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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Chapter Two

Sheridan couldnít believe her ears. She felt as if someone and knocked the wind right out of her. Luis was once engaged? It was hard enough for her to see Luis with another woman and have that woman turn out to be her bodyguard but knowing he had asked her to marry him was just a little bit too much for her to handle. Hank and Beth looked shocked too. Luis looked down at the floor a sheepish grin on his face. He then looked straight at Sheridan. She looked away.

"No way!" Hank said disbelievingly "Lady, you must have known another Luis, because I know this Luis would never do anything that spontaneous!"

"Well why didnít you two get married?" Beth asked through gritted teeth. Sheridan knew Beth was jealous. Boy did she know it.

"There was always someone else." Luis said looking at Beth. She smiled a little.

"His mother." Jordan finished, oblivious to the look on Bethís face. "Itís a long story but let me tell you getting over this guy is the hardest thing I have ever had to do."

"Hey, youíre the one who broke my heart." he said playfully. "First girl to ever do that. You were the first girl to make me cry." Jordan turned to look at him again.

"I never meant to hurt you." she said with a wry smile. Luis looked as if he was going to kiss her. Sheridan felt sick. "Oh my god! Look at me, I came here to say hi to you and meet Ms. Crane and I end up riding down memory lane. I really have to get Ms. Crane home."

"But Sheridan and I have a date." Hank said. Sheridan winced hoping heíd somehow forget. "Sheís not going home right now."

"Well then Iíll have to tag along. Sorry but my job starts now. I promise to sit far away and not disturb the two of you." Jordan explained. Sheridan was starting to hate the situation more than anything.

"Iíll join you." Luis added. Her hatred went up another notch. "We have a lot of catching up to do. Donít worry we wonít double, Iíll just help Joey make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Look thereís no point in you two sitting far away. I was planning a private dinner and it will be no fun with the two of you watching. You can just join us. I really want to hear about your past together." Hank said disappointed. Sheridan wanted to scream Ďno!í but kept her cool. She calmed herself down and told herself that she would be able to get through the night. "You donít mind do you Sheridan?"

"Look, Hank do you mind if I take a rain check, tonight?" Sheridan asked finally deciding that she wouldnít be able to make it through the night, not with Luis there.

"What? Why?" Hank whined confused. Sometimes the man just didnít get it.

"Ok I think Iíll be leaving now. I really got to go back to the Book Café." Beth said suddenly. "Iíll see you all later. Nice meeting you Jordan."

"Nice meeting you too, Beth." Jordan replied as Beth left. "Um, look why donít we wait in your office Luis. Ms. Crane, please tell me when youíre ready to leave." The two left and Sheridan decided to come clean with Hank.

"Look, Hank I was looking forward to tonight but I donít want Luis to be there." she said "Itís just upsetting and I canít handle it tonight."

"Hey, weíll just tell him to get lost!" Hank suggested. Sheridan gave him the Ďyeah rightí look and he sighed "Okay. It wonít be fun with them anyway. Sheesh! I canít believe Luis was engaged. I thought Beth was the only girl he ever loved."

"Me too, Hank," Sheridan sighed "Me too."

Jordan walked ahead of Sheridan as they made their way to her cottage on the Crane estate. She was awed by the size of the estate although she knew that it would be incredible. She had seen many large houses but she liked this one the best. The grounds were beautiful and it was located in a peaceful little town. Harmony. What could be more perfect? She told Sheridan what she was thinking about.

"Thank you." the blond woman replied. "I havenít lived here that long, but I guess itís home." By this time the two women were already inside the cottage and Jordan immediately started checking the place out. She went to make sure the windows were locked and the kitchen was safe. She saw Sheridanís forlorn look and apologized.

"Sorry Ms. Crane, itís routine procedure."

"Youíre just doing your job. Itís okay. Please, call me Sheridan."

"Okay, Sheridan, I know this bodyguard thing is gonna be awkward for you but Iíll try to be as un-domineering as I can. I can totally understand your discomfort." Jordan said, knowing that Sheridan didnít want a bodyguard, from the FBI report. If she remembered clearly, the report said that ĎMs. Crane had vehemently refused to have anyone guarding her.í "Try to think of me as someone who wants to make sure youíre okay. So what do you say, friends?"

"Iíd like that." Sheridan replied smiling. Jordan liked her already. ĎAnd Luis said that the Cranes were rude, self-centered people.í she thought. "Well, um, I guess you can sleep on the sofa, itís one of those sofa cum bed things. Iíll go get you some fresh linen."

"Iíll help you, Sheridan." Jordan said, "Luis never mentioned you to me before."

"Thatís because Luis didnít know me when he knew you. We met a few months ago. Like I said, I havenít lived in Harmony for years."

"Oh right you grew up in Paris." Jordan finished and when Sheridan gave her a puzzled look she added "I read about you Cranes in a magazine article. They scrutinized your life in every single detail. Doesnít it get frustrating?"

"Like youíve never imagined." she replied. The two women set up Jordanís cot and headed for the kitchen to set up dinner. "I had the cook send some food here. No one is at the main house so itís easier here." They sat down to eat and Sheridan told Jordan about her life in high society.

"Wow! I wonder what it must be like to live like that. It must be great. You have everything." Jordan said taking a sip of water. "If I wasnít so satisfied with my own life, Iíd envy you." Sheridan laughed at her comment.

"You really donít want anything more out of life?"

"I didnít say that. But I donít think I could lead your life. No, I want to settle down in a peaceful little town, marry the perfect guy and raise a family, one day. You know the white picket fence thing." Jordan replied as Sheridanís face became pensive.

"You want exactly what Luis wants." Sheridan said with a hint of sadness in her voice that made Jordan wonder what she said wrong.

"Well Luis and I dreamed of that life together. We were going to spend it together but things went haywire." Jordan explained becoming a little pensive herself.

"Wow, you two must have had a real good relationship."

"The best. I was so in love with him. A part of me wishes that we had gotten married. I guess it always will. But there were too many things in our way. I guess true love doesnít always win." Jordan said, and at this point she had to will tears back. To distract herself she began picking up the plates and glasses.

"But you both wanted the same things, what happened?" Sheridan asked. Jordan realized that she felt real comfortable with Sheridan and proceeded to explain.

"Well he had a family to take care of and with me around it would just be another person to be responsible for. He was twenty, and he already had a full-fledged family to take care of, life wasnít fair for him and marrying me would have been a big mistake. I first thought he was marrying to get away from his responsibilities, but he proved that he loved me. He said he would never use me. And it was true, but I couldnít ruin his life. So I set him free." Jordan said while they cleared the table. "But you know what? Enough about me, how did you two meet? No offense, but you donít move around in the same social circles."

"Hmm, I donít think my meeting with Luis had anything to do with social circles." Sheridan remarked dryly. "I crashed into his police cruiser."

"Ouch." Jordan winced. She could imagine how furious Luis wouldíve been.

"Yes, well he had me arrested for speeding. I tried to use my last name to get me off the hook-bad mistake!" Sheridan explained as the two sat down on the sofa. "Then I crashed into his brand new cruiser and I was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, at the Youth Center-"

"Where Luis is the director." Jordan finished "Whoa! Talk about starting off on the wrong foot. But things must have gotten better?"

"Well he ridiculed me every chance he got, and we ended up fighting a whole lot. He gave me a hard time Ďcause my last name is Crane and he has this vendetta against us Cranes."
"Oh I know about that. He criticized your family a lot when were together. Iím not saying what he did is right but I can sort of understand him. He can act macho, rough, unloving and stubborn as hell, at times but deep down is a heart of pure gold." Jordan explained not wanting to bad-mouth her best friend.

"I wish I couldíve seen that part of Luis more often," Sheridan said somewhat dreamily then she shrugged and added "But I canít. Luis Lopez Fitzgerald will always hate me."

"Címon, the guy doesnít hate you. He wouldnít have flown all the way to Paris just to save you. Now that is not hate." Jordan said wondering what kind of relationship Sheridan and Luis had.

"How did you know about Paris?" Sheridan asked, changing the focus of discussion. Jordan wondered why.

"The FBI report. It has the full story. Your engagement to Jean-Luc, the drug cartel that were after you in Paris and how Luis saved you and the whole episode in the cabin." Jordan informed. Sheridan flinched and Jordan saw tears welling up in the other womanís eyes. Jordan intuitively put her hand on Sheridanís. "Iím sorry Sheridan I didnít mean to upset you. I know itís scary to have this happen to you."

"I just feel as Iíve been running from something my entire existence." Sheridan said breaking down. "I guess this is just one more thing to add to my list."

"Hey, itís okay to cry. You canít bottle up your emotions forever." Jordan consoled. "Okay, why donít you get some sleep and in the morning youíll feel a lot better. I promise as long as Iím your bodyguard nothing will happen to you."

"Youíre right. Thank you." Sheridan sniffled and then smiled "I canít believe Iím breaking down in front of a person I met three hours ago. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Sheridan." Jordan smiled as Sheridan went into her bedroom. "Thereís something about that woman I feel I can relate to. I just donít know what."





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