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Save the Best For Last







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Save the Best For Last
by Fate


Part Three

It was times like these that reminded Theresa of how lucky she was to have Ethan in her life, if only as a friend. They were snuggled together on the worn out couch in the living room of her and Whitney's apartment, watching Theresa's all time favorite movie,
The Man in the Moon.

As the credits rolled, Ethan glanced over at Theresa, who had tears running down her face. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, squeezing her.

"Silly Resa. you cry ever time you see this movie."

"But it's just so
sad! Why did Court have to die?"

Ethan chuckled lightly as he reached over and gently brushed the tears that streamed down her face away. His laughter died away, though, as his hand made contact with her skin.

How many times had they done this? Watched movies into the wee hours of dawn, talking about everything and nothing, and whatever was in between?

How many times had Ethan wiped away her tears as she cried during sappy love scenes, loving the surge of electricity that coursed through his entire being?

Theresa tilted her head slightly to look him in the eyes as his hand caressed her face.

God, he couldn't stand this! How could he wait until tomorrow night to tell her how he felt when all he wanted at that second was to kiss her and hold her and tell her how much she was loved.

Suddenly, it dawned on Ethan. It
WAS Valentine's day! It was 2:07 am on February 14th. He didn't HAVE to wait!

"Resa, I."

Suddenly, the lights switched.

"You watched
The Man in the Moon AGAIN, Theresa? How many times does that make it?"

Ethan and Theresa pulled apart as Whitney walked into the living room, a wry smile on her pretty features. She turned the VCR off and sat down on the reclining chair next to the couch.

"Poor Ethan! Having to re-watch that movie over and over and over again! And poor Theresa, crying again when you know perfectly well that Court is going to die!"

"But, I... I keep hoping that the ending will change, and he won't die!"

Theresa looked so earnest in her conviction that both Ethan and Whitney burst into laughter.

"Oh, honey, you say that every time you watch it!" Whitney said through her giggles. Theresa tossed a pillow at her friend, and soon, all three were in the midst of a pillow war.

So much for telling Resa how he really felt.

After calming down a bit, Whitney told her friends good night as she made her way up to bed.

"I guess it's about that time," Ethan said, almost a sad ring in his voice.

"I guess so," Theresa echoed, as Ethan pulled her up off of the couch.

They walked in silence to the door. Ethan opened the door and started to walk out, Theresa right behind him.

The night was crisp as they made their way to Ethan's car. They leaned against the BMW, side by side, just as they had always done after their movie marathons.

"So, what are you doing tomorrow night?"

Theresa looked at Ethan, a strange look on her face.

She just shrugged and looked up at the clear night sky, the stars shining down upon them.

"Oh, I don't know. I think it's going to be a girly night. Face masks. Nail painting. Getting more in touch with my inner self."

"More in touch with your inner self, huh, Resa... sounds exciting! I wish I could join you!"

Ethan carefully took in the change of Resa's expression as she turned her face back towards him. She looked almost pained.

"I wish you could, too, Ethan. but you have that hot date of yours."

Her words were joking, but her tone was anything but.

"Resa, I."

Before he could say anything else, Theresa leaned over and pressed her lips lightly against his cheek.

"I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow night, Ethan. You deserve it. And just remember, the girl that you love is the luckiest girl on Earth."

And with that, she pulled away from him and ran back to her apartment.

All that was left was the lingering scent of her perfume, and the memory of her lips on his face,

Ethan inhaled deeply as he ran his hand over the place her lips had connected with his skin, allowing her familiar scent to overwhelm his senses for just a moment as he pondered the nights events.

Was it his imagination, or did Theresa actually seem sad that he had a date that evening?

A smile touched his lips at the thought.

He turned to walk to the driver's side of his Beamer, catching a glimpse of Theresa's bedroom window. Her light was on, giving him a full view of her as she fluffed the pillows on her bed, an almost wistful expression on her face.

Happy Valentine's day, Resa. I love you.





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