next to Jay. She peered over at the bench and saw him sitting there holding a small object in his hands. She felt lightheaded, almost as if she was going to pass out, but she took a deep breath and stepped back from the view. A single tear came to her eye, which did not go unnoticed by Jay, while Sheridan fought to keep her emotions in control. Breathing deeply, she nodded sadly at Jay and began to walk away.

Jay went after her, "Sheridan, where are you going?"

"Home Jay" She answered simply. "Iím going home."


"Why?" Sheridan asked in disbelief. "Jay, are you kidding me? That man hates me."

"He doesnít hate YOU, Sheridan" Jay explained. "He hates your father and brother. He hates the Crane name."

"Itís the same thing, Jay" Sheridan told her.

"No, itís not Sheridan" Jay said. "I also happen to know that Luis is crazy about his cyber pal. You need to give him a chance."

"I donít know Jay" Sheridan said hesitantly. "My relationship with Pezz meant a lot to me and the minute he realizes that Sheridan Crane and KCGirl are the same person, heíll hate both of us. I donít know if I can handle that."

"Then donít tell him" Jay suggested. "Not at first anyway."

ĎWhat do you mean?" Sheridan asked.

"Just go talk to him and feel him out. Donít tell him youíre KC."

Sheridan looked at Jay hard for a moment. "I donít know." She walked a little further away from the flower garden and kept turning back to see Luis sitting there anxiously awaiting KCGirl to show up. She looked down at her fist that was clenched tightly. She opened it and stared at a wonderwoman Pez Dispenser, her signal to Pezz. After looking at it for a few moments, Sheridan opened her purse and dropped it inside. She looked back at Luis for a brief moment and then walked away.

Luis was getting more nervous and agitated by the minute. Each time someone passed by the bench, he felt his heart catch in his throat, only to feel a wave of disappointment when he realized that the passer by was not KC. Heíd never experienced such a range of emotions as he had in the last 10 minutes.

He heard footsteps approaching and once again, felt his heart stop. When he looked up this time, his disappointment turned to anger. "You! What are you doing here, following me?" He asked.

"Good day to you too, Officer" Sheridan said, putting on her best smile for him.

Sheridan wasnít sure what had possessed her to turn back, but she had. What happened next was anyoneís guess.





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