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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by ThePinkPeril

The town of Harmony is in the grip of fear tonight, October 13th-Friday. A serial killer is on the loose and has murdered all the residents of Harmony except the prominent citizens(coincidentally the stars of the show). Tonight as they watch in horror as the light of day fades to the dark veil of night. All the while wondering, who is next? As a last desperate act, they gather together in the church, hoping for salvation. Tonight could be their last on this Earth, so all is revealed.

Sam stands in front of the huddled families-'Listen everyone, I'm just as frightened as any of you. But we have to keep our calm. After all, with everyone here being the last living souls in Harmony, it can mean only one thing- the killer is here!'

A gasp fills the building followed by a deafening silence and shifty eye glances. Who among them was the killer?

Julian stands up abruptly-'It's TC I tell you! His temper has grown to the point he could no longer control it and took out the entire town. Arrest him, arrest him now!'

TC jumps at him-'I'm only mad at one person and that's you Julian. You took away my tennis career and my father. If anyone deserves to die it's you!'

Eve stops him-'No TC, he's not all bad, otherwise I'd never had slept with him all those years ago and mothered his child. Although he did take pictures which Ivy will show you. In them you can see how loving he is!'

Whitney and Simone cry out-'Mother no! You were a slut! My entire belief system is gone!'

Chad grabs both girls-'Good deal Mrs. R, then you won't mind me introducing your fine looking daughters to the world of LOVE.'

Eve smiles-'Oh Chad, show them a good time.'

TC is in shock-'Eve? What the..?' She takes his arm and leads them to a back pew.-'Come on I'll show you some moves Julian taught me.'

Suddenly the lights flicker and there's a blood curling scream. The lights return to normal to reveal the entire Russell clan dead along with Chad and Julian.

Ethan cries out-'Father no!'

Ivy laughs-'Oh Ethan don't worry your father is alive and well. Sam is your father not Julian.'

Everyone at once-'What?!?'

Sam runs to Ethan and hugs him-'I knew you were too good looking to be a Crane. You had to be my son.'

Grace and the girls just shake their heads in disbelief. Gwen and her mother Rebecca just gasp.

Theresa screams-'You're not a Crane?! I can't believe all the time I wasted on breaking up you and Gwen. I can't marry a poor boy. Well I guess it's on to your little brother.'

Ivy smiles-'Sorry gold-digger he's gay!'

Gwen is furious-'You were trying to break us up? Mother and I were right about you all along, you little whore! I hope you die!'

Theresa cries out-'Fine I will!' and then hangs herself, with a permanent scrunched face. Pilar so distraught that she could raise such a daughter also hangs herself. Gwen and Rebecca both die of shock from realizing the Crane-Hotchkiss merger won't happen.

Luis is crushed and turns to Sheridan-'I just lost my sister and mother, I can't lose you. Make love to me now.'

They run off. Hank grabs his head and falls to his knees.

Sam runs to his side-'Hank what is it?'

Hank's head begins to expand-'I think it's the chip Stefino DeMira put in my head.' And with that his head exploded, killing himself and Sam.

Ivy so upset hangs herself next to Theresa and Pilar. The lights flicker again revealing a dead Sheridan and Luis with major grins on their faces. Now it's just Grace, the kids, and outside Tabitha with Timmy.

Reese realizing this is the end tears off his shirt and throws away his glasses-'Kay, you and me now!'

Jessica pushes her aside-'No way he's mine!'

Miguel also realizing the end is near holds Charity close-'I can't believe this is how it's going to end.'

Her necklace begins to glow-'Yeah well here's another surprise for you.'

She kills him with a lightening bolt and then takes out Kay.

Grace screams-'Charity no!'

But then the lights flicker again, and this time showing the now dead Charity, Reese, and Jessica. Tabitha and Timmy are outside by the window watching.

Timmy is frightened-'Who is the killer Tabby?'

But before she can answer they are both struck dead.

Father Lonigan comes from the basement carrying candles and trips over the dead bodies-'What has happened?'

Grace runs to his side-'Father, everyone's dead. I must be the killer! But how, why, I know the angel told me this would happen.'

Father steps back-'You knew?'

She cries-'Well when she said everyone in Harmony would die I thought it was a metaphore.'

But then from the shadows-'It wasn't you dear sister. It was me saving you from all the sinners in Harmony.'

Faith stepped closer and Grace was outraged-'You killed my family, my friends. Why?'

Faith-'They were all evil in one way or another. I was just doing God's work.'

Father-'I don't believe that's what God intended.'

Grace grabbed her arm-'You murdered them all. You're the one who's evil.'

Faith-'Well if you disagree with me then you both must be evil.'

And she kills them both. But then she decides Grace was right after all. Her head begins to glow and spin. She blows up taking the east coast with her.

The End




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