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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 20

Sheridan awoke early the next morning and quickly signed on to her computer. After she left the chat room last night she found her mail server was down and she couldnít read her mail. As frustrating as it was, she dealt with it, but the minute her eyes fluttered open this morning, she raced to her computer to see if she had an email from Pezz. She nearly jumped off her seat with excitement when she saw his name in her inbox. There were three messages from him. She quickly clicked on his first email, noticing nothing else.

Hi Angel,
Sunday sounds like the perfect day to meet, that is if I can last that long. The anticipation is killing me, I want you to know that! LOL. All this time and it never bothered me so much, but now that I know where you are and you are so close to me, I canít seem to stop thinking about meeting you.

Listen angel, Iím not home right now so Iím going to cut this short. There are people here if you get my meaning. Iíll write a longer email later, I promise. Somehow writing to you makes me feel closer to you. Crazy, huh?

Take care and Iíll see you Sunday,
P.S. It feels good to be able to say that! See you! :)

Sheridan sighed happily as she moved to his next note.

Dear KC,
Iím home now and will be going to bed shortly, but I promised you Iíd write and here I am. Can you believe in three days weíll know what each other looks like, know each otherís names and maybe even what the other does for a living. I have so many thoughts in my mind, so many questions I want to ask you, but if the truth be told angel, the first thing I want to do is hold you in my arms.

Remember the night I gave you the cyber hug? If you only knew how much I wanted to do that in person. Iím not usually the mushy type, but you do something to me KC that no one has ever done before.

Iím off to bed now, hopefully to dream of you.

Goodnight angel,

Sheridan couldnít get the grin off her face. She close her eyes and remembered the "cyber" hug sheíd received from Pezz. It had almost seemed real and the thought of hugging this man, this so very special man in person was almost too much for her to think about right now. If she continued like this sheíd never make it through the day. She went on to his last note.

Good Morning Angel,
I hope you slept well. I only managed to get a few hours sleep myself. I hope Iím not going to be too cranky today. I guess Iíll have to catch up on my sleep tonight now. I do want to talk to you online sometime today or tonight if you get a chance. There isnít a computer where Iíll be, but I think I know someplace I can sneak off to email you now and then.

Let me know if you want to chat tonight. If youíre too tired after working all day, Iíll understand, but Iíd just like to chat for a little while. That might be dangerous for us though. A little while might turn into an all nighter! LOL.

You donít think weíll run out of things to say by the time we actually meet do you? That would be terrible! What would we do?

All right beautiful, Iím off to the showers and then for a grueling day. Iíll write when I get the chance.

By the way, How does noon at Lighthouse Park sound? Thereís a red bench near the flower garden right underneath a lamp. Let me know if itís good for you.

Bye for now KC--

"Noon at Lighthouse Park sounds just right Pezz" Sheridan smiled to herself. "Now, I just have to find out where Lighthouse Park is and weíll be all set, but I donít think thatíll be a problem."

Sheridan clicked on the reply button and began an email to Pezz when she heard an IM come in. She looked back on her screen and laughed.

[PezzMan] Good morning Angel! :)
[KCGirl] Good morning yourself!
[PezzMan] I just couldnít resist saying hi this morning. I wonít keep you, I know you have a busy day.
[KCGirl] Iíll always make time for you Pezz. I was just about to answer your e-mail.
[PezzMan] So how is noon at Lighthouse Park?
[KCGirl] Perfect. Iím looking forward to it.
[PezzMan] So am I.
[KCGirl] I have an idea Pezz, how I can recognize you.
[PezzMan] Oh yeah? Whatís that?
[KCGirl] You should be holding a Superman Pez Dispenser.
[PezzMan] LOL, Is that your idea?
[KCGirl] Actually, no. The Pez dispenser was Godisí idea and Superman was BabyShuisí idea. She wanted me to carry a Wonderwoman one.
[PezzMan] I should have known! LOL. I think you should carry Wonderwoman, that is if I have to carry Superman.
[KCGirl] Youíll do it then?
[PezzMan] Sure, why not. Iíll have to find one first.
[KCGirl] Same here.
[PezzMan] As much as Iíd love to chat longer, Iím already late.
[KCGirl] Oh, so am I. I donít want that tyrannical boss of mine getting on my case.
[PezzMan] Have a great day KC. Iíll try to email you later today.
[KCGirl] Iím looking forward to it. Take care Pezz.
[PezzMan] You too Angel.
[KCGirl] Bye
[PezzMan] Bye

Sheridan signed off her computer smiling to herself as she went about getting ready for a long day at the Youth Center. Despite the fact that Luis was going to be there today, Sheridan was actually looking forward to helping with getting the party for the kids ready on such short notice. With the exception of her run ins with Officer Lopez Fitzgerald, Sheridan so far loved every minute sheíd spent at the Youth Center. Jay was a wonderful person and working with the kids was more gratifying than she ever imagined. No matter what her feelings were for the director, she planned on spending as much time there as possible. It was the most rewarding experience sheíd had.

Sheridan ran up the steps to the Youth Center, realizing she was 10 minutes late. Normally, it wouldnít matter, but today was going to be especially busy and she knew Luis wasnít going to give her any slack. Sure enough he was waiting at the door for her.

"Is it too much to ask for you to be on time Miss Crane?" Luis said sarcastically as Sheridan flew through the door. I realize you are volunteering your services here, but I thought Jay impressed upon you the fact that weíre under a time crunch here. The dance is tomorrow night and we have to have this gym ready to go."

Sheridan was ready for him. "Iím sorry Officer" Sheridan answered with equal cynicism. "My butler forgot to wake me up, the cook made me pancakes instead of Belgian waffles for breakfast and of course I made her remake it and I was appalled at the condition of the limo so I made the chauffeur wash and wax it before he drove me over here. It wonít happen again."

Jay, who was shooting hoops in the gym had to turn her head to keep from being seen laughing by Luis. Luis, who had been taken totally by surprise by her remark stood there speechless, for a moment, but only a brief moment. "Well, see that it doesnít Miss Crane. I have a Youth Center to run here and I donít need some rich daddyís girl slowing me down."

Sheridan fought back the urge to respond. Instead she calmly walked away from him and joined Jay in the gym. "Good Morning Jay" Sheridan said brightly. She pushed her encounter with Luis completely to the back of her mind.

"Morning Sheridan" Jay grinned. "I was just going to get some coffee at the Book Cafe. Care to join me?"

"Iíd love to Jay" Sheridan smiled. "I could use some fresh air. For some reason itís rather stuffy in here this morning."

Luis looked over at Sheridan and gave her his biggest grin, insincere as it was. "Iíll take my coffee with cream and sugar" he said.

"Are we taking orders?" Sheridan asked Jay with an innocent glance.

"Come on Sheridan" Jay said. "Letís go. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long day and I need my caffeine."

As Jay and Sheridan waited for their order of a thermos of coffee and a dozen assorted muffins to be filled, Sheridan noticed the computers at the tables in the Book Cafe. "Jay! Look at this!" Sheridan remarked. "There are computers in here. I donít remember this the other day."

"Thatís because they werenít here the other day" Jay told her. "Chad just had them installed. He says itís the latest rage."

"Do they have internet access?" Sheridan asked as nonchalantly as possible, but Jayís ears perked up.

"Yes they do" Jay answered watching Sheridan carefully. "Why, is there someone you want to email?"

"Maybe" Sheridan said unable to keep the grin from spreading across her face.

"Your cyber boyfriend? The one you told me about?" Jay asked.

Sheridan blushed. "I wouldnít call him my boyfriend exactly, but yes, heís who I was thinking about."

"We've got time while we're waiting for our order. Go ahead Sheridan. Email your cyber guy." Jay remarked trying not to look obvious. "That's what the computers are here for."

Sheridan's eyes sparkled. "Maybe I will" she said. She walked over to one of the computers and typed a quick message. Jay had to fight hard to keep the grin off her face.

A few minutes later their order was ready and Sheridan was back at Jayís side helping her carry the coffee and muffins back to the Youth Center.

By mid morning, Luis was looking for any excuse he could think of to make his way over to the Book Cafe. He accidentally knocked over the thermos of coffee and just had to get it refilled. Sheridan volunteered to have it filled for him, but Luis insisted he spilled it, he would take care of it. Jay watched in amusement, as she knew exactly what each one of them was doing.

Luis won out this time and took off for the Book Cafe. While there he couldnít help himself, he just had to check his email. A smile came to his face when he saw he had mail from KC.

Dear Pezz,
I couldnít believe my luck when I found this computer available so close to where I work, so I just had to send you a quick note.

Thanks for the IM this morning! It set my day off on a very positive note and not even that bore of a tyrant could spoil my mood this morning. I think my mood helped me with my response to Mr. High and Mighty as well! LOL.

So, howís your day going so far? I hope you enjoy yourself despite the hectic schedule. I know I will.

Iíll try to get back here later and send another quick note. Itíll give me something to really look forward too. I have a feeling itís going to be extremely hectic today and writing you will be a very pleasant change of pace. For some reason when I write to you, I feel as though all is right with the world.
Take care,

Luis read her note and then sent one in return. When he returned to the Youth Center, Jay smiled at him and Luis gave her an "Iím innocent" look which only made her start to chuckle.

Pilar and Grace arrived with lunch for the busy crew of volunteers. They had spent all morning cooking for the party and decided to make something for lunch for the volunteers as well. Buzzy was the first to aide Pilar and Grace carry the food in as he was the hungriest of the crew.

"Oh Pilar, Grace, thank you so much!" Buzzy said gratefully. "I didnít think your slave driver of a son was ever going to let us have lunch."

"I didnít think you were hungry Buzzy" Luis teased. "After all, you ate a half dozen muffins on your own."

"Well, at least I didnít weasel the last blueberry muffin from a beautiful lady the way you did" Buzzy grinned.

Pilar raised her brow and looked at her son. "Mama, it wasnít that way at all" Luis defended himself.

Pilar said nothing, she just looked at Luis and waited for an explanation. Luis looked around and saw that all eyes were on him. All eyes that is except Sheridanís. "OK Mama, hereís what happened."


"Luis, Arenít you going to have anything to eat?" Jay asked. "Youíd better hurry up and get something. Buzzyís already had five muffins and I have a feeling he wants to make an even half dozen out of it."

"Did you get any blueberry? Thereís nothing better than a blueberry muffin from the Book Cafe" He grinned.

"I know what you like, Luis. "There were a few blueberry in there, I made sure of that" Jay answered. "Go get a muffin and Iíll finish stacking these chairs."

"Sure thing. Thanks Jay" Luis smiled. He stacked the chair he was holding in his hands and went over to the table with the coffee and muffins.

There were several other people standing at the table talking and Luis really didnít pay any attention to who was there. He really was hungry and the more he thought about it the more he wanted one of those blueberry muffins.

Luis poured himself a cup of coffee and then walked over to the muffins. As he reached out to take the last blueberry muffin, his hand grabbed another hand instead of the muffin. Startled, he looked up right into the brilliant blue eyes of Sheridan Crane.

"Well, wouldnít you know" Luis scowled.

"Wouldnít I know what Officer?" Sheridan asked trying to keep her temper under control.

"It figures youíd try to take the last blueberry muffin. You were probably standing there listening to my conversation with Jay. You must have said to yourself, now I can I get under Luisí skin today? What can I do to really irritate him? I know, he wants a blueberry muffin! Iíll make sure I take the last one and he sees me do it!"

"What? You must be the most deluded man I have ever met! What an ego you have to think that I spend every waking hour thinking about you and how next to ruin your life!" Sheridan was completely shocked by his audacity. "I have never! Take your muffin Officer. I wouldnít want to be accused of taking food out of your mouth and I seem to have lost my appetite anyway."

"Oh no you donít Miss Crane! You want the muffin, you can have it."

"I told you, Iíve lost my appetite."

"No no! You take it. We donít want you to get light headed or something and faint on us from not eating."

"Donít worry about me Officer. Itíll take more than losing a muffin to you to make me get light headed. for some reason ever time I see you I get hot headed rather than light headed. You take the muffin. I have work to do." With that Sheridan walked away leaving the muffin to Luis.

Luis was so angry, he couldnít see straight and didnít hear Jay and Buzzy come up behind him. "What is up with you Luis!" Jay scolded. "Why did you say that to her? You know darn good and well that Sheridan was no where near us when we were talking about you getting a blueberry muffin."

"She had to know I wanted that muffin. Why else would she have gone after the same muffin I wanted?"

"Maybe she likes blueberry muffins?" Buzzy suggested shrugging his shoulders as he grabbed a banana muffin from the box and started to eat.

Jay put her hand over her mouth to control her laughter. "Buzzy does have a good point Luis. Maybe Sheridan does like blueberry muffins, just like you do. . Maybe blueberry muffins is just one of many things that you and Sheridan have in common. I bet if you gave it half a chance, youíd find out you have a lot more in common with Sheridan than blueberry muffins."

"That woman and I have nothing in common" Luis said angrily.

"Somehow I doubt that Luis" Jay said shaking her head. "The two of you have more in common that either of you are willing to admit. Now, eat that muffin that Sheridan graciously left for you or I think Buzzy will eat it for you."

**End Flashback**

"Hijo!" Pilar said with shock and disappointment. "I raised you better than to treat a woman like that!"

"I canít help it Mama" Luis said in an apologetic voice. "Something comes over me whenever Iím near her."

"You need to apologize Luis" Pilar requested.

"He already did Pilar" Jay smiled. " He went over to the Book Cafe a short time afterwards and bought another blueberry muffin. He didnít give it to Sheridan, but he put it on the table and wrote Sheridanís name on the bag."

"Still, hijo, when are you going to realize that Sheridan is not the enemy?" Pilar asked. "Iíve told you before, she is nothing like the rest of her family. The only thing she has in common with the Cranes is her last name."

"So you say Mama" Luis said absentmindedly.

"Luis, all she is trying to do is help you, help the children. If you ask me, it takes a special woman to continue to work here considering the way youíve treated her."

"Iíll try to be nicer" Luis said feigning a smile.

Pilar rolled her eyes. She didnít know how she was going to get through to her son regarding Sheridan.

After lunch the crew continued getting the gym ready for the big dance. Buzzy and Luis helped Chad bring the sound system, while Pilar Grace, Jay and Sheridan filled the Piñatas with candy and prizes.

"It looks like weíre going to be short candy filling these last two piñatas" Jay remarked as she emptied the last bag of treats.

"No problem" Sheridan said. "Iíll go get some more candy to fill them with."

"With a little stop at the Book Cafe no doubt" Jay smiled.

"Actually, I was going to stop by the Book Cafe and get some more coffee" Sheridan admitted. "We still have quite a way to go here and I need some caffeine."

"Where are you going to pick up the candy?" Jay asked.

"Whether Luis likes it or not, Iím going to
Matushek and Company. Iíd much rather go there and get personalized service than go to one of those bargain outlets. Besides, Mr. Kralik was kind enough to donate all of those supplies the other day, the least we can do is give him some of our business." Sheridan was adamant in her position and was ready if Luis chose to give her a hard time about it.

"Somehow I donít think Luis will question you again about going there Sheridan" Jay said with a slight grin.

"You donít huh?" Sheridan asked suspiciously. After her encounter with him the other day, she expected him to blow his top.

"Luis!" Jay shouted across the gym, "Sheridan is going to
Matushek and Company to pick up some more candy for the piñatas. Is there anything else you need?"

"Yeah" Luis shouted back. He stopped what he was doing and walked over to where the women were. "I need two rolls of electrical tape and a roll of duct tape" he told Sheridan without so much as batting an eye at her destination.

Sheridan stood there with her mouth practically hanging on the floor. "Yes, I can get that for you" she said, still in shock.

"Good" Luis smiled. He then turned his attention to Jay. "Jay, why donít you get Sheridan some money from petty cash." With that Luis returned to Chad and Buzzy and the task of setting up the sound system.

"What did I tell you?" Jay grinned. Sheridan just shook her head. She had no idea what had just happened.

Sheridan got what she needed for Luis and then went over to the candy department. She chatted with the clerk about what would be perfect for a piñata and she was happy to oblige. Sheridan gave the woman the approximate size she would need to fill for the two piñatas and the clerk gathered the candy. While Sheridan was waiting for her order to be filled she browsed the candy section, which is when she spotted them.

"Wow!" She exclaimed squealing with delight. I donít believe it!" Right in front of her was a display of Pez Dispensers, with what seemed like hundreds of different colors and characters. She scanned the different characters hoping they would have what she was looking for and she was pleasantly surprised when they did. "One Wonderwoman Pez Dispenser!" she laughed. She looked around and saw they had all the superheroes including Superman. She would have loved to pick one up for Pezz, but she had no way of sending it to him.

Sheridan quickly headed to the Book Cafe after finishing her shopping at
Matushek and Company and placed her order for coffee. She was in such high spirits she decided to even splurge for a blueberry muffin for Officer Lopez Fitzgerald.

While she waited for her order, she found an empty table and checked her mail. Good as his word, there was an email from Pezz.

Hi Angel,
Thanks for asking about my day. With the exception of a rather annoying encounter over breakfast, my day has been going well. Itís been incredibly busy as there is lots to do and very little time to do it.

I donít know if Iíll have time to get back here or not to email. I had to sneak out as it was to write this! LOL. Iíll try though, I can promise you that. I also am going to have to find the time to look for a Pez Dispenser and not just anyone, a Superman one at that! ;-)

I hope your day continues to be pleasant. Mine will be, especially when I think about you! Thatís the best part of my day Angel!
Take care and Iíll do my best to write later,

"Well Pezz" Sheridan grinned, I donít know where you live, but if youíre coming to Harmony Sunday it canít be too far." She then quickly typed out her note telling him of her find.

By the end of the day, everything for the party was ready to go. All equipment was put away, all the decorations were ready, including the Piñatas being filled and the sound system was in place. Tables had been put in place for the buffet that would be set up and all of the warming dishes were on the tables. The next day Pilar and Grace would finish the cooking in the morning and spend the afternoon bringing the food to the Youth Center, Chad would finish his sound checks, Buzzy would make sure all of the facilities were in working order while Luis, Sheridan and Jay would hang all the decorations.

Jay told Sheridan she would be bringing her costume with her the next day and encouraged her to do the same. They could both shower and change right there in the womanís locker room. That would give them more time to finish up any last minute details.

Despite her early morning fight with Luis, Sheridan had had a very enjoyable day. Luis had even thanked her in person when she came back from the Book Cafe with a blueberry muffin for him. Tomorrow looked to be an even busier day than today, but she was looking forward to it. She really enjoyed being part of the dance preparations, even though she and her boss didnít see eye to eye on anything. Still, it was what she enjoyed, what she wanted to become part of when she decided to move back home.

Sheridan left the Youth Center with a feeling of accomplishment. She was exhausted and all she wanted to do was take a hot bath and crawl into bed, but she had one thing she wanted to do before she took her bath... email Pezz.

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