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To Make Her Smile



















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Make Her Smile
by Fate


Chapter Eleven

At seven o’clock the next morning, someone was at Theresa’s door. Theresa heard the doorbell ringing; she was hoping it was Ethan.

It was Gwen.

"Gwen, hi…"

Gwen walked in and sat down on the couch.

"Hello, Theresa."

Theresa stumbled onto the couch. It was too early for this.

Had Ethan told Gwen about their kiss?

"Theresa, I have the most wonderful opportunity for you!"

Theresa blinked. Gwen sounded a bit too perky.

"An opportunity?"

"Yes. See, my roommate from college, Loren, is in need of an au pair. You do know what an au pair is, don’t you?"

"A nanny, right?"

"Right. Well, Loren is very desperate. So desperate, in fact, she is willing to offer you $10,000, plus a weekly allowance, if you were to accept."

Ten thousand dollars? Theresa’s heart began beating rapidly. She could actually contribute to her going to college!

"The only catch is, she would need you in Miami on Sunday."

Sunday? Why did this seem a bit too perfect?

"I know it sounds a bit weird, Theresa. That’s why I am leaving you with this. A ticket to Miami. Think it over. You don’t even need to let Loren and her husband know that you are going. But really think about it, Theresa. Think of what a great opportunity it could be for you. I’ll show myself out."

Theresa sat on the couch after Gwen left, her mind a swirl of confusion. She was sure that Ethan loved her. That kiss had said it all. Could she really leave Harmony when she was so close to getting what she had always dreamed of?

Gwen slipped into bed with Ethan, kissing his earlobe gently.

"You’re home," Ethan said sleepily, turning over to face her. Gwen nodded. It was time to stage part two of her plan.

"Hey, gorgeous," she murmured. Ethan smiled at her, the smile not meeting his eyes.

"Ethan, I was thinking…"

"About what?"

Gwen took a deep breath. This had to work.

"I want to move the wedding up. I want to be married on Sunday."

Ethan just looked at her, stroking her hair. After what felt like an eternity, he finally responded.

"Sounds good to me."

Gwen squealed, throwing herself on top of him. In less than a week, she was going to be Mrs. Ethan Crane!

Theresa took a deep breath as she arrived at the Crane Estate for work. Had it only been two days ago when Ethan had kidnapped her?

She walked in and noticed immediately that the house was buzzing with activity. People ran around at warp speed. Theresa was just standing there, confused, when she felt someone ram into her.

She felt a pair of arms wrap around her to steady her. She looked up and into Ethan’s gorgeous eyes.

"Ethan!" she exclaimed, not sure what to do. He smiled weakly at her.

"What’s going on? Why’s it all crazy like in here?"

"Theresa, I am so glad you are here!"

Theresa felt her smile growing. He was glad to see her! He was about to tell her that he loved-

"The wedding’s been moved, Theresa."

She stared at him, not sure what he meant.

"Mine and Gwen’s wedding is this Sunday. There is so much to do! I knew we should have worked on it last night!"

Theresa blinked rapidly to keep the tears from forming. This couldn’t be happening.

Ethan loves me! I know he does!

"Why…why did you move the wedding?"

"Gwen wanted too. She thinks it’s going to be too hot in a month. She wants to get married now, while things are a bit cooler."

Theresa heard the underlying meaning of his words. Suddenly, it hit her. Gwen knew. That’s why she wanted Theresa in Miami on Sunday. That’s why she wanted to move the wedding up to Sunday. She wanted Theresa out of town, and the wedding as soon as possible to make sure that Ethan didn’t back down!

"Ethan, what is it that
you want?"

Ethan stared at her, oblivious to his surroundings. All he saw was Theresa, her eyes, the memory of how her lips felt against his.

No one had ever asked what he wanted before.

"I want what makes Gwen happy. I love her, Theresa."

Theresa nodded.

"Well, then, what do you need me to do?"

Theresa didn’t know what else to do or say. She loved him so much. All
she wanted was for Ethan to be happy.

Ethan felt the life draining out of him as she spoke.

Man, what did you want her to say? I love you, Ethan? Yeah right. Face it pal: as of Sunday, you are going to be married to Gwen.

It was over. Ethan had made his choice.

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