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To Make Her Smile



















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Make Her Smile
by Fate


Chapter Five

"We can get cleaned up here," Ethan said as they pulled up to the Crane mansion.

"Um, Ethan, I need clean clothes. Mine are all sticky and smelly."

"Theresa, I’ve already taken care of that. My sister’s room is all set for you to go and get ready in."

"Oh, wow, you did think of everything, didn’t you?"

"That I did. Now lets go, we’re running a bit late."

Ethan opened Theresa’s door for her, and they walked up to the house.

"Where are we going, Ethan?"

"That’s for me to know, and you to find out."

"You’re no fun Ethan."

"Uh! Ok, Miss Let’s Frown for a Month girl. I’m no fun. Well, then, I guess you’ll be more surprised than I thought when we get there."

"Ethan, come on, give me one little clue, please?"

Ethan just laughed as they walked inside. Sheridan was sitting on the couch, talking on her phone. She waved to them, and then put a finger to her lips, asking them to keep it down.

"You know where my sister’s room is, don’t you?"

Theresa nodded.

"Ok. Well, it’s six now. I’ll meet you down here at lets, say, seven."

"See you then," Theresa replied, willing the dorky grin that had been plastered on her face the entire ride home to go away. Of course, it just grew even bigger when Ethan kissed her on the cheek.

She ran upstairs and Ethan walked over to Sheridan.

"Luis, I gotta go. Ethan, and um, Chad just walked in, and I need to talk to them. I love you too! See you in a bit."

She clicked off her cell phone and raised her eyebrows.

"Thanks for covering, Sher."

"Sure. It looks like your little plan worked."

"It did. But it almost didn’t."

"How so?"

"I asked Theresa if she had ever been in love, and she got extremely upset about it."

Sheridan pondered this little bit of info before she asked, "So, what did you do?"

"I let her vent. She yelled, she cried a little, and when she was all done, she felt better. Now she’s back to the Theresa I lov- care about so much."

Sheridan nodded and let Ethan’s little slip go unnoticed.

He probably didn’t even realize he said it, seeing that he’s completely blind to the way he feels about her.

"Well, that’s wonderful, Ethan. I think I’m going to go help Theresa get ready."

"Oh, did Gwen call?"

"Yeah…I told her you had to run to New York on business, and that your cell phone was out of minutes and that you asked me to tell her. I also told her that you’d be home pretty late, if you came home tonight at all, and that you love her very, very much."

Ethan looked at her for a minute.

"You’re mocking me, Sheridan. Why?"

"I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. Well, I’m going to go help Theresa get beautiful."

Ethan nodded, and walked towards his wing, wondering about Sheridan’s comment.

"Knock knock!" Sheridan said, peeking her head in. Theresa waved from the bathroom.

"Sheridan, hi!" she said. "Look at the gown Ethan picked out for me. Isn’t it gorgeous?"

Theresa held up a pale blue, strapless ball gown. Layers of see through material formed the skirt. The bodice was made of a corset.

"It’s beautiful," Sheridan agreed.

"Do you know where Ethan is taking me?" Theresa asked, her eyes shining.

Sheridan held up her arms.

"I’ve been sworn to secrecy. So, did you have fun today? You’re all tan and…glowy."

Theresa beamed.

"It was wonderful, Sheridan. Ethan really helped to pull me out of the slump I’ve been in. I can’t remember a more fun day, ever!"

"That’s great. So, do you need any help getting ready?

"I do, seeing as though I haven’t got any idea as to where we’re going."

"Hmmm…well, I think you should most definitely wear your hair loose. We’ll curl the ends, and tousle it up. Ethan loves long, loose hair."

Theresa smiled.

"That’s silly, Sheridan. Why would I care how Ethan likes a girl’s hair?
He’s not exactly available…"

Sheridan nodded.

"Very true, Theresa. But what if Ethan WERE available?"

Theresa chose carefully her next words. Ethan and Sheridan were so close, and she didn’t really want Ethan to find out how much she loved him from his Aunt!

"Well, if Ethan were available, I guess I might care a little. After all, he may be taken, but any girl can see he’s still hot!"

Sheridan laughed. So much for trying to get Theresa to share her feelings for Ethan with her. And Sheridan really didn’t like to pry into other people’s personal lives.

When she’s ready to admit she loves him, then that will be the right time. I just hope it’s before Ethan marries the wrong the girl!

Theresa quietly entered the den behind Ethan. She slid her hands over his eyes and whispered, "Surprise, Ethan!"

Ethan whirled around, and his breath got caught. Before him was the most exquisite creature he had ever seen. Her hair fell around her face like a chestnut colored halo. Her skin glowed, and her smile lit up the entire room.

You’re beautiful.

"Thank you, Ethan. Do I usually look ugly when I see you or something?" Theresa said teasingly.

He said that out loud. Whoops.

"No! I mean, you are always gorgeous, but tonight, you’re like a vision."

"A vision, huh, Ethan?" Sheridan smirked as she entered the room.

"Didn’t Sher do an amazing job?" Theresa asked, whirling around so Ethan could get the total effect.

Gotcha Ethan! I can’t believe that I had given up hope on us being together.

"She sure did. Now, Theresa, I need you to close your eyes for me."

She obliged. She felt her hair being lifted away from the base of her neck, and something cold and heavy being slipped around her neck

"Go look in the mirror, Theresa."

She walked over to the mirror and gasped. Around her neck was a diamond necklace that probably cost more than her entire family made in a year.

"Ethan…wow," was all Sheridan could sputter out.

"Ethan, oh my gosh! You are so wonderful!"

Theresa ran back to where he was standing and she threw her arms around him. She leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek, but at that moment, he turned his head slightly. Her mouth ended up on his.

And Ethan didn’t pull away.

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