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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis


"Don’t go, Joey!" Luis whined for the umpteenth time. It was the night after the stake out and Sheridan and Luis were at the airport to see Jordan off.

"God Luis, for a grown man you whine like such a baby." Sheridan complained rolling her eyes. Inwardly, though, she thought he was adorable.

"Oh it gets much worse. Wait till he wakes up in the morning and complains when his coffee isn’t ready." Jordan said adjusting her duffel bag on her shoulder. Luis smiled in feign annoyance as Sheridan blushed at Jordan’s implication that the two of them would be living together. She hadn’t thought of that yet but nonetheless the notion made her feel good all the way down to her toes.

"Look, I just don’t want Joey to leave yet. We haven’t seen each other in ages. You can’t blow in and blow out like a tornado." Luis protested.

"I have to go. Robert is swamped with all my work and my director will have my head if I’m not at work tomorrow." Jordan explained. "I promise I’ll keep in touch. And tell you what; I’ll throw in a trip to Harmony every once in awhile. Agreed?"

"Agreed." Luis relented with a smile.

"Announcing final boarding call for flight DC444 to Washington D.C. All passengers please proceed to Gate 4." the speaker system blared. Jordan turned to Sheridan who was smiling.

"You think they’re trying to tell me something?" she said with a grin. Sheridan pulled her into an embrace.

"I’m going to miss you. You’re the closest friend I’ve ever had."

"I’ll miss you too, Sheridan." Jordan said returning the hug. "Take care of Luis for me, okay? He’s a hard man to live with but he’s the best."

"Come here you!" Luis said as he extracted Jordan from Sheridan’s embrace for one of his own. "Take care of yourself."

"You too." she replied. Sheridan watched her kiss his cheek and then quickly turn and head for the gate. Luis grabbed Sheridan’s hand as Jordan disappeared through the walkway to the plane. Moments later she came back, "By the way, I expect an invitation to the wedding. I missed your first one Luis, I want to be there for the second." With that she left again as the attendant closed the door. Sheridan blushed as Luis looked down at her and laughed.

"What do you say we get out of here?" Luis said when his laughter died down. "You read my mind." Sheridan said as they walked back to Luis’s police cruiser.

"Good thing you’ll be inside my car, this time. I won’t have to worry about you smashing into it." he joked as he opened the door for her.
"You’ll never forget that, will you?" Sheridan asked as he got in and turned the ignition on.

"How can I? That was the first time we met. And I fell in love." Luis said sweetly and Sheridan felt her heart melt as she smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately. "Ice-cream?"

"Cookie dough?"

"Cookie dough. With colored sprinkles."

"You’re too good to me."

"Like I said before, I can’t account for some people’s taste. It’s still chocolate or nothing in my book."


Sequel might be coming soon…don’t know…I’ll keep you guys hanging for a while!




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