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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 3

Sheridan awoke with a start at the sound of her doorbell ringing. She tried hard to ignore it, but the person on the other side of the door was quite insistent. "Iím coming!" Sheridan yelled as she climbed out of bed and slipped into a pair of slippers.

Rubbing sleep from her eyes, Sheridan arrived at the door and asked "Who is it?"

"Delivery" The voice on the other side of the door announced.

Sheridan opened the door and a floral delivery boy was standing there holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Sheridan excused herself and retrieved her purse to get a tip for the boy. Sheridan thanked him, handed him a generous tip and took the flowers into the kitchen. "I was right about this one" she said out loud. "This is exactly what he did the last time." Without thinking Sheridan pulled a vase down from her cupboard and arranged the flowers in it and then added water. She put the card aside until she was ready to read it. She wasnít the least bit affected by Jean Lucís gesture one way or another. She was strangely indifferent and she wasnít sure why.

After a few minutes, Sheridan had placed the flowers on a coffee table and returned to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Once sheíd finished making the coffee, poured herself a cup and taken a few sips to wake herself up did she actually attempt to read Jean Lucís apology.

My dearest Sheridan,
Please accept these roses in sincerest apology for my inconsiderate blunder last night. I know this excuse is growing thin, but my business has had me crazy the last few weeks. It will soon be over and we can spend loads of time together. I want to take you out to dinner tonight in apology, ma Cherie. Please say you will do me the honor of joining me? I will call you around ten for your answer.

All my love,
Jean Luc

Sheridan sighed not knowing what to feel. She was still angry for the humiliation she was put through by being stood up, but other than that, she didnít seem to be feeling anything. Not love, not hate, just total indifference and she had no idea why. "What is with me today?" she asked herself. "This is the man I love, I should at least be angry at him for doing this to me. I know, when I see him again Iíll feel differently. Thatís got to be it. I just miss him so terribly much, thatís all."

As she stood there in her kitchen staring blankly at her card from Jean Luc trying to convince herself she missed him, Sheridan couldnít help but think there was something she wanted to do first thing this morning. "What was it I wanted to do?" She asked herself. She walked into the living room and glanced around hoping to jar the memory. Her eyes scanned by the computer and immediately darted back. "Email!" She shouted as she nearly bounded over to the antique desk.

Luis walked into the station house whistling to himself as he immediately logged on to the computer. He was a half hour early for work and had arrived at least this early every day for two week. Marty looked up from his desk and watched Luis curiously, but said nothing. Sam heard Luis whistling all the way in his office and looked up from his desk also watching him in curiosity.

Luis immediately signed on to the internet to check his mail. A smile crept onto his face when he saw the name KC Girl. He didnít even realize his heart began pounding in his chest as he opened it, or if he did he wouldnít admit it.

Dear PezzMan,
Youíre certainly not making this easy on me are you? LOL. I never dreamed what a challenge this would be trying to figure out what small town you hail from. I must admit I am having loads of fun trying to figure it out. So far all I know is itís in the US and is coastal. Whew! That really narrows down the field! That picture you sent me of an old colonial makes me think of New England, but then again I canít be too sure. Areas in Maryland and Virginia also have houses just like it. And fishing boats? Come on Pezz, be real! What kind of a clue was that when I already know itís coastal?

Just out of curiosity, have you ever read anything on Ireland? Or do you have any desire to go there? Iíve drafted a post on it that I will probably have ready tonight sometime. Iím looking forward to your reaction. Next to Spain, itís probably my favorite country.

Canít wait for your next clue. I really look forward to your emails every day. Iím glad you took the time to respond to my post a few weeks ago. Iíd forgotten there were people like you out there! LOL.

Take care,

Luis devoured every word KC had written. Each morning he couldnít wait to get to work just to read the mail he received from her. He didnít have a computer at home, so the only chance he had was at work. He didnít even realize the extra hours he spent at the station these days.

Leaning back in his chair, Luis grinned as he tried to think up another elusive clue for KC. He too was enjoying the torture he was causing her. This was the most fun heís had in a very long time. "What kind of a clue can I give for a sleepy little New England town?" He wondered.

"Thatís it" he said as he began typing. "Sleepy! Itíll drive her mad!"

Luis spent a few minutes composing his email to KC. He reread it to check for typos and then hit send. After he sent it, satisfied, he got up from his desk to get a cup of coffee.

"Whatís up buddy?" Sam asked. He was pouring himself a cup of java when Luis arrived with his mug.

"Good morning Sam" Luis said as he dumped cream and sugar in his cup. He was hoping Sam wouldnít ask him about his early morning arrivals. He knew Sam was aware of his new habit and had yet to call him on it. It was just a matter of time.

"How are things with Beth these days? The last time we talked she wanted you to fill out applications for the Big Apple."

"Bethís fine" Luis answered without thinking. Truthfully, Luis hadnít even spoken to her for three days now. It was the longest heíd gone since they met in high school without speaking to her. He suddenly felt a pang of guilt for it. His guilt wasnít for not speaking to her so much as the fact that he really didnít miss her in their time apart.

"Hank told me Beth thinks youíre avoiding her. She hasnít heard from you in a few days."

"What else has Hank told you?" Luis asked, anger building in his voice. He hated it when Hank told other people his business. He made a mental note to talk to him about this annoying habit the next time he saw him.

"Nothing really" Sam answered. "Heís just concerned something is wrong with you."

"Sam, there is nothing wrong with me" Luis defended himself. "I was in a great mood when I came in this morning. That is until I heard this."

Sam scrutinized his friend. "Luis if I didnít know you better, Iíd say.... No, thereís no way."

"What? Thereís no way what? Out with it Sam!" Luis demanded. This conversation was really beginning to grate on him.

"Itís silly, really Luis. I know you are a one woman kind of guy. Youíd never go out with two girls at the same time."

"You think I have another girl on the side? Sam are you crazy?" Luis asked incredulously.

"I told you it was a silly idea. Itís just that youíve been so distant lately. I know things havenít been the best with you and Beth and I thought maybe..."

"Forget it Sam" Luis answered irritably. "I donít have another girl. Iíd never do that to Beth or anyone for that matter. Just because things between Beth and me arenít going well right now doesnít mean Iím cheating on her. I told you, our problems are based on her wanting to move and my wanting to stay right here."

"I believe you Luis" Sam said backing off. Not saying another word, Sam walked back into his office and Luis walked back to his desk. He was angry that Sam would even insinuate such a thing. Feeling overwhelmed, Luis decided to write to Jay who always seemed to know the right thing to say to him to make him feel better. Sheíd been a great friend to him while they were on the force together in Harmony and was glad they could still keep in touch via the internet.

Hi Jay,
What did I tell you? Did you watch that game last night? I told you the Celts would mop up the courts with the Lakers and I was right! 121-106! Did you see Walker? He was awesome!

KC Girl is going to post a recap of Ireland sometime tonight. I canít wait to read it. She hasnít posted anything since her amazing description of Spain. She has such a way with words and she seems to key in on the places I want to visit. Itís weird, really. Iíve read numerous posts from other people on the same places, yet itís like they are completely different places theyíre writing about. Does that make sense?

Did I tell you about the game KC and I are playing? She asked me where I lived and I wouldnít tell her. I told her she had to guess. Anyway, weíve made kind of a game out of it. I supply very vague clues and she gets to guess. So far all she knows it itís a small coastal town. If I play this right I can keep this up for months! Sheíll never get it! LOL.

Sam really pissed me off this morning. Can you believe he actually had the nerve to accuse me of two timing Beth? I thought Sam knew me better than that. Looks like Hank has been reporting to Sam about the trouble Beth and I are having. Why the hell is Beth talking to Hank in the first place and why is Hank reporting to Sam my every move! Hell, with the hours Iíve been keeping at the station lately when have I had time to cheat on Beth. No matter what I may feel right now about my relationship with her, I would never sleep with anyone else or even go out with them for that matter.

Sorry for the rant, but this whole thing set me off this morning. I think Iíll go think up some more clues to torture KC with. It usually makes me laugh just imagining the look on her face trying to figure it out. Funny thing is, I have no idea what she looks like.

Take it easy,

"I knew it was too good to be true" Sheridan said irritably. "Well, at least this time he had the decency to call me and cancel instead of leaving me stranded in a restaurant." Sheridan went into her room to change out of her clothes into something more comfortable. After sheíd hung her Versaci original back on itís hanger and put on a sweat shirt Ethan had sent her with "Harmony" written across the front and a picture of a lighthouse underneath, she decided to make herself a salad for dinner. In a way she was glad she wasnít going out for dinner. Sometimes the French meals were too much for her if she wanted to keep her trim figure.

After sheíd eaten she decided t read her email. She really wanted there to be mail from Pezz, but told herself there wouldnít be. After all, sheíd just sent her last note to him before Jean Luc called breaking their dinner engagement. That didnít stop the wave of disappointment however that she felt when there was no mail from him. She find one from Godis who had been gone for nearly two weeks, so all was not bad. She opened the mail and read.

Hey guys,
I just got back from London this morning. What a trip! It was my first trip abroad and I loved every minute of it. See, I knew taking that job with the Travel Agency would come in handy! Canít beat free trips!

Anyway, Iíd love to talk to you guys about it tonight. Care to meet in the Travel Chat room around midnight EST? Baby, thatíll be around 9 for you and if Iím right thatís a good time for you and it should be around 6 am for you KC. Is that too early? If it is, let me know and weíll work something else out. Itís tough trying to schedule a chat for the three of us. LOL. Who knows, maybe there will be some interesting people in there and we can get the scoop on other places. Iím ready to become a world traveler.

I also want to catch up on all the gossip Iíve missed in the last two weeks. :)

Sheridan shook her head and laughed. Godis was always so excited about everything. That was one of the reasons she loved chatting with her.

Welcome home! Iíve missed you! Actually that will be a great time for me. Jean Luc cancelled dinner tonight so Iíll just go to bed early tonight and get up for the chat. It beats 3 am!

"That sounds like fun" Sheridan said to herself. "Itís been a long time since weíve had a chat." Just as she was about to sign off she saw she had another incoming email. It was from Pezz. For no apparent reason, Sheridan suddenly found her palms were sweaty as she clicked on the email from Pezz. She had a silly grin plastered to her face as she read his message.

Good afternoon KC,
How is my little detective today? Iím glad youíre having fun with this, because I am too. Truthfully, I spend my spare time thinking up these little clues for you. Keeps my mind sharp! LOL. Now, donít hurt me, but my clue of the afternoon is....... Drum roll please...........


Howís that for a clue! I knew youíd like it. Now Iím sure you are wondering what kind of a clue sleepy is, but write it down in your little book of clues and soon it will all become clear to you. I think starting next week Iíll let you start asking a few questions if you havenít made any progress. I donít want to be accused of making this impossible!

I canít wait to read your post later tonight. Iím sure Iíll want to talk to you about it after I read it. Iíve been amazed by everything youíve written and this should be no exception. Iíve always had a fascination for Ireland as well as Spain.

Iím going home early today as my boss wants me to come back and work the midnight shift. Seems one of the guys wives just went into labor and heís going to be off for a few days. If my emails seem to come at strange times now youíll know why. Itís been awhile since I worked split shifts like this. I think Iíll use some of the extra money I make to buy a computer for home. I canít remember the last time I splurged on anything for myself. Iíll probably change my mind after I get my paycheck. Still have to pay the bills you know and Iím trying to build up my savings account.

Well, Iíd love to chat some more but I do have work to do before I go home to get some sleep. Iíll write when I get back to work.

Have a great evening :)

Sheridan sighed happily. She knew exactly what sheíd be doing before she went to bed tonight. Sheíd be posting her latest travel recap and answering Pezzís email, not necessarily in that order.

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