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To Make Her Smile



















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Make Her Smile
by Fate


Chapter Eight

Ethan held out his hand for Theresaís. They had decided to go for a walk on the beach when they returned to Harmony. She slid hers into his, and Ethan loved the way her hand seemed to fit perfectly into his.

"Itís so beautiful out here at night!" Theresa sighed, gazing at the stars.

"No, Theresa- you are so beautiful."

Theresa beamed at Ethan and searched his eyes. Ethan stared back as he led her to the rocks that lined the beach. He sat her down.

"What is it, Ethan? Whatís wrong?"

Ethan took a moment to organize his thoughts. If he told her what he was feeling, he could ruin their friendship! But if there was even the slightest bit of a chance that she felt the same way, then it was worth the risk.

"Theresa, IÖI guess Iím kind of nervous about the wedding. I mean, what if itís a mistake?"

"A mistake, Ethan? You and Gwen are meant to be together! How can you think that you are making a mistake?"

"Well, see, TheresaÖI, uh, thought that me and Gwen were meant to be together. But then I started thinking about what you were saying in the car. About losing yourself. And I realized that the only time that Iím ever really myself is when Iím with you. What Iím trying to say, is that, wellÖI think Iím not meant to be with Gwen. I think Iím meant to be with you."


Ethan stared at the stars, listened to the crashing waves, and willed himself to be able to finish this without wimping out.

"Theresa, Fate wants us together. Weíre meant to be."

Theresa stared at his face in wonder, the moonlight casting a shadow on her gorgeous face.

"You believe in fate, Ethan?" she asked in almost a whisper. Her eyes were filled with disbelief, but longing as well.

"Iíd have to believe in it, seeing that I found you."

He leaned in to kiss her. This time, Theresa didnít pull away.

"I love you Ethan Crane," she said, clinging to him like sheíd never let go. Ethan picked her up and carried her back to the sand and gently laid her down.

"I love you too, Theresa."

He lightly caressed her face, then kissed her forehead.

"Iíll love you forever, Theresa."

Gwen Hotchkiss loved watching Ethan sleep. He looked so young and peaceful. But Gwen was a little worried- after Ethan had gotten home around three in the morning, he hadnít even kissed her goodnight! He just rolled over when she went to kiss him. Ethan never turned down her advances- what was going on?

"I love you, Ethan Crane," she whispered, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"I love you too, Theresa."

Gwen froze. What did he say? Surely, her ears were playing tricks on her!

"Iíll love you forever, Theresa."

Gwen jumped out of the bed. Theresa! She knew it! She knew that lying bitch was after him- and it was appearing to be that she was winning him, too! Now it all made perfect sense. Why Ethan had seemed so different since she had been back from her business trip. He was falling in love with the housekeeperís daughter! It was almost too revolting to believe.

But then Gwen realized something.

She was the one with the ring on her finger. Not Theresa. And she still had a month to make Ethan realize that she was the one he loved. Not Pilarís trashy little daughter.

Gwen had a plan brewing.

Theresaís phone was ringing, awakening her from the most wonderful dream she had ever had.

"But it wasnít a dream!" she whispered, gazing down at her new
Lesí Mis shirt she had slept in.

After the play, Theresa and Ethan had eaten dinner at Tavern on the Green, had their picture taken in front of Tiffanyís, and enjoyed the sights of Broadway. Theresa couldnít wait until Sunday. A whole day in New York, with the guy she loved. Too bad it was only Monday.


"Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, you have some explaining to do!"

"Hey Whit," Theresa said, sitting up in her bed.

"Where were you yesterday? I tried calling you like ten times, but you were out."

"You wouldnít believe me if I told you."

"Well, all Iím going to say is that you sure do sound a whole lot happier. What, did Ethan Crane surprise you with a romantic picnic or something?"

"Yes, and after the picnic, we went to New York. It was sooo amazing, Whit!"

"You were sooo dreaming, Theresa. Like that would happen!"

Theresa sighed. Whitney was such a downer! But after yesterday, nothing could keep her good spirits down.

"Well, Whitney, it did. And I have proof."


After a minute or so, Whitney finally replied.

"Iíll be there in twenty minutes. Donít you dare go anywhere."

Yeah, right. Like Theresa would miss a chance of proving to Whitney she was wrong about Ethan!

"Iím not going anywhere."

Theresa was happier than she had ever been. Ethan loved her, she knew that for sure now!

Ethan woke up from the best dream he had ever had in his life.

Until it hit him: He had dreamt about Theresa, not Gwen!

Itís just pre wedding jitters. Thatís all it is.

He had a tendency to talk in his dreams. What if he had said something that he shouldnít have?

He reached over for Gwen, but in her place was a note.

Ethan- Errands to run. Iíll see you in a bit. I love you. Gwen

Ethanís heart slowed down. Good. Gwen hadnít heard a thing.

It was 10:15. He wondered what Theresa was doing? He thought about inviting her to the Book Caféí for breakfast, but then he realized that might be lame.

She might think that youíve got a crush on her or something.

He needed to clear his head. Ethan pulled a pair of Adidas from his closet and pulled them on. It was time to go for a run.

Whitney gaped at the picture of Theresa and Ethan.

"Wow. So you really werenít dreaming."

Theresa smiled triumphantly. She was finally getting through to Whitney!

"Nope. Ethan Crane loves me! I know he does! He just proved it to me."

Whitney looked at her like she was crazy.

"Theresa. How many times do I have to tell you?
ETHAN DOES NOT LOVE YOU. You are his friend. Youíve been down lately, so he wanted to make you feel better."

"Would you take the time out of your tennis schedule to surprise me with a picnic on the beach, a beautiful ball gown, a trip to New York, an exquisite necklace-"

"On loan-"

"And the most expensive tickets to the most astounding Broadway musical? I think not, Whit. Ethan didnít do it for me cause heís my friend. He did it for me because he loves me!"

Whitney sighed. It was no use. Just when she thought Theresa was finally over the guy, he had to pull this stunt.

Good going, Ethan. Now sheíll never get over you.

The thing was though, this time Theresa might just be on to something.

Ethan walked into the Book Café, dripping with sweat. So much for clearing his head. The run had done him no good, except to make him question what was going on in his head!

"Hey, man, whatís up?"

Chad Harris walked up to him, a grin on his face.

"Oh, hey Chad."

Chad looked at him, not sure what to say. In all of the time he had known Ethan, never had Ethan appeared so distraught. Chad decided to proceed cautiously.

"Something wrong, Ethan? You look a little lost."

" No, Iím fine. Never been better. Care to join me?"

Ethan sat down at a table by the window. Chad followed suit.

"Thatís good. Cause you know, if you ever get those pre wedding jitters, or whatever, you can spill to me."

Ethan didnít like where this was leading. Chad was always trying to insinuate that Ethan had some kind of feelings for Theresa. He definitely didnít need that today.

"Thanks Chad. Iíll remember that. So, uh, how are things with Whitney?"

The quick changing of the subject always worked. Chadís face soured at her name.

"Man, donít even go there. Whitney Russell is nothing but a-"

Chad stopped and looked at Ethan. His face was glowing. His eyes were shining. Standing at the door of the Book Café were Theresa and Whitney. Suddenly, it all made sense to Chad.

I knew it! The boyís starting to realize he loves Theresa, and heís wigging!

Theresa waved and grabbed Whitneyís hand. Whitney looked uneasy. They walked over to the table, and Theresa asked, "Can we join you boys?"

Ethan nodded and pulled out the next to him for her to sit down. They just stared at each other. Chad shook his head and smirked. They were like a time bomb waiting to explode.

But when they explode, itís gonna be messy.

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