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Moving Out







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Moving Out
by DabbaDo


Chapter Two

Luis awoke and looked at the alarm clock. 6:15 AM. He had been waking up all through the night, but Sheridan slept like a baby in his arms. She turned her back to him when she fell asleep, but somehow she ended up in his arms in the middle of the night. She spent most of the night with her head on his chest. Luis stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.

He got out of bed without waking her. He watched her sleep as he got dressed. Today was going to be busy. He had a lot of paperwork to catch up on and loads to do at the station. Sheridan felt around for Luis. She had woken up in his arms a few times through the night to feel him stroking her hair. She liked having him there, but now he was gone. Sheridan looked at the clock. It was 8:28 AM. Time to get up and start her new life. She went into the kitchen and found a note from Luis:

S –
Didn’t want to wake you. Had to run to work. Will call later.
P.S. Will put new lock in tonight. Don’t worry about dinner. Will pick up something for both of us.

Luis looked at his watch. 12:15 PM. He wanted to call Sheridan and check in, but he couldn’t remember where he put her new number. He smiled thinking about waking up with Sheridan that morning. He knew it was best to take things slowly, but he really wanted to spend all his time with her. She was the best. They had so much fun together.

Luis continued working, but by 4 PM, it was time to leave. He had to see her. After stopping by the hardware store and the Chinese restaurant, Luis made his way up the stairs to Sheridan’s place. Sheridan’s place. That sounded so nice. He could here the music coming from her apartment. The door was opened. He walked in and was amazed by the transformation.

"How did you get all this done in one day?" Luis called out to Sheridan. Sheridan walked around the corner and gave Luis a kiss on the cheek. "Do you like it?" she asked. He nodded. "I have to admit I had some help," she revealed. Just then, Theresa popped her head out of the bedroom. She said, "Hey Luis. Do you like what we’ve done?" Again Luis nodded. Luis looked puzzled. Sheridan explained, "Well, I was busy unpacking the kitchen this morning when I heard a knock at the door. I thought you may have been worried about me and called in the troops.

First, your mother came over with groceries and dishes. Then, Miguel came by with paint and rollers. And finally Theresa showed up and really made things happen. And, in between that, Beth and Gwen and Ethan all came by to help out." Luis was beaming with pride that so many friends and family were helping out Sheridan. He said, "It looks like a different place. You even have some furniture now." Sheridan nodded, "Courtesy of Ethan."

Luis looked down at the plant he was carrying, "Well, this looks pretty pathetic now." Sheridan smiled and grabbed the plant, "No, Luis. It’s perfect. I love it!" She gave him another kiss and a hug. "And food. I am so hungry. I haven’t eaten all day. You are the best boyfriend in the whole world." Sheridan was bubbling over with excitement and hadn’t even realized what she had just called him. Luis noticed and he was very pleased.

Theresa came out of the bedroom. "All done in there. Well, I have to run. Take care and I will call you tomorrow about looking over that application." Sheridan agreed and hugged Theresa. Luis patted Theresa on the back and walked her out.

Luis came back into the apartment. He said, "Well, aren’t we the popular one?" Sheridan grinned, "Yes. I am very lucky to have so many wonderful people around." Luis came up and hugged her. "What was Theresa talking about with the application?" Sheridan knew this would come up sooner or later. She explained, "You know Theresa is applying to some schools now, and I told her I would help her…you know as a thank you for helping me so much today. Luis, your sister is amazing. She really has an eye for color and design. She has real talent."

Luis was so happy that Sheridan liked his family and they loved her too. Sheridan realized that Luis didn’t get it. She continued, "Luis, Theresa really wants to stay in Harmony and go to the Design School. She already knows what she wants to do for a living." Luis wanted the best for Theresa and Miguel. He wanted them to get out of Harmony and have all those college experiences that he missed. Sheridan had a point. Theresa was dedicated to becoming a designer, and it would be nice to have her around where he could keep an eye on her. Luis replied, "I know she has talent, and I won’t force her to go away for school. I just want the best for her." Sheridan added, "I think that some of the connections I have could really help her get started, maybe even open her own business someday. It’s rare someone so young already knows what they want to do."

Sheridan looked down at the floor. Luis knew Sheridan was lost in thought about her future. He asked, "So Miss Sheridan Crane, what’s your next move?" Sheridan knew what he was asking. It would be hard to find a job in Harmony at a place that wasn’t owned by or connected to the Cranes, but she was determined. "I’ll let you know as so as I figure that one out. But right now, I am going to have a nice dinner with the man I love." Luis looked surprised.

He was so happy to hear those words. He grabbed her in his arms. She looked straight into his eyes and said, "So you’d better leave because he’ll be here any minute." She smiled. Luis picked her up and said, "Now you’re gonna get it." He took her into the bedroom, threw her on the bed and started tickling her. "Stop it Luis." Sheridan laughed. "You know I was kidding." She kept giggling. He bent down to kiss her. They were both breathless from the laughter. "I love YOU, Luis…you’re the man I love." Sheridan confessed. "I love you too." Luis replied. He kept kissing her and stroking her stomach. He lifted himself up and smiled. "OK. Now let’s eat." He knew if he didn’t stop kissing her right then, he may never stop.





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