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To Make Her Smile



















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Make Her Smile
by Fate

Chapter One

Gwen Hotchkiss had returned. After months abroad doing business, she was back where she belonged: In Harmony, in Ethan Cranes arms.

Around the time of Gwen’s return, Ethan Crane began noticing changes in Theresa Lopes-Fitzgerald. The usually bright, dreamy girl had lost her bounce. The thing that worried Ethan the most though was that the dazzling light that always sparkled in her gorgeous chocolate eyes had disappeared. The dimming of the light was gradual, but within weeks, it was gone.

Ethan was at a complete loss. Theresa’s pain caused Ethan to ache as well. He figured that was because Theresa was the best friend he had ever had. After all, Gwen was the love of his life, yet she still didn’t know all there was to know about him. Ethan could never imagine dressing up like Elvis for Gwen, much less her enjoying it. That was what Ethan loved so much about Theresa: her ability to see all dimensions of him, not just Ethan Crane, the heir to the Crane wealth. With Theresa, he was just Ethan. And it was for that reason Ethan was determined to make Theresa smile again.

Ethan had a hunch that her ex boyfriend Chuck was the cause of all of her pain. And if he was… well, lets just say Ethan wasn’t against physically harming someone for hurting his best friend. After all, Theresa had brought Ethan to life. It was Ethan’s duty to bring her back to life.

It was early summer in Harmony, and the sun was beaming down on Ethan’s back as he sat contemplating his plan. Luckily, Gwen had some business in town to attend to, so as soon as Theresa arrived for work, he could put part one of his plan into action.

"Hey, Ethan, what are you up to?" Ethan’s "Aunt" Sheridan asked, sitting down next to him at the courtyard table. Sheridan was more a sister to him than an Aunt.

"Formulating a plan," he replied, running a hand through his short golden brown hair. This peaked Sheridan’s attention.

"A plan, huh…" Sheridan asked, her eyebrows raised. Ethan noticed that Sheridan had been much happier ever since she and Luis Lopez- Fitzgerald had resolved whatever problems they had been having. Ethan wasn’t one to pry, so he had left it that.
But he was glad to have Sheridan back to her usual self.

"Have you noticed that Theresa’s been unnaturally down lately?" Ethan asked.

"Well, I guess she hasn’t been herself lately…why? "

Sheridan knew that Ethan had feelings for Theresa, feelings he didn’t even know that he felt. Sheridan wasn’t one to pry either, so she figured the truth would hit him sooner or later…she was just hoping that it would be sooner rather than later.

"Well, I’m sitting here, racking my brain for as many ways as possible to make her smile again. I mean, her smile lights up the whole room, Sher! And lately, the room has been a lot dimmer when she’s in there. I want to help her. She’s my best friend, and I think I owe it to her to do this for her."

Sheridan wished Ethan would listen to himself! He was so positively in love with her! But, as all women know, guys are morons, so Sheridan just nodded at him.

"What do you have in mind?"


Theresa sat at her vanity, brushing her long brown hair. She stared at her reflection, thinking of how pitiful she looked.

"Resa, you did this to yourself," she reminded herself. When Gwen had returned to Harmony, Theresa had made a pact with herself to get over Ethan crane. After all, she was helping plan his wedding! And Gwen…well, she didn’t deserve to have her wedding sabotaged. So that was that. Ethan Crane was no longer a part of her life.

Except that fact that he kept pushing his way back into her life! Every day, he called her, or wrote her notes, or brought her candy, trying to cheer her up. And every time, Theresa just sighed and told Ethan he was sweet, but this was something she had to deal with on her own.

If she had been in her old state of mind, Ethan trying to cheer her up would be a sign that he truly loved her. But she was past that. She was now a high school graduate, and 18 years old. It was time to think about her future. A future that didn’t revolve around Ethan Crane.

But there was still a little part of herself that wished that fate would intervene and…

"Oh, grow up!" Theresa shouted at her reflection. She threw the brush down and glared at herself.

"Ethan Crane is your pal, nothing more. Forget your love for him. Forget the way he makes you feel. It’s time to face the future, girl. And you know what? Ethan’s not in it."

With that she stood up, checked over her outfit- loose black pants, a tight pink tank top, and funky black sandals-. Squared back her shoulders, and set her mouth into its permanent grim line.

Without Ethan in her life, there was nothing to smile about.

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