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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Four

"That was the most exhausting day of my life! FBI training isnít even that hard!" Jordan exclaimed as she plopped onto Sheridanís couch. They had just spent the day at the mall. They had gone shopping, to the beauty salon, a movie and finally had lunch. Jordan tried to remember the last time she had bought so much. Sheridan giggled and plopped down next to her. "Thank you Sheridan. Iíve never had such a great day in a long time. How do you do it?"

"Practice, practice, prac-" she started to say but stopped, a wistful expression taking over her face. She had the same expression the night before when they were talking about Luis. "Anyway, youíre welcome. I havenít been out with a girlfriend in a long time. I enjoyed your company. Wow! I donít even feel as if Iím under protection when Iím with you."

"Well, Iím glad." Jordan claimed, paused and then proceeded "Can I ask you a personal question?"

"I guess." Sheridan replied. Jordan debated whether to go on, because of Sheridanís response. But when she saw Sheridanís expectant face she realized Sheridan wanted someone to talk to.

"Are you and Hank serious?" Sheridan looked down at her hands and then brought her eyes to meet Jordanís again. "Iím sorry, you donít have to answer."

"No, itís um just that," she trailed off "No Hank and I arenít serious. Heís a wonderful guy and I really like him, but thereís no connection, not like the one I feelÖnever mind."

"With who?" Jordan prodded. She was starting to get curious about her.

"This guy, I thought it would work out with but it wasnít meant to be."

"Is he someone here in Harmony?"

"Iíd rather not talk about it." Sheridan replied suddenly. Jordan understood and nodded quietly. "If youíre up to it we can go out for dinner."

"Well, youíre the boss. If you want to go then-allons!" Jordan exclaimed.

"You speak French?"

"Un peu de. I picked it up when I was in Lyon-a long time ago." she replied and noticed how anxious Sheridan was to change the subject. In an hour the two were seated in the Lobster Shack, laughing as if they were old friends. They talked about Jordanís life and she noticed how they stayed away from Sheridanís. Jordan asked Sheridan why she refused Pilarís invitation.

"Oh, um, well to be honest, Luis and I arenít on good terms and I donít want to upset the family and all. I know they all really wanted to get to know you and with me around youíd have World War III on your hands." she explained trying to sound cheerful. Jordan wondered if there was more to it but bought the explanation.

Later that night, Jordan tried to fall asleep but something was bothering her. She jolted up wondering if her instincts were telling her danger was around. ĎCould it be those drug lords? They mustíve figured out Antoine is in the slammer by now.í She quietly crept toward Sheridanís room and opened the door. Sheridan was sleeping peacefully, but as Jordan turned to leave she heard her call out.

"No, donít go please." she begged. Jordan walked closer to Sheridanís bed puzzled. Was she awake?

"Iím right here Sheridan." she whispered

"NO!!! I didnít do it! You have to believe me! Please come back I didnít mean to hurt you." she yelled and Jordan was beginning to worry.

"Sheridan, everything is okay." Jordan consoled, sitting on her bed.

"No, everything is wrong. Why wonít he listen?"

"Why wonít who listen?" Jordan asked holding Sheridanís hand. Suddenly Sheridan jolted straight up, her eyes wide but she looked as if she were still sleeping.

"LUIS!!! Please you have to believe me!" she screamed. ĎLuis?í Jordan thought startled. Sheridan brought her hands to her face. She sobbed and Jordan immediately hugged her. "Iím so sorry Luis."

"Shhhh! Itís okay," Jordan whispered into her ears, really disturbed. What hadnít she done? What was she sorry about? "Itís okay Sheridan. Everything will be fine." The crying woman looked up, shocked.

"Jordan? Where am I?" she choked disorientated.

"Youíre okay Sheridan. Youíre in your bed. You were just having a bad dream." Jordan said as Sheridan pulled out of the embrace. "Iíll go get you a glass of water." When Jordan came back, Sheridan was still visibly shaken. "Here." She took a sip of water and looked up at Jordan. She decided not to press Sheridan about her nightmare or anything else for that matter. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Iím better. How long were you here?"

"Not too long. I came to check if you were alright and you cried out."

"What did I say?" Sheridan questioned uneasily.

"You screamed Ďdonít goí and ĎI didnít do ití and something I couldnít understand. Why?" Jordan asked deciding to leave the Luis part out.

"Oh, Iím trying to remember my nightmare." Sheridan explained nervously.

"Well, maybe itís better if you donít. Try to sleep." Jordan advised as Sheridan settled back onto her pillow.

"Thanks, Jordan."

"No problem."

"No you really didnít have to comfort me, but you did. I feel safe with you." she said sincerely. "I really appreciate it."

"Youíre welcome. Goodnight." Jordan replied with a smile. She went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and returned to the couch. "Sheridan and Luis, whatís going on between the two of you?"

Sheridan fidgeted with the phone cord, while she waited for Ethan to pick up. She got his answering machine and swore under her breath. She didnít leave a message and banged the phone back into the cradle.

"Easy there, ace." Jordan said coming out of the kitchen and handing her a mug of coffee. "You seem upset, whatís wrong?"

"I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." Sheridan sighed.

"Well with that nightmare you had, anyone would." Jordan said and Sheridan squirmed. She was trying to forget about it, but it kept plaguing her. "Ooops. Sorry Iím not acting like Miss Sensitivity here, am I? You wanna talk about it?"

"Iíd rather not." Sheridan replied becoming very uneasy. Her dream was so startling. It was of Ďthat nightí again, but with a little twist. She was standing there with blood over her hands, but not as a child-as the woman she was now. Voices were calling her and then a familiar, dark figure appeared and whispered. "How could you Sheridan?" She asked the figure who he was and he said that he was in her heart but she refused to see it. She asked what she had done, and he told her that she had killed his father. Then, the realization hit her with the speed of lightning. "Luis?" she had screamed. He bent down and removed the sheet over the bloody body and she saw a face that resembled Luisís. He removed his hood and she saw his eyes filled with anger, regret and remorse. "I thought you were different, but all this time, you lied to me and to my mother. Iíve sacrificed a lot for you and this is how you pay me back? I loathe you, Sheridan." After that the only thing she could remember was waking up sobbing in Jordanís arms.

"Are you sure?" Jordan asked.

"Just drop it, Jordan, okay?" she replied a little too harshly. "Iím sorry but I donít want to talk about it." Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Jordan went to answer it and saw Luis standing there.

"Luis, what are you doing here?" Jordan asked glancing at Sheridan.

"Now do I need an excuse to come and see you, Joey?" he said and gave Jordan a kiss on the cheek. Sheridan turned away, not being able to bear the sight of him, after her nightmare. Would he hate her if he ever found out the truth? The thought was insufferable.

"Please come in Luis." Sheridan said finally. She saw the look of surprise on his face. He stepped inside and greeted her a good morning.

"Now whatís your real reason, mister?" Jordan asked linking her arm with his.

"Well, the Harmony Police Department is hosting this yearsí Fourth of July picnic, with the Cranes as sponsors, tomorrow and I was to cordially invite all the Cranes. Iíve already visited the main house and I now Iím here to invite you, Sheridan. You will come, right?" Luis asked anxiously. Sheridan felt warmth flow through her but then realized that he was only excited because if Sheridan came, Jordan would too.

"Luis, I donít think itís such a good idea." Jordan replied before Sheridan could say anything. "I donít want to put innocent people in the line of fire. And even with me around Sheridan isnít 100% safe."

"Címon, sheís just as unsafe here." Luis said.

"Would you two please acknowledge the fact that Iím still here and I would like to make the decision for myself?" Sheridan retorted infuriated. "Iím a big girl and I donít need people bossing me around and I will and can make my own decisions, and Iíll decide whether or not I will go to that damn picnic!"

"Oh boy, here we go again!" Luis said. "Canít you get it through your head Sheridan? People only want to make sure youíre safe!"

"Oh and that means kidnapping me against my will and trying to impose their will on me. Well hereís a news-flash for you Luis, although I think Iíve given it to you many times before, I donít need your help! Or anybodyís for that matter." Sheridan barked. She didnít know how this all came back to Luisís rescuing her. Sheridan saw Jordan standing there a perplexed expression on her face. ĎThis is the first time sheís seen us fightí Sheridan realized. ĎYouíre in for a lot more, Jordan.í

"Oh would someone please tell her to get her ass off that high horse of hers! Your not invincible Sheridan, I wouldíve thought that what happened in Paris and at the cabin would have made you realize that! But no, Sheridan Crane is almighty." Luis said throwing his hands in the air exasperated.

"Iím strong and independent. I never asked for your help!" she hissed.

"Hey! Hold up! Both of you!" Jordan yelled coming between them. She then turned to Sheridan and added in a softer tone "I hope you donít mind my saying this, Sheridan but being strong isnít only about making decisions for yourself, itís about knowing when to ask for help too. I have to agree with Luis. You needed his help and all everybody is trying to do is make sure you donít go six feet under, okay?" Sheridan controlled her temper realizing that Jordan was right. She liked the way Jordan had put it, unlike everybody else in her life ordering her around. She glanced at Luis who had a smug smile on his face. Jordan immediately turned to him.

"And is this is how you treat a lady? You canít go around imposing your will on others, Mr. Caveman. Itís the nineties, if you were a little nicer to her she mightíve asked for you help," she chided. Luis put his head down in surrender. It was now Sheridanís turn to have a smug smile across her face; she was starting to like Jordan more by the minute. She really had a big effect on Luis. "Man, I didnít know that you two could go off like this. You guys are so alike."

"No we are not." the two of them said simultaneously. Jordan raised her eyebrow.

"Do you want to go to the picnic Sheridan?" she asked. "I can get FBI to secure the place and maybe itíll be okay."

"If you think itís okay. I really would like to go." Sheridan said with a smile.

"Okay. But youíre gonna have me with you the whole time. Iíll really get on your nerves." Jordan teased and Sheridan felt so close to her, she pulled her into hug.

"Thank you." Sheridan said over her shoulder and watched as Luis looked on with amazement. Jordan whispered Ďyouíre welcomeí and then escorted Luis to the door. They kissed on the cheek but Sheridan couldíve sworn Luisís lips brushed the corner of Jordanís mouth. ĎIf I have to see more of that tomorrow then itís gonna be a long day.í





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