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A Love from the Past

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Love from the Past
by hot4luis

Legal Disclaimer: Donít own them. Am not affiliated with them. Donít try and sue me. This is just the product of spare time.

This is about Sheridan needing protection, but Luis isnít going to be her bodyguard. This takes place at the beginning of July. Please bear with me.

Chapter One

Luis stared blankly at Hank as he rambled on about how he was going to court Sheridan. He tried to seem interested but he was just tired of hearing about her. The sound of her name just depressed him. Suddenly the door to his office in the Youth Center opened and Sheridanís head popped through the crack.

"Oh sorry to disturb you guys. I just wanted to know if you were ready to leave Hank." she said avoiding Luisís gaze. Ever since he saved her up at the cabin, he wanted nothing more to do with her. He was just going to give up on her. Trying to understand what went on in that blonde head of hers was beyond him. Hank got up giving Luis a goodbye wave. He knew Luis didnít want Sheridan around.

"Hey guys check this out!" Luis heard a familiar voice say. The three of them walked out of his office to see Beth Wallace with a box in her hand. "More sport stuff for the youth of Harmony!" Luis brushed pass Sheridan to help Beth. He ignored the tingling in his arm her touch was giving him. Luis checked the items while Hank, Beth and Sheridan exchanged pleasantries. He immediately became engrossed in his work.

"Well, well, well, if it isnít Luis Lopez Fitzgerald." he heard another familiar voice say. He looked up and did a double take when he saw who was at the door. A woman with ebony brown hair, emerald green eyes and the most incredible smile was looking back at him. Her hair was longer than he had last seen it and she was dressed in jeans and a pink T-shirt. After the initial shock was over he opened his mouth to say something.

"Jordan Green?! Is that really you?" he exclaimed as the womanís smile brightened. He opened his arms without thinking and she rushed into them. When they pulled apart he looked at her grinning. "Oh my god I canít believe itís you. God how Iíve missed you!"

"Iíve missed you too. Itís been too long." Jordan said and then blushed looking over Luisís shoulder. He followed her gaze and remembered that they had an audience. Hank, Beth and Sheridan looked surprised-to say the least. He apologized and introduced everyone.

"Jordan this is Hank Bennett and Beth Wallace." Luis said pointing the two out. Jordan shook their hands. "Guys this is um, an old friend of mine, Jordan Green."

"Nice to meet you. Iíve heard a lot about the two of you." she said and turned to Sheridan, expecting Luis to introduce them. He sighed and did.

"And this is Sheridan Crane." he said not looking at her. They shook hands briefly but Luis interrupted them. "Joey, what are you doing in Harmony?" Luis asked turning her to him.

"Actually Iím here on business. And thatís Special Agent Green to you, Officer." she said grinning and flashing her FBI badge to his face.

"FBI? Oh my god! You made it!" Luis said smiling, proud of her.

"Yes. Actually, Iím here because I wanted to see you too. You see, I was in the headquarters in Washington and I came across a file marked Crane and when I opened it I saw the nameís Harmony, Lopez Fitzgerald and Crane and got real curious. Next thing I know Iím here. Iím your bodyguard Ms. Crane." Jordan explained as she turned to Sheridan.

"What?" Luis and Sheridan exclaimed together. Luis was shocked. Jordan was Sheridanís bodyguard? He wasnít trying to be chauvinistic but the coincidence was unbelievable.

"Your family wanted the FBI to handle this case and they thought a female bodyguard was the best for you and when I pleaded with my director that he give me this case, he agreed." Jordan explained calmly. Luis was over the shock but Sheridan wasnít. She had agreed to have a full time bodyguard after the whole cabin fiasco.

"Wow! A female bodyguard! Iíve never heard of that before." Beth said eyeing Jordan suspiciously. Jordan just smiled and turned to Luis.

"I stopped by your house. Your mom is wonderful. And I fell in love with Theresa and Miguel the moment I saw them. Theyíre just like you said they would be. When I saw them I didnít regret giving up on us." Jordan said and a tear trickled down her cheek. Luis took a step closer and wiped it away looking at her, memories of their past flooding through him. Especially when they first met.


"Ahhh!" Jordan screamed as she came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, when she saw him standing in what seemed to be her room. "Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?" Luis was so amazed by her beauty he didnít reply immediately.

"UhÖIím sorryÖ" he stuttered. Then he realized she was in his room. "This is my room! What are you doing here?"

"Oh great the lodge screwed up the living arrangements!" she complained to no one in particular. "They do this every year. Gosh, youíd think theyíd learn something. Look, umÖ"

"Luis. Luis Lopez Fitzgerald."

"Whoa thatís a tongue twister!" she said and gave him a million dollar smile. "Hi Iím Jordan Green. As I was saying, Iíll just get dressed and go get another room. Sorry for the trouble."

"No! Jordan, Iíll go get another room you were here first." he protested, "I am the one who is sorry for barging in on you."

"Donít be. Iím not." she said and smiled again. Luis had known, right at that moment, that he was going to have a great summer that year.


"Okay, Iím dying to know-how did you and Luis meet? I have known this guy my whole life and he has never mentioned you to me." Hank enquired interested. "God Luis youíve been holding out on me all this time. Any other women from your past I should know about?" Luis chuckled a bit and went on to explain.

"This just isnít any woman from my past. Sheís one of the reasons I am what I am today. Without her Iíd be completely lost." he said wrapping his arm around her waist. Jordan wrapped her arm around his waist too.

"I think Luis is giving me too much credit." Jordan said giggling. "Luis and I met when we were 18. We were both counselors at a camp together and because of my boyish name we ended up with the same room. The camp couldnít give me another room because everything was booked so we ended up becoming roomies."

"Oh so thatís why you kept insisting that you go to the camp for three straight summers!" Hank exclaimed. "You devil, you!" He wrapped an arm around Sheridanís shoulder. She squirmed and everyone except Beth and Sheridan laughed.

"Hey you still have the ring!" Luis exclaimed when the laughter died down. He noticed she was wearing it in a chain around her neck. "I remember the night I gave it to you so clearly. It could have been yesterday."

"So was that a promise ring he gave you?" Beth asked with what Luis detected was jealousy. ĎI didnít give Beth oneí he remembered.

"No," Jordan said looking at Luis fondly "He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him."





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