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Tax Time










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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Tax Time
by DabbaDo


Part Six – Southern Belles

Sheridan and Luis parked the car outside the Inn. Savannah was a beautiful town, located right on a river. The Inn where they were staying was lovely. They made their way up to the room. The room was yellow and lavender, very feminine, with lots of floral fabrics and eyelet. Hettie had arranged everything for them. There was a basket of fruit on the coffee table. Sheridan read the card.

Dear Flora Belle and Felix,
Hope your trip wasn’t too long. Ed and I will pick you up this evening for dinner and a walk through town. See you then.
P.S. Put some chocs in the basket for you, Shakes.

Sheridan opened the door to the balcony. Everything smelled of lilac and roses. She and Luis unpacked and changed for dinner. Sheridan was getting so excited to see her old friend.

Luis was wearing navy pants and a hunter green top. Sheridan was wearing a periwinkle colored twinset with black capri pants. Luis looked at her and said, "You look amazing." She smiled, "Thank you. You look pretty damn good yourself. Earrings!" she remembered and went back into the bathroom to get them.

There was a knock at the door and Luis opened it. There she was. It was Hettie Breyer, quite sophisticated. She still had those freckles and that auburn hair, but she had grown into quite a beauty, without the pigtails. And next to her was a short, stocky fellow, with a receding hairline and wire framed glasses. Hettie gave Luis a hug, "Well if it isn’t The Cat. I can’t believe you’re here."

Sheridan came to the door and ran over to Hettie. They embraced for several minutes and kept giggling and touching each other’s faces. Luis and Ed stood there watching. Hettie turned to the men, "I want you both to meet Ed Meyer, my fiance. Ed, this is Sheridan Crane and Luis Lopez Fitzgerald." Ed shook both their hands, "It’s so nice to meet you. Hettie has told me so much about you."

Luis said, "I bet she has. So what does she call you?" Ed laughed, knowing Luis was referring to Hettie’s penchant for nicknames, "Depends on her mood. When we first met, she used to call me Oscar all the time, like I hadn’t heard that one a million times as a kid. She still calls me that when she wants to irritate me." Hettie interrupted, "Oh don’t lie about me, Mr. Meyer. Let’s get going. We want to show you our beautiful city."

Luis and Ed talked as Hettie and Sheridan caught up on things. Ed was a tax attorney, but he was fascinated with criminal law. Luis told him that he had thought about law school, but he was glad with his choice to become a police officer. Ed agreed, "Pushing paper. That’s all I feel like I do sometimes. Occasionally, I get to get in on something exciting when some the Feds need some dirt on a bad guy."

Hettie looked at Sheridan and made a fake yawning face, "Boring. Now I want to hear all about France and Harmony and Ethan and your family. How is Pilar? I miss her so much." Sheridan explained the whole France escapade, highlighting Luis’s bravery. Ed and Hettie were enthralled. Then she relayed the latest events from Harmony. Hettie couldn’t believe that Ethan was getting married. "Married? He’s just a baby," she exclaimed.

In Hettie’s mind, Ethan was still a child, following the girls around with socks on his ears. Hettie continued, "So, when are you two going to tie the knot?" Leave it to Hettie to ask such a question. Ed kicked her under the table as Luis and Sheridan blushed. Hettie turned to Ed, "What? It’s obvious they love each other. Why wait?" Ed tried to change the subject.

After dinner, the four of them walked around town. Sheridan and Luis held hands as they watched Ed and Hettie bicker about where to go next. Finally, they made their way back to the Inn and said goodnight. Hettie hugged Sheridan and said, "Tomorrow, Pops is coming. He can’t wait to see you. I didn’t tell him you were bringing Felix. Won’t he be in for a surprise?" Sheridan and Luis couldn’t wait to see Mr. Breyer. Luis thought seeing him might bring back all the memories of his father. Sheridan and Luis walked up to their room and cuddled in bed until they fell asleep.





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