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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Six

Jordan watched Luisís expression turn from blissful content to utter shock. She had gotten her answer. "You two were involved werenít you?"

"Well we went out on about two dates and thatís all." he admitted glancing at Sheridan who was now dancing with Hank.

"But you wanted it to be more?"

"No, look everything was going just fine between us, I mean I started looking at her in a new light, we enjoyed each others company but then one day she turned against me. She blew into the Youth Center slapped me across the face and blew right back out. I donít know what I did, but Iím tired of trying to figure it out."

"Slapped you for no reason? That doesnít sound like Sheridan."

" The two of you seem to be hitting it off." He said changing the subject.

"I feel bound to her, not like her bodyguard but likeÖI donít know itís hard to explain, but I really like her. We had so much fun yesterday."

"Well, Iím glad. I just donít want anything to do with her." he stated.

"Oh come on!" she said remembering when Sheridan said that Luis would always hate her. "You wouldnít have flown to Paris to save her if you didnít care."

"It was my job. I had this instinct and I felt she was in danger. I had to do something and she wasnít listening to me." he argued. Jordan knew he had fallen for her. Out of the blue, Luisís expression became tense and she followed his gaze. Theresa was dancing with Ethan Crane. Pilar had filled her in on the situation and Jordan knew Luis was anything but happy just then. "That son of a bitch!" Jordan saw Sheridan, Beth and Hank glance up in the direction of Ethan and Theresa who were still unaware about Luisís knowledge of their situation. Jordan quickly grabbed Sheridanís hand and pulled her with her to stop Luis before he made a scene. Jordan caught up with Luis halfway through and she spun him around to a halt.

"Luis!" she said harshly "Donít make a scene!"

"ThatÖthat Crane is dancing with my sister!" he yelled making Theresa and Ethan looked up. Theresa was literally shaking.

"Luis, Luis, listen to me." Jordan said trying to get a hold of the struggling Luis.

"Stay out of this Joey, itís none of your business."

"It is my business! When youíre gonna make a fool of yourself in public, it is my business. Would you stop being pigheaded for a second and listen?" Sheridan went to stand near Ethan and Theresa. A few people noticed Luisís heated glare but continued with the festivities. He stopped struggling and looked at Jordan, telling her he was listening. "Leave them alone-theyíre only dancing."

"I told her to stay away from the Cranes, I didnít even know she knew Ethan. She lied to me. Sheís been lying to me all this time."

"Luis, it isnít like that." Theresa said from where she stood.

"I donít even want to hear it, Theresa." he yelled.

"Luis, calm down. Okay she lied. But you canít blame her." Jordan stated.

"What do you mean? Whose side are you on anyway?"

"This isnít about sides Luis. You canít tell her who to be friends with. Donít try to lead her life for her. Sheís old enough to make her own decisions." Jordan said hotly.

"No she isnít!" Luis snapped. "She doesnít know what-"

"Youíre not her father Luis!" Jordan interrupted. He glared at her.

"Iím the closest thing she has to one!" Luis screamed, now upset with Jordan.

"Unfortunately!" Jordan retorted and immediately regretted saying it. She saw the hurt in his eyes as he tried to walk away. She grabbed his arm again and apologized. "I didnít mean that Luis. Iím so sorry. I was angry, it just came out."

"Yeah." Luis said the pain in his voice still obvious.

"Look, letís go talk about this calmly and rationally and somewhere less public." Jordan suggested hoping Luis would forgive her for her offensive remark.

"Youíre right."

"Good, letís-" Jordan trailed off as she noticed someone moving around in the bushes. She leaned forward to see who it was and saw a barrel of a gun pointed at Sheridanís back. "Oh my god! SHERIDAN!" Jordan scrambled forward and pushed the blonde out of the line of fire but the bullet hit Jordanís left shoulder blade. She groaned as a pain of a million jolts of electricity soared through her body and she fell to the ground.

"JORDAN!" she heard Luis callÖand then everything went black.

Everything happened so suddenly for Sheridan. People were screaming and running all over the place. Luis rushed to Jordanís side yelling for somebody to call an ambulance and then he looked up at Sheridan.

"Somebody get Sheridan the hell out of here!" he barked. Two plainclothes policemen dragged her away before she could say anything. She was escorted to a police car and shoved in. She finally found her voice.

"No! I want to make sure Jordanís okay!" she protested.

"An ambulance is on the way to take Agent Green to the hospital. Youíre lucky that she pushed you out of the way Ms. Crane." The FBI agent who was driving the police car stated.

"Take me to the hospital!" Sheridan demanded. She knew protecting her was Jordanís job, but Sheridan felt guilty. She didnít want anything to happen to Jordan-she didnít want Luis blaming her for what happened to Jordan. When the FBI agent didnít listen she raised her voice and said "I said take me to the hospital now or Iíll have you standing in line at the unemployment office so fast you wonít know what hit you!"

"Yes maíam!" the man said and turned the car in the direction of the hospital. Sheridan rushed through the doors and found Luis and Hank waiting near the operation theatre.

"Luis! Is Jordan okay?" Sheridan asked. They both looked up surprised.

"Sheridan what are you doing here?" Hank asked.

"I came to see how Jordanís doing. Is she okay?" she repeated looking at Luis with a desperate expression. She wondered if he blamed her for what happened. She knew he loved Jordan, as much as she hated to admit it.

"Sheís in surgery now. Dr. Russell said sheíd be alright." Luis said finally.

"Good." Sheridan replied wanting to apologize but couldnít bring herself to say it. Luis ran his hand through his hair a confused expression on his face.

"The FBI arrested Pierre and Roger as they tried to run. Youíre safe." Hank stated with relief. "You donít have to worry about looking over your shoulder anymore."

"Thatís great!" Sheridan said thrilled.

"You need to give the FBI an official statement and everything and then youíll be free. Sam and Agent OíConnell are here. You want me to take you to them?" Luis asked.

"I want to wait till Jordan is out." Sheridan replied. Luis looked a little surprised.

"It might take awhile. Just go." Luis said. Sheridan wanted to argue but when she saw Luisís worried expression she thought it was best to leave.

"Iíll take her." Hank offered, "Let me know if anything happens."

After Sheridan had given the FBI a formal statement and was told she was to testify against Pierre and Roger, she and Hank went to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee for Luis.

"Sheridan!" Ethan said coming up and hugging his aunt. "Thank God youíre okay. I donít know what I wouldíve done if I had lost you."

"Iím okay Ethan. Thanks to Jordan." Sheridan said.

"How is she?"

"We donít know. I think she should be out of surgery now." Hank said. The three of them found Dr. Russell and asked her Jordanís condition.

"Sheíll be fine. She lost a lot of blood and is still unconscious so weíll have to wait and see. But I think sheíll be fine."

They thanked the doctor and went to find Luis. He was just coming out of Jordanís room. He looked straight at Sheridan.

"Sheís still unconscious." he informed worried. "Iím going to wait until she wakes up. I think you guys should go home." The others agreed and turned to leave. "Sheridan." She turned around hopefully. "Iím glad youíre safe."





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