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Moving Out







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Moving Out
by DabbaDo


Chapter Three

Sheridan opened the door to her apartment. She was exhausted. It seemed like the Cranes owned every business in town. She wondered if she would ever find a job. She was determined. Maybe a run would help clear her mind. She had just put her running shoes on when the phone rang. "Hello" Sheridan said. "Hey, it’s me" Luis said. "What are you doing?" Sheridan grinned, "Well, at this very moment I am putting on my tennis shoes and headed out the door for a run. Wanna come?" She asked. "No, you go on without me. I have to finish up some things here."

Sheridan really wanted to see him, and Luis wanted to see her. This taking it slow thing was killing both of them. Luis added, "Maybe I could stop by after work and take you for a quick drink." Sheridan smiled, "Sounds great. If I’m not here, just let yourself in and I will be back soon." When Luis installed the new locked at her place, she insisted he have a key. Luis didn’t know if he was reading too much into this gesture. Maybe she just wanted to him to water her plant if she were ever out of town. The plant that Luis bought her. She had even given that plant a name. She said it made her feel like she had a roommate. It was just on of the many things that Luis loved about Sheridan. She treasured the small things in life. Luis finished up his work and changed into jeans and a shirt.

It was a beautiful evening in Harmony, and the run was just what Sheridan needed to put her life into perspective. She ran up the stairs, stopping to talk with some of her neighbors. Sheridan really liked the neighbors she had met so far, especially Ms. O’Malley in 3B. She knew everything there was to know about Harmony, and she had some great stories about her life. Sheridan opened the door to her apartment. Luis was on the couch, reading the paper.

"Hey, slugger. How was the run?" he asked. "Great." Sheridan answered. Luis got up to give her a kiss. Sheridan pulled away, "Wait just a minute, Officer. I’m all sweaty and gross. Let me take a shower first." Luis grabbed her and planted a big kiss on her lips. "Taste good to me." Luis whispered. She grinned, "You are going to get me into trouble. Now let me go. There’s beer in the fridge. Grab me one too."

After her shower, Sheridan put on her bathrobe and went back in the living room. She was all clean now and glistening. "That’s better. Now where is the rest of that kiss." She asked. Luis thought about this and knew he had to restrain himself. He ordered, "Get dressed. I’m taking you out." She sat by him and whispered in his ear, "I thought we could stay in tonight." Luis got really uncomfortable. He replied, "Now, you’re the one who’s gonna get me into trouble. It’s a beautiful night. Let’s take a walk to the Pool Hall." She gave him a tiny kiss on the ear, "Ok, you talked me into it. Just give me five minutes."

Sheridan and Luis sat at their table talking about the events of the day. She explained that she had been all over town and hadn’t found any jobs that didn’t have some connection to her family. And she refused to work for her family or for anyone who had anything to do with her family. Luis admired her determination.

Sheridan said, "I’m not looking for a career right now, just something to pay the bills. It’s gonna be tough to find a job at a place not owned by the Cranes." Luis held her hand and replied, "Hang in there. You’re gonna find something." Just then Mike, the bartender interrupted. "The Cranes don’t own this place and they’re looking for someone here, if you’re interested." Sheridan smiled, "Thanks for the offer, but I don’t have any experience." Mike replied, "None needed. You’d learn fast. And you’d be good for business."

Luis didn’t like that comment, but he wasn’t sure he had the right to say anything. Anyway, Mike was really an ok guy. Sheridan looked at Luis. "What do you think?" she asked. "Well, you don’t need my permission" he replied. She needed more encouragement. "For what it’s worth, Sheridan, I think you would be great at it. I don’t like the idea of a bunch of guys hanging around you, but you’re right…gotta pay the rent. I say ‘go for it’!" She smiled a very big smile. She turned to Mike, "I’ll take it."





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