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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Sixteen

Adrenaline pumped through Luis’s veins as he watched Hank and Sheridan, from his hiding place behind chemical drums on the west end of the wharf, standing waiting for the drug lords to come and make the transaction…and kill Sheridan. Dammit! She was in danger and he couldn’t do anything about it. He didn’t know what he’d do to Hank if they hurt so much as a hair on her. He didn’t know what he’d do to himself.

"Right on time, Bennett." the voice of a man brought Luis to the business at hand. "I see you met both our demands."

"Shut up and take the damn money." Hank said harshly at the big man standing in front of him. Five other druggies were standing behind him - the remaining cartel.

"He shouldn’t be pissing them off." Jordan, who was crouched down next to Luis said. "He’ll just get them all riled up."

"Dammit Hank!" Luis swore softly.

"Feisty aren’t we, Bennett?" the main drug lord said "Is it because we’re about to kill this beautiful woman who you just happen to have a crush on?" the men snickered and Luis felt himself go red with fury.

"Just do what you have to." Hank snapped as he gripped Sheridan’s arm tighter.

"Well you’re going to have to let go of your girlfriend."

"You know, maybe you should forget about this petty revenge and just take the money and leave before something bad happens, Henri."

"Petty revenge? Oh no this is everything but petty." Henri snarled walking up to Sheridan. He ran a gun over her arm and Jordan had to hold Luis from blowing their cover. "That stupid FBI agent, what’s her name? Oh yeah, Agent Green. She soiled all our plans just like Ms. Crane over here. Even though I can’t kill her, I can definetly kill you, Sheridan. Can I call you Sheridan?"

"Go to hell!" Sheridan hissed when he brought his finger to her chin to force her to look at him. He laughed wickedly at her and pointed the gun to Sheridan’s chest.

"One shot Ms. Crane, one shot and it will be the end of your pathetic life." Henri threatened. "Be nice to me and I’ll let you go."

"Henri, just shoot her." one of them druggies urged.

"No! I want to take pleasure in this. I want it to be torture for Ms. Crane. And I want it to be torture for Hank to watch her die." Henri said in a slow, haunting tone. "But first, I need you to hand over the briefcase, Bennett. It all better be there."

"Oh don’t worry about that, Henri." Hank said as he let a trembling Sheridan go and walked up to the drug lord extending the briefcase. "You’re going to get everything you deserve." On cue, Hank lifted the briefcase higher and hit Henri’s lower jaw with the hard leather bound end. Swiftly Luis and the other officers surrounding the area moved in and grabbed the remaining drug lords. Luis watched as Jordan moved Sheridan out of danger and then promptly turned to kick Henri in the stomach. In a few moments the outnumbered drug cartel were handcuffed and being dragged away by the FBI. Sam was kneeling down beside Hank who had been shot in the struggle. Despite Luis’s current feelings towards Hank he found himself asking if his lifelong friend was okay.

"Is it bad?"

"I’ll be fine, Luis." Hank choked as an EMT came to aid him. "Sheridan needs you." Immediately Luis whipped his head around to find her. He saw her crying while Jordan pulled her into a consoling hug. He walked over to them and Jordan quietly handed her over to him and slipped away. Sheridan sobbed softly in Luis’s neck.


"Shh, it’s over Sheridan. It’s over." he soothed running a hand down her back. He held her quietly for a few seconds.

"I-I was so scared." she finally managed to choke out.

"We all were. But it’s okay now." Luis said and cupped her face in his hands. Gently he kissed her forehead and then her wet cheeks taking in the salty flavor of her tears. He felt Sheridan shudder in his arms at the intimate gesture. Slowly, he brought his lips to hers in a butterfly kiss. "I love you, Sheridan Crane. Even if you are spoiled."

"Luis," Sheridan sniffled but then broke out in a wide grin. Luis laughed and pulled her close, her face buried in his chest. "I’ve dreamed of you my entire life. It’s like I’ve been in love with you forever."

"I know the feeling. We were born to be together." Luis stated softly into her hair. All of a sudden, Jordan came between the two of them wrapping an arm around both of their shoulders.

"Of course you were born to be together! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you two pigheaded people!" she said indignantly. Luis and Sheridan laughed as they detached from the embrace.

"Thank you for showing us the light, Jo." Sheridan said sincerely.

"Without you we wouldn’t have overcome our pride." Luis added.

"Hey," Jordan said with a shrug, her eyes twinkling "Just call me Cupid."





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