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To Make Her Smile



















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Make Her Smile
by Fate


Chapter Nine

A note from Gwen was waiting for Ethan when he had gotten home from the Book Café.

Darling, Once more I will be out on business. I will be home tomorrow, though. Please get together with Theresa to finalize the plans. I love you. Gwen

Ethan sighed and sank down onto his bed. Why was Gwen doing this? If only she would stay here with him, maybe these stupid thoughts of his would disappear! But Ethan knew better than to call Gwen and ask her to come home. Besides, he wasnít really sure if having her with him would make things any easier.

He dialed Theresaís number.

"Hello?" her perky voice answered.

"Hey, Theresa."

Lunch had been interesting. Ethan couldnít take his eyes off of her the whole time! That disturbed him, but what was even worse was the fact that Chad and Whitney were sitting there the whole time, trying to dissect what was happening.

But nothing is happening!

Why wouldnít his heart listen to his head?
"Oh, hi, Ethan. Whatís up?"

Ethan licked his lips, trying to think of what to say next. Why had he called her?

"Not a lot. Say, what are you doing tonight?"

"I was going to hang with Miguel and Charity- why?"

"Well, after you left, Chad was telling me about the latest event on the pier."

"Ooh, sounds interesting. What is it?"

"Karoke. Iíve been waiting for a chance to hear you sing again."

Cheesy much, Crane?
"Fun! So, do you want to go?"
she asked, her voice even perkier than before.

"Uh, yes. But, we have to do a little work afterwards."

Thatís right. He had called her to work on his wedding.

"What kind of work?"

"Wedding work."

"Oh. Wedding work. Ok. What time does it start?"

"Six. Iíll pick you up at around 5:30."

"See you then."

Was it his imagination, or did her perky voice now have a sexy ring to it? Frustrated, Ethan slammed the phone down. What was going on? It was like whenever he was around Theresa, he lost all train of normal thought! Why was this happening to him less than a month before his wedding?

Ethan had an idea of why this was happening. But it would probably be best to ignore the fact that he no longer loved Gwen, if he ever did.

You are going to marry Gwen. You donít have feelings for Theresa. You donít.

Gwen sat down on a bench at the pier and looked around. It appeared that some sort of party would be happening later, but she was too preoccupied to care. She dug her phone out of her purse and began to punch in some numbers. Her plan to get rid of Theresa was about to be put into effect.

"Loren? Hi, itís me, Gwen."

"Gwen, hi!" gushed Loren VanVoreen, Gwenís college roommate. "So, how are you? Howís Ethan?"

"Oh, weíre fine," Gwen said, surveying the pier. Walking along Harmonyís pier always cleared her head. "But actually, I think I have found a cure to your little problem."

"My problem."

"Yes, your summer nanny problem. I know that you and Heath were looking in vain for a good au pair for Aurora, and I have found the perfect girl."

"Really! Oh, Gwen, you are so wonderful! Who is she? Tell me about her."

"Her name is Theresa, and I think she would love to come work for you in Miami this summer."

"Thatís perfect, Gwen! You are so thoughtful!"
If only you knew, Loren. If only you knew.

"Ethan asked me out!" Theresa yelled, jumping off of her bed and banging her knee on her nightstand. Whitney chuckled slightly. Theresa was such a klutz!

"Theresa. I donít consider working on the wedding to be a date. If your brain worked like any normal personís, you wouldnít either."

"Whit, stop being such a downer! Yes, weíre going to work on the wedding, but first, we are going to go sing a little karoke. Itís perfect!"

"Whatís perfect?"

Theresa sat back down on the bed beside Whitney, her big brown eyes shining. Whitney knew that look all too well.

"Whatís perfect, Theresa?"

"Karoke is the perfect way to reveal how I feel about Ethan, Whitney! Just think, all I have to do is pick out the perfect song, and then Ethan will realize his feelings for me. Itís perfect."

"Dream on, Theresa. Ethan will never realize his feelings for you because he doesnít HAVE feelings for you. Or, if he does, heís still marrying Gwen. Okay?"

"Whitney, Fate wants us together. Itís that simple."

"Girl, I swear, if you
ever tell me itís fate again, I think Iíll have to kill you."

"Whitney, itís Fate."

Whitney screamed into her pillow.

Ethan rang the door at Theresaís house at 5:30. Theresa immediately opened the door, her smile permanently restored. Ethan couldnít help but to be happy that he was at least part of the reason she was so happy.

"Ooh, Iím so excited, Ethan! I love karoke!"

And I love you, Ethanís head screamed.

Where did that come from?

"So, what are you going to sing?"

Theresa looked at him, smiling almost seductively.

"Thatís for me to know and you to find out."

Ethan raised his eyebrows. Tonight was going to be fun.

They walked to the pier, and with the sun hanging low in the sky and the pier decorated with white lights, it was a beautiful sight. Already the pier was getting crowded.

They walked to the sign up booth, and saw Chad manning it.

"Hey, Chad!"

"Hey you guys. Whatís up?"

Theresa shrugged.

"Itís Karoke time!" she said, grabbing a book. Her eyes roamed the list and she found what she was looking for. Ethan took the list from her and chose a song as well.

"Interesting choices," Chad said as he peered at their slips of paper. "Theresa, it looks like you are going to be the first one up. "

Theresa paled.
"Theresa, are you alright?" Ethan asked, hie voice filled with worry.

"IóI donít know if I can go first, Ethan."

"Please, Theresa. You are the best singer in Harmony- you donít have to be scared. Just get up there and do your thing!" Chad said. Ethan pulled her close to him, his heart beating rapidly,

"Theresa, you can do it. I know you can," he whispered into her hair.

Theresa shivered and squeezed Ethan back.

"Thank you, Ethan."

Chad just stared at them, laughter in his eyes.

"So, you gonna go first, Theresa?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, I think I will," Theresa replied, still staring into Ethanís eyes.

Whitney, Miguel, and Charity walked over to them.

"Are you going to sing, big sis?" Miguel asked, barely containing his excitement.

"Yeah, I am."

Miguel turned to Charity and grinned.

"Theresa has a voice hotter than Christina Aguilera," he explained.

"I canít wait!" Charity said, squeezing Theresaís hand. Everybody noticed that Ethan had his arm still around Theresa, but didnít say anything.

"Well, Theresa, youíre up."

Chad walked to the stage and grabbed the mike.

"Everyone, we are going to begin. Welcome to Harmonyís First Annual Karoke Competition. Our first contestant is Ms. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald."

A wild applause erupted from the audience as everyone began filing towards chairs. Ethan and the rest of the gang sat around the front table, cheering the loudest.

Theresa took a deep breath and started shaking. All of Harmony, it appeared had turned out for this event. Then she looked down and into Ethanís eyes. They hadnít left her since lunch earlier in the day. Gazing into them, she felt calm again.

"Thank you! I want to dedicate this to my friend, Ethan. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most, Ethan. I hope everyone likes country!"

The crowed yelled and Theresa began.

She's got you wrapped up in her satin and lace
Tied around her little finger
She got you thinkin' you can never escape
Don't you know your hearts in danger
There's a devil in that angel's face
If you could only see the love that you're wasting

I can love you better than that
I know how to make you forget her
All I'm asking is for one little chance
Cause baby, I can love you baby, I can love you better

I'm gonna break the spell she's got on you
You're gonna wake up to find
I'm your desire my intentions are true
Hey babe I know in time
You're gonna see what you mean to me
So open up your eyes cause seeing is believing

I can love you better than that
I know how to make you forget her
All I'm asking is for one little chance
Cause baby, I can love you baby, I can love you better

(I Can Love You Better, performed by the Dixie chicks on Wide Open Spaces. Written by Kostas & Pamela Brown Hayes)

The applause was deafening. Theresa bowed and smiled.

Please get the message Ethan! Please listen to what your heart is telling you!

Ethan just stared at her, mesmerized. Was she trying to tell him something?

Of course sheís not. She had no romantic intentions towards you. You have to stop this Crane! You might lose the best friend youíve ever had if you donít!

"You did wonderful!" Ethan said as Theresa slid into her chair. Theresa caught his eyes and stared. He didnít look away.

I love you Ethan Crane. Itís only a matter of time before you realize you love me too.

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