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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 16

Sheridan Crane closed the cottage door behind her and sighed in frustration. She knew she shouldnít let him get to her, but she couldnít help it. Luis Lopez Fitzgerald managed to get to her like no other man sheíd ever met. "Iím glad this day is over with" she said as she flipped on the lights in her cottage. Sheridan felt chilled as she was still soaked from her encounter with Luis earlier. She decided to call Cook and have a tray sent over while she took a hot shower and change into some dry clothes. Then she planned on forgetting all her troubles with the Cop from hell and concentrate on something pleasant, or rather someone.

Once Sheridan had brought thoughts of Pezz to mind she seemed to forget all else. This was a man that was unlike anyone sheíd ever met. She felt comfortable talking to him about just about anything and he had a way of making her feel better. As soon as sheíd dressed from her shower, she couldnít help but to go over to the computer and read the card heíd sent her earlier. She sighed happily as thoughts of their "cyber hug" filled her mind. Sheridan had never been one to wish her life away, but waiting for Pezz to get online at 8:00 felt like an eternity. She decided to fill her time by sending him a thank you for his card this morning.

Luis helped his mother clear the dishes from dinner. Pilar watched her son in silence. She was worried about him. He didnít quite seem himself, yet she didnít know exactly how to approach the subject with him. She suspected his mood changes lately had something to do with Sheridan Crane working at the Youth Center, but she also had the feeling there was more to it than Sheridan being a Crane. She wondered if maybe Luis wasnít secretly attracted to her which was causing him to lash out.

Luis finished the dishes for his mother and retreated to his room. His mother hoped and prayed everything would work out for her son, soon.

Once in his room, Luis immediately went to his computer. He knew it was early yet, but he was hoping KC might be online. A grin formed on the corner of his mouth when he found he had mail from her.

Dearest Pezz,
I donít know how to begin to thank you for the wonderful card you sent me this morning. I had such a wonderful time chatting with you last night, I canít begin to tell you. When I woke and found that card waiting for me, it just brightened my whole day. Words can not express the feeling that came over me at that moment.

I must confess I feel better knowing that you lost power too last night. I thought it was just me and I was terribly afraid youíd think I cut you off. In case it happens again, please know I would never do that. Itís hard enough to shut down my computer in the wee hours of the morning when we both need to get some sleep, never mind interrupting our chat early and so abruptly.

When I first realized we both lost power I got excited, thinking we might be closer than I dare hope, but when I watched the morning news I realized that at least half of the Eastern seaboard lost power last night. It was a nice thought while it lasted.

I took your advice and had a much better day than yesterday. Better that is until that idiot decided to attack me again. Truly Pezz, I wish I knew why he hated me so. I have never done anything to the man. As a matter of fact I thought he was very nice when I first met him and then out of the clear blue he seemed to take out every frustration in his life out on me. Luckily for me, his friends donít seem to hold the same animosity towards me, so all is not lost.

Still, I so wish I could have come home to a town where the people were more like... Well, more like you. If I ever landed in the same town as you I donít think Iíd ever leave.

If you get on early IM me please? I think Iím going through Pezz withdrawals since we were so rudely interrupted last night.

Iíll be waiting.

Luis closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He figured when he opened his eyes this would all be a dream because this woman was too good to be true. He opened his eyes and her letter hadnít disappeared at all. He grinned at the wonder of it all and questioned what the pounding noise was he was hearing. He nearly died when he realized it was his own heart nearly jumping out of his chest. "How is it that a simple email from a total stranger can have this effect on me?" He wondered. "Maybe because sheís not a stranger" he said as he pulled his buddy list up. "Somehow I feel I know her better than Iíve ever known any woman."

[PezzMan] Hi angel! Iím so glad youíre here early tonight. Iíve waited all day to talk to you.
[KCGirl] Same here! Big sigh! Now Iím happy again. I donít have to reread your old mail.

Luis grinned. He loved how honest she was and somehow it didnít bother him at all to admit anything to her either. He couldnít help himself, sometimes he read her letters over and over again.

[PezzMan] You too, huh?
[KCGirl] Guilty! :-)
[PezzMan] Howís the weather where you are tonight?
[KCGirl] Lousy. Itís been pouring for a few hours now. Iím half expecting to lose power again.
[PezzMan] God I hope not. Itís raining here too.
[KCGirl] So, what do you want to talk about tonight?
[PezzMan] Anything, as long as Iím talking to you angel, Iím happy.

Sheridan felt her heart skip a beat and her cheeks were flushed. There was just something about this man that she couldnít get enough of. She could spend all night chatting with him on line and never tire. It didnít matter what the topic was, if it was Pezz she was talking to, something interesting would come of it.

[KCGirl] Boy Pezz, you really know how to make a girl blush. You always know how to make you smile. No one has ever been able to make me smile the way you do.
[PezzMan] Thanks for your note by the way. Did you mean what you said?
[KCGirl] I meant every word of it, but which part in particular are you referring to?
[PezzMan] The part about never leaving town if I were in it?
[KCGirl] Iíd give anything to find you lived in this town. Speaking of which, did you figure out my clue yet?
[PezzMan] Honestly beautiful, I havenít had time to look it up. I grabbed the dictionary last night and didnít get to read it. Let me check it right now.
[KCGirl] OK. Iíll be waiting. Donít forget, you owe me a clue as well.
[PezzMan] Thatís easy. My clue to you is Presidential retreat. BRB.

Luis grabbed his dictionary and looked up the word unison and this is what he found:

unison(noun)[Middle French, from Medieval Latin unisonus having the same sound, from Latin uni- + sonus sound- more at SOUND]

First appeared 1575

1 a : identity in musical pitch; specifically : the interval of a perfect prime
1 b : the state of being so tuned or sounded c : the writing, playing, or singing of parts in a musical passage at the same pitch or in octaves
2 : a harmonious agreement or union : CONCORD

Luis didnít need to read any further. That was it! KC was from Concord. Now the question was, was it Concord, New Hampshire or Concord, Massachusetts?

[PezzMan] I got it! I got it! Youíre from Concord!

"How did I know he was going to guess that?" Sheridan grinned.

[KCGirl] Nice try!

"Nice try? What is she talking about! Itís right here!"

[PezzMan] What do you mean nice try? It has to be Concord! It spelled it right out in the dictionary!

Sheridan shook her head, still grinning from ear to ear. "Men!" she giggled.

[KCGirl] My sweet Pezz, youíre looking too much for the obvious. I said I was going to make the clues easier, I didnít say I was going to tell you outright where I live.
[PezzMan] LOL. No, you didnít. I guess that was just my wishful thinking. Hey, you saved me from trying to figure out which Concord it was, right? :-)
[KCGirl] Why not remember all the clues? Which Concord has a lighthouse?
[PezzMan] All right smartie! Good point.
[KCGirl] OK big guy, My turn to guess.
[PezzMan] How do you know Iím big?
[KCGirl] I donít, itís just the way I picture you. I know you have dark hair and eyes and in my mind youíve got to be quite tall and incredibly handsome.
[PezzMan] Really? What if I turn out to be 5í0 with a huge hooked nose and warts all over my face?
[KCGirl] First of all, I know youíre pulling my leg with a remark like that and second of all even if it does turn out to be true it wonít matter. All that matters to me is a personís inner beauty and Pezz, in my mind you are the most beautiful person I know.
[PezzMan] Well, you got me KC. Iím 6í2 and have been told Iím not bad to look at, but I donít know about that. I have to say though that I agree with you. Iíve told you this before and Iíll tell you again, to me you are one in a million. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?

She still couldnít get over it. This man was just to incredible for words. The way she felt whenever she chatted with him on line was beyond words. She was happier than she could ever remember and felt free to express herself to him completely... well. almost.

[KCGirl] You emailed me silly, donít you remember?
[PezzMan] Donít even kid yourself angel, I remember only too well. It was the best decision I ever made.
[KCGirl] Do you ever wonder if there was a reason we met? I mean, think about it Pezz, what are the odds that weíd actually hit it off this well? We started off over 3000 miles and an ocean apart and now it appears we live in the same state.

Luisí heart began to race and his palms suddenly became sweaty. He couldnít believe what he just read. Was it possible?

PezzMan: What do you mean the same state? What do you know that I donít know?

"Oh God! I didnít mean to do that! I donít know if I can get out of this one. Come off it Sheridan, you donít want to get out of it now, do you?" Sheridan chuckled to herself.

[KCGirl] Oh nothing. I shouldnít have said anything.
[PezzMan] You figured out my clue didnít you?

"Of course I figured out your clue Pezz. Anyone over the age of 12 should know the Bushes have a summer home in Kennebunkport." Sheridan couldnít keep the huge grin off her face. "If only he could see the look on my face at this minute" she said as she typed her response.

[KCGirl] I plead the fifth.
[PezzMan] Oh no you donít! Youíre from Maine arenít you?

"You got me Pezz!" Sheridan laughed. "But this is too much fun to tell you that just yet."

[KCGirl] Did I tell you how much I loved your card this morning?

"I gotcha KC and Iím gonna get you to admit it one way or another" Luis laughed.

[PezzMan] Oh, angel, you are so busted! Gotcha!
[KCGirl] Did you now? And how are you going to get me to admit it Mister? 0:-)
[PezzMan] Oh I get it! Thatís supposed to be your angelic look? Little Miss innocent is that it? :) [KCGirl] Why Pezz, I have no idea what youíre talking about! 0:-)

"Sheís really enjoying herself with this one" Luis grinned. "Iíd know how to take care of that one if only she was here. Hmm, I wonder if it would work?"

[PezzMan] Do you know what Iíd do to you if you were here with me right now to get you to fess up?
[KCGirl] No, but Iíd love to hear it :)
[PezzMan] Ever hear of tickle therapy? The Pezz is an expert at it. I have a little sister you know, that I could get to do anything I wanted in a heartbeat.
[KCGirl] I bet you had to catch her first! ;-)
[PezzMan] You are good! LOL. Come on KC! Please tell me?
[KCGirl] Hmm.......
[PezzMan] Iíll be your best friend for life! Pretty please?
[KCGirl] LOL!! How can I resist such charm. All right, it was my mistake, so I will confess. Yes, I am from Maine.
[KCGirl] Do you know how many lighthouses there are in Maine?
[PezzMan] No, I never counted them all.
[KCGirl] Oh, youíre very funny! There are over 60! PezzMan: That many? I think I need a new clue.
[KCGirl] Huh! Fat chance buster! You need to work on my last clue some more.
[PezzMan] I already did.
[KCGirl] Try Roget next time.
[PezzMan] Is that another clue?
[KCGirl] Not a clue so much as direction.

Several hours later

[KCGirl] I just thought of something!
[PezzMan] Whatís that angel?
[KCGirl] I have no idea how old you are!

"Uh oh, moment of truth time" Luis said.

[PezzMan] Does it really matter?

Sheridan hesitated. That was a tough question. No, it didnít matter in their present relationship, it didnít matter at all. But if anything were to ever come of it... "Oh Sheridan get off it!" She yelled at herself.

[KCGirl] Well I suppose not.
[PezzMan] I sense hesitation?
[KCGirl] I didnít mean anything by it, really I didnít.
[PezzMan] Since I donít know how old you are either, I donít know if this will make you feel better or not, but for the record Iím 28.

Sheridan exhaled excitedly. Her heart was pounding and she didnít even know why. Maybe it was because now they had something else in common, their age.

[KCGirl] I wonder if your reaction will be the same as mine? Iím 26.

This time Luis was the one who found himself with a huge grin spreading across his face.

[PezzMan] I bet it was KC. I have no doubt it was! ;-)
[PezzMan] Listen Angel, I really hate to do this, but I think itís that time. I can hardly keep my eyelids open.
[KCGirl] I know. This is the saddest part of the day for me. Saying goodnight to you. :-(
[PezzMan] Same here. I have more bad news for you. I wonít be online tomorrow night until very late, if at all.
[KCGirl] Iím sorry to hear that, but I understand you have a real life.
[PezzMan] KC, just because we havenít met, doesnít mean I donít think of you as "real." You are very real to me.
[KCGirl] Thank you Pezz. That means a lot to me. I feel the same way about you.
[PezzMan] Iíll email you every chance I get tomorrow and if Iím home early enough Iíll try to catch you on IM.
[KCGirl] Donít worry about me Pezz. Iíll be fine. Just make sure you send me a new clue sometime tomorrow. I need to narrow you down a little further! :)
[PezzMan] Will do! Have a great day tomorrow! Give that moron whoís giving my angel a hard time a smack from me.
[KCGirl] I would except I donít want to get that close to him! LOL. He can be dangerous sometimes! :)
[KCGirl] Goodnight Pezz
[PezzMan] Goodnight KC.

Luis and Sheridan both signed off sighing in contentment. Not only had they had a wonderful chat, but both found out they lived in the same state. Life was definitely good.

Sheridan lay in bed, tossing and turning lightly as she entered REM sleep. As many sleepless nights as sheíd spent in her life, since sheíd stated talking to Pezz online, sheíd had no trouble at all entering a deep slumber.

Sheridan laughed as she typed away furiously at the keyboard. Somehow chatting with Pezz online always caused her to see the best in everything and everyone. She enjoyed teasing him and right now she was teasing him tremendously.

[KCGirl] Sorry buddy, but I donít give out that kind of information. Thereís nothing you can do to get it out of me.

"Nothing I can do is there?" Sheridan whipped around in her seat. "That voice! Where did it come from? She was sure sheíd heard it before, but she didnít know where.

"Who said that?" Sheridan asked, still seeing no one.

"I said it KC. Itís me, Pezz ."

Sheridan stared, she saw a very tall, well built dark haired, dark eyes man standing before her. She knew he was handsome, but she didnít know how because she couldnít make out his face, yet she could see him smiling at her.

"I came to tell you there are ways of getting information out of you KC" Pezz said with a glint in his eyes. She knew his demeanor was that of playfulness. She felt a smile tugging at the corner of her lips as she stood up from her seat to face him.

"And I said there is no way Iím telling you that Pezz" Sheridan laughed, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Remember what I told you KC. I have a kid sister and I know how to get what I want."

"And I told you I bet you had to catch her first" Sheridan grinned. "I bet you canít catch her and I know you canít catch me."

"Watch me" Pezz said. Before she knew it Pezz was chasing her around her living room. Sheridan squealed with delight as she darted to and fro avoiding his grasp.

"I told you, you couldnít catch me Pezz!" Sheridan giggled. She looked around and suddenly couldnít see him. "Did you give up Pezz?"

"Give up nothing!" Pezz laughed as he grabbed Sheridan from behind. I told you I was going to get you!"

Sheridan couldnít control her laughter as she found herself being carried to the couch, kicking every inch of the way. "I still wonít tell you! Itís a secret and I donít tell secrets!"

"Iíll just have to tickle it out of you then" Pezz grinned. He began tickling Sheridan mercilessly. Sheridan roared with laughter, writhing in his grasp trying to get away from his torture.

"Uncle! Uncle!" She shouted through her tears of laughter.

"You mean I win?" Pezz asked, stopping the tickling, but now practically on top of Sheridan.

"Yes, you win" Sheridan said breathlessly, opening her eyes only to find herself staring right into Pezzís incredibly handsome black eyes. She felt a wave of excitement flow through her body as she felt his strong hands caress her cheeks . She felt as though time stood still. She couldnít see his face, yet she could. She couldnít feel his touch, yet she felt his muscular body on top of hers. She saw him lean in and for a moment thought her heart had stopped beating. She was unable to breathe, unable to move. His soft lips touched hers and she felt her body explode in 1000 different ways all at the same time.

Sheridan awoke with a start. She sat up in bed and heard her heart beating through her ears. Her breathing was rapid and irregular. "Oh my God" was all she managed to say.

Luis drifted into a deep slumber within minutes of getting off the computer with KC. Heíd wanted to look up "unison" in the thesaurus before he went to bed, but he was just too tired. He told himself heíd do it in the morning.

[PezzMan] Concord, I know you live in Concord.
[KCGirl] Look close Pezz. Donít look for the obvious.
[PezzMan] No, youíre right. Concord doesnít have a lighthouse.
[KCGirl] Did you know there are over 60 lighthouses in Maine?
[PezzMan] That many?
[KCGirl] Look closer, Pezz. Unison, what does it mean?
[PezzMan] It means Concord KC, thatís what the dictionary says.
[KCGirl] Donít look for the obvious, Pezz. Look Pezz, really look.
[PezzMan] a harmonious agreement or union : CONCORD. It means Concord.
[KCGirl] Look beyond the words Pezz, what does it mean?
[PezzMan] a harmonious agreement
[KCGirl] Thatís it Pezz, look beyond the obvious.
[PezzMan] harmonious... harmonious... harmonious...
[KCGirl] Take it further Pezz. Consult Roget.
[PezzMan] Harmonious, Roget....

Luis rolled over and opened his eyes. He was covered in sweat. He jumped out of bed and ran to his desk, turning on the light. He grabbed the thesaurus from his bookshelf and looked up the word unison. He found himself forced to sit down when he read the synonyms for unison.

concord, accord, harmony, symphony; homologue; agreement

Luisí eyes were glued to the third word from the left. He saw it in front of him in black and white, yet he still couldnít believe what he was seeing. Once the reality of the situation set in, Luis had a decision to make. What did he want to do about it?

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