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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 8

"Luis, why don’t you take off early?" Marty Quinlan suggested. "You’ve had a long day and I’ve got it covered till three."

"Are you sure Marty?" Luis asked. He was pretty tired right now and the thought of an extra hour’s sleep was quite appealing at the moment.

"Sure thing Luis" Marty chuckled. "It’s the least I can do. After all, you’re the one that’s picking up all those graveyard shifts. Thank you for that by the way." Marty grinned wickedly at Luis. Luis knew how much Marty detested working nights. He’d rather cut off his right arm than work nights.

"All right buddy. I think I’ll take you up on it. Let me just shut my computer down and get my things and I’m out of here." Luis really didn’t have to shut his computer down, it would automatically shut down on its own in about another hour, but he wanted a chance to check his mail one last time before he went home. He glanced at the clock on the wall and noticed it was nearly 2:00. It’d been two hours since KC had left to tail JL. HE hoped she’d found what she needed and was home by now.

Luis’ face fell when he checked his mail and nothing had arrived from KC. Now he would have to wait until midnight for his answer. He did have a message from Jay, which he decided to read before he left. Maybe that would cheer him up.

Beth left you!
Beth left you!! Beth left you!!!

Oh Luis! I'm sincerely not sure how to react to that bit of news. I'm sure you are a little in shock as she beat you to the punch. And I know that even though you said you are glad it is over, and I'm sure you are, I'm also sure that a part of you is sad too. Sad at the end of a 10 year relationship. For that part of you that is sad about Beth, I'm sorry.

But ...... for the rest of you ...... and for me............. I AM DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!!!! Picture me in my sweats - in my house - dancing all around and jumping up and down. WOO HOO!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! It's times like this I almost wish I drank so I could get drunk in your honor, but instead, I'm going out and getting a gallon of ice cream to celebrate.

Moving right along - I know I said I'd drop the whole topic of you and KC, but after seeing the two of you in that chat room, there is no way I'm going to drop it now. Sorry big guy, but I was right about Beth and I'm right about this woman too. You LIKE her. And BTW - she likes you too.

I'm glad you were able to reach out to KC about her fiancé. I have a feeling KC is going to need all her friends very soon. That means Godis and Baby and YOU. I've got that same instinct kicking in that you have. Her fiancé is lying to her and he is going to break her heart. She'll need you to be her friend, Luis.

I wanted to tell you that after you left, I stayed in the chat and had a great time. I liked all three women. Godis and KC talked about London. They had some great stories. I think we convinced Godis to write a post about her trip.

Very cute the way you referred to KC as "MY little sleuth." I know you're shaking your head and denying it as you read this, but I'm telling you, you have definitely got a "thing" starting for KC. And for the record, I approve. Ok I'll stop ragging, for now. Let me know if KC tells you whether or not she is from New England - I am curious too.

Give my best to Sam and your family,

Luis smiled after reading Jay’s email. She never hid the fact that Beth wasn’t her favorite person, but had always been there to support his decisions. He couldn’t ask for a better friend than Jay and the vision of her doing "the happy dance" amused him immensely.

As much as he wanted to respond to Jay, he was too tired right now and too worried about KC. The only thing he could do that would be of any use was to go home and go to bed. He shut the computer down, gathered his belongings and bid Marty goodnight. Luis thought about nothing but KC and her predicament for his whole ride home.

Sheridan slammed the door to her apartment behind her and ran directly for her bedroom. She threw herself on the bed and allowed herself to completely break down. For the moment, she couldn’t recall a lower point in her life. She’d been played a fool by yet another man, this time however the man was married.

Tears were streaming down her face as she hugged her pillow close to her. "How could he? I just don’t understand how he could do this to me?" Sheridan sobbed. In the back of her mind, she’d been having doubts surface over the last few weeks that Jean Luc was indeed the man for her, but she hadn’t wanted to admit them to anyone, especially herself. Now, as she lay there wallowing in self pity, she remembered she’s promised Pezz to let him know how she made out.

A new batch of tears pooled in her eyes when she realized how humiliating this would be to tell anyone she’d been played a fool by her fiancé? "How can I face him again? How can I face anyone ever again?" Sheridan asked herself. She thought about it for a moment and decided she’d do the only thing she could do. She’d send a quick email to Pezz, Godis and BabyShuis telling them Jean Luc was a skunk and that would be it. She couldn’t handle any feigned sympathy or "I told you so’s" at the moment. She knew she’d have to deal with Ethan, but she decided she needed more time before she said anything to him. So far he knew nothing, so not contacting him about this wouldn’t be difficult.

Sheridan inhaled a deep breath and wiped the tears from her face. Gathering her courage she walked out of her bedroom intent on emailing her friends. When she walked by the telephone she saw the answering machine blinking frantically.

Sighing in defeat, she turned towards the machine and pushed the button which automatically stopped the flashing light. She heard a beep and then the voice she heard next made bile rise in her throat.

"Sheridan, my love" she heard Jean Luc’s voice say in a sickeningly sweet tone, "My business dinner should be over early and you and I will be able to spend the rest of the night together. I’ll come by as soon as I finish here. I miss you angel and I love you. I can‘t wait to be alone with you." Sheridan ripped the answering machine out of the wall and hurled it across the room.

"That’ll be the day you lying bastard that you ever lay a hand on me again" she yelled through her tears. Sheridan’s anger was not taking over. She looked down at the ring on the third finger of her left hand and before she realized what she was doing had pulled it off her finger and tossed it in the direction of the answering machine.

"Oh God, he’ll be here any minute" Sheridan groaned. Thinking for a moment, Sheridan quickly gathered up her ring and any gift that Jean Luc ever sent her and packed them all in a small box. She pulled a piece of paper out of her desk drawer and scribbled a note on it.

Jean Luc,
Here is your ring back along with everything else you ever gave me. If there is anything missing you can contact my attorney if you want it back. I don’t ever want to see you or YOUR WIFE again.

Sheridan attached the note to the box and placed it outside her door. She closed the door and bolted it shut. She then walked over to her computer and sat down to write Pezz and the others.

Dear Pezz...

Sheridan stared at her salutation to Pezz. How could she tell him or anyone for that matter what a fool she’d been? How could she admit how she’d allowed this man to use her the way he did? She allowed herself to become engaged to a newlywed! How could she not see it? To add insult to injury the woman was pregnant with Jean Luc’s child.

As she thought of what to write, she heard an insistent knocking at her door. "Sheridan! Sheridan! Please let me in, I can explain everything" she heard Jean Luc’s muffled voice from the hallway outside her apartment. Sheridan felt another wave of tears begin.

I thought I could do this but I can’t right now. Just know that I am all right. I followed JL as I said I would and found out what he was hiding from me. He is married. Not only is he married, but his wife is two months pregnant.

I’m sorry, but I must go.
Good bye,
KC Girl

Sheridan added Godis and BabyShuis’ addresses, deciding she could only do this once. She hit send and turned off her computer. Still listening to Jean Luc’s pounding on her door, Sheridan turned off all the lights and retreated to her bedroom to go to sleep. If she could actually fall asleep, it was the one sure way of forgetting all her troubles.

Almost a week had passed since Luis received any emails from KC. He kept telling himself it didn‘t matter. "She’s just a screen name" he would tell himself. It didn’t matter how many times he’d tell himself that, he still couldn’t stop thinking about her. "Is she all right? Did he find her and hurt her?" Luis’ blood would boil at the thought of this man hurting KC or any woman for that matter. Then he would remind himself that he didn’t even know KC. For all he knew this was some elaborate hoax.

As the week passed, Luis pretty much kept to himself, which was unlike him. His friends and family assumed he was dealing with his break up with Beth, so they all gave him his space. No one knew the real reason he was in a funk and if they had they might have called the men in the white coats which was exactly why Luis told no one. He hadn’t even had much communication with his pal Jay.

Kenny would be back at work tomorrow night, his wife having had a 7lb. 4oz bouncing baby boy. He was grateful to be coming back because his mother in law had moved in for awhile to help his wife with the new baby and she was not his favorite person. Luis felt a knot develop in his stomach when he realized he’d not be able to email KC as much. He laughed at himself when he realized what he was thinking. "It doesn’t matter, she hasn’t responded to one of my emails in days. What makes me think she is going to respond now?

It was nearly time to go home from his dayshift to get some sleep before he came back for his last night shift. Luis stared at his computer and decided he’d better send a note off to Jay before she flew back to Harmony and tracked him down.

Hi Jay,
Sorry I haven’t written, but I probably would have come off as being in a bad mood if I had. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. You would think I’d be right there with you doing that "happy dance" of yours, wouldn’t you? I can’t say I’m really upset about it, but for some reason I am not myself.

Well, I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive. Tonight will be my last night shift, for awhile anyway. Kenny is coming back tomorrow night. The overtime was nice while it lasted!

By the way, have you been to the travel chat room recently? Just wondering. I haven’t heard from KC in almost a week and I was wondering if you’d seen her.

Since I haven’t written, you probably don’t know. KC did confront JL and it was worse than I even imagined. All she told me was he was married and his wife was pregnant. Then she said good bye and that was it. I hate to say this Jay, but I’m worried. I can’t help it.

Luis sent his email to Jay and then composed one to KC. Despite her not sending emails to him, Luis continued to send her at least two a day. The first being when he came in for midnight and the last being right before he left in the afternoon.

Dear KC,
I hope this message finds you ok. I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through right now, but if you feel like talking I’ll be here. This is my last night of working. Kenny will be back tomorrow night and I’ll be back to working days.

I’d really love to hear from you. If my emails are annoying you, just let me know. I hope they’re not, I really did enjoy our friendship. Let me know if I can do anything for you. I’ll write again when I get back to work.

With a renewed sadness, Luis sent his mail. As he sat there in his current state, he decided to try one more thing. He pulled up the last email he’d received from KC and found the addresses to BabyShuis and Godis and decided to see if they’d heard from KC.

Hi Guys,
Sorry to bother you like this, but I was just wondering if either of you have heard from KC lately? I haven’t heard a word since she wrote the note explaining that JL was married and I’m a little worried. I know I’m probably being silly, but if you’ve heard form her could you please let me know? I don’t want to bother her if she doesn’t want to write to me, but I’d feel better knowing she’s ok.

Luis signed off the computer. No matter what he did, he couldn’t stop thinking about KC.

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