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Save the Best For Last







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Save the Best For Last
by Fate


Part Four

Theresa brushed a tear from her face as she stared forlornly at her clock.

It was almost 7:00 PM, the time Ethan had told her he'd be arriving at the doorstep of the house of the woman he loved.

After dreaming for so long that she might have a chance with him, it was hard to let go. But she knew she would have to, or else risk losing one of the most special people in her life.

There was no point in sitting around her bedroom, moping. Whit was getting ready for her big night with Chad, so Theresa really didn't feel like bothering her to cry on her shoulder.

Nope, tonight was definitely a night of solidarity.

She leaned against her vanity and checked her reflection in the mirror.

Red rimmed eyes. Lovely.

She let out a deep sigh and grabbed her car keys. She needed to get out of the house, go to the place where she could always get lost in her dreams of Ethan.

She padded lightly to Whit's room and knocked on the door.

"Hey, sweetie. how are you doing?"

Theresa smiled half heatedly at her friend, and leaned in to give her a hug.

"Fair. I'm going to go out though."

"To your spot?"


They communicated silently with their eyes in the way only good friends could do.

Whitney knew her friend was finally going to say goodbye to her dream.

Ethan gripped his steering wheel tightly as he drove himself to Resa's apartment the second time in 24 hours.

After tonight, everything was going to change.

He figured either one of two things.

One, Theresa would admit that she was in love- or at least in like- and then they would spend the evening- and perhaps the rest of their lives- reveling in their new romance.

Or two, Theresa would laugh in his face and tell him to go get a life.

Either way, it was bound to be an interesting night.

Taking a deep breath, Ethan knocked on the door to Theresa's apartment. He held a huge bouquet of daisies and dandelions- "The most wonderful flowers in the world" Resa had once told him, tied with a pale pink ribbon. Even though she had told him that gifts weren't necessary for winning the heart of a girl, he had seen the bright bouquet and had instantly thought of Theresa.


Whitney opened the door up, gazing at the flowers in confusion.

"Happy Valentines Day, Whitney," Ethan said, smiling at her cheerfully.

"And the same to you. come in."

Ethan followed Whitney into the apartment.

"Um, is Theresa here?"

Whitney shook her head. She might as well make it sound like her friend had something resembling a life.

"No, she went out. She, um, had plans."

Until that moment, Ethan had never known what it felt like to have your heart crushed.

It was a horrible feeling, almost like having the wind knocked out of you and having a rapid heartbeat all at the same time.


Ethan sunk down onto the couch, placing the bouquet on the coffee table.

Whitney looked at him quizzically as she remembered something that Theresa had told her earlier in the day.

"He's picking her up at seven, Whit. At seven o'clock tonight, I'll have lost my chance with the man that I love."

Whitney glanced at her watch.


Ethan certainly was punctual.

"It's Theresa." she whispered to herself. "He loves Theresa."

She brought her hand up to her mouth, not believing it. After all of this time,
Theresa was the girl that Ethan was so crazy about?!?

"Did you say something, Whitney?"

Whitney shook her head, and jumped up.

"Umm mm."

Ethan looked crushed. His whole face, which had been as bright as the sun only moments before now had a depressed shadow across it.

These two seriously needed some help.

"Look, Ethan, if you want to find Theresa, I'd try the beach. And, um, she's by herself."

Ethan's entire face lit back up, like a little kid's on Christmas morning. He leapt off the couch and picked Whitney up, swinging her around. Whitney began giggling as she thought of the irony of it all.

Theresa was about to be in for the shock of her life.





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