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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Fourteen

"What?!" Sheridan asked as the room filled with pin-drop silence. "I donít understand. What do you mean theyíre after you, Hank?"

"Iím the one who owes the drug cartel the debt. I used to handle their dealings in the past." Hank said quietly his gaze dropping to the floor.

"And you knew, Jordan?!" Luis yelled outraged.

"I found out last night, Luis."

"Hank! How could you do this?!" Luis barked.

"Luis, it was a long time ago. Iíve changed. I havenít done anything illegal in some time and I wasnít involved with Sheridanís attempted murder!" Hank said desperately trying to make the situation better. The fact that he knew them and worked for them finally sunk into Sheridanís brain. Hank? Someone she had trusted from the moment she had met him. She put a hand over her diaphragm and took in a deep breath. Tears started welling up in her eyes. Jordan noticed and unswervingly wrapped a supportive arm around her shoulder.

"I canít believe it, Hank." Sam finally said, his anger apparent. "Why would you do something like that?! Why?!"

"Itís hard to live up to your standard, Sam!" Hank shouted. "Itís always been hard. With dad being the Chief of Police, you turning out to be the perfect son and to have a best friend who could never do anything wrong, it pretty much left me out in the cold."

"Thatís no excuse Hank and you know it!" Sam shouted.

Sheridanís heart went out to both of them. She felt she could relate to Hank. Despite her better judgment, despite the fact she should hate Hank at this very moment, she couldnít. And she knew Sam was going to have a difficult time dealing with this. They all were.

"Hank, no one ever expected you to be more than you were. We just wanted you to be all you could be." Luis said anger still in his voice.

"You donít know what itís like, Luis. How could you? Youíre perfect. I made a few bad choices." Hank said defensively. "Iíve always made a few bad choices."

"You couldíve come to us, Hank." Sam stated. "Dad always wanted to know what was going on with you."

"Dad didnít need me. He had you. You canít screw up. I was just a disgrace to the family." Hank said sadly. "I didnít want you cleaning up my messes. So I did what had to be done." "So what now?" Luis asked quietly. Sheridan knew he was hurting and she wanted to make everything all right.

"Iím not a criminal, Luis. I havenít done anything illegal. But I have this debt to pay the cartel and I donít know how I can."

"Thatís where I come in." Jordan said suddenly. The three men turned to her and a crying Sheridan. Hank looked at Sheridan apologetically and she just stared at him blankly. She didnít know what to do. Her whole world just tilted off its axis in a matter of hours. With finding out about the probability of her familyís involvement in the impostor mess with Luis and Hankís involvement with the cartel, she wasnít sure she would be able to talk. "The cartel is going to contact Hank, again."

"How can you be so sure?" Luis asked. As if on cue, a cell phone rang. Hank looked up at everyone and Jordan urged him to pick up.

"Bennett, here." Hank said gruffly. He talked for a few minutes and looked at Jordan. He held the phone between his shoulder and his ear, wrote something down on a pad on the coffee table and slid it over to Jordan. Everyone peered over to see what was written.

ĎThey want me to get them the money at midnight, at the wharf. They want me to bring Sheridan or theyíll hurt Kay and Jessicaí

Sheridan was shocked. Jordan scribbled something down in response and Hank read it out to the drug dealer on the phone.

"Okay, Iíll see you at midnight and Iíll have the money and Sheridan Crane with me." Hank said into the phone with distress. He hung up and stared at the disappointed faces of Luis and Sam.

"Sheridan will accompany Hank. Sheíll have full protection. A bulletproof vest, a gun, just in case, and FBI agents will have the area surrounded, the works." Jordan explained officially in the deathly silence that followed. "Sam, Luis and I will stake out there, too. Hank, youíll hand them a briefcase full of counterfeit money and before anything dangerous or illegal happens weíll nab Ďem."

"No I wonít let Sheridan go through this." Luis said his steely gaze still on Hank "Sheís not going to be put in any danger at his expense."

"Luis, itís-" Jordan tried to say.

"I donít want to hear it. Figure something out. Sheís not going."

"Yes, she is." Sheridan said and everyone turned to her in amazement.

"Dammit Sheridan! Donít do this!" Luis said harshly.

"Donít do what, Luis? Save Kay and Jessicaís lives?" she asked matching his tone. "I have to. They want Hank and me. Itís not going to work if Iím not there. Iím doing it Luis, to save everyone." He looked around for somebodyís support. Jordan shrugged knowing she wouldnít be able to fight with Sheridan, and Sam and Hank remained nonchalant. After all, she did have a point.

"Iím going to get some fresh air." Luis said defeated, pushing past Hank, giving Sheridan a weary glance and walking out the main door.

"Iím going to go find Grace and the girls." Sam said casting another disappointed look at Hank and exiting through the kitchen doorway.

"Hank, keep an eye on Sheridan. Iíll go talk to Luis." Jordan said and left the two standing there awkwardly. Tension and silence filled the room.

"Iím so sorry, Sheridan." Hank said slowly.

"Yeah, so am I."

"Iíve always been like this. Screwing up and then dragging people I care about into these messes with me."

"You didnít have to be like this. If you cared about them so much you wouldíve tried not to hurt them." Sheridan said sitting down on the couch.

"I tried. My God, I tried. It was never enough. No matter how hard I tried, I wasnít what they wanted me to be. Iím so screwed up." Hank said sitting across from her on the coffee table, putting his face in his hands. "Iím so sorry."

"I know, Hank." Sheridan said wanting to comfort him but not trusting him. She wondered how long it would take for her to trust him again. To forgive him. "I know."





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