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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 11

Luis felt a lump develop in his throat. He debated for all of about a nanosecond whether or not to do it, but the temptation was too great. He highlighted KCís name and clicked it on causing a small box to appear. He typed "Is this soon enough to write?" in the little box and then clicked send before he had a chance to think about what heíd done.

"Oh God" he thought. His heart was pounding right out of his chest as he waited for a reply.

[KCGirl] Itís never soon enough from you Pezz. Hi, how are you?

Luis exhaled the breath he didnít know he was holding and felt himself relax a bit.

[PezzMan] Iím doing just fine tonight. I just read your email.
[KCGirl] You know, I really need to thank you again for your suggestion. I phoned my nephew and told him I was thinking about moving home. Boy was he excited. Heís already planning my return.
[PezzMan] So, youíre really going to do it? Leave Paris?
[KCGirl] You bet. Iím going to give small town life a shot. Itís something Iíve always wanted to do. I have a plane reservation from Paris to New York on August 2nd.
[PezzMan] That soon? Thatís next week KC!

Luis felt a wave of excitement when he realized that KC would be moving to the States. "God, sheíll be that much closer" he muttered as he typed.

[KCGirl] I know it is and Iíll have a lot of packing to do between now and then. Something tells me this is the right thing to do though.
[PezzMan] Good choice. I have a feeling you wonít regret it. :-)
[KCGirl] I have a good feeling about this. You know you had a lot to do with my decision and not all of it came from your email this morning either.
[PezzMan] Oh?
[KCGirl] Donít you remember telling me all about small town life? I saved those emails and printed them up. Iíve thought about how wonderful it would be to live that kind of life. Until this happened with JL I thought Iíd never have a chance. I guess I should be thanking JL for this, but Iíd much rather thank you.
[PezzMan] Aww! Thatís nice of you to say :)

Sheridan blushed at his response. Sheíd never believed that typed words could make her blush. Suddenly KC wondered what he looked like? She could almost see a pair of dark eyes gazing hard right into her own. She wondered what made her think Pezz had dark eyes? She shrugged it off but in the back of her mind she made a note to ask him sometime what color eyes he had. Just out of curiosity of course.

[KCGirl] Well, itís the truth. I believe in the truth.
[PezzMan] Now there is something else we have in common. I believe in the truth above all. It always comes out in the end.
[KCGirl] Does that mean Iíll learn the truth about where you live?

Luis laughed out loud. "Sheís funny! Sheís not going to find out that easily!"

[PezzMan] LOL! That was cute, very cute.
[KCGirl] Why thank you sir! Now, out with it! I canít stand the suspense anymore. What is the next clue!
[PezzMan] Anxious are we? Ha! Looks like I have something you want! ;-) Whatís it worth to you :-D

Sheridan couldnít help but smile. She couldnít remember the last time sheíd had so much fun. Talking with Pezz like this was best medicine for a broken heart. She could spend thousands of dollars on therapy like many women she knew did after a break up as well as take dozens of prescription drugs on a daily basis and never come close to the feeling of closure sheíd received from just a few emails from someone sheíd never met.

[KCGirl] You are something you know that? LOL. Hmm, let me think...
[PezzMan] Sure thing. Iím a reasonable man. No pressure here.
[KCGirl] Let me ask you this, what do you want?
Oh, THAT is a loaded question! ;-) Let me answer your question with a question of my own. Are you going to tell me what small town you are from?

Sheridan laughed. "Fat chance buster!"

[KCGirl] Oh, you really are funny! LOL.
[PezzMan] I guess I deserved that! LOL. Thatís about what I figured so I have an idea.
[KCGirl] Hmm, sounds intriguing. Whatís your idea?
[PezzMan] Why donít we make this a two sided game. We both give each other clues to our home towns. Right now weíre pretty much on even ground. We both know the other person lives in a small coastal New England town.
[KCGirl] Did I say the town I lived in was coastal?
[PezzMan] Didnít you?
[KCGirl] Actually, I donít know if I even admitted I lived in New England, now did I? ;-)

Luis grinned. "Well, sheís got me on that one. She never did answer that email, but she didnít deny it either. Thereís no way she could have gotten that clue unless sheís from New England!"

[PezzMan] Aw, KC, come on now!
[KCGirl] Hmm, to tell or not to tell, that is the question.

"Now sheís playing with me" he laughed. "OK sweetie, Iíll play your game."

[PezzMan] Please? Pretty please?
[KCGirl] Well, when you ask so nicely, how can I refuse?
[PezzMan] 8-)
[KCGirl] OK, even though youíve tortured me with all of your little clues, I must admit it will be more fun if we both start off even.
[PezzMan] Thatís the spirit! KCGirl: Spirit, right! LOL. You just donít want me to have a head start. OK, yes, I do come from a coastal New England Town.

"Ha ha! I knew it! I knew it!" Luis practically yelled in his excitement. Pilar walked by Luisí room and stopped when she heard him yell. She stood at the door and watched with amusement for a moment, happy that Luis was finding his new computer enjoyable.

"You couldnít fool me KCGirl" he laughed as he typed away. Pilar raised her eyebrows at mention of Casey. Now she knew who Casey was, but was more curious than ever what was going on with her son. Not wanting to be seen, Pilar quietly left Luis to his new toy.

[PezzMan] I knew it!
[KCGirl] OK smart-aleck, now that you know my approximate location on a freebie, itís your turn to furnish a clue.
[PezzMan] Moi?
[KCGirl] Yes, YOU! LOL
[PezzMan] OK, Are you ready for this one? The clue is.................LIGHTHOUSE!

"Heís got to be kidding" Sheridan giggled. "He must know how many lighthouses there are in New England!"

[KCGirl] Lighthouse? You must be kidding! What else would a person expect from a coastal town but a lighthouse? What kind of a clue is that?
[PezzMan] Hey, that was one of my best clues! Not every coastal town has a lighthouse I want you to know.
[KCGirl] OK, I can play this game just as well as you. Thatís my clue too! Ha!
[PezzMan] You canít do that!
[KCGirl] And why not? The town I come from DOES have a lighthouse.
[PezzMan] Yeah, but...
[KCGirl] Donít even say it Pezz! Youíre the one that pointed out that there arenít lighthouses in all coastal communities.
[PezzMan] Touché!

The conversation between Luis and Sheridan continued for hours with the same friendly bantering. Neither one even realized how late it was getting until Sheridan happened to look outside and saw the sun was peering through the window.

[KCGirl] OMG, Pezz, the sun is up here! Holy Toledo itís after 6 am!
[PezzMan] Get out of here! It wasnít even 6pm when I signed on here.
[KCGirl] Look at a clock.

Luis checked the wall clock in his room and it was 12:15.

[PezzMan] Do you realize weíve been chatting for over 6 hours?

Sheridan was totally amazed that sheíd been on the computer for that length of time. Never in her life had she spent that much time talking to anyone, not even Ethan.

[KCGirl] I see that! Iíve never done anything like this in my life.
[PezzMan] same here.
[KCGirl] I hate to do this Pezz, but I need to go to sleep. I never even unpacked.
[PezzMan] Why bother to unpack when youíll just have to pack it again?
[KCGirl] I need the things I packed. I use them everyday.
[PezzMan] OK, I believe you! LOL
[PezzMan] I really enjoyed our chat tonight. Can we do this again?
[KCGirl] Iíd love to. Soon Pezz, very soon.

As tired as he was and knowing he had to go to work the next day, Luis still didnít want their conversation to end. He took a deep breath before typing the next line.

[PezzMan] How about tomorrow night? Iíll be home from work at 3:30 and we can chat anytime after that if you want to.

"If I want to? Iíd love to" Sheridan smiled happily.

[KCGirl] Iíd really like that. Iíll start my packing when I wake up and that way Iíll be free to chat when youíre home from work.

Luis chuckled when he saw her response.

[PezzMan] Great! Iíll see you tomorrow night then?
[KCGirl] Iíll be waiting. :)
[PezzMan] Sweet Dreams KC :-)
[KCGirl] Same to you Pezz. Good Night. :-)

Luis and Sheridan both shut down their IMís and sat back with a huge smile on their faces. Neither knew what was going on, but they both now knew it was something. It was something they both definitely wanted to become more.

Luis arrived early at the station in a very good mood. He walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a fresh cup of coffee. He didnít notice that he was humming to himself but everyone else did, including Sam. The other officers just looked at each other in disbelief, none had ever seen Luis this chipper at this hour of the morning.

With coffee in hand, Luis walked over to his desk and checked his email. He knew he had a note from Jay last night, but after his marathon IM session with KC, he was too distracted to think about anything else, even if it was a letter from his old friend. To his surprise he found a message from KC, which brought an even more brilliant smile to his already exuberant face.

Dear Pezz,
I just woke up a few minutes ago feeling more refreshed and happy than I have in as long as I can remember. Thanks for the chat last night. I canít wait for tonight.

Have a great day at work. Iím off to start packing and believe it or not I am looking forward to it!

Hasta Luego,

The grin on Luisí face never left. He immediately sent a quick response. Now it was time to read Jayís note and he needed to send her one as well.

Querido Luis,
This note'll be quick. I am swamped here trying to get all my cases and paperwork up to date at the station, as well as all the stuff in my personal life readied, so that I can come to Harmony when mom gives the word.

Fantastic news about you winning the computer in the raffle!!!! I sure hope you've got your email password protected as I wouldn't want your family members to see some of the things I say to you. Enjoy!!!

You feel like a different person, huh? Well don't lose track of the old person as I am mighty fond of him, you know.

I am starting to worry that you are channeling the personalities of the 7 dwarfs. First you are Sleepy, then Grumpy and now Happy. What's next? Dopey? On second thought, never mind, no one would ever believe you as Bashful.

You took my advice! It's about time - LOL. Now I have more advice for you - stop floating on air or you'll leave foot prints on the ceiling. And that exceptionally happy mood that you are in wouldn't have anything to do with you hearing from KC, now would it? She's in Spain? Well that explains your sudden use of a Spanish closing in your email to me. Seriously, I am glad to hear that she is all right.

I can't wait to see you!! We'll talk b-ball in person.

Con todo mi amor (see I've learned a little Spanish living in So. Cal.),

Luis just shook his head and laughed reading Jayís letter. No one else would dare say the things to him she did... not and get away with it that is. He knew she knew heíd get her one day for some of her remarks. Thatís what made their relationship so much fun. He emailed her quickly as it was almost time for him to go out on patrol.

The seven dwarfs? Now, that was low even for you! LOL. And youíll never know about bashful now will you ;-)

I really hate to ruin your day, but my ceiling is covered with foot prints this morning and thereís not a damned thing anyone can do to make me remove them! I thought youíd be happy your old partner was in a good mood for a change, and yes, Iíll admit it. KC has something to do with it.

Iíll tell you this now to get it over with, because I know youíll have something to say about it, but guess what? KC is moving to the States next week! And the best part is, she IS from New England. Iím not sure what part, but Iím working on it. Weíre now having a contest to see who can figure out where the other one is from first. The loser has to take the winner out to dinner. I canít wait till she loses and has to come to Harmony. Hell, I don't care if she wins.

Jay, Iíll tell you something. Iíve never talked to anyone like her before. We Imíd each other for over six hours last night and never missed a beat. Neither one of us realized how much time had passed until KC saw the sun coming up.

Well, duty calls. Talk to you later,

Sheridan decided to check her email before she ran to the store to pick up some boxes to start packing. She felt her heart skip a beat when she saw Pezz had returned her email.

Thanks for the good morning note. I was already in a great mood but this just sealed it for the day. I had a great time too last night and look forward to talking to you again tonight.

Have fun packing and Iíll be sending you the "clue" of the day in a few hours. Iíll be thinking about you! ;-)

Knowing Pezz would be thinking of her was enough to cause her to leave her flat, practically floating on air. She couldnít believe the turn of events in her life in the last week. If anyone had told her this would have happened to her she would have told them they were crazy.

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