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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 4

Luisí shift was just about finished. Sam was letting him off a little early so he could come back and work the grave yard shift. Kenny, the officer who would be out for the next few days, worked the desk at night which could be tough on someone used to working nights, never mind a day person like Luis. Unless something big was brewing in Harmony, which most of the time it wasnít, desk duty was boring. Answering phones mostly and dispatching other officers. He hadnít admitted it to himself, but Luis was really looking forward to working these nights. He would have the computer to keep him occupied, which was something heíd not really had the luxury of before.

Luis stopped at his desk on the way out the door and couldnít resist the temptation to send off a quick email to KC. Once online he saw he had mail. One letter from his pal Jay and another from KC. Luis felt his heart begin to pound as he quickly clicked on KCís note.

Dear Pezz,
Sleepy? Thatís the clue? Sheesh, Iím getting sleepy just thinking about it! LOL.

Since you are working midnights for the next few days, Iíll look for your emails at different times. you may not realize this but you just gave yourself away Mister! Until today, I had no idea what shift you worked which of course added to the intrigue. Now I know you work days normally and will be coming back to work nights. So my detective brain has now definitely narrowed you down to the East coast. I may not figure things out from the pathetic clues you give me, but Iíll find it from the ones you donít realize youíve given me! Ha! Gotcha on that one! LOL

Luis let out a slight groan and laughed to himself. "Sheís one smart cookie! I canít get anything past her."

Anyway, you already know where I live, so it shouldnít surprise you to know Iíll be going to bed soon. Actually Iíll be posting my travel post first and then going to bed. I have something to do first in the morning so I want to turn in early. I guess you and I will be going to bed at the same time tonight! LOL

Sweet dreams Pezz,

Luis didnít know what it was exactly but the strangest feeling came over him at the thought of going to bed at the same time as KC. "Get real Luis!" he laughed to himself.

Luis decided to send a quick response. He couldnít help himself. All he wrote was

Sweet Dreams Yourself :)

Not wanting to waste anymore time at the station, Luis decided to print up Jayís email and bring it home to read. Heíd read it right before he went to bed. She was usually good for a few laughs.

Once Luis had made it home and was lying on his bed reading Jayís note, he wondered if it had been such a good idea. He always suspected she was crazy, but now he knew it to be true after reading her message.

Stop gloating about the Celtics already! You know they wouldn't have won if either Shaq or Kobe had been able to play. Yeah, yeah, Walker awesome - what ever! It's not like we are talking Larry Bird here.

Partner, don't yell at me, but I think you need to take a step back and look at yourself. As much as he pissed you off, Sam may be onto something that you don't want to think about, meaning your feelings for Beth and for KC. Yep buddy, like it or not, time to face facts, you may be starting to have feelings for the cyber traveler.

C'mon Luis, you and I both know that Beth isn't the right woman for you and you're not doing her or you any good by prolonging things. Maybe if I keep saying it enough times, you'll finally get it through that thick stubborn head of yours and realize that you and Beth are not meant to be. You need to end things with Beth, let her move to the big city and you stay in Harmony and get on with your life. The sooner, the better, for both of you.

Are you calming down? Look, we all know you are Mister Morality and that you'd never sleep with 2 women at the same time. But there is physical cheating and then there is emotional cheating. You'd never cheat on Beth intentionally, in any way, but I think this situation has kind of crept on you without you realizing what is happening. Luis, you may not want to face it, but you LIKE this KC girl. Ever since you started emailing with her, she's been the major topic of your emails to me. You almost never mention work or your family, let alone Beth, it's all about KC. Next thing I know, you'll be telling me that you are going into the station early and staying late everyday just so you can email with her. Oh God! I bet you are already doing that, aren't you? How well do I know you? LOL. Be HONEST with yourself Luis - which makes your heart beat faster, the thought of seeing Beth or reading a new email from KC?

From what I've read of her posts and from what you've told me about her, I like this KC. She seems nice, as well as smart and articulate. I've been thinking - always a dangerous thing J - Sometimes people who post on a board also hang out in that board's chat room. I think I'm going to have to check out the chat room on that travel site. Maybe I will find KC there and can check her out for myself. After all, I need to see if she is good enough for my favorite partner.

My clue for your game with KC - the town's name is one word. Use it if you want.

Good luck - you're gonna need it. I'm here if you want to talk .... or rant.

"Jay, you have no idea what you are talking about" Luis muttered. Luis was lying on his bed in his boxers holding the letter in the air as he reread it. Sheís just someone who is nice to talk to on the internet. How can I possibly "like" someone Iíve never met? Thatís just silly." Luis laughed at the notion of falling for someone heís never met, never mind had no idea what she looked like. All he really knew about her was she lived in Paris, was born in the States, has traveled extensively and longed to live in a small town. "Itís crazy Jay, Iím telling you" Luis again muttered as he closed his eyes.

As Luis drifted into an uneasy slumber he could hear his friends words echoing in his head.
"Be honest with yourself Luis, which makes your heart beat faster? The thought of seeing Beth or the thought of reading a new email from KC?" The names Bethand KC kept flashing in Luisí mind.

Beth walked up behind Luis as he was typing furiously at his keyboard. KC was on IM and Luis was chatting with her. "Hey handsome" Beth said with a seductive smile.

Luis whipped around surprised to find Beth standing there in a black laced teddy. He stood up away from the computer to face her. "Hi Beth" he smiled. "What are you doing here?"

Beth smiled again at him and pulled Luis into a passionate kiss. Luis responded tentatively to her advances.

"Pezz, where are you?" a soft voice from the computer called him. "I canít find you."

"Luis, whatís going on?" Beth demanded to know.

"Look, Beth, I can explain," Luis began, but he pulled himself out of their embrace.

"Pezz, please come to me. I want you, I need you" the voice continued to call.

Luis found himself being drawn closer and closer to the computer screen.

"Luis, what are you doing? Where are you going? You canít leave me!" Beth pleaded.

"Beth, Iím sorry, I really didnít mean for this to happen" Luis said, still moving closer to the screen.

"Pezz, where are you?" The voice continued. "Please come to me."

"Luis, I demand you come to me right now. Iím going to seduce you and convince you to come to New York with me."

"Pezz, I still canít find you. Where are you?" The soft soothing voice pleaded.

Luis looked at Beth, back to the computer screen and then back to Beth again. "Iím sorry Beth" Luis said again. I canít stay. I have to go." Suddenly Luis felt himself being sucked into the computer screen in a whirlwind tunnel. He heard himself saying "Iím sorry Beth over and over again. He then changed his mantra to "Donít worry KC, Iím coming. Iím here KC."

Luis rolled over violently then sat bolt upright in bed. He opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by darkness. His breathing was hard and his muscular body glistened with sweat.
Luis heard footsteps rushing towards him and suddenly his eyes were assaulted by light.

"Luis, are you all right?" Pilar asked with concern.

"Mama!" He exclaimed with relief. He took a moment to compose himself, finally coming to the realization that it was just a nightmare. "Yeah Mama. Iím fine" he finally answered. "What time is it anyway?"

"Itís 10:30 Luis" Pilar answered him.

"Whoa! Iíd better get moving. I have to be at the station at 11:00."

"Your uniform is pressed and waiting for you. Go take a shower and Iíll have something for you to eat downstairs when youíre ready."

"Thanks Mama" Luis smiled, now fully awake.

"Luis, who is
Casey?" Pilar asked curiously.

"KC?" Luis asked in surprise. Just the mention of the name caused him to catch his breath.

"Yes, you called the name out in your sleep"

Laughing it off, Luis shrugged his shoulders. "I donít remember" he lied. "You know how dreams are. You forget them the minute you wake up." Luis tried to make light of the situation, but he had an idea his mother wasnít buying it. He could tell by the look in her eyes.

"If you say so son" she replied. "Now, go take your shower, you donít want to be late for work."

"Right away Mama" Luis answered as he practically ran into the bathroom. Whether his mother believed him or not, he was glad she didnít press the issue any further.

Sheridan hit the snooze on her alarm and rolled over still half asleep. She was dreaming and wasnít quite ready to face the world yet. It didnít take long for sleep to come again and Sheridan was right back in her dream.

"Sheridan my love, I promise as soon as I finish business we will have all the time in the world together. Youíll see" Jean Luc said with an alluring smile.

"I do love you Jean Luc" Sheridan said sounding as if she was trying to convince herself of this as well as him.

"Come to me Sheridan" the tall dark stranger called. "You know we were always meant to be together.

"Do I know you?" Sheridan asked feeling drawn to the faceless man. All she could see was his black hat and trench coat. He faced her, yet she could not see his features, they were obscured by a shadow.

"You know me. You know me well. Sheridan, you and I are meant to be" the man said holding his arms out to her.

"But I am engaged to Jean Luc!" Sheridan told him sadly.

"Sheridan, in your heart you know Jean Luc is not the man for you. Whom have you dreamed of your whole life?"

"You" Sheridan answered simply. "I have dreamed of you." She found herself drifting further and further from Jean Luc, reaching out to the stranger. Her hand was only inches from his. She looked over her shoulder at Jean Luc who was calling her name. She wanted to return to her fiancé, but she couldnít. Some force was pulling her towards the tall dark stranger. She thought to herself she should be afraid, but she wasnít. On the contrary, she felt safer and more secure than she ever had in her life the closer she came to this man. "But who are you? I donít know who you are."

"Yes Sheridan. You know who I am. I am who you have waited for."

"Please let me see you face" Sheridan pleaded. The stranger gently took Sheridanís hands and she felt a surge of electricity shoot through her entire body as his strong hands caressed her own. It was unlike anything sheíd ever felt before.

The stranger lifted Sheridanís left hand to his lips allowing them to brush her skin lightly, sending more shockwaves flowing through her. He then lowered her hand as gingerly as he had lifted it and slowly backed away. In a moment, he disappeared into the fog from where he came. Just as he was no longer visible, Sheridan heard the beep, beep, beep of her alarm. She slowly opened her eyes revealing she was in her apartment in Paris.

"Oh my God, it was so real!" she said in frustration. These dreams are getting more real all the time." She looked down at her hand and could swear she could still feel where heíd kissed it. After a few minutes, Sheridan climbed out of bed and readied herself for her early morning chat.

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