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You've Got Mail
Passions style-Part One






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


You've Got Mail Passions Style - Part One
by JSP


Chapter 2

Luis walked back into the station house after finishing his afternoon patrol. Beth was sitting on the edge of Quinlanís desk flirting dangerously with him. Luis felt the anger build with in him at watching this little display. He wasnít jealous which rather surprised him, but angry that she was making a fool out of herself and him in front of all his peers. Slamming the door loudly behind him Luis walked over to where Beth was sitting.

Marty knew by the sound of the door that Luis had just returned. He stiffened in his chair when he thought about what Luisí reaction would be. He never had any intention of doing anything with Luisí girl, she was the one that approached him and wouldnít leave.

"Hi Luis" Marty greeted hiding his nervousness. "I was just telling Beth you were out on patrol and would be back any minute."

"I have no doubt about that Marty" Luis replied dryly. He knew both Marty and Beth well enough to know who instigated this scene. "Whatís up Beth? I told you I was working a double today and wouldnít get out of here till nearly midnight."

"Yes, I know" Beth smiled slyly. Luis firmly took Bethís arm and guided her to his desk. She winked at Marty over her shoulder as she walked away.

Luis saw her still flirting with Marty and took a deep breath to keep his temper under control. "Whatís up Beth?" He asked again, this time his voice demanding an answer.

"I dropped by to give you these" Beth said as she handed Luis a large manila envelope.

"Whatís in here?" He asked as he started opening the clasp. Before she had a chance to speak, Luis groaned loudly. "Oh no! Not this again!"

"Yes this again" Bath answered with exasperation in her voice. "Luis I told you I need to get out of this town. I want to see more of the world and I thought you wanted that too!"

"You know I want to travel Beth, but I donít want to move. Harmony is my home."

"You can always come back and visit Luis" Beth offered hopefully. "New York is only a few hours from here and there youíll have the world at your fingertips."

"Beth, donít you get it? I donít want to move to New York or Chicago or Boston. I want to visit those places and others, especially Spain, but I donít want to live there. Harmony is where my family is, my friends. I know everyone who lives here and they know me. Itís who I am Beth." Luis wasnít completely surprised that she had brought this up again. Sheíd been dropping little hints for weeks about wanting to move to the Big Apple and for the most part heíd managed to ignore it.

"All right Luis" Beth said feigning a small grin. "Forget I said anything. Call me in the morning when you wake up."

"Sure thing Beth" Luis answered. He was glad this round was over, but in the back of his mind he knew it would be just a matter of time before they did this again. At one time Luis was sure Beth was the right girl for him, but the strain in their relationship was becoming greater with each passing day. A thought fled through his mind that caused him almost to smile but he quickly curbed it. For the first time in his life he was glad something happened to prevent him from marrying Beth right out of high school. Granted he wasnít happy about his fatherís disappearance, but that was the reason he never married. With his family almost grown, Luis could if he wanted to, finally settle down, but heíd never admit that to Beth. Right now at this moment Luis actually admitted to himself that he wanted out of his relationship with Beth. The question now was how?

"Have a good night Luis" Beth said as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"You too Beth" Luis smiled at her. Beth looked at Luis with surprise as she raised a brow. She shrugged it off immediately, smiled back and left the station house.

Luis sat down at his desk and let out a huge sigh. He didnít want to think anymore about his problems with Beth, not right now. He pulled his notebook out of his pocket and began flipping through the pages making sure everything was in order. Satisfied he had written down everything that had happened while on patrol, he decided to check his email hoping to have a response from Jay. When he opened it he swallowed hard when he saw there was mail from KC Girl, not Jay. Luis clicked the icon and quickly opened his mail.

Dear PezzMan,
Thank you for your lovely note regarding my post of Spain on the Travel Board. I must say Spain is probably my favorite place to visit of all the places Iíve been. I find the life in the small villages there much more real that the hustle and bustle of big cities such as where I live. Maybe itís just the feel of small towns that appeals to me. As a young child I lived in a very small town and can still remember the warm feeling I had. I live in a big city now and though it is filled with charm, I feel lost every time I walk down the street.

Sorry to get carried away, I didnít mean to really. I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful note and to tell you not to hesitate if you ever want to hear more about Spain or any other place Iíve traveled to. Iíd be more than happy to share my experiences with you and perhaps you can remind me what living in a small town is like.
KC Girl

Without even thinking about it Luis decided to respond to his new cyber palís email. This was just what he needed to take his mind off his problems with Beth.

Sheridan had just finished making herself a cup of tea when she heard her computer calling her. "Youíve got mail."

"Maybe Godis is home early" Sheridan said hopefully as she walked towards her computer dunking her tea bag up and down in the cup. Placing her cup down on her desk, Sheridan opened her mail finding that it was from PezzMan, not Godis. A rush of adrenalin coursed through her as she opened her mail and devoured his words. Like the man she didnít know, Sheridan decided to respond to his email and now he was writing back again. She had no idea why she was so drawn to this person she knew nothing about. For that matter she didnít even know if he was a man for sure, after all people can pretend to be anyone or anything on the internet.

Truthfully right now she didnít care. Her real life was anything but what she dreamed it would be and this was a nice distraction. Jean Luc never wanted to hear about her travels or anything else for that matter. Thinking about it, she wondered what it was Jean Luc loved about her? Heíd wined and dined her until sheíd agreed to marry him and now it seemed like he found every excuse possible to spend time away from her. She took a sip of her hot tea then clicked on her email to read.

Hi KC Girl,
You didnít get carried away, not at all. Thanks for your offer to share more of your travel experiences with me. I might just take you up on that at some point in the future. For now Iím curious as to how many times youíve been there? Your description is so vivid itís almost as if youíve been there many times. If you have been there more than once, do you know which way is the best to go there? I mean, is it better to travel alone, with friends or what?

You asked me about life in a small town, well I am an expert since thatís really all I know, so this should be easy! Well for starters, it seems like you know everyone in town. You walk down the street and each face you meet is familiar, you call each other by name. Most of the businesses are family run, no big chain stores like Wal Mart here. Holidays like 4th of July are celebrated in the town square with a huge festival. Most of the townspeople participate in one way or another.

I canít explain what it is about a small town that really appeals to me. Maybe itís the fact that I like walking down the street and having people say "Hi" to me knowing who I am instead of people rushing past not even taking the time to see who it is they just brushed by. I like being able to interact with people one on one instead of as a faceless name in the crowd. I like the way the townspeople rally around their friends and neighbors offering them support in time of need.

Now itís my turn to get carried away. Iíll stop now that you know far more than you ever dreamed about. I need to get back to work anyway. I have a tyrant for a boss! ;-)

Sheridan grinned and quickly hit the reply button and began typing. She couldnít keep the wistful grin off her face as she envisioned what life in a small town must be like. It sounded like heaven to her and made her long to go home to Harmony. She knew it was out of the question though. Jean Lucís life was in Paris and that would be where she must stay.

Luis returned to the station house to finish up his shift. He hurriedly did all his required paperwork, hoping to spend a little time on the internet before it was time to go home. Once heíd completed his work, he logged onto the computer. Waiting for him were several emails. Among them were ones from Jay and KC Girl. For some reason, he felt a sense of relief when he saw a response from KC. He couldnít really explain how he felt and didnít really want to think about it. Not yet. He decided to see what was up with his old partner first.

Tell Sam "hi" back. It's nice to know I'm still missed. Tell him that until he figures out how to make in not snow in Harmony, I'm staying here where it's warm all year round. Were you writing on your lunch hour? Lucky thing you have an understanding boss there - LOL.

I checked out that post on Spain. You are right, it was a great post and reading it made me feel like I was in Spain. Actually, mi amigo, I did you one better. I went to that music site I told you about and downloaded some songs from Spain and played them while I read the travel post. You ought to try it next time you re-read that post. And don't even try to deny it! I know you, you'll be reading it over and over again. Some day - you will get to Spain yourself - I know you will.

As far as why you decided to email instead of posting a reply, I don't know. I'm not feeling like playing shrink today. But I wouldn't worry about it. What's the worst that could happen? She'll ignore you 'cause she thinks you are weird. Who knows, maybe she'll answer you. If she only knew how weird you really are! Ha I love it when you make it so easy to rag on you.

Tell Beth to put a sock in it. I keep telling you she is not the right woman for you. Let her go to the big city if she wants to go. You'll be better off without her.

Did you see the Lakers last night? They rocked.

Take care - I'm out of here,

Luis laughed when he read his friendís note. Sheís not getting away with that one, no way!"

Who are you kidding? The Lakers got lucky last night! Wait till they play the Celts next week, they'll mop the court up with the Lakers! Talk about a turncoat. I never figured youíd be one to turn on a New England team.

As for that poster thinking Iím weird, I guess she doesnít because she replied to me earlier and I wrote back again. Right now I have another unopened email from her that Iíll read as soon as Iím done here. Iím really looking forward to reading it. It seems she loves small towns and asked me to tell her what itís like to live in one. She said she lived in one as a small girl but now lives in a big city. I told her she asked the right person about that!

I hate to admit this, but you might be right about Beth. She came by this afternoon and handed me a manila envelope with job applications in it. She wants me to fill them out and move with her to New York or wherever. I told her I had no intention of moving from Harmony and she dropped it. Unfortunately I donít think Iíve heard the end of it.

Oh, and you should have seen her flirting with Marty! Sheís always been a bit of a flirt, but this was downright embarrassing.

Going to read KC Girlís email. Talk to you tomorrow I hope.

Luis sent his email to his friend and turned his attention to KCís latest note. He was just about to open it when Sam walked into the squad room. "Still here buddy?" Sam asked.

"Yeah Sam" Luis responded. "Iíll be leaving in a few minutes. Iím just finishing up a few things."
Sam shook his head. "I would think that after working 16 hours youíd be happy to go home."

"I will be happy to go home Sam" Luis told him. "Just as soon as I finish up here."

"Problems with Beth again?" Sam asked knowing it was true. Marty had told him what happened earlier in the day.

"You heard?"

"Yeah, Marty told me."

"Sorry about that. Iíve asked her not to stop by the station, but she wanted to drop off some applications for me."

"Youíre not seriously considering moving from Harmony, are you Luis?"

"Of course not Sam! Why would you even think that?"

"When you mentioned Beth dropped off..."

Sheís on her kick again, Sam. Sheís done this before. She applies for jobs and never hears from them. Sheíll get over it."

"You might want to check into it this time Luis" Sam said knowingly. "Hank told me Beth received a job offer in New York last week."

"What?" Luis asked incredulously. "She told Hank about this and didnít tell me?"

"She probably knew what your reaction would be."

Luis shook his head. "I donít know Sam. This might be the end of the road for us. Iíll have to talk to her tomorrow and find out whatís going on.

"Good luck man" Sam said patting Luis on the back. "Iím going home to my wife. Donít stay too much longer all right? Remember, youíve got to be back here tomorrow."

"Iíll be out of here soon Sam, I promise."

"Goodnight Luis."

"Goodnight Sam."

Sam grabbed his coat and left the police station headed home to his wife and children. Sometimes Luis envied Sam and this was one of those times.

Luis turned back to his computer and opened the email that was waiting for him.

Dear PezzMan,
Now it is my turn to thank you! Your description of small town life was simply heavenly. Right now all I want to do is hop on a plane and go back to the town I was born in. Unfortunately circumstances are keeping me from going home, at least for now. I think you should post that so other people can enjoy it. I bet there are others who long for the simple life of small town life. I especially like the part of passing people in the street and saying "Hi" to them by name. Iíve walked the streets here everyday for over ten years and canít recall ever running into a friend or neighbor.
As a matter of fact, I donít even know my neighbors and Iíve lived here for three years. It seems like everyone is in their own little world and no one has the time to get to know each other. Well, Iím not going to dwell on that anymore.

You asked me how many times Iíve been to Spain. Actually I have been there three times. The first time I went with some of my college friends. We went to all the popular places and tourist destinations. It was a wonderful time, but very much like visiting any other city in Europe.

The second time I went I was alone and was there for the whole summer. I had a chance to tour the countryside and mix with the locals. Iím pretty good with the Spanish language and was fluent by the time I left. It was a wonderful experience. I attended local festivals and learned different customs associated with different regions of Spain. That was the best summer I ever spent. It will always be engrained in my mind.

The last time I was there was last Christmas. I became quite friendly with a family there in Costa de Marbella and they invited me for the holidays. Marianna, my host was disappointed I didnít have a companion with me. She told me the only way to see Spain was with a loved one. She assured me Iíd see her country in an entirely different light. She invited me to come back anytime with him and she would show me everything Iíd missed. I laughed at her and told her when that happened I would take her up on it.

To sum it up I enjoyed it much more alone than with friends, but have never had the chance to experience it the way the locals suggest. If you have a girlfriend, I suggest you take her with you. Spain is truly a magical place.

Itís late here and time for me to go to bed. Good night.
KC Girl

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