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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Fifteen

Jordan found Luis standing at the edge of the Bennettísí driveway. She approached him slowly wondering what to say. What do you tell a guy whoís best friend just announced he had an illicit past?

"We went through everything together, Hank and I," Luis said sensing her presence "He was more like a brother than a best bud. I thought I knew him. I was so wrong. How couldíve I been so wrong?"

"Heís the same person. Heís the person youíve always known. Heís just messed up. And heís hurting Luis - hurting just like you are."

"Why is life so hard, Joey?" he asked and she took a step and stood near him.

"I wish I knew, Luis," she answered staring into the darkened street. "You just have to take it as it comes."

"But why me? Am I being punished? After everything thatís happened to me: Papa and Antonioís disappearance, my break up with Beth and my break up with you. Mama working for the Cranes. Sheridan. Havenít I suffered enough?" he asked pained. She noticed how he put his whole relationship with Sheridan as a problem in his life. She was more like a torture than a triumph. They had so much to go through. But they were going to go through it together, to be happy.

"Itíll be all right, Luis." Jordan said encouragingly.

"Right now that seems like such a lie."

"Donít worry. Sheridan will be fine. Youíll be fine. And one day you and Hank will be fine. You care about him so much, the hate and anger will fade eventually."

"Itís only anger, Jo. And disappointment and regret."

"Itís because youíre hurting. Time will heal your pain, it always does." Jordan said wisely. "Look at us, we got over each other. The pain and regret died away."

"It did. Iím not sure if I will be able to trust him again."

"You will. One day."

"We have to take care of Sheridan tonight." he said wrapping her in a comforting embrace. "Sheís so stubborn."

"Iím sure her stubbornness will save her life." Jordan answered against his chest. She closed her eyes and said a prayer for her. For all of them.

"Thank you." he said in her hair.

"For what?"

"For being what you are. For being here with me."

"Always and forever. We promised. Remember?"

"Always and forever. I remember." he smiled and pulled away.

"Címon we got some bad guys to catch, chocolate eyes." she turned and started walking back knowing the danger they all faced tonight.

"Iím right behind you, Green." he answered and followed. They found Hank and Sheridan waiting for them. Sam had just returned and was talking to Grace

"Honey, whatís wrong? I have this feeling your not telling me something." Grace said as Sam led her to the kitchen.

"Itís police business. Itís about Sheridanís attempted murder. I canít really talk about it." Sam explained nervously. Grace bought the explanation and walked into the kitchen announcing she was going to get some coffee for everyone. While she was gone Jordan explained the details of the stake out once again and then announced she would take Sheridan back to the cottage.

"Itís okay, Iíll take her." Luis said getting up.

"Sorry Luis, but itís my job. From now on Iím Sheridanís bodyguard again." she said with a firm tone. He looked at her and the shrugged dejectedly. "Sheíll be fine."

"I really will be Luis," Sheridan assured him as they walked to the main door. Jordan watched as they hugged and then Jordan smiled in reassurance at him and the two women left the Bennettís.

"You okay, Sheridan?"

"Not so much." she replied with a sigh "Iím terrified, Jo. But I have to do this."

"I know. Look, I know itís been a tough day. Why donít we go home and watch a movie on TV and scarf down on junk food to keep our minds off everything?" Jordan suggested with a twinkle in her eye as they walked into the cottage.

"Sounds like a plan." Sheridan answered with a lopsided grin. "Iíll get the ice cream while you find a movie to watch."

"Great!" Jordan said and for the next two hours the two women watched ĎMy Girlí and ate cookie dough ice cream. "Oh my God, this is so sad."

"I know." Sheridan sniffed wiping a tear away and passing the tissue box to Jordan. They were all cried out by the time the movie ended. "They shouldnít have killed Macualy Culkin in the end."

"Weíre pathetic." Jordan said laughing lightly as she turned off the TV. Sheridan chuckled and started clearing up the coffee table. Jordan glanced at the watched and realized she better get Sheridan prepared for the stake out.

"Itís time isnít it?" Sheridan asked quietly. Jordan nodded slowly.

"I think you better go get ready. Hankís going to pick you up in a half an hour." Jordan instructed and Sheridan nodded walking off sullenly to her bedroom. Jordan looked and heavenward and heaved a sigh. "Please God, please let everyone come out of this mess intact and I just donít mean with this stake out I mean this emotional trauma that will follow. Iím not sure if they will be able to survive."





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