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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Nine

Jordan watched as everyone left the Youth Center after the party. Luis had told them heíd clean up and she said sheíd stay. He refused to let her stay and said something about recuperating. She stood next to him as Theresa walked out the door.

"It was a great party." she stated as the door closed behind Theresa.

"Yes but itís over. Go home and get some rest will ya." Luis said sternly. "You gotta take care of yourself."

"Yes father." she joked. He looked at her seriously. "Okay, okay. I gotta go anyway, Sheridan is waiting for me in the car, but I have to ask you a favor."

"Shoot." he replied sweeping the floor of the gym.

"I want you to talk to Sheridan about what happened between the two of you. I think you should get it out in the open and tell her how you feel."

"I donít feel anything for her!" Luis said forcefully, then lowered his tone "Sheridan and I fight constantly and sheís made it quite clear that she doesnít want anything to do with me and Iíll be damned if I lust after a woman who doesnít want me to." Jordan thought if she applied the right amount of pressure heíd burst.

"Since when did that stop you from pursuing any woman? And you want to lust after her and you want to be a part of her life. How many times has your mother said when it comes to relationships and love, the heart never steers you wrong? Just listen to your heart, Luis." Jordan explained not caring how long it would take to convince him. She was going to get Luis to see what was in his heart.

"Why do I have this feeling that Iíll be listening to you?" he joked.

"Because Iím in your heart and Iím part of you." Jordan said sincerely. "I believe that the reason we didnít marry all those years ago was because you still hadnít met Mrs. Right. And Iím hoping that itís Sheridan."

"Youíre beginning to sound like Theresa." he joked again.

"Luis, Iím serious. I want to see you happy."

"Thank you for caring so much." he stated simply, pulling her into a hug "I love you and I donít know what Iíd do without you."

"Right back at ya babe." Jordan replied with a smile returning the hug. Then, someone from behind them cleared their throat.

"You coming, Jo?" Sheridan asked with a hint of impatience. Jordan was sure she saw jealousy in her eyes as well.

"Yeah, Iíll be right there. We still on for lunch tomorrow?" Jordan said to Luis. When he nodded she purposely kissed his cheek, brushing the corners of his mouth and whispered, "Think about what I said." And with that she headed out the door with Sheridan. "Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to tell Luis something important."

"Itís okay, I was just getting kind of lonely." Sheridan said. They got to her convertible and headed to her cottage. Jordan noticed that Sheridan was unusually quiet. Jordan turned on the radio switched stations until she found a song she liked. "Jo, would you pick a station already!"

"Whatís wrong with you?" Jordan asked frowning at the animosity in her voice. She had a pretty good idea what was bothering her though.

"Nothing. I want to actually listen to something for a change." she snapped. Jordan tried not to smile.

"Fine!" Jordan retorted and left the radio blaring a heavy metal song. Sheridan rolled her eyes and turned off the radio. "What was all that about?"

"Look, Iím just stressed out okay? People tend to get cranky at midnight, when theyíre not in bed." Sheridan said completely exasperated. Jordan remained quiet as Sheridan pulled her car near the cottage. They got out of the car and Jordan decided to find out what was wrong.

"Sheridan, what in the world is wrong with you?" she asked. Sheridanís eyes narrowed as they entered the house. "Are you mad at me?"

"Do I have a reason to be?" Sheridan shot back.

"I think youíre jealous." Jordan said calmly, placing her hands on her hips.

"Jealous?" Sheridan asked incredulously. "Why would I be jealous of you? You know Jordan you walk in here, thinking you know what everyone feels and thinks. You have no idea what it is like to feel the way I do."

"Then tell me why you are so angry with me!" Jordan demanded. She knew she was pushing all the right buttons. "What did I do?"

"Youíre such a hypocrite!" Sheridan replied.

"Why am I a hypocrite?"

"Because you go around saying things like ĎLuis wants you Sheridaní and Ďyou canít run away from how you feel about himí and then you go and kiss him, when you said that there was nothing between the two of you. I think youíre the one denying your feelings." Sheridan yelled and then looked as if she immediately regretted it.

"So this whole thing is about Luis isnít it?" Jordan asked trying to stifle a smile. She knew that Sheridan was jealous of the kiss between Luis and her. She decided to get Sheridan real steamed. "I knew you were jealous. Look whoís being a hypocrite now? You walk around saying that you want someone to love you for who you are and when that person comes along you brush him off! If you keep that up youíll fulfill your own prophecy!"

"Youíre being a real bitch, Jo!" Sheridan snapped astonished.

"Gee, Iím sorry to cramp your style!" Jordan spat sarcastically and she knew that if Sheridan were a cartoon character steam would be coming out of her ears. Suddenly, Jordanís cell phone rang and she turned away from Sheridanís icy glare to answer it. "Talk to me."

"Hey Green!" she heard a male voice say.

"Robert. Wassup?" she asked recognizing the voice to be that of her partner. "You in Washington?"

"Yup. Congrats on the Crane case." he said enthusiastically.

"Thanks. Iím glad itís over."

"Well thatís where youíre wrong. We just got a tip that some of the men from the drug cartel are still out there and in Harmony." he explained. Jordan swore into the phone and turned around to see if Sheridan was still there. She wasnít.

"So any idea who they are?"

"Yeah. But there is one guy in particular that we need you to look out for. He isnít a member of the cartel but heís handled a few of their cases. Heís clean now because he served some jail time and we have nothing to hold against him. Yet. But he has this big debt he owes to the cartel. We need you to get him to help us nab all of these druggies." Robert informed her. Jordan rubbed the bridge of her nose in agitation, registering the information. "His alias is Joseph Marcel, but his real name is Hank Bennett."

"What?!" Jordan asked almost dropping the phone "Youíve gotta be kidding me! There has to be some mistake!"

"Green, this is the FBI, we donít make mistakes. So I reckon you know Hank. Thatís even better."

"No itís not better Rob! Hank is Luisís best friend, the Chief of Policeís younger brother and Sheridan Craneís personal friend."

"Damn! The guy is really screwed." Robert said blithely.

"This isnít funny, Robert."

"Youíre right, it isnít. But whoever said your job is supposed to be? And may I remind you Jo, that this is your job. Get Bennett to help you and fast, because the bureau doesnít care whether he is the presidentís son or a cable guy." Robert lectured.

"Alright, alright. Get me all the info on his past dealings. Iíll keep in touch." Jordan turned off the phone and sat on the couch frustrated. "Hank, why did you do this!? How am I gonna tell Luis and Sheridan about this?"

"Tell Luis and Sheridan about what?" asked Sheridan from the doorway.





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