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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 5

Luis finished getting report from the off going desk officer. As Danny gathered his belongings, Luis poured himself a cup of coffee and grabbed a very stale donut in an effort to wake up. He yawned just thinking about the long night ahead of him. Danny had been bored silly since right after dinner. Luis knew Harmony had a very low crime rate, but the way things had been the last few days made Mayberry look like Chicago during the Capone days.

"By the way Luis" Danny called over his shoulder on his way out the door, Sam’s given his OK for the night guys to use the net as long as it’s done with discretion and all the work is done." Luis knew exactly what Danny was referring to. Luckily that was not even an option with Luis.

Danny left and Luis took over his seat and shuffled through the mandatory reports he’d have to file in the morning no matter what happened. With nothing but time on his hands, Luis decided to reread Jay’s last email. Her words had haunted him since the moment he read them, so much so that he’d had one of the strangest dreams of his life.

Calmly Luis read through the message. Stopping every few seconds Luis would either shake his head in an affirmative or negative manner. After finishing the note he decided he was calm and rational enough to respond to her. At first Luis had been worried that what she said might be true, but the more he thought about it, the more ridiculous it sounded.

Hi Jay,
You my friend are very lucky you weren’t near me when I first read your email. I probably would have blasted you non stop for even suggesting such a thing. The reason I was so angry at the time was because in the back of my mind I thought you might be right.

Now that I’ve had a chance to sleep on it (that’s another story entirely) I’ve decided that the whole idea is completely ludicrous! I’m at the point of LMAO at the whole idea. Jay, it’s impossible to fall for someone over the internet! It simply doesn’t happen!

Look, I’ll admit I enjoy my emails with KC. It’s a lot of fun to play the games that we do, but that’s all it is. A game! I might as well be inserting a disk into this computer and playing roulette or solitaire. They are games. You enjoy them and look forward to playing them again. They even have interactive ones now that talk back to you.

Enough said for now. I’ll be on and off the computer most of the night. I can’t remember if I told you I was covering for Kenny for a few nights. Tina went into labor this morning so Kenny is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby. I hope he has some hair left when this is all over. I remember him saying that’s the first thing Tina goes for when she’s in pain! LOL. Anyway I have night shift desk duty for the next few days as well as my regular day shift. Things are pretty quiet around here tonight so I might check out that chat room you suggested.

Write if you get a chance. It’ll help keep me awake.

That woman is truly incredible!" Luis whispered to himself as he smiled at the computer screen. He’d just finished a post on the travel board called
"The Enchanted Emerald Isle." It was KC Girl’s recap of her experiences in Ireland. Luis couldn’t get the smile off his face as he had flashes of the villagers enjoying the serene life in a turn of the century Irish cottage, thatched roof and all. He could almost smell the fresh rain she described falling in the lush greenery that Ireland is known for. Luis was sure she’d kissed that Blarney stone. KC certainly had the gift.

He saw that several posters had left comments under her post. He decided to leave one of his own, though he still wanted to send her an email with a more detailed explanation of how her words effected him.

KC Girl-- Thank you for sharing these special moments with us. I for one thoroughly enjoy reading these very descriptive, articulate wonderfully personalized recaps of your travels. You really should think about writing these recaps for a living or the very least working for the Chamber of commerce or some visitors bureau. Then again if you did that we’d all miss out on these astonishing stories.

I’d like to say this is my favorite, but for me, nothing will ever top Spain! Let‘s say it‘s a close second. :)

Luis took a long sip of his coffee and decided to try and find the chat room Jay had told him about earlier. He retreated to the front page and searched the headings until he found it. He navigated the pages until he was entering his screen name and password allowing him access to the chat area. As he waited patiently for the chat room to load, he was shaken from his trance like state with the shrill ringing of the telephone. Realizing where he was he answered it. "Harmony Police Department" he said into the receiver. As much as he wanted to join in on the chat, he was at work and had to perform his work duties first.

Jay finished reading Luis’ latest email and laughed out loud at the extent of his denial. She’d known him a long time and knew he was falling for KC. She sent him an email telling him so, but also that she would drop it... for now.
After Jay finished her routine stops at her favorite web sites, she decided to read KC’s latest post for herself. Like Luis, she enjoyed reading the posts on the travel board and as far as she was concerned, KC was on her list of "posters to read." She read Luis’ response and just rolled her eyes. "Denial, denial, denial" she said. That would be her new mantra as far as Luis was concerned .

After posting a response to KC’s beautifully detailed and eloquently written recap of her trip to Ireland, Jay headed over to the chat room. After signing in she saw the chat room was empty. Empty except for one name... PezzMan. "I knew it!"

[CAdreaming] Hi PezzMan
[CAdreaming] Are you here?

Jay waited for a response and realized Luis must have gotten called away. She decided to read a little and wait for him to return. She also wondered if KC would show up tonight. A smile crept across her face as she imagined Luis squirming in his seat when he realized she was in the same chat room as KC.

Sheridan logged on to her computer with a strong cup of coffee in her hands. Her normal sleeping pattern was to stay up late and sleep in late. The idea of rising at 6 am was a foreign concept for her. Despite the sleepiness she was having difficulty shaking, she decided she rather liked the idea of waking early. Maybe it was because it represented what she really wanted out of life... Normalcy. She wanted nothing more than to live the life that her family had lied, stolen and cheated to avoid.

Stopping quickly at the message board on her way to the chat room, Sheridan noticed Pezz had posted a response. She read it, a smile coming to her face. She wrote a quick "thank you" to him and the others who posted responses and headed over to the chat room.

Sheridan logged into the chat room and found Godis and BabyShuis already there. She scanned the list of names in the room and felt her heart stop when she saw one of the names. "He’s here" she said.

[Godis] KCGirl! Glad you could make it!
[BabyShuis] KC! Long time no see! Glad you’re here.
[KCGirl] Hi Godis! Welcome home.
[KCGirl] Hi Baby! Glad to see you!
[Godis] Just read your post. Wonderful as usual. I should write one on London. It was great! I loved every minute of it.
[BabyShuis] Me too! I just loved it! Someday hubby is going to take me. I can’t wait!
[KCGirl] Thanks guys.
[BabyShuis] Please write it Godis! I can’t wait to read it.

"I wonder why he hasn’t said anything?" Sheridan wondered. "Hmm, Who is that other person? Does he know her? Are they chatting privately?"

[KCGirl] I’d love to read it Godis! I hope you decide to do it.

Jay finished reading her article and turned her attention back to the chat room only to find it was suddenly buzzing with activity. She smiled to herself when she saw KC was among the people there. "I wonder if Luis has been back?" Jay grinned. "This is going to be very interesting. C’mon Jay, do your stuff."

With that Jay decided it was time to make her presence known.

[CAdreaming] Hi guys. I see someone finally arrived. :)
[BabyShuis] Welcome CAdreaming.
[KCGirl] Hi CAdreaming! Welcome! :)
[Godis] Hi CAdreaming. Glad you could join us.
[CAdreaming] Thanks. So what is the topic of conversation?
[Godis] We really haven’t picked one yet. We’re catching up.
[CAdreaming] KC, that was a wonderful description of Ireland you posted. I really enjoy reading about your travels.
[KCGirl] Thank you CA. I really do enjoy writing them. They usually bring back fond memories.
[BabyShuis] She does write beautifully, doesn’t she? Hey KC, it looks like you have a new fan!
[Godis] Yeah, I saw that too! He He.

Sheridan suddenly felt her stomach get a tad queasy. She had a feeling she knew what they were talking about, but wasn’t about to admit it to them.

[KCGirl] What are you two talking about?
[BabyShuis] Looks like PezzMan likes your posts too. That was quite the compliment he paid you.
[Godis] Yeah, we haven’t seen him post before tonight. He must be new.
[BabyShuis] Well, lets ask him. He’s signed on in the chat room. PezzMan are you new?

Jay sat back and smiled. "Oh this is going to be better than I thought. Come on Luis! Finish dealing with that cat stuck in the tree and get back here."

[Godis] Yo, PezzMan! Where are you? I bet you’re not even a man. Probably just a kid who eats too much Pez candies from Superman dispensers.
[BabyShuis] ROTFLOL! Godis you are too funny!
[KCGirl] You guys are just too funny, you know that? Don’t worry, he’s real. He probably just got called away.

The minute she hit send Sheridan regretted it. To this point she’d not told anyone about her new friend PezzMan. She knew she was in for it now.

"Oh I can’t wait to see this" Jay said practically salivating. "Come on Luis! Get the lead out."

Luis finally hung up the phone with Mrs. Johnson. Her teenage son Tyler hadn’t come home from the work yet and she wanted the police to send out a squad car to look for him. Luis asked Mrs. Johnson if she had called his place of employment yet to see if he’d left. She informed him that she hadn’t so Luis placed the call for her. He found out that Tyler had gone out to his car only to discover a flat tire and didn’t have a spare. He’d tried calling his mother, but she’d been on the phone looking for him so all he got was a busy signal. Luis dispatched an officer to pick up Tyler and bring him home. He could get a new tire in the morning.

"Only in Harmony would a flat tire be the highlight of the night" Luis muttered to himself. He finished the paperwork on the case of the missing teen and sighed as he closed his logbook. "Now what was I doing?" Luis asked himself. He was momentarily distracted by his mailbox flashing he had mail. Hoping it was from KC, Luis quickly clicked on the icon. He tried to hide his disappointment when he realized it was from Jay.

Me thinks thou dost protest too much!!!!
But, I'll drop it (KC) ....... for now.
I'll write more later. So be ready 'cause I'll be checking to see if you are still awake and anxiously waiting for crime, any crime, to happen in Harmony. Ha, ha.

Luis sent a quick response telling Jay about the latest crime to hit Harmony and thanking her for dropping the idea that he had a "thing" for KC. He then remembered what he was going to do before Mrs. Johnson called. "The chat room" he said. Luis then opened the chat room screen and felt a lump develop in his throat when he saw who was there. The first name he saw was KCGirl. The name seemed to jump out at him, the rest were just a blur for a moment.

"OK Man, get hold of yourself. Let’s see what they’re talking about. He then looked at the list of names and saw CAdreaming big as life. "Oh God, what the hell is Jay doing here?"

[BabyShuis] Oh really? And how would you know that KC?
[Godis] KCGirl, have you been holding out on us? What’s the deal here?
[KCGirl] There’s no deal here, really. He just sent me an email about my Spain post a few weeks ago, that’s all. We’ve emailed a few times and he doesn’t seem like a teenager to me.

Luis finally caught up and had to laugh at the Pez comment. It wasn’t the first time he’d heard it and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last.

[PezzMan] Hi everyone! I assure you I am not some kid eating too many Pez candies.
[Godis] Speak of the devil! Welcome PezzMan!
[BabyShuis] Welcome PezzMan! Glad you could join us! So are you really a man?
[CAdreaming] Hi PezzMan! :)
[PezzMan] Last time I checked I was.
[PezzMan] Hi CAdreaming.

Sheridan couldn’t get over the feeling in the pit of her stomach at the moment. She felt as if a butterfly garden had just been dumped there. It made no sense to her. She was glad this conversation was happening over the internet and not in person. She’d hate for anyone to see her in the condition she was in right now. She held a hand up to her cheek and it was burning hot.

Sheridan looked at the board and realized she was the only one who hadn’t greeted Pezz. She nervously typed her greeting.

[KCGirl] Hi Pezz. How are you?

Luis smiled when he saw KCGirl’s name.

[PezzMan] Fine thanks. Was this what you had to get up early for? :)
[KCGirl] Yes, LOL. When you live in another country you have to make plans well in advance. I thought you were supposed to be working?
[PezzMan] I am working. It’s just not that busy here at night and my tyrant boss says we can use the net as long as we’re discrete.
[KCGirl] Well I’m glad! This is the first time we’ve had a chance to talk in real time.
[PezzMan] I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see you here tonight. I read your latest post earlier. Your descriptions are unbelievable, you know that? Just so you know I may have to leave without warning if duty calls. That’s why I wasn’t here earlier.
[KCGirl] No problem about leaving. I understand. Thanks for the compliment. I read your response and posted under it.

Godis and BabyShuis just stared at their computer screen in utter disbelief as they watched KCGirl and PezzMan chat. Both were wondering what was really going on with those two. Jay was following their chat with great amusement. From what she could see tonight, KC seemed to feel the same way about Luis as he did about her. "I wonder what KC stands for?" Jay thought. She decided to see if she could get some information out of this chat for her old partner.

[CAdreaming] Is this a private chat or is anyone allowed to join? LOL
[BabyShuis] Good question CA. Seems like these two want to be alone.

Sheridan was turning redder by the minute. She’d nearly forgotten where she was and who else was there.

[KCGirl] Very funny guys! Of course anyone can join. I didn’t see any other messages come through.

The phone started ringing again. Luis sighed in frustration. He typed a quick message and returned to work.

[PezzMan] Duty calls. BRB.
[CAdreaming] KCGirl, does KC stand for Kansas City? Just curious.
[KCGirl] No, actually I’ve never been there.
[Godis] That’s a good question! Why are you KC girl and not JLsGirl? I never thought to ask.
[BabyShuis] Speaking of JL, how is your French fiancé?

"Fiance? Uh oh. Luis isn’t going to like this" Jay said as she read the chat before her.

The board remained still for a minute.

Sheridan frowned. She hadn’t thought of Jean Luc since she signed on to the computer and had been perfectly content. She’d only left a few very brief messages with Godis about Jean Luc’s behavior over the last few weeks. As a matter of fact, Godis hadn’t even responded to them as one was left right before her impromptu trip to London and the other one just last night.

[BabyShuis] KC are you there? How is JL?
[Godis] If she won’t tell you, I will. JL is a snake. In the last few weeks he’s cancelled dinner at least once and stood her up again in that fancy restaurant. You know, the same one he stood her up at before.
[BabyShuis] Oh KC, I’m so sorry.
[KCGirl] It’s OK, really. He’s been busy a lot with work lately.
[Godis] Tell me KC, did he send you flowers the next day after he stood you up? A dozen roses?
[KCGirl] Yes, he did. He was wonderful for about a week and then he started getting distant again. I swear he looks over his shoulder every time we’re out in public together.
[BabyShuis] When was the last time he canceled dinner?
[KCGirl] Last night. Funny thing is it was the six month anniversary of when we met. But, he says he’s trying to close some business deals and things will change very soon.
[BabyShuis] KC, sweetie, please don’t be mad at me for what I am about to say, but have you even thought about the idea that JL might be cheating on you?

Sheridan felt like she’d been kicked in the stomach. She knew things weren’t as wonderful between them as they’d been at the beginning, but she still trusted him. The idea that Jean Luc would cheat on her had never even crossed her mind.

[KCGirl] Baby, I’m not mad at you, but JL would never do that to me! Never!
[Godis] Are you sure KC? What restaurant were you supposed to have dinner at last night? Was it the same one where you were stood up at twice?
[KCGirl] As a matter of fact, yes it was.
[Godis] Have you ever been to that restaurant with him? Who usually suggests going there?

Sheridan felt like she was being grilled by a prosecutor, but these questions were making her think and think hard.

[KCGirl] No actually and I am the one who has suggested it each time. What are you suggesting?
[BabyShuis] Honey, maybe JL doesn’t want to take you to that restaurant for a reason. Maybe he has another girl who either works there or that he takes there all the time.
[Godis] KC, you need to follow him. You need to find out what that skunk is up to.
[PezzMan] I’m back.
[Godis] WB
[BabyShuis] WB PezzMan
[CAdreaming] WB
[CAdreaming] [private to PezzMan] Another cat stuck in a tree there buddy?
[KCGirl] WB Pezz
[PezzMan] [private to CAdreaming] I couldn’t get that lucky. That was Beth. She has something important she wants to talk to me about. She’ll be here in an hour.
[KCGirl] I say we talk about Godis’ trip to London.
[CAdreaming] [private to PezzMan] Take a deep breath before you read what you missed.
[PezzMan] [private to CAdreaming] OK, why?
[BabyShuis] Sounds good to me.
[Godis] I want to hear about KC’s favorite places and compare notes.
[CAdreaming] [private to PezzMan] She’s engaged.

Luis now was the one who felt like he’d been hit in the stomach. He quickly scrolled back and saw what Jay was talking about. "That SOB" Luis said under his breath. "No woman deserves to be treated like that."

Luis found himself struggling with his own feelings. Part of him felt terrible that KC had to put up with such a louse that would cheat on her and the other half of him hoped she would follow him and find out he was and dump the guy. He had no idea why these thoughts even came to his mind but he couldn’t seem to get rid of them.

[PezzMan] I’d love to hear all about London but things are busier here than I expected tonight.
[PezzMan] [private to KCGirl] I’ll email you later.
[PezzMan] [private to CAdreaming] What a jerk that JL is. Look I gotta run. I’ll write tomorrow.
[KCGirl] [private to PezzMan] OK. Looking forward to it.
[PezzMan] Good night everyone.
[KCGirl] Night Pezz
[BabyShuis] Goodnight
[CAdreaming] Night
[Godis] Night

Luis left the chat room with so many different emotions going through him he wasn’t sure how to react. He decided he’d send an email to KC and tell her how sorry he was that her fiancé is such a louse. It would keep him occupied until Beth arrived. Luis rolled his eyes. From the sounds of it, she was going to try and convince him to move to the big city again and that was not what he wanted to hear.

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