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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 7

Sheridan had prepared herself for the task at hand. Sheíd found an old brown wig in the closet and that with a pair of dark glasses Jean Luc would never suspect a thing. She still had a half hour to go before she was to leave. The last thing she wanted to do was hang around a bistro waiting for him to show up. Besides, the maitreíd had been very specific as to the time Jean Luc arrived every night.

Sheridan checked her email as she killed time waiting to leave. Seeing a message from Pezz brought a radiant smile to her face. She relaxed in her chair as she glued her eyes to the screen.

Dear KC,
Iím glad you think of us as friends. I found myself smiling when I read your comment. I guess I hadnít thought of our relationship in those terms before, but I do like the sound of it. Friends it is then :)

You my dear are a better sleuth than I gave you credit for. I hate to admit this, but I never really expected you to get the clue "sleepy". I knew eventually it would make sense to you, but I never dreamed it would this quickly. Does this mean that you are also from New England? Ha! Wouldnít it be funny if we both turned out to be from the same town? Right, like that would ever happen. The town I come from is barely on the map! LOL.

The thought of returning to Harmony had been in the back of Sheridanís mind for quite sometime now, but for some reason, she wanted nothing more than to see New England in the Fall. "Wouldnít Ethan be surprised if I came home for a visit?" She said absentmindedly.

You know Iím glad youíve decided to check up on JL, just as long as youíre doing it for yourself, not anyone else. And remember KC, Jessica Fletcher always had Seth to back her up. Whoís your back up? What Iím trying to say is be careful would you please? Even if JL isnít doing anything wrong, I doubt heíll be too happy to hear youíve been following him.

Please let me know everything is ok when you get home tonight? Even if itís not ok, let me know so I donít have to worry that something bad happened to you. Oh God, listen to me, I sound like my mother! Seriously though, if you need that shoulder, Iíll be here.
Take care and good luck Jess! :)

Sheridan checked the time and decided she could respond to Pezzís note before she left. In a very short time she would find out once and for all if Jean Luc was the man he claimed to be.

Luis returned from his morning patrol of the wharf to find Sam leaving him a note at his desk. "Hey Sam" Luis said wondering what his boss wanted.

"Luis" Sam called. "I was just leaving you a note. I was wondering how things went last night?"

Luis couldnít help but laugh. "What, you havenít heard?" Luis asked with amused sarcasm. Hank seemed to be a direct pipeline to you where my life is involved."

"If you mean did I hear about Beth leaving for New York then yeah, I did hear. Hank left me a note saying he was taking off for a few weeks at least to help Beth get settled in her new apartment."

Luis gave Sam an "I thought so" look and nodded his head. "Yep, sheís gone, for good apparently."

"Luis, I thought you were thinking about breaking things off with Beth anyway. Why the solemn tone?"

"Yeah, I was Sam" Luis said thoughtfully. "I just find it ironic thatís all. Here I am, the one with all the doubts and she is the one to call things off."

"So, now that youíre a free man what are your plans? Hit the singles scene and find a new woman?"

Luis looked at Sam with genuine surprise. "Youíve got to be kidding Sam!" Luis said.

Sam stared long and hard at Luis. "Donít tell me youíre giving up on women? If thatís it Iím having a hard time buying it."

"Sam, Iím not giving up on anything" Luis said defensively. "Iíve just never been into the singles thing."

"Oh come off it Luis! Iíve known you too long to believe that one. Look, every time you and Beth broke up, which happened a few times if memory serves, you headed straight for the bars. Are you going to stand there and tell me you arenít going out on the prowl the first chance you get?"

"Thatís exactly what Iím telling you Sam" Luis said, anger creeping into his voice. "Look, I was never looking for an excuse to play the field or anything like that. Most of the time when Beth and I had a fight, weíd break up for a few weeks and then weíd be back together. Sam, you and I both know that hasnít happened in a very long time. Maybe Iíve just grown up."

"Maybe" Sam said. "Maybe." Samís words seemed to agree with Luis, but the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice told Luis that Sam believed otherwise.

"Look Sam, Iíve finished my morning patrol. All I want to do right now is eat my lunch and check my mail before I go back out. Itís been a long day so far."

"Sure thing buddy" Sam said. "Just remember if you need anything, Iíll be here. Hey, did you ever talk Jay into coming back here?" Sam asked with a grin trying to lighten Luisí mood.

"Nah" Luis smirked. "She told me to tell you sheíd only come back if you could guarantee her it wouldnít snow in Harmony."

"That figures" Sam said shaking his head. "She always wanted to stay home on snow days. I had a tough time convincing her police didnít have snow days." Sam patted Luis on the back. "Have a good lunch and Iíll catch up with you later."

"Sure Sam" Luis said as he retreated to his desk. As he sat down behind his desk, Luis realized that heíd planned to email Jay last night, but heíd gotten distracted by KCís email and then everything with Beth happened and he never did. Luis fought the urge to check his mail before he wrote Jay. Somehow he had a feeling there would be a note from KC and he may never be able to write Jay today.

Hi Jay,
I was going to write this last night but I got a bit distracted. Now before you say yeah you were probably reading one of KCís emails, there was also another big distraction I had last night. Remember my telling you that Beth called and was planning on stopping by last night? Well, surprise she did. She was late, but she got her point across.

Jay, youíll never believe this, but she left me. Beth accepted some job offer in New York and Hank is helping her get settled in there. The two of them left here around three this morning.

Itís ironic donít you think? Youíve been telling me for years that Beth and I were not meant to be and itís only been recently that Iíve even entertained the idea. I was almost (not quite but almost) ready to take a serious look at where our relationship was going. It looks like she saved me the trouble, doesnít it?

All the times in the past we broke up, I always knew weíd get back together at some point, but the feeling I have this time is very different Jay. I canít explain it really, I just know itís for good. I wish her all the happiness in the world, really I do, but I think Iím glad itís over.

I took a chance with KC last night and gave her my opinion of her fiancé. I told her no man should treat a woman that way and she owed it to herself to find out if her friends are right. I gotta tell you, that Godis and BabyShuis made a lot of sense. There is definitely something fishy about this JL character.

KC seemed to appreciate my comments. At any rate she didnít tell me to go screw myself and sheís going to tail him tonight. Considering the time difference, sheís probably hot on his trail as I write this. I told her for her sake I hope things work out the way she wants them to.

Remember my "sleepy" clue? Well, my little sleuth figured it out! Can you believe that? I have a feeling the reason she figured it out is because she is from New England herself. I asked her in my last note. Weíll see if she gives me a straight answer. Sheíll have every reason not to after what Iíve put her through! LOL.

Well, Iím going to read my mail and finish my lunch now. I want you to know I havenít checked my mail since 6am!

He sent his email to his friend and then checked his own mail. He was right, there was a letter from KC.

Dear Pezz,
Iíll be leaving here in just a few minutes, but I wanted to drop you a note before I leave. I wish I could say I have back up, but itís just little old me. I donít know any cops from Maine who can help me out! LOL. Iíve decided not to confront him if I find him. Iím bringing a camera with me and Iíll take pictures if I have to, but I donít think Iíll need it.

So I surprised you with my powers of deductive reasoning did I? I should make you suffer the way youíre making me suffer, but I am much kinder than you. Yes, my hometown is in New England. Itís funny, but Iíve really been homesick lately. Iíve spent most of my life in Paris and the only relative that I am remotely close to is my nephew, but I long to see the small town I once called home. Do you realize Iíve only been home a few times since I was a little girl? I probably wouldnít even recognize it if I saw it.

Well, time for me to go. Iíll write when I get home, I promise. We donít need you turning into your mother, now do we? :)

Take care and thanks for all the support youíve given me.
P.S. Get some sleep soon! By now you probably really need it!

Luis couldnít help it, he had to send a quick response to KC. He sat back grinning while he finished his lunch.

Thanks for being so considerate of me. Somehow I donít think PezzWoman has the same pizzazz as PezzMan now does it?

Sheridan sat at a small table outside the bistro on the left bank sipping a glass of red wine reading a copy of The New York Times. She kept her eyes peeled for Jean Luc who she expected to arrive at any moment.

After several more minutes of carefully flipping the pages of the newspaper, she spotted Jean Luc walking hurriedly down the street. Her heart caught in her throat when he sat down at the table next to her. She raised her paper slightly to completely hide her face from Jean Lucís view. Thankfully, he wasnít the least bit interested in anyone or anything around him. He seemed to be preoccupied with something.

Sheridan watched while he ordered his wine and cheese and busily fidgeted with his cell phone. He nervously glanced at his watch every few minutes and scanned the pedestrians walking by. Luckily, however, he didnít look in her direction. She had to be careful not to let Jean Luc see her. The last thing she needed was to be caught.

After about fifteen minutes, Sheridanís patience paid off. A man sheíd seen Jean Luc talking with several times at his apartment joined him at his table. The two men shook hands, Jean Luc took a final sip of his wine and left some money to pay his check. Sheridan gathered her wits and prepared to leave immediately after they did. She listened as they laughed jovially, as two friends would, not business acquaintances.

Sheridan gave them about a thirty second head start before she headed off in the direction theyíd gone in. Sure enough, it looked like they were headed straight for the infamous restaurant that Jean Luc had stood her up in twice and broken their date once. "What is it about this place?" Sheridan whispered to herself as she followed in such a manner that anyone who suspected they were being followed would have spotted her long ago. Luckily for Sheridan, Jean Luc apparently didnít believe there was need to check for anyone following him.

Sheridan allowed several minutes to pass after the men entered the restaurant before she finally slipped inside when several other couples had gathered at the entrance. She separated from the group at the front of the restaurant by finding her way to the ladies room for a moment to compose herself. "Get hold of yourself Sheridan" she said to herself as she splashed cold water on her face. "Heís probably not meeting anyone here. He and that friend of him are probably just having a guyís night out." The words flowed easily from Sheridanís mouth, but her heart didnít believe one of them. From the moment she saw Jean Luc in the bistro, she knew something was going to happen tonight and any minute now she was going to find out what.

Taking a cleansing breath, Sheridan left the ladies room and slowly walked towards the main dining room. Standing next to a large potted plant for some cover, Sheridanís keen eyes scanned the room for a glimpse of Jean Luc. At first she couldnít find him anywhere, but when she let her gaze fall to the table closest to her, she saw him. Immediately she took a step back. He was almost so close she could reach out and touch him, but the words she heard next, made her stop dead in her tracks.

"Jean Luc" a woman with flowing auburn hair cooed, "itís so sweet of you to meet me here for dinner so often. I donít know when Iíd ever get to see you with our schedules the way they are right now."

Jean Luc flashed her a seductive smile and kissed her softly on the lips. "I would do anything for my beautiful wife" Jean Luc responded. "I miss you when you have to work at the theatre across the street. Home much longer must I endure your absence?"

"Mon Cheri, not long, I promise you. The run for the play is almost over. Besides, in another few months, the theatre company will have to find a new leading lady" Jean Lucís wife said as she rubbed her belly soothingly.

Sheridan stood there completely in shock, unable to move. Tears began falling down her cheeks and she had to cover her mouth to prevent a cry from escaping her lips.

"Marrying you was the best thing I have ever done Renée." He then looked at his friend who was sitting across the table with another woman. "I have my good friend Paul here to thank for that. He convinced me to put my bachelor days behind me and marry the most beautiful woman in all of Paris."

"Well, I thank God for Paul then" Renée grinned as she rubbed her hand slowly up Jean Lucís thigh. "If we hadnít gotten married two months ago today, people might talk about this baby."

"No one will ever talk about my wife that way" Jean Luc said with a twinkle in his eye. He then leaned in closer to Renée and giggled in her ear. "Besides, this baby was conceived on our honeymoon. or have you forgotten how many times..."

"Jean Luc!" Renée said hitting his arm lightly. "We have company tonight."

Sheridan had heard enough. She turned and made as much distance between the scene sheíd witnessed in the restaurant and herself as she possibly could. Sheíd gone over different scenarios in her head of what might happen tonight, but this definitely wasnít one of them. All she wanted to do right now was go home and cry.

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