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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 19

"I can't believe we have to cancel the end of the summer party at the Youth Center. The kids are going to be so disappointed, Luis! Theyíve worked really hard on this party, they've made tons of decorations, they're making costumes at home, they've helped pick the food and the music, everything!"

Luis shook his head dismally. "I wish there was another way Jay. Really I do. I suppose we could always see if there is a hall we could rent but thatĎll cost money that we donĎt have."

"What about the beach? Or, Lighthouse Park? Some place public that we wouldn't have to rent." Jay suggested.

"We could do that" Luis agreed hesitantly, "But with the rainy weather weíve been having this summer, there is a very good chance itíll rain that night. Thatíll be worse for the kids than canceling it now. Iím just glad I can use the Book Cafe as a gathering point at least" Luis remarked. "Buzzy will just have to get that bus of his on the road again so we can take the kids on field trips for the next few weeks."

"Luis, is there a chance that the roof will be fixed before the dance?" Jay asked. "And why does Buzzy have a bus?"

"Yeah, thereís always a chance Jay" Luis told her "and Buzzyís bus is a VW bus. A 1970 VW bus to be exact."

"Youíre not serious?" Jay said.

"Damn straight" Luis said adamantly. "That bus is in better shape than Miss Craneís $80,000 car. He only uses it when we need it for the Youth Center or for an occasional trip in the summer. I bet he took his son to that game in Boston in that bus. Anyway, as I was saying, I canĎt think of anything else we can do at this point except pray the workmen get the roof finished before the dance."

"Too bad we canít have the party this Saturday night" Jay remarked. "They did say that Monday was the day you have to close the Youth Center, didnít they?"

Luis immediately perked up. "Why canít we have the dance this weekend?" Luis asked. "Jay, how much work have you and Sheridan actually done on this dance?"

"Lots actually" Jay replied.

"Well, letĎs do it then" Luis grinned. "I know itíll be rather hectic for all of us tomorrow, but Iím sure Sam will give me the day off to help. Mama will help too if I ask her."

"Nothing like working under pressure. This will give us what, a day and half, to pull this party together?" Jay remarked. "What the heck, Luis, Iím game if you are."

"Do you think Sheridan will be up for the task?" Luis asked. "I wouldnít want her to break a nail by working a few extra hours tomorrow or working on a Saturday."

"Donít worry about Sheridan. I'm sure sheíll be more than happy to help. In fact, I think sheís as excited about this party as the kids are." Jay said. "Luis, youíd be amazed how much Sheridan knows about Spain! When she described her time in Spain, I actually felt like I was right there with her. The other day she was telling me how she has one favorite place she loves going back to that she says is the most incredible place sheís ever been. The people there taught her all about their local customs. She also told me that during the times she spent in this one place was when she learned how to decorate for local fiestas."

"Well, she may know a lot about Spain through a Craneís eyes, but I somehow donít believe she knows the first thing about how the "real" people of Spain live" Luis sneered. "If you want to read how the real people live, go read KCís Spain post again on the travel board. Remember how well she captured life in the small villages?"

"What did you say?" Jay asked. Something Luis just said caused her to get a very strange feeling. She couldnít believe she hadnít thought of it before.

"I said go read KCís post on Spain. Iíve never read anything like it in my life and if I remember correctly you enjoyed it as well" Luis repeated.

"Yeah, Iíll do that Luis" Jay answered. "IĎll go read KCGirlĎs post on Spain later tonight."
ĎIs it possible? Do I dare even think it? Is that why the things Sheridan said about Spain sounded so familiar to me?í

"Thatís good Jay" Luis said. "Maybe you should have Sheridan read it too. After all if sheís going to help you get this party together on such short notice then she needs to know how real people view Spain."

Jay barely heard anything that Luis was saying to her. She was wracking her brain to remember different pieces of information Luis had mentioned to her about KC. She couldnít remember if Luis had actually told her KC lived in Paris.

"Luis, did you say KC lived in Paris before moving back to the States?" Jay asked trying to get her jumbled thoughts straight in her head.

"Thatís right" Luis answered. "Sheís lived there most of her life. I imagine thatís why she spent so much time in Spain. Itís pretty close."

"That makes sense" Jay said deep in thought. She then remembered an email sheíd received from Luis shortly after KC had contacted Luis after her breakup. She remembered Luis was beside himself with worry when he hadnít heard from her and how relieved he was when she contacted him.
ĎI just heard from her and youíll never believe where she is? Spain. She needed to get away after her break up with JL and she went to visit some friends there.í

"Tell me again why KC left Paris and came back to the US." Jay muttered. "I mean about her boyfriend."

"Her fiancé" Luis corrected. "She followed him one night and found out he was cheating on her. He was actually married and his wife was pregnant. I swear if I ever got my hands on that slime JL, IĎd knock his lights out. Talk about a first class jerk."

Think Jay! What was it Sheridan said to me the other day?í Jay asked herself. ĎTruthfully, I was engaged to be married and found out my fiancé was a first class jerk. I broke things off with him and decided it was time for a change. Iíd lived in Paris most of my life, but it never truly was home to me.í Jay stared at Luis as he rambled on but couldnít hear a word he was saying. I donít believe this. This is impossible. KCGirl and Sheridan Crane. It all has to be a huge coincidence, doesnít it?

"Jay, did you hear me?" Luis asked giving her a funny look. "You look like youíre a million miles away."

"Whatís that Luis?" Jay asked coming out of her trance.

"Nothing Jay" Luis answered. "Dinnerís here though."

Chad arrived with their sandwiches interrupting Jayís line of questioning. She couldnít get rid of the nagging feeling that Luis was soon going to get the biggest surprise of his life.

Sheridanís mood couldnít be brighter when she signed into the chat room. Godis and BabyShuis werenít there yet, but there were a few other people chatting about a trip to Australia. Sheridan said hello to the people in the room, but didnít respond much as her thoughts were too consumed with what the weekend would bring. Sitting there with a faraway smile on her face, Sheridan jumped when she heard her phone ring.

"Hello" She answered.

"Sheridan, itís Jay"

"Hi Jay, how are you?"

"Iím fine Sheridan and Iím really sorry to bother you but I have some news I think you should hear tonight, rather than tomorrow."

"Itís nothing bad I hope?" Sheridan asked, fear creeping into her voice.

"No, it's nothing like that" Jay said with a slight chuckle. "I just wanted to tell you that the dance has been moved up to this Saturday night."

"This Saturday?" Sheridan asked in surprise. "I thought this was supposed to be an end of summer dance? Why the sudden change in time?"

"Itís a long story Sheridan" Jay started to explain, "but basically the Youth Center building will be closed for a couple of weeks starting on Monday morning for roof repairs."
"Let me guess, Officer Lopez Fitzgerald huffed and puffed and tried to blow the Youth Center down?" Sheridan said mockingly.

Jay smiled at her comment. "Not exactly. It seems the Youth Center was slated for a new roof in September anyway, but due to all the rain they've had this summer and the fact that this is supposed to be a bad hurricane season, the building commission decided to move its date up and they want the roof replaced ASAP."

"Are we going to be able to get this party together with this little time?" Sheridan asked.

"I told Luis how much work we've already done and seems to think we can pull it off, even on short notice, if we all work together" Jay answered.

"Oh" Sheridan groaned. "That means RoboCop will be there tomorrow doesnít it?"

"Yes, Luis will be there. So will Pilar and Buzzy and I'm sure we'll be dragging in more volunteers too."

"Iím not going to let him spoil anything Jay, including my mood. Iíll be there tomorrow and Iím sure weíll be able to do this."

"Great Sheridan" Jay grinned. "Iíll see you tomorrow then."

Sheridan hung the phone up and realized what had just happened. She was now going to be busy all day Friday and Saturday. "Oh no Pezz!" She said. "Sunday, we can meet Sunday!" She decided. She quickly got another email off to Pezz informing him of her change of plans.

Well, as I told you, Sheridanís willing to do whatever she can to help get this party done by Saturday night."

"Just so long as she and I can do it in different rooms" Luis responded.

Jay rolled her eyes. "Luis, now that weíve finished dinner, why donít you go talk to Chad and see if heís available Saturday night. Iím just going to play around here a little. Maybe Iíll check out that post of KCís. I know I enjoyed it at the time, but truthfully I donít remember the details."

"Sure thing Jay" Luis said as he started to get up. He stopped just as he was about to look for Chad. "I just remembered something" Luis frowned. "I was supposed to meet KC this weekend."

"So, youíll just meet her Sunday instead of Friday or Saturday, no big deal" Jay answered.

"Yeah, Sunday. Thatíll be ok. Let me email her real quick and then itíll be all yours, I promise." Luis went to his mailbox once again and found another email from KC.

Hi Pezz,
I know youíre busy so Iíll make this quick. I just had some news and Iím not going to be able to meet you Friday or Saturday. Would Sunday be ok? Normally I wouldnít let anything interfere with our meeting, but what came up is important. Iíll tell you all about it when we meet.

Let me know if Sunday is a good day? Also what time and where. Youíre the winner so you pick the place.

Until then Pezz,

"Ha! Talk about luck!" Luis said excitedly.

"What is it?" Jay asked.

"KC had something come up and she canít make it until Sunday either."

"That is lucky" Jay said.
ĎOr maybe itís just another coincidence? This is getting weirder by the minute.í

Luis left to find Chad and Jay went directly to the travel message board. She had to go back several pages to find what she was looking for, but she finally found it on page 7. "Iím glad this board doesnít move too fast" Jay said as she waited for KCís post to load.

Jay read the post several times, allowing the information to sink in. The title itself should have been enough of a clue
Costa de Marbella, a Summer Paradise. "I think thatís where Sheridan said she spent a summer once" Jay thought, trying to remember what Sheridan had told her.

"I did spend one trip to Spain in such a resort, but the best times Iíve had there were spent in Costa de Marbella with a host family. I spent a summer there once with that family and it was wonderful. Marianna, my host took me to all the local festivals and all the people from the village help plan the fiesta, decorate it and cook all the food. Iím a culinary disaster, so I spent most of my time helping with the decorating."

"I donít believe this" Jay said to herself. "Iím seeing it, but I still canít believe it. Iím going to have to ask Miss Crane a few questions to find out for sure" Jay told herself. Or maybe... I wonder..." Jay clicked on the icon for the chat room. Knowing that PezzMan was occupied for the evening there was a chance KCGirl might be chatting with her friends. She hoped KC would be there and maybe she could pick up a piece of information that would confirm her suspicions.

Jay signed into the chat room and was delighted to see KCGirl was there. The chat was currently about someoneís trip to Australia, but from what Jay could see, KC wasnít participating. After her greeting to the others, Jay just sat back and waited.

After a short time, Jayís patience was rewarded when she saw KCGirl post a message.

[KCGirl] Hi everyone!

"I think Iím going to pretend this is Sheridan and see if the words match up with the person I know" Jay said as the chat began.

[BabyShuis] KC! Sweetie, how are you? I was getting worried there for a minute.
[Godis] No kidding girl, what kept you?
[KCGirl] Sorry, I had to send a quick email.

"A quick email, huh? Perfect timing KC, or should I say Sheridan?"

[Godis] Yeah, yeah, we know whatís going on, donít we Baby? ;-)
[BabyShuis] LOL! We sure do Godis, she canít fool us.
[Katy4IU] KCGirl! Long time no see! How have you been? Still engaged to that French guy?

"French guy? OK, thatís both KC and Sheridan who were both engaged to Frenchmen."

[KCGirl] Hi Katy! No, he was a real jerk.

"And they were both jerks" Jay remarked. It was looking more and more like she was right.

[LibertyGal] Hi KC, nice to see you again.
[Katy4IU] Sorry to hear that.
[KCGirl] Hi LG. Nice to see you too. Whatís new around here?
[Godis] Oh no you donít KC! Weíve been chatting for awhile. We want to know whatís going on with you?
[BabyShuis] Yes, tell us how it feels to be back in the States after spending so much time in Paris.

"Clue 3, they both lived in Paris"

[Katy4IU] You moved back to the States? Good deal, when?
[LibertyGal] Moved to the States? Good choice. Where?

"Good question LibertyGal! Come on KC, spill it! Tell us moved to Harmony."

[KCGirl] Boy, you guys are certainly filled with questions tonight! LOL.
[KCGirl] I moved back last week, to the town I was born in. Itís a little place off the coast of Maine, not many people have heard of it.

"That description fits Harmony, all right. So KCGirl and Sheridan Crane lived in Paris at the same time and both very recently moved back to the towns they were born in on the Coast of Maine?"

[Godis] I want to know if youíve met any REAL men since youíve been home?

"Now there is a question Iíd like to hear the answer to as well. I wonder if heís going to turn out to be a jerk? Ha"

[BabyShuis] Real men? I want to hear more about her cyber boyfriend!
[Katy4IU] Ooh, KC, it has been a long time. Are you holding out on us? LOL
[BabyShuis] Come on KC spill it! What was that guyís name? Godis, you know the one who wrote to us when KC went to Spain?
[LibertyGal] This sounds serious KC.
[Godis] PezzHead wasnít it? LOL

Jay shook her head and smiled. She knew Luis had heard many different variations of his nickname.

[KCGirl] Funny Godis, very funny.
[Katy4IU] ROTFLOL!!!
[BabyShuis] LOL
[KCGirl] His name is PezzMan FYI.
[Godis] PezzMan, thatís right! Iím only teasing you know. Hey, I still want to know if youíve met any "in the flesh" hunks?
[KCGirl] Look, Iíve only met one "real" man since Iíve been home and although he is quite handsome and has a body to die for, heís the most arrogant, pig headed macho jerk Iíve ever met.

"It seems to me, Iíve heard almost those exact words come out of Sheridan's mouth when referring to Luis. Another coincidence perhaps?" Jay said with a wicked grin.

[BabyShuis] KC, it sure sounds like love to me! LOL. Youíd better watch out or PezzMan will get jealous.
[KCGirl] Pezz has absolutely nothing to get jealous about. I wouldnít give that macho jerk the time of day if I didnít have to work for him. Besides, Pezz and I are meeting Sunday for the first time.

"How many clues is this now? I think I've lost count. What I wouldn't give to be at this meeting between KC and Pezz. Oh man, If I'm right about this, they are both going to be in for the biggest surprise of their lives."

[OnicaísMom has just entered the chat room]
[OnicaísMom] Hi guys! Whatís happening?
[BabyShuis] Hi OM
[Godis] Welcome OM, Where have you been?
[LibertyGal] KC, are you sure itís safe?
[Katy4IU] Welcome OM
[KCGirl] Hi OM
[KCGirl] LibertyGal- I trust him. Heís not like anyone Iíve ever met.
[Godis] Maybe she should take a bunch of Pezz dispensers with her and she can shoot candy at him if he turns out to be a whacko.
[Katy4IU] Godis, good one!
[BabyShuis] Come on gals! LG is right. KC needs to be careful!
[Godis] Youíre right. I just canít help myself. Sorry! :(
[KCGirl] I truly appreciate all of your concern, but I think Iíll be fine. Besides, Iím sure weíll be meeting in a public place.
[KCGirl] Godis, thanks for the idea! I think Pezz and I will use Pezz dispensers to recognize each other.

"Iíll have to remember to ask Sheridan how theyíll know each other. That should confirm it for me."

[OnicaísMom] Hey! What am I missing here?
[Godis] Glad I could help ;) So, which dispensers will you use?
[LibertyGal] KC is meeting someone she met online.
[BabyShuis] How about Superman and Wonderwoman?
[OnicaísMom] You go girl! Woo Hoo! Who is this man?
[Katy4IU] KC, why not take someone with you? Just until you know itís safe?
[KCGirl] Good idea Baby! I like that!
[LibertyGal] I agree with Katy. Take someone with you.
[Godis] His name is PezzMan and KC and he have been emailing each other for awhile now.
[KCGirl] I think I know someone who will come with me. She warned me to be careful too. Thanks for the concern guys.

"Hmm, I wonder if sheís talking about me?"

[BabyShuis] Donít forget about the IM sessions. I think KC mentioned one lasting 6 hours?
[OnicaísMom] Have you seen his picture? I bet heís a hunk!
[Katy4IU] 6 hour IM session? Wow!
[LibertyGal] Good choice KC. Weíll want all the details after you meet :-)
[Godis] KC, I still want to know about this "real" man youíve met. Why is he a macho jerk? How can he be so hot and a macho jerk at the same time?
[KCGirl] No, I havenít seen his picture but I know he has dark hair and eyes.

"So does Luis KC, or should I say Sheridan."

[KCGirl] Godis, trust me-- itís possible. He was really nice when we met, but for some reason he decided to take all his frustrations out on me. He has some ridiculous vendetta against my family and heís using me for target practice. If you donít mind, Iíd rather not talk about him anymore.

"Thereís no way this can be a coincidence too! No way, no how, this has to be Sheridan. It has to be!"

[Godis] Sorry KC. Hey, soon PezzMan will be a "real" in the flesh man too, right? Maybe you can get him to whip that guyís sorry butt!
[KCGirl] Listen girls, I have to run. I have a very busy day tomorrow and I have the feeling Iím going to need all my strength to deal with my pigheaded boss.
[BabyShuis] Good luck sweetie! We want to hear all about your meeting with Pezz! Please email as soon as you can?
[LibertyGal] I need to run as well. Time to start the homework brigade at my house. Good Luck KC and be safe. Looking forward to hearing about your meeting.
[Katy4IU] Good Luck KC! Canít wait to hear the details! :-)
[OnicaísMom] Night KCGirl! Go get your man! :)
[Godis] Good luck KC! I hope he turns out to be the most gorgeous guy on the East Coast! LOL. Donít forget to email or IM me after you meet!
[KCGirl] Good night everyone! Thanks and Iíll let you all know how things turn out. I canít wait! :)
[LibertyGal has left the chatroom]
[KCGirl has left the chatroom]

Jay decided to leave herself in the chat room for awhile longer while she checked her own email. When she was finished, she went back to the chat room and signed out. Luis was on his way back with a huge grin plastered to his face.

"Chadís in for Saturday. Heís even willing to help out tomorrow afternoon if we need him" Luis said.

"Great!" Jay said with a small smile. Luis, I think we should cut our night short. I want to get some extra sleep tonight since it looks like we're going to have very busy days tomorrow and Saturday."

"Youíre right" Luis responded. "Jay, just one thing, I want to tell you again how much I appreciate what youíve done at the Youth Center. I mean, Iím sure there are other things youíd rather be doing with your spare time and it really means a lot having you help me out like this. I donít know how Iíll ever repay you."

"Don't worry about it Luis, I knew what I was getting into when I volunteered to help out. I never expected you to pay me." Jay answered. "You know how much I like working with kids. And while you thought you were dumping Sheridan on me, I've really enjoyed getting to know her. She's been great to work with, the kids love her and we've had a lot of fun. But ...... now that you've brought it up, I like the idea that you owe me one. Yeah, you owe me a big one and I'll be holding it over your head until I decide to call it in."

"That sounds rather ominous Jay" Luis grinned. "Should I be worried?"

"Worried? Yeah, you should be shaking in your boots" Jay laughed. "I don't have any idea yet, what it's going to cost you, but I'll let you know when I decide what I want."

"I have no doubt about that Jay" Luis chuckled. "No doubt at all, now lets go home."

Luis and Jay left the Book Cafe to go home and get some rest. Tomorrow and Saturday would be extremely busy as Saturday night would be the dance theyíd worked so hard to pull together. Luis, however was thinking past the dance towards his meeting Sunday with KC and how wonderful it would be. Jay was also thinking about his meeting with KC, but she was worried it would turn into WWIII. She decided she needed to find out for sure if KC was Sheridan and then came the hard part. Convincing Sheridan that macho jerk Luis was as wonderful in "real life" as his cyber alter ego PezzMan and convincing Luis that Sheridan Crane was just as worthy of his heart as KCGirl, who apparently already had it.

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