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You've Got Mail
Passions style-
Part Two














 to be continued

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part Two
by JSP

Chapter 22

"Pilar everything smells absolutely delicious" Sheridan said as she walked up to the table where Pilar and Grace were putting out all the food. She sighed happily as she inhaled the heavenly aroma of all of the traditional Spanish dishes that would be served. "You and Grace have outdone yourselves."

"Thank you Sheridan" Pilar smiled. "I must say, you and Jay did a marvelous job decorating the Youth Center for this party. It reminds me of a festival I went to as a little girl, before I moved to the United States."

"Thatís nice of you to say Pilar, but really it was the kids who did all of this. I just gave them a few ideas and they really took off with them."

"Sheridan, did you get these ideas from all the time you spent in Spain?" Grace asked.

"Most of them, yes" Sheridan answered pleasantly. "That was one of the things I loved so much about Spain, the way the locals accepted me and encouraged me to participate in their festivities. It was the warmest country Iíve been too."

"It sounds wonderful, Sheridan" Grace acknowledged. "Pilar, no wonder you miss it so much."

"It was wonderful Grace" Pilar smiled, "but in many ways Harmony is just like it was in Spain. The people in this town are very much like those people in the village I came from."

"There you are Sheridan!" Jay grinned as she walked over to the buffet table where Sheridan was chatting with Pilar and Grace.

"Hi Jay" Sheridan smiled.

"There is a little girl standing over by the bleachers who is looking for you" Jay grinned.

"Tammyís here?" Sheridan asked, her eyes lighting up.

"She certainly is" Jay answered. "Sheís here with her father and grandfather."

"Let me go say hello to them" Sheridan replied. "If youíll all excuse me for a moment?"

"Of course" Pilar remarked. Sheridan smiled politely and walked over to the bleachers where Tammy was standing holding on to her father for dear life.

"Hola!" Sheridan greeted as she approached her little friend. "Tammy, you look beautiful! I love your outfit!"

Tammyís face beamed when she encountered Sheridanís heartfelt smile and warm embrace. She immediately responded by throwing her arms around Sheridanís neck. Sheridan picked up the tiny girl and began chatting endlessly with her. Tammyís father and grandfather were amazed at how Tammy seemed to respond to Sheridan. Soon the three of them were talking about how much Tammy had come out of her shell in the last few weeks and Sheridan shared with her father and grandfather everything Tammy had done to help with the preparations for the party.

Dressed to kill in a white linen shirt and embroidered black pants with a royal blue sash around his waist, Luis made his entrance in the gym. He smiled as he saw the kids trickling in with their parents and older siblings. It was only a few minutes after six and already the turn out was larger than he expected.

He scanned the gym, looking for Buzzy and Jay and managed to spot each of them deep in conversation with some of the parents. He saw his mother, Grace Bennett and Eve Russell at the buffet table, putting out the final dishes as very soon the hungry crowd would descend upon them.

He spied Chad, who was playing some soft Spanish guitar music. The music was playing quietly, for the time being, helping to set the theme of the party. As Luis listened to the familiar tune, his mind flashed back to his near encounter with death earlier when the speaker fell off the ceiling. He still couldn't believe that Sheridan Crane had risked her life for him. He couldnít figure it out, but he also couldn't forget it. Had it not been for her he surely would be laying on a cold slab right now and this fiesta they were having would be a wake instead of a celebration.

As Luisí thoughts turned to Sheridan, he felt a blush creep into his cheeks as memories of the incident in the locker room earlier assaulted him. Now that the name "Sheridan" had flashed into his head, he couldnít seem to get the mental image of her standing there in front of him, her perfect body glistening as droplets of water trickled down her sensual curves.

Luis tried to shake the image from his head. He grabbed his collar and opened a few buttons when he realized it was getting warm and without thinking, his eyes searched the crowd. It took him a few minutes, but he finally saw her and felt a lump develop in his throat. He swallowed hard as he stared at Sheridan who was still talking to Alfred Kralik and his son Robert. Robert was holding Tammy who seemed to just stare at Sheridan in awe.

Luisís gaze returned to Sheridan and he found himself staring at her smiling face. He couldnít believe how her whole face seemed to light up when she smiled and her blue eyes seemed to dance with excitement. His glance traveled downward as his eyes took in every inch of her beauty. He could feel his heart begin to race as he admired how well the deep white bodice top hugged her curves flawlessly. It was elaborately embroidered with red lace and the scoop neck gave him an ample view of her supple breasts. His gaze continued to appreciate the rest of her form as his eyes traveled further down to her body-hugging long red skirt which had a slit which allowed him an enticing view of her slender leg. Luis moaned inwardly and closed his eyes trying to get the vision of Sheridan out of his head.

Jay saw Luis enter the gym and excused herself from her conversation and walked over towards him. She saw Luis scanning the gym and had a feeling that he was looking for a certain blonde and was quite amused when she saw she was right. She followed the path of Luisí gaze and saw it led directly to the beautiful Miss Sheridan Crane who was completely oblivious to Luisí attention. "Oh Luis, youíve got it bad my friend" Jay said to herself as she closed the distance. "I just wish youíd admit it to yourself."

Luis was so engrossed in his own private world, he never heard Jay approach. "Let me guess Luis" Jay asked with a glint in her eye, "You are trying to figure out how to get Sheridan to give you that generous tip she offered you earlier?"

"What?" Luis said breaking his gaze and turning his attention to Jay. "You know Jay, you really need to stop sneaking up on people."

"I wasnít sneaking up on you Luis" Jay answered with a mischievous grin. "You were just... distracted."

"I was not distracted" Luis said defensively. "I was just looking around to see who was here."

"Yeah right, and I see you found WHO you were looking for," Jay remarked. "Sheridan does look gorgeous in that outfit, but you already know that since you haven't been able to take your eyes off her."

"I havenít the vaguest idea what youíre talking about Jay" Luis insisted, but he couldnít look Jay in the eye.

"I was watching you, Luis" Jay laughed. "Thereís no way you can convince me you werenít staring at Sheridan."

Luis saw Marty and Cal come in along with Kenny and his wife. "The guys from the station are here Jay. I think we should go say hello" he said changing the subject.

"Don't think you're getting off the hook. Weíll talk more about this later" Jay assured him.

"I have no doubt" Luis answered with a slight grimace. He then chuckled as he knew how relentless Jay was once sheíd made her mind up about something.

The guests had all arrived and the End Of the Summer party was in full swing. It seemed like everyone from Harmony was there and having a wonderful time. Sheridan was at the buffet table for the time being with Grace, Eve and Pilar. Nearly everyone had eaten except the servers and Sheridan wanted to make sure that they had a chance to eat as well. She finally successfully convinced them to take a break when Jay walked up and Sheridan talked her into staying there with her for awhile allowing the others a much needed dinner break.

After the women had taken their food and found their families to eat with, Jay and Sheridan busied themselves rearranging and consolidating the dishes. A few people straggled up to refill their plates, but for the most part everyone had had their fill of the delicious entrées. Right now more people were interested in the dessert table which was filled with all the traditional Spanish ice creams, flans and the like.

Sheridan found herself smiling as she watched everyone on the dance floor. They all seemed to be having a wonderful time. Sheridan herself had already danced with several different men, among them Alfred Kralik and his son Robert, Luisí buddies Cal and Marty from the station and several of the Youth Center boys who had been promised dances by Sheridan days ago. Sheridanís feet were beginning to ache already which was one of the reasons she was so happy to relieve Pilar and the others from their duty... it gave her an excuse to relax and enjoy watching the others dance for awhile.

As Sheridan watched the different couples dancing, she noticed one couple in particular and couldnĎt seem to take her eyes off them. Luis was presently dancing with his sister Theresa and Sheridan thought it was endearing. Not even realizing it, Sheridan had spent most of the evening so far keeping tabs on Luis. Now was no exception as a smile crept onto her face. She couldnít keep her eyes off him. Sheíd always known Luis was a handsome man, but somehow, right now wearing his Spanish dance costume he was too incredibly handsome for words.

Jay watched Sheridan watch Luis and couldnít keep the amused look off her face. "How ironic is this?" she thought to herself. "These two claim to hate each other, yet they canít seem to keep their eyes off each other not to mention the fact that their alter egos Pezz and KC seem to be in love with each other and neither Sheridan nor Luis realize it! This is more incredible than a Hollywood love story or a soap opera. No one would ever believe it."

Jay had already called Luis on his infatuation for Sheridan and she decided it was high time she did the same with Sheridan. "Luis really does look hot and sexy tonight" Jay remarked, her gaze going back and forth between Sheridan and Luis.

"Oh? I really hadnít noticed" Sheridan said, a slight blush creeping into her cheeks when she realized sheíd been caught staring at Luis by Jay.

"Come on Sheridan!" Jay asked in surprise. "Are you trying to deny the fact that youíve been staring at Luis all night?"

"I havenít been staring at Luis ALL night!" Sheridan said steadfastly. "I may have noticed he looked ok in his costume, but so does everyone else."

"Yeah, sure Sheridan" Jay grinned.

"Really Jay! Iíve hardly noticed."

"Then why do you keep looking over to wherever he is?" Jay asked. "I bet you know the name of every girl heís danced with tonight, all eight of them."

"He hasnít danced with eight girls, itís only been four and one of them was..." Sheridan stopped dead in her tracks when she realized that Jay had tricked her. She stood there open mouthed looking at Jay, not knowing what to say next.

"Itís all right Sheridan" Jay smiled. "You donít have to say anything."

Sheridan fidgeted uncomfortably for a few minutes before she finally spoke. "OK" she said, "Iíll admit, Luis does look good tonight, but that doesnít mean anything. Nothing at all."

"Of course not Sheridan" Jay said hiding her amusement. "It means nothing at all."

Luis had hung the four pinatas and tied them off until each was ready for use. The youngest children were to go first, and they would work their way in an age progression with the adults going last. As one might imagine, the strength of the pinata went with the age group so the little guys and gals wouldnít be subjected to a pinata that wouldnít break.

Tammy begged her father to let Sheridan help her each time her turn came up to swing at the colorful bird the little children had to break open. Sheridan willingly agreed and held Tammy and instructed her every step of the way. Tammy squealed with delight every time she took a whack at the bird. Sheridanís heart nearly burst when she heard Tammy laugh. She looked up and smiled at Tammyís father and grandfather who were also bursting with joy. It was the first time Tammy had made a sound in public. With the exception of talking with her doll a few days earlier, Tammy still hadnít spoken. This was a giant step for her.

Several rounds of children had had their chance to whack the bird and it was now Tammyís turn again. Sheridan walked the little girl up to the pinata and placed the blindfold on her.

"OK Tammy" Sheridan said sweetly. "I have a feeling, this is it. Youíre going to break this bird right open!"

Tammy grinned happily and nodded her head excitedly. Sheridan laughed at how excited she was.

"Ready sweetie?" Sheridan encouraged. "We have a bird to open!"

Again, Tammy nodded her head and Sheridan took her place behind her. She helped Tammy take a practice swing and then showed her exactly how to swing her stick. Buzzy held the rope and let the Pinata gently swing at Tammyís level. Sheridan stepped back and at the precise moment yelled "NOW!"

With all her might, Tammy swung at the Pinata and hit it dead on. The bird burst open and toys and candy flew everywhere. The kids all cheered for Tammy and before anyone knew what had happened, the children had descended upon the prizes on the floor and were picking them up. Tammy was ecstatic and ran to Sheridan giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She then did the same with her father and grandfather who couldnít have been prouder.

The same routine happened for each of the older childrensí groups until it was time for the adults. Miguel volunteered to hold the rope for the adults, since heíd joined in during the previous pinata.

"Youíd better watch out for Miguel, Sheridan" Jay laughed. "Luis tells me heís pretty tricky with that rope."

"Iíll remember that Jay" Sheridan smiled.

The adult contest seemed to last a little longer than the others. Just as Jay predicted, Miguel was tricky indeed. Several people had managed to get a piece of the pinata on the first round but no one had managed to break it open.

"I have to tell you Jay" Sheridan grinned, "this is embarrassing, I havenít touched the bird yet."

"I barely hit it myself" Jay admitted. "Luis is the only one who really got a good whack at it."

"Well, Iím going to hit it this time Jay" Sheridan said firmly.

"You go Sheridan!" Jay yelled as Sheridan walked up to take her turn at hitting the pinata.

"Are you ready Sheridan?" Buzzy asked as he held the blindfold out in front of Sheridan.

"I certainly am Buzzy" Sheridan said with a determined grin.

"Miss Crane looks like sheís going to knock the stuffing out of that poor defenseless animal" Luis laughed as he winked at Buzzy.

"Come on Buzzy" Sheridan said as she gave Luis an evil eye. "Letís go!"

Buzzy placed the blindfold securely on Sheridan. Miguel began swinging the pinata and Sheridan tried to figure out where exactly it was by feeling the breeze it was creating. Thinking she had a good idea, she gathered all her strength and swung hard. She missed by a mile and the force of her swing caused her to spin around and she was falling towards the floor.

Buzzy and Luis both sprinted towards her to prevent her from hitting the floor and Luis caught her effortlessly.

"Sheridan!" Buzzy asked. "Are you all right?"

"Iím fine Buzzy" Sheridan said as she tried to compose herself. "Thank you for catching me" She smiled at Luis, thinking he was Buzzy. "Youíre a real hero tonight."

Luis inhaled sharply as Sheridan gently placed her long slender hands on his face, tracing itís contour looking for his cheek. His whole body shivered from her touch. Luis felt his heart race as her lips gently brushed his cheek in a sweet kiss.

Sheridan then took the blindfold off her eyes, only to meet Luisí amazing brown eyes who were staring right at her. "Luis!" She exclaimed in shock. "I thought you were Buzzy."

"Apparently so" Luis said, trying to hide the emotions that were within him at the moment. He was trying to think of some sort of comeback but was completely speechless at the moment.

"Iím sorry" Sheridan apologized, totally mortified that sheíd actually kissed Luis. Still only inches from him Sheridan could smell his cologne and realized she should have known immediately it was Luis and not Buzzy who had caught her in his arms.

"Itís ok Sheridan" was all Luis said with a gentle smile. Sheridan about melted at the way he looked at her just then. She felt her knees begin to weaken and quickly stood up straight and regained her composure.

Jay, as usual had been watching the whole scene unfold. She just stood there and kept a very close eye on everything Luis and Sheridan were doing.

Sheridan was very pleased when Buzzy knocked open the pinata on the very next turn. She wasnít thrilled with the idea of another round. The adults picked up some of the candy and then let the kids grab the rest.

Jay who was sucking on a tootsie pop walked up to Luis. "Here you go Luis" she said with a lopsided grin as she handed him a tootsie pop. "I even remembered your favorite flavor."

"Thanks Jay" Luis smiled back as he took the tootsie pop from her and peeled off the wrapper. "If youíre lucky maybe Iíll give you some of these later." Luis held out a Superman Pez dispenser loaded with Pez candies.

"Did you get that from the Pinata?" Jay asked in surprise.

"Iíll never tell" Luis said with a smirk. He popped the tootsie pop into his mouth and winked as he walked away.

Sheridan and Jay were helping Pilar and the others break down the buffet table. The party was winding down and there were only a few more dances left before everyone would be going home. So far the party had been a complete success. Everyone was having a wonderful time, the food had been delicious, the desserts heavenly and the entertainment top notch. Jay excused herself for a moment to go over and talk to Chad. Luis came over to the table where his mother was and requested a dance from her. Pilar tried to decline citing she had too much work to do, but Eve, Grace and Sheridan insisted she go. Sam soon followed suit and came to get his lovely wife for a dance as well, before the dancing ended.

"Why donít you dance with your husband, Dr. Russell?" Sheridan asked. "I can finish up here. Itís no problem, really."

"Thank you for the thought, Sheridan" Eve smiled, "but TC has a bad knee and he canít dance anymore. It aggravates it too much."

"Iím sorry to hear that Dr. Russell" Sheridan said sympathetically.

"Itís not a big deal Sheridan" Eve assured her. "I donít mind, really. Why donít you go find someone to dance with. Iím sure thereís some lucky guy out there whoíd just love to have a dance with a beautiful young lady such as yourself."

"No thank you Eve" Sheridan laughed. "Iíve had my fill of dancing for the night. Iíll probably soak my feet when I get home as it is."

"I remember those days" Eve laughed. "Itís fun at the time, but you sure pay for it later."

"I hope you appreciate all the work Sheridan has done for you getting this party together on such short notice" Pilar told Luis as they walked to the dance floor.

"Yeah, I guess sheís been helpful" Luis said absentmindedly.

"Really Luis" Pilar said shaking her head in disappointment. "I would think by now you would have seen that Sheridan is different than the rest of her family."

Luis stopped and looked at his mother. "OK Mama" Luis said in earnest. "Youíre right. Sheridan has been very helpful getting this party together and sheís great with the kids. They really seem to like her. But Mama, sheís still a Crane and the Cranes are responsible for Papaís disappearance."

"You donít know that Luis" Pilar argued. "Not to mention the fact that Sheridan was only a child when your father disappeared. She couldnít possibly have any knowledge of what happened to him. You canít blame her for what you believe her brother and father did."

Luis sighed. "Iíll admit she seems ok. But Iím going to need more time Mama."

"Thatís all I ask hijo" Pilar smiled. "Keep an open mind. Give her a chance."

"Iíll try Mama" Luis smiled back. "Now, can we go dance?"

"Of course hijo." Pilar and Luis continued their walk to the dance floor.

Eve and Sheridan had the buffet table cleaned off in no time and brought all the dishes out to the cars of the owners. They then walked back inside and did the same to the dessert table.

The dance floor was filled with people and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Sheridan and Eve watched the different couples, especially Sam and Grace and Luis and Pilar. When the current song ended, Chad announced there would be a several minute break before the last song of the evening. Jay was walking back to the serving area looking for Luis after Chad made his announcement.

"I need to find Jay" Luis announced to his mother as they walked off the dance floor.

"Sheís over there with Sheridan and Eve" Pilar pointed out.

"Good!" Luis smiled. "I promised her the last dance of the evening."

Luis and Pilar joined Eve, Sheridan and Jay.

"OK Jay" Luis grinned. "Itís time for you and me to show these kids how itís done."

"Thatís right, you did promise me the last dance, now didnít you?" Jay smiled mischievously.

Before Jay could continue, Tammy, Robert and Alfred Kralik walked over to the group to bid them good night.

"Luis, I just wanted to tell you this has been the best End of Summer Party I ever remember at the Youth Center" Alfred Kralik commented with an approving smile. "You have a great team of volunteers working here." Alfred looked directly at Sheridan and winked. "If there is anything I can ever do to help, please, donít hesitate to ask. My son and I will help support the Youth Center in any way we can."

"Thank you" Luis smiled as he shook Alfredís hand. "I appreciate all youíve done already."

Tammy ran over to Sheridan and jumped in her arms. She threw her arms around her neck and hugged her tightly.

"Did you have a good time tonight sweetie?" Sheridan asked softly. Tammy smiled brightly and nodded her head vigorously.

Alfred and Robert chatted for a moment with Pilar and Eve while Tammy said goodnight to Sheridan.

"Luis, about that dance..." Jay began, but was interrupted by Luis.

Luis grabbed Jayís hand and started walking them towards the dance floor. "Come on Jay, letís go show these guys what weíre made of."

"Not so fast Luis" Jay said stopping in her tracks. "Thereís been a change of plans."

"A change of plans?" Luis asked not quite knowing what Jay was getting at.

"Yep" Jay said. "I want to see you dance with Sheridan."

"Jay, this is supposed to be your dance, you and me" Luis said.

"True, but I canít see that sexy behind of yours in those tight pants if Iím your partner" Jay said with an amused grin.

"Come on Jay" Luis protested.

"Whatís the matter big guy?" Jay asked. "Are you afraid if you dance with Sheridan all youíll see is that vision that I know is still in your head of Sheridan soaking wet wearing nothing but a smile from that highly entertaining locker room scene this afternoon?"

Luis blushed. "What? No way! I forgot about that right after it happened" Luis lied. Now that she mentioned it, all he could think of was that very scene. He took a deep breath and tried hard to get the vision from his head. It wasnít working very well. He saw the playful look on Jayís face and knew she did it on purpose.

"Come on Luis" Jay asked nicely. "Consider it payment for all the hard work Iíve been doing at the Youth Center. What could be so bad about dancing with Sheridan? Sheís beautiful, sexy and I know she can dance the tango. Weíve talked about it."

"Jay, why are you doing this?" Luis asked.

"Because I want to see what you two look like dancing together Luis" Jay said honestly. "I think you two have incredible chemistry together and I want to see if Iím right. This dance will prove or disprove my theory."

"Jay, you know I hate the Cranes and you know Sheridan is a Crane" Luis answered. "Besides, Iím meeting KC tomorrow and you also know sheís the woman Iím interested in."

"Thatís great Luis" Jay responded. "Iím glad youíre meeting her tomorrow, but tonight I want to see you and Sheridan dance. If you have no interest in Sheridan then thereís no problem now is there?"

"OK, Jay" Luis relented. "You win. Iíll dance with Sheridan."

"Good choice Luis" Jay grinned.

Luis walked over to Sheridan who was talking with Tammy. Sheridan looked up and gave Luis a small smile.

"Sheridan, would you care to dance?" Luis asked. He didnít want Jay to know it but the idea of dancing with Sheridan wasnít as unappealing as he led her to believe.

"You want to dance with me?" Sheridan asked in surprise.

"Well, yeah" Luis said with a sly smile. "I hear youíre a fairly decent tango dancer and Iím looking for a partner."

"Actually, Iím a very good tango dancer" Sheridan told him with a hint of amusement in her eyes. "Maybe even better than you are."

"I doubt that Miss Crane" Luis smiled. "Iím half Latin. I donít think you can be better than I am."

"Well, Officer" Sheridan answered her eyes sparkling. "That sounds like a challenge to me. Youíre on. Iíll dance the tango with you and weíll see who the better dancer is."

Tammy smiled excitedly as Sheridan agreed to dance with Luis.

Sheridan and Luis heard Chad announce the last dance of the evening. Luis extended his hand for Sheridan to take. She did and together they walked over to the dance floor. Sheridan felt her heartbeat quicken as they walked hand in hand. She took slow deliberate breaths, not wanting Luis to see the effect he was having on her. Just the simple action of holding this mans hand was having quite an impact on her.

Sheridan and Luis stood facing each other as the music began to play, Un Amor by the Gypsy Kings. Both of them were determined to outdo the other and knowing it is a dance of seduction decided to hold nothing back.

Luis looked Sheridan up and down with a very sexy gaze, his eyes darkening with each passing moment. He then stared deeply into her intense blue eyes. He held out his hands and raised a brow challenging her to meet his move. Sheridan placed her hands in his and Luis immediately pulled her close to him. Sheridan felt electricity surge through her as their bodies collided. She pulled back slightly never losing eye contact with him. His eyes were like a magnet pulling her closer to him.

Luis slipped one arm around her waist, and pulled her body close to his again. Sheridan slid her arm easily around his neck and her hand slowly caressed its way up his neck and towards his cheek. She allowed her fingers to gently stroke his cheek, finding herself suddenly lost in the music and the incredibly gorgeous eyes of this man she seemingly loved to hate.

Luis inhaled sharply and swallowed hard, his stare intensifying tenfold as her slender fingers reeked havoc with his hormones. He began moving with the music, Sheridan following his every move with precision. They moved as if one body, these two people from completely different worlds, who had never danced together in their lives, moved together to the sultry music as if theyíd done it a thousand times before. Sheridan knew what move Luis was going to make before he made it.

The spectators watched the couple with their mouths wide opened. No one could believe what they were witness to. Never before had any of them seen such passion expressed in the art of dance. It almost felt as if they were intruding on a very private moment between two lovers. The seductive stares, the gentle caresses, the private glances exchanged between two people who had been in love their whole lives.

"Pilar" Grace said as quietly as she could and still be heard, "I thought Luis and Sheridan didnít get along? At least thatís the report I got from the girls."

"No, Grace, itís true" Pilar answered, stunned by watching her son and Sheridan. "Luis and Sheridan have been bickering since he found out her last name was Crane."

"It looks like theyíve found some common ground" Eve smiled.

"Yes, it appears that way" Pilar answered.

Sheridan gave Luis a very sexy smile. He returned it with an equally sultry stare, not wanting to allow her the upper hand. Not faltering in her gaze she raked her nails across his chest and slowly circled him, enjoying the torture she was sure she was causing him. She was pleased with her move and had to look down when she finished her circle to regain her composure. Luis knew what she was doing and immediately placed his hand gently on her cheek, causing her to look him straight in the eye.

Sheridan felt her heart flutter as his darkening eyes seemed to penetrate to her very soul. The feel of his strong hand against the soft skin of her cheek sent a rush of warmth to her face.

"I donít believe it" Sam said in total shock.

"Man, I never would have believed it if I hadnít seen it with my own eyes" Cal replied.

"No kidding!" Marty exclaimed. "Luis and Sheridan Crane! Go figure!"

As they continued to dance, Luis pulled her body flush with his own. They could both feel the heat exuding from their partner which in turn caused more heat between them. They felt their breathing quicken, they felt something each time their eyes connected, each time their bodies melded, that neither had felt before.

"Have you ever seen anyone dance like this before?" Kay asked in awe.

"No, this is incredible" Simone responded in shock.

"This is totally the hottest dance Iíve ever seen" Kay returned.

"Youíre right about that Kay" Simone answered.

Most of the time Sheridan and Luis were unable to speak a civil word to each other, but there was no talking involved in the tango. Their body language and eyes spoke for them and in this case spoke volumes. Each knew what the other wanted. Each knew what the other needed as well as how to get it. There was no doubt that in the case of this dance, Sheridan and Luis were in total agreement. Whether they knew it or not, the feelings they held deep within them for each other were surfacing in the form of one extremely sensual dance.

"Jay, do you believe these two?" Buzzy asked. "I donít think Iíve ever seen them speak a civil word to each other."

"Oh I believe it Buzzy" Jay answered. What she saw in front of her was no less than she expected. She saw the chemistry between Luis and Sheridan from the first time she saw them fighting in the gym. "I definitely believe it."

There was absolutely no denying that there was something more than mere physical attraction between them. Jay knew it was going to be difficult to get these two together, but she also knew that after tonight, neither of them would ever be able to deny to themselves that something special was happening between them. She smiled to herself when she remembered the extra long version of the song she gave to Chad just to make sure they would never forget this dance.

As the music continued, Sheridan and Luis became more involved in the dance. One by one the other couples left the floor. They were amazed by how much chemistry oozed from this couple. It was a sight to behold, a moment to be watched.

To Luis and Sheridan it was if they were the only ones in the room. The music was their aphrodisiac and all else was forgotten. There was no hatred towards each other, no animosity and no last names. Just Sheridan and Luis sharing a very special song and a very special dance that was for them and only them.

As the music came to an end, the couple was still entwined. It took them a moment to realize their special moment in time had ended. Completely breathless, they finally parted, the silence interrupted by a wild cheer from their friends and family. Jay was clapping the loudest. Luis and Sheridan still held each othersí gaze, both unsure of what had just happened. Both knew it was something, something they wanted desperately but werenít sure they were willing to admit. They were surprised to find they were the only ones left on the dance floor. Theyíd been so involved during their dance, they hadnít noticed the other couples leave the floor.

Luis bowed gracefully. "Gracias Señorita."

Sheridan returned a curtsey. "De nada Señor."

Both had smiles on their faces they couldnít seem to control. Sheridan was still lost in Luisí dark eyes when she suddenly remembered someone else with brown eyes... Pezz. She quickly looked away, the spell had been broken. Luis too seemed to be remembering something or rather someone. He took a deep breath remembering that at noon tomorrow he would finally meet her... KC, the woman heíd been so devoted to meeting for quite some time.

As they parted, each now thinking about other people as they walked away, they still turned around and stole glances from each other. Even though they both had their hearts set on other people, there was still some force not allowing them a clean break. Jay was right about one thing. No matter what they said or did, neither Sheridan or Luis would soon forget tonight.





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