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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Eight

Sheridan walked up the Youth Center steps with indecision. It had been two days since Jordan was released from the hospital and now, Ethan was throwing a party ‘to celebrate Sheridan’s escape from death and to honor Jordan’s courage’, as he so eloquently put it. By some miracle he had convinced Luis to let them use Youth Center for the party. Sheridan guessed the miracle was named Jordan. She took a deep breath and pushed through the gym doors of the Youth Center.

"Hey, it’s the first guest of honor!" Hank said as she entered. Everyone there cheered and clapped as Sheridan blushed and smiled. She walked over to Gwen who was talking to Theresa. ‘Ironic, isn’t it?’ Sheridan thought to herself.

"Sheridan! You look fabulous." Gwen greeted kissing her cheek. Theresa smiled her acknowledgement. "So where’s Jordan. I thought you were coming together." Jordan still lived with Sheridan despite her protest. Sheridan liked having her around and the two had become quite close.

"She had an errand to run so she said she’ll come by herself." Sheridan explained and just as she finished she heard a low murmur coming from the group of men near the door. She turned to see what was happening and saw Jordan enter wearing a peach summer dress with a halter back. Her hair was done up in a delicate knot and tendrils fell on her shoulders highlighting her long slender neck.

"Looks like our second guest of honor is here, too." Luis said giving Jordan a hug. The same round of applause went around for Jordan too as she made her way with Luis to the center of the gym "Let the good times roll!" On cue Chad turned up the music and Sheridan watched as people started dancing around. Jordan left Luis’s side and walked to where Sheridan was standing.

"Hi!" she greeted cheerfully. "Man, I didn’t know it was going to be casual. I feel so overdressed."

"You look fine." Theresa assured her.

"The male population sure thinks so but you’re making us feel inadequate, you know." Beth said coming up behind her.

"Nonsense." Jordan laughed and looked at Sheridan. "You okay?"

"I’m fine." Sheridan lied. Actually she was anything but fine. The conversation she had with Jordan in her hospital room was still plaguing her. If she didn’t know better Jordan would probably be trying to get information from her on what happened between her and Luis. ‘Luis used me. It is as simple as that.’ Sheridan said to herself. Jordan said something about thanking Ethan for the party and when she turned to leave, a group of teenage girls, who were there on Theresa’s request, surrounded Jordan. Theresa laughed as she explained to the three bewildered women that they had all wanted to meet Jordan.

"Jordan Green this is my best friend Whitney Russell, her sister Simone, Kay and Jessica Bennett and Charity Standish. Guys, this is Jordan Green." Theresa introduced. The girls exchanged pleasantries and Sheridan remembered when the girls had gathered around her when she was volunteering here.

"What I can’t believe is that Luis’s ex-fiancée turned out to be Sheridan’s bodyguard." Whitney said. Sheridan felt that she would explode if anyone mentioned that fact ever again.

"It’s fate, Whit." Theresa said with a playful grin.

Sheridan wanted to scream. "Anyway Jordan, tell us how Luis proposed." Jordan blushed and looked up at Sheridan. ‘This is my chance on proving to her that I’m way over Luis…and to myself.’ Sheridan thought.

"Yeah Jordan, I’m dying to hear about it!" Sheridan added. Jordan looked at her confused but then smiled amiably.

"Oh it was the most romantic night of my life!" she said in an excited whisper. "He took me on a boat ride across the lake to the other side of the woods in the middle of the night to make sure no one disturbed us. We had a private picnic in the woods and then he asked me to dance, and we did for an hour or so. When I asked him why he was doing all of this he dropped down on one knee and simply said ‘Joey, will you marry me?’ I was so overwhelmed I just nodded and he pulled me into a fiery kiss…then one thing led to another and well you know…" she trailed off blushing profusely. The teenagers giggled and Sheridan felt her heart tighten in her chest. "But hey, this a party- not gossip central, don’t you guys want to dance?"

"This music is getting a little too sappy." Simone replied glancing at the men who were huddled together on the other side of the gym listening to the baseball game on the radio Miguel had brought.

"That’s because Chad is too busy listening the baseball game!" Kay shouted at Chad, who looked up at the sound of his name and then looked back down again, shrugging. The girls rolled their eyes.

"What a dull party." Jessica complained.

"Well then we gotta liven it up again." Jordan stated. "Let’s get the director of this Youth Center to get down, shall we?"

"Luis, get down? You’ve gotta be kidding me." Sheridan choked out.

"Sheridan’s right Luis would never do anything um…funky." Beth said.

"You just gotta learn to pull the right strings." Jordan said as she walked to the DJ station Chad had vacated. She searched through the rack of CD’s and after finding the one she was looking for popped it in and the girls watched as she pressed play. She walked over to the lights and dimmed them as the opening notes of the song "I’ve had the time of my life" filled the gymnasium. Luis turned around and looked at Jordan with amazement. She walked to the middle, an eyebrow raised invitingly and an arm stretched out for him. He walked to her without a word and reeled her just as the beat of the song quickened. The two of them went through the steps of the dance from the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’, never taking their eyes off each other’s face as everyone watched in awe. Luis had a seductive grin on his face as he pulled Jordan close holding her stomach, her back to him. Sheridan looked at Jordan for a minute and she realized what she was trying to do. It was working.

The song ended and Luis pulled Jordan in his arms for a hug as everyone around them clapped. He loved dancing with Jordan but when he was, he knew deep down he was thinking of the tango he had danced with Sheridan in this very gym. Chad started playing a slow song and Luis continued to dance with Jordan while looking around the room at the other couples. Jordan followed his gaze as it rested on his sister who was dancing with Ethan, again.

"Does it bother you?" Jordan asked.

"Very much. He’s engaged to Gwen Hotchkiss and she’s just looking to get her heart broken. Okay so maybe he’s a good guy but he’s a Crane." Luis explained. "I will not allow Theresa to get involved with one. They burn everything they touch."

"And you should know from personal experience, right?" Jordan observed, "I think her name is Sheridan."

"Joey…" Luis sighed heavily "Don’t start this again."

"Well she obviously hurt you bad. Why don’t you just talk to her?"

"Look, maybe for sometime I thought we had a future together. But she’s a Crane. It will never work out."

"Oh that’s bull Luis and you know it." Jordan chided. "The reason you don’t wanna talk to her, or beg to find out what happened is because your ego was hurt. You don’t wanna admit Sheridan got the best of you."

"Yeah so maybe that’s why. What’s wrong with that?" Luis asked.

"Nothing. But don’t you think that you owe it to yourself to know exactly what went on between the two of you? You saved her life so many times because you cared. And don’t give me the it-was-my-job-as-a-cop speech. You don’t get that kind of a gut instinct doing your job. You two have developed quite a connection. Reminds me of us." Jordan exclaimed as the song ended and another slow love song played.

"You know the one thing I’ve missed most about you is the fact that I could always tell you how I feel." Luis stated sincerely. It was the truth. He didn’t have to hide from her. He didn’t want to.

"So tell me what you feel." she whispered bringing her face closer to his. Suddenly all the times they had spent together flooded back to him as he imagined standing with Jordan eight years ago and how everything was so simple back then. Granted his family life was a mess, but his feelings for Jordan were constant, stable. His emotions were in check, unlike now, when they were on a continuous roller coaster. Even with Beth he knew where he stood. But with Sheridan…with Sheridan he was going crazy. Without thinking he tilted his head and caressed Jordan’s lips with his own, losing himself in the kiss. ‘Sheridan…’ Immediately he pulled away.

"Oh my god Jordan. I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me."

"Don’t worry about. I sort of wanted to kiss you again to remember how it felt. I don’t know why exactly." Jordan laughed. "I knew I wanted to kiss you too. I mean what’s a kiss between two old friends? I just didn’t feel right about continuing." Luis explained slowly.

"Sheridan, huh?" she asked. Luis threw his head back and laughed. "Some things never change."

"Some things aren’t supposed to." Jordan said perceptively. The song ended and they walked to the punch bowl. Suddenly they heard Ethan’s voice over the crowd.

"Everyone, I’d like to make a toast." he said as everyone gathered around him. "First, to my aunt, Sheridan." Everyone cheered as Sheridan walked to Ethan with a smile. Luis couldn’t help but smile when she did. She was beautiful and always managed to take his breath away. "Even though she can’t keep out of trouble, I still love her dearly." Everyone laughed as she punched him playfully on the shoulder. "And to Miss Jordan Green. The reason Sheridan is still alive today- Jordan from the bottom of my heart, I thank you." Everyone cheered as Luis put an arm around his friends’ shoulder.

"It was my duty to protect Sheridan but I appreciate you throwing this party Ethan and I thank all of you for coming." Jordan replied.

"To Sheridan and Jordan." Ethan said finally "Two wonderful women."

"Sheridan and Jordan!" the guests cheered and clonked their plastic glasses together. ‘Wonderful women…’ Luis thought ‘And I let them both go.’





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