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Save the Best For Last







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Save the Best For Last
by Fate


Part Two

Ethan looked at Theresa hopefully, his eyes twinkling.

"Please, Resa? Your taste is so exquisite- anything you would pick out, I'm sure she would love."

Theresa swallowed nervously, running her hand over the smooth mahogany desk. She looked up at Ethan to see him pouting, his lower lip protruding slightly, his bright blue eyes down turned.

"Pweese? Pwetty pweese?"

A groan escaped from Theresa's mouth as she rubbed her face in amusement.


Ethan dropped to his knees, placing his head on her lap, his soulful eyes staring straight into her.

Argh! How maddening! How could she tell him no, with those eyes looking at her the way they were, sending chills up her spine?

"Okay, okay, you win, Ethan. I'll help you."

Ethan jumped up and pulled Theresa with him. He caught her in his arms and enveloped her in to a big bear hug.

Being that close to Ethan always had the same effect on Theresa. His familiar scent warmed her from head to toe. How could Ethan miss how
right it felt for her to be in his arms?

"You're the best, Resa. What would I do without you?"

You wouldn't even notice I was gone.

Later that evening, Theresa was at her computer downloading songs from Napster and checking her email when the phone rang.



A smile touched Theresa's lips. She dragged the phone across her bedroom to her bed and flopped down on it.

"Hey, Ethan, what's up?"

"I was just calling to ask if you've thought of what I should get her."

Ugh. Of course he'd call to talk about her.

"Um. I've come up with a few possibilities. What about you?"

Ethan sighed into the phone.

"Resa, I'm just so confused! With Gwen it was so easy to buy stuff for her- anything DKNY or Versace would do. But this girl. she's not into that sort of stuff. She's actually a lot like you."

If she's a lot like me, then why don't you love ME?


Theresa wrapped her arms around Mr. Snuggles, the huge bear Ethan had won for her a couple of years back at the Harmony Spring Fling Festival. Every night, without fail, she fell asleep cuddling the bear, dreaming of Ethan, dreaming of him telling her that he loved her.

"What would you want, Resa? If you could have anything your heart desired on Valentine's Day, what would you choose?"

You. I'd choose you.

"Ethan. Valentine's Day isn't about the quote perfect unquote gift. It's about the love that two people share. If this girl is as terrific as you say she is, buying her a gift isn't going to be what matters. What's going to matter is that you are going to be giving her your heart."

Ethan took his time in responding.

"What if that's not good enough?"

Theresa's body started to tremble with anger. Not good enough? How could Ethan think such a thing?

"Ethan. if this girl doesn't realize that your love is the best gift she could ever receive, then she is a moron. A straight up moron. And
you are a moron for even thinking otherwise."

They were silent for the next few minutes, their breathing the only sound.


Ethan's voice was nearly a whisper.

"Yeah, Eth?"

"Can I come over?"

Ethan's head was a jumbled mess as he drove over to Theresa's.

"Ethan, if this girl doesn't realize that your love is the best gift she could ever receive, then she is a moron. A straight up moron. And you are a moron for even thinking otherwise.

Theresa's words replayed over and over again in his mind.

God, how he loved that woman.

Theresa was the epitome of perfection in Ethan's eyes. The way her nose scrunched up when she laughed, the way her eyes softened at the mere mention of romance.

He was a goner.

The minute he met Theresa Lopez- Fitzgerald, he knew she was somebody special. Somebody that would make a huge impact on his life.

And she had. He had fallen for her so hard, it made him realize that what he shared with Gwen was indeed love, but not the all-powerful, soul -consuming love he felt for Theresa.

Tomorrow, he was going to tell her how he felt.

Hopefully, his heart was going to be good enough for her.





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