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Irish Eyes









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Irish Eyes: Part Six Ė Coming Together
by DabbaDo


The Big Day

Luis looked at his watch. In twenty minutes, Sheridan would be walking down the isle to become his wife. Everything was perfect. Even Julianís presence at the wedding didnít bother Luis. He supported Sheridanís decision to invite her family. At least, Alistair had declined. Since learning about Sam and Ivy and Patrick and Grace, Luis had a new understanding of Julian. Julian had handled the news about Ethan well. He wasnít vengeful or even angry. It was as though Julian knew all along that Ethan wasnít his son. Julian had a low opinion of himself. He was the product of growing up with Alistair as a father. Sheridan had survived. Maybe because he had been sent away as a child. She just didnít seem to be anything like her brother or Alistair.

Luis had heard his mother talk about Camille Crane, Sheridanís mother. Pilar said that Sheridan looked so much like her. Camille had been regarded as a saint among the people of Harmony. She was beautiful and kind. She dedicated her time to helping others. When she died, the whole town mourned. How could a wonderful woman like Camille be married to such an evil man like Alistair? And how could they have produced Sheridan? She was perfect. And soon she would be his wife. Brendan nudged him, "Hey, Buddy. You about ready to take the plunge?" Luis grinned, "Iíve been ready for this day my whole life."

Sheridan walked down the isle in the beautiful dress that Theresa designed. Luis was filled with such happiness when he saw her. She was radiant. Patrick and Sheridan walked down the isle and Patrick winked at Luis as he offered her hand to him. Sheridan and Luis locked eyes and it was as though everyone else vanished.

Father Stephen Shaugnessey said a blessing for the couple and Luis and Sheridan began their vows. They were both tearing up as they pledged to love and support each other throughout their life. Finally, Father Stephen pronounced them husband and wife. Everyone cheered as Luis and Sheridan shared a magical kiss. The wedding was beautiful. Everything went off without a hitch. No interruptions from Alistair. No scenes. Just a wonderful day between Luis and Sheridan. They were making a commitment to be together forever in front of all their friends and family.

Together, Ethan and Theresa planned a beautiful reception at the Harmony Yacht Club for Sheridan and Luis. It was perfect. Everyone was able to watch the golden, pink sunset over the harbor as they enjoyed dinner, dancing, and wedding cake. Luis and Sheridan spent most of the evening dancing, even performing one of their famous tangos.

As the evening ended, Luis whispered into his wifeís ear, "I think itís time I get you out of here, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald." He placed his hand on her stomach and they grinned at each other. Sheridan loved hearing Luis call her by her new name. She nodded at him and grabbed his hand.

They hugged and kissed all their friends and family. Luis had a big surprise in store for Sheridan. Everyone tossed rose petals at the happy couple as they made their way to the car. Luis whisked his new bride away to the hotel where they would spend their first night together as man and wife.

The Honeymooners

The next morning Sheridan awoke to a wonderful breakfast. "Hmmm, that looks good" she said as she surveyed the tray of fresh baked muffins, orange juice and fruit. "Gotta keep your strength up, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald" Luis replied, as he sat on the edge of the bed. Sheridan sat up. "Yeah, youíre werenít so worried about me last night, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald?" "Well, it is our honeymoon." Luis smiled.

Sheridan sighed, "And it was wonderful, honey, but I guess weíd better get back to the apartment soon. At least, Sam gave you a few days off, right." Luis smiled a devilish grin. "More than a few days actually and weíre not going back to the apartment today." Sheridan drank her juice. "What are you up to, Officer?"

Luis let Sheridan finish her breakfast and then explained that he, with the help of Ethan and Theresa, has planned a wonderful getaway for them. Heíd been wary of them leaving the country, since she was pregnant, but he planned a trip that he knew she would love. "Youíll see when we get there." He stated.

"Disneyworld? Youíre taking me to Disneyworld, arenít you?" Sheridan begged. Luis looked surprised. "No, Sheridan, Iím not taking you to Disneyworld. In fact, I didnít even know you wanted to go there." Sheridan looked a little disappointed. Luis took her in his arms. "If the lady wants to got to Disneyworld, then thatís where weíll go, but itís not what I had planned."

Sheridan smiled, "No. Iíd rather go wherever it is youíve planned to take me." Luis grinned, "I just wanted to take you somewhere youíd never been before and that we didnít have to get on a plane and worry about drinking the water and stuff." He touched her slightly rounded tummy. "Luis, you worry too much. You know I can fly up until the last few months." "I know, I know. I just donít like taking chances." She hugged him and said, "You took a chance on me, didnít you?" Luis smiled, "Well, thatís different. I knew all along youíd turn out to be a sure thing." Sheridan gently punched him in the arm, "Sure thing? Sure thing? Iíll show you a sure thing." She climbed into his lap and began tickling him.

Sheridan slept comfortably in the car as Luis drove down the coastline. When she awoke, Luis was lifting the bags from the car. "Morning, sleepy. Or should I say afternoon." He greeted. Sheridan smiled, "Now are you going to tell me where we are?" she asked. Luis pointed to a street sign down the road. They were in Nantucket. This had been a favorite spot for her mother. Sheridan had always wanted to go there, but Alistair discourage her.

"Luis! How did you know?" she smiled. "You forget, Iím a detective now, honey. This is my job." Sheridan jumped when he revealed this news. "You made detective?" Luis nodded, "Yep. Sure did." "I canít believe you didnít tell me." She stated. "I wanted to surprise you and I have a few more in store too." Luis helped Sheridan out of the car and they walked into the Inn.

They spent the week exploring the island and exploring each other. Sheridan felt so close to her mother. She visited all the places sheíd heard about as a young child. As the couple walked down the street on their way back to the Inn, an old woman stopped them. "Camille?" she asked. "Iím sorry. What am I thinking. You couldnít be Camille. You just look so much like her." Sheridan grabbed her hand and replied, "Camille? Camille Crane? She was my mother."

The old woman replied, "Crane? No, I was talking about Camille Preston. You look just like her." Sheridan turned to Luis and then back to the woman. "Camille Preston was my mother." Luis and Sheridan talked to the woman, at length, and learned that Camille spent several summers on the island as a young girl.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Luis asked as he and Sheridan got ready for dinner that evening. Sheridan nodded, "Yeah. Iím fine. I was just thinking about my mother. Hearing Mrs. Daniels talk about her today was like getting to know a part of her. My father never talks about her and thereís so much I donít know. Thereís so much I wish I knew about my mom." Sheridan touched her stomach. "Especially now." Luis knew how difficult it was growing up without a parent, but he suspected it was even more difficult for Sheridan right now. She really didnít have much of a family and she needed a mother so much. Luis hugged her and stroked her face.

During dinner, Luis and Sheridan talked about his new job. "I am so proud of you, honey. No one deserves this more than you." Sheridan beamed. Luis was happy that she was proud of him. He wanted to give her the world. "It means a better life for us, Sheridan. For you, and me and the children." Sheridan laughed, "Children, huh? Letís just focus on this little one now. How many do you want anyway?" Luis instantly replied, "Four, maybe five." Sheridan almost choked on her water. "Five! Thatís a bit much, donít you think? We may have to double up because I donít think I want to go through labor five times."

It was their last day in Nantucket, and Sheridan got Mrs. Danielís address so they could keep in touch. The trip was everything she ever wanted and never had in life. It was simple and relaxing and magical. Luis watched her stare out the window on the drive home. "So, are you sad it wasnít Disneyworld?" Sheridan smiled, "No. It was perfect, but I still want to go to Disneyworld someday. Father always said it was a magnet for the middle class and he would never allow me to go." Luis replied, "Well, what does he know? Iíll take you to the Magic Kingdom someday, honey. I promise."

Home, Sweet Home

Luis and Sheridan were driving into Harmony when Sheridan noticed they missed their turn. "Luis, where are you going? Are we stopping by your familyís house?" Luis smiled and kept driving. "They pulled up to the old Johnson house on the corner. The house was one of Sheridanís favorites and she vowed that if it ever came on the market, they would buy it. "What are we doing here, Luis?" Luis guided her out of the car and walked her to the front door. He opened her hand and placed a key to the front door in it. "Open the door to our new house."

Sheridan was in shock. She opened the door and stood in the entrance. She could smell the new paint wafting towards them. "You didnít." She smiled. Luis picked her up and carried her over the threshold. "I sure did, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald. I had a little bit of help, though." "Surprise!" out jumped the whole gang. Pilar, Theresa, Ethan, Miguel, Sam, Grace, Charity, Patrick, and Ivy. Sheridan was clutching onto Luis as he carried her into the room. He gently placed her down. She turned to him and kissed his cheeks. "How?" was all she could manage to say. "It took some doing, but I convinced old man Johnson that he needed to take the wife to Florida finally, and he agreed. So itís ours now. Theresa and Ivy picked out the paint and decorated it. I hope you like it." Sheridan nodded. The combination of their tastes was perfect. It was elegant and livable. Luis walked her around from room to room until they came to the nursery.

It was precious. The walls were pale yellow with little blue sailboats, red lighthouses, and blue and white sailor bears and yellow ducks. Sheridan smiled and hugged each person for their part. Pilar announced that dinner was ready and it was time to eat. Sheridan was amazed with the dining room and kitchen. It was perfect. The best part was she and Luis would be so close to his family. They were just a few doors down.

Sheridan worked hard to make this place a home. Luis was amazed by her dedication. She put in so many hours making Theresaís shop a success, and she would stop to check in at the Clinic. Luis warned Sheridan to take it easy. She was getting bigger every day. She thought she looked ridiculous, but Luis said she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

The Big Day (itís Deja Vu all over again)

They were getting ready for Beth and Brendanís wedding. A storm was brewing outside. "Looks like the weather isnít cooperating today." Luis said. Sheridan smiled, "Oh well. Isnít rain on your wedding day supposed to be good luck?" Luis grinned, "Well, we had a beautiful day for our wedding, and I think weíre pretty lucky." They kissed.

Beth and Brendan were the original Fun Couple, and the stormy weather only added to the excitement of the day. Everyone was having a great time, but Luis wanted to get Sheridan home. "Come on, honey. We better get you home. Dr. Russell said you need to take it easy in the last month." Luis reminded Sheridan.

"Okay. Let me just say my good-byes and give Beth and Brendan a hug." Luis was glad that Sheridan had found a real friend in Beth. He considered Brendan to be one of his closest buddies these days, and both he and Sheridan were so glad that Beth and Brendan were moving into the house next door.

Brendan loved to tease Luis. When Luis and Sheridan learned that they were having a daughter, Brendan was the first one to give Luis a hard time. Luis didnít care. He was just so glad to have a baby on the way, and maybe she would take after her beautiful mother. Secretly, Sheridan worried that Luis would be as overprotective of their daughter as he had been of Theresa.

Sheridan was hugging Brendan when the power went out. "Must be the storms" Brendan said, "Iíll go check the transformer." "Youíre not going anywhere, Brendan." Sheridan pulled his arm. "Why? Whatís the matter?" he asked. "I think I am going into labor." "Here? Now?" Brendan smiled. He loved the excitement of an emergency. He looked around the room for Eve, but she and T.C. had already left. "PATRICK!" Brendan yelled across the room. "Get over here. Weíve got a baby on the way."

Sheridan was amazing and very brave. Luis was terrified at the beginning, but he never left her side. She was too far into the labor to make it to the hospital. Finally, the baby arrived. "Sheridan, LuisÖyou have a healthy baby BOY" Patrick exclaimed. "Boy? Are you sure?" Luis asked. "Yeah, pretty sure. But take a look for yourself if you donít believe me." Patrick continued, "Those ultrasounds arenít always accurate." "Iíll say" Luis replied.

Sheridan and Luis were elated that the baby arrived safely, and they were so surprised to have a son rather than a daughter. "A son, Sheridan, we have a son." Luis smiled. Sheridan held their son in her arms. "He looks just like you, Luis." She said. "Now that the weather has lifted, we better get you to the hospital" Patrick stated. "Oh my gosh!" Sheridan shouted. "What? Whatís wrong?" Brendan jumped. "I ruined your wedding day", she cried. "Nonsense, Sheridan. This whole experience just made it even more special. And besides, at least now you will never forget our anniversary." Brendan joked. Beth interrupted, "Yeah, now if only I can make sure that you donít forget it Brendan." Everyone laughed.

"Well, does this baby have a name?" Patrick asked. Luis and Sheridan looked at each other and realized they had never considered a boyís name. Just then, they smiled and suddenly it came to them. Simultaneously, they said, "Brendan Patrick Lopez-Fitzgerald." Brendan and Patrick were both so honored by this gesture.

Whoís your daddy?

The next day at the hospital, Eve checked Sheridan and the baby. Eve was confused by the report. It wasnít serious and it could be treated, but still it was going to be upsetting. She walked into Sheridanís hospital room. "Sheridan, Luis, how are we doing?" she asked. "Good, Eve. Are you going to let me go home today?" Sheridan asked. "Yes. But first I need to talk with you about something."

Luis and Sheridan held hands as Eve began. "Since the baby arrived a few weeks early, we did a lot of tests to make sure he is ok to go home with you today." Now Luis and Sheridan were getting nervous. Eve continued, "Listen, you two. Itís really nothing to worry about. One of the tests indicates a predisposition to a hereditary disease that is very similar to diabetes. Even if Brendan has this disease, it is not life threatening and it is very treatable. He can go home with you today, but we need you to bring him back in next week for some more tests."

Sheridan was trying to be strong, but the tears were filling her eyes. "Is it something I did, Eve? Did I cause this?" she asked. "No, Sheridan. You didnít do anything wrong. However, we should review your medical history again and you too, Luis, to determine the source." Luis held Sheridan in his arms. "Itís going to be alright. Heís gonna be just fine, Sheridan."

Sheridan and Luis were enjoying every moment as new parents, even the sleepless nights. Dr. Russell had run all the tests and Baby Bren was a carrier of the gene that caused the disease, but just like Sheridan, he did not have the disease. The strange part was that Luis had learned from Sam that he also had the same gene that caused this disease and his father, Clark, had suffered from it. Luis began to suspect the worst.

Maybe Hank had done more than just kidnap Sheridan. Maybe she hadnít told him because it was too painful. He had to learn the truth. Luis was thinking about all the possibilities when Sheridan entered the room. "Hey, sweetie," Sheridan said. "Whatís up? You look a million miles away." Luis didnít even know where to begin. "Sheridan, you know you can tell me anythingÖanything at all. I am always here for you." Sheridan was really confused. "I know that, Luis. Now why donít you tell me whatís really going on here."

Luis explained, "Itís just that Sam was telling me that this disease runs in his family, and I was wondering if maybeÖwell, did Hank do anything to you when he kidnapped you?" Sheridan was disgusted by that thought. "Luis, NO. I swear. I would neverÖI could never keep something like that from you. Just take one look at your son. He is the spitting image of his father. He looks exactly like you. Look at those eyes, Luis."

What was he thinking? Bren did look just like him, though his sonís eyes were a lighter hazel color. "I know, Sheridan. I know he is my son. I just canít figure this whole thing out. I mean, no one else in your family has this disease. How did it happen?" Luis stated. "I donít know either, honey. Maybe it goes back farther in my family than I could research. Who knows? The Bennetts and the Cranes have been in this area a long time. Maybe we are even distantly related." Sheridan offered. This idea grabbed Luis. "I gotta go see Mama. Iíll be back soon. Are you gonna be ok?" Luis asked. "Sure, honey. Bren is sleeping and I am just going to go down for a nap too." "I love you" Luis said as he kissed her goodbye.

The Captain and Camille

Luis knocked on his motherís door. "Please be home, Mama. I need answers." Luis said. Pilar came to the door. "Son. What a nice surprise." Pilar said. Luis went inside and began to explain his theory that maybe Sheridan and the Bennetts were related. Pilar followed and tried to put the pieces together.

"Mama, is there anything that you can tell me about Alistair or Camille that may help me figure this out." Luis pleaded. Pilar thought back to those days and remembered a friendship between Camille and Clark Bennett. "What is it, Mama? Do you know something?" Luis asked. Pilar replied, "Well, it may not be anything, but many years ago, Captain Bennett and Camille were friends. Some said that they had been sweethearts before he went to fight in the war. Everyone thought Clark was dead. When he returned to Harmony, Camille had married Alistair. They already had Julian. Clark met Sarah and made a life with her. Then, some time later, when Julian was quite old, I remember seeing them together. I think that Camille was having problems with Alistair. She had produced the son he wanted so he had left her alone. He had other women on the side. Camille was heartbroken, but still she didnít know how evil Alistair was. I think she may have discovered something and Alistair was threatening her. Clark may have stepped in to protect her."

Luis was shocked. "Is there more, Mama?" he asked. "No, thatís all. Except that I think that Hank may have known of the relationship between Camille and his father. Sarah and Clark went through some tough times, and Hank may have blamed Camille for this." She finished. It was all making sense. Sheridan was right. Hank did hate her and her family. Luis needed more information. He said goodbye to Pilar and returned home to talk with Sheridan. "But if Clark and my mother were seeing each other, my father would have put an end to it. Alistair would never have allowed it to go on." Sheridan said. Luis agreed. He had to talk with Sam, but he didnít want to upset him. Did Sam even know about the relationship between his father and Camille?

Luis knocked on the door to the Bennett house. "Luis, whatís up? Come in." Sam was home, alone. This was the perfect time to ask some questions. Luis explained the facts he had learned so far. Sam followed and starting putting the pieces together. "Luis, Iíve got to be honest. Dad told me that he and mom had some problems before Hank was born, but I donít know that much. All I know is that Camille and Dad were very close before he went to war. It was a shock to everyone when he returned to Harmony because his parents had been told he was dead. Camille was already married to Alistair and Dad was pretty torn up, but then he met Mom. Camille and Dad were able to avoid each other. It was years later when their paths crossed again. Dad was helping her through some things, and Mom was pregnant with Hank at the time. Mom was really resentful of their relationship and she had all but asked Dad to move out. Dad swore there was nothing going on between him and Camille at the time, but Mom just wouldnít listen. Their marriage was falling apart. I donít know if anything ever happened between Camille and Dad, but I know he never stopped loving her."

Sam got quiet. Luis realized that this must be painful for Sam to remember, not only because this was his family but because Sam knew firsthand the pain of lost love. "Look, Sam. You donít have to talk about this if you donít want to." Luis offered. "No, itís ok. I need to. It hit me hard back then, but I didnít blame Dad. Camille was in some kind of trouble and Dad had to help her. Anyway, when Mom kicked him out of the house, Camille cut off all ties with him. She didnít want to be responsible for the collapse of his marriage. She really loved him. Eventually, Mom and Dad reconciled before Hank was born. And Camille and Alistair must have made amends too because shortly after that, Sheridan was born." Sam finished. Luis looked at Sam. Could they both be thinking the same thing? Could Clark Bennett be Sheridanís father? It was a possibility. But Sam kept quiet and so did Luis.

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Sheridan was feeding Bren. Luis walked into the room. "Hey, sweetie. How was your day?" Sheridan asked. "Fine" Luis replied. Something was wrong with Luis. Sheridan knew that look he had in his eyes. She put the baby in his swing. She walked over to Luis and grabbed his hand. "Talk to me. Whatís going on?" she asked. Luis wasnít sure where to begin. "Sheridan. Iíve been trying to put this whole thing together. Iíve talked to Mama and to Sam, and I think I may be on to something. I really donít want to discuss it with you until I am absolutely sure." Luis replied.

Sheridan was concerned because he looked so serious, but she said, "Ok, honey. I trust you completely. Whatever you need to do, just do it. But please, know that I am here when you are ready to talk." Luis was glad that Sheridan trusted him. His mind was racing. Could Clark Bennett be Sheridanís father? It would explain a lot. It would also mean that Sheridan really was Ethanís aunt, and he knew that would please her. And Sam and Hank would be her half brothers. She would be an aunt to Kay, Noah, and Jessica. Sheridan would have the family she always wanted. Luis thought of Hank. He remembered the derogatory remarks Hank made about Sheridanís mother.

Sheridan believed that her family had nothing to do with the kidnapping. She insisted that Hank hated her and wanted her dead and that he had some sort of grudge against her and her mother. What if Hank knew about the relationship between his father and Camille? But Hank was missing and had been for over a year. The files that Luis had pulled on Hank revealed his secret, sordid past. There was a lot that Luis never knew about his old friend. Hank was very good at concealing his true identity. Luis had to find out more. He would talk again with Pilar in the morning.

That Night

Back at his motherís house, Luis explained his theory to Pilar. She sat shocked in amazement. "Luis, it makes sense. Have you told Sheridan what you think?" she asked. Luis replied, "No Mama. I have to be sure. She has been through so much already." Pilar was thinking through all that Luis had revealed.

"Do you really think Hank knew? I mean he wasnít even born when Clark and Camille were together." Pilar started to remember some things. Luis realized this. "What is it Mama?" Pilar explained, "It may not be anything, but I am just thinking back to the night that they found Clark." Luis remembered. It was around the time that Martin disappeared. Luis and Hank had been good friends before then but became very bonded after losing their fathers at the same time.

"What about that night, Mama?" Luis inquired. "Well, it may not mean anything, but the night before they found Clarkís body, Sarah called over here to find Hank. She thought he might have come home with you after your baseball game. She was pretty worried." Luis processed this information and looked concerned. Just how disturbed was Hank and what did he know about Sheridan? Luis knew that he had to talk with Sheridan about this. Maybe she knew something.

Back at Luis and Sheridanís home, Luis waited until Sheridan put Bren down for the night. He had gathered any information on Clark Bennett he could find and he was sifting through the clippings about his death. Sheridan came up behind him and saw a picture of a familiar face. She tried to recall where she knew had seen him. "Who is that?" she asked. He asked her to sit down so they could talk.

"Sheridan, I think I am starting to put some things together, and I need your help." She smiled. "Of course, Luis, but what does any of this have to do with me?" Luis explained that he had been searching to find answers about Brenís condition and that led him to the Bennetts. He told her all that Pilar and Sam had revealed about her mother and Captain Bennett. She was overwhelmed but now just as curious as Luis to uncover the truth.

"Look Luis, I guess itís possible that Clark Bennett is my father. I donít really remember much about my childhood, certainly nothing about any of my motherís friends." Luis noticed that Sheridan was looking at the newspaper clipping. He asked, "Sheridan, do you know this man? Thatís himÖClark Bennett."

Sheridan was silent for a minute. She was being honest. Try as she might, she could not recall much of her childhood, especially that night. Luis read her mind. "Sheridan, I know you have a painful memory from your childhood that haunts you and that you were told it was a nightmare. Have you considered talking to someone about it? It might help. Sam said that Grace really benefited from seeing Dr. Monroe when she was working through her past."

Sheridan had already seen the best doctors in Europe and still she could not escape the horrible nightmares. She hadnít even been able to talk to Luis about them. She told herself it was all in her head and that her fear that she had killed someone, maybe even Martin Fitzgerald, would only drive a wedge between her and Luis. Grace had made tremendous leaps in recalling her past. Maybe Dr. Monroe would help. She decided to go for it. "Letís call him, Luis."

Sheridan didnít want Luis to sit in on her session in case she remembered something about that night. Luis understood, but he wanted to be there to hold her hand. He waited outside the office. Dr. Monroe thought that hypnosis might be the best approach. "Relax, Sheridan, put everything out of your mind" he began. As they worked through her memories, Dr. Monroe began to guide her through the events of the nightmare that haunted her. "What do you see Sheridan?" Sheridan rememberedÖ

Flashback: "Itís dark. I hear noises coming from downstairs. It sounds like a man. He is arguing with someone. I am almost to the room. I am hiding behind a corner. There man is wearing a police uniform and he is carrying somethingÖpapers, I thinkÖmaybe letters. He is holding a letter opener. There is a boy, also in a uniformÖlike a sports uniformÖwith the number 14 on the back. He is telling the man that he will never forgive himÖthat this man has destroyed his family with his lies and deceit.

He tells him that he should have left well enough aloneÖthat he will make him pay. The man tells the boy that he never knew about the childÖthat he only suspected recentlyÖbut that it didnít matter. He told the boy that he loved his mother but that he had always loved this other childís mother tooÖthat fate had pulled them apart and brought them back togetherÖthat he was determined to prove that she had been harmed, maybe even killed, by her husband.

Just then, the boy tried to grab the letters. The man fell on the letter opener and screamed for help. The boy ran out the back door. I began to cry and was still hiding in the corner. The man got up and called for me. He called out, ĎSheridaní. He walked over to me and pulled the letter opener from his chest. There was blood everywhere. The man collapsed on the floor. I was holding the letter opener when I heard footsteps. I ran and hid in a closet. Another person came in the room. An older boy, I think. He told the man to hold onÖhe would get help. The older boy left and there was silence for awhile. I was still hiding in the closet but I couldnít stop crying. I was terrified that someone would hear me. I hear a familiar voice. Itís my father, Alistair, asking me what I have done.

Just then, Sheridan awoke. She was in Dr. Monroeís office. She was alright. Dr. Monroe asked, "Do you remember what you told me, Sheridan?" Sheridan smiled. "I do. It wasnít me. I didnít do anything wrong." She talked some more with Dr. Monroe and called Luis into the room. She explained what she remembered. Luis listened to all the details.

When Luis heard about the boy in the uniform, he knew instantly that it was Hank, number 14 on the baseball team. Hank had been responsible for the murder, but why had Clark been shot and why had the body been moved? And who was the other boy? Sheridan and Luis left Dr. Monroeís office and made their way back home. It was a lot to take in all at once.

They still couldnít confirm that Clark was Sheridanís father. They needed Ethanís help for that. Luis couldnít go to Sam for this one. He didnít want to tell him his suspicions about Clarkís death and about Hank. But Ethan was a Bennett. This had been confirmed. And a simple test could reveal if Sheridan was Clarkís daughter and Samís half sister and Ethanís aunt. This would be the silver lining for Sheridan. She was devastated when she learned that Sam was Ethanís father. She and Ethan had always been so close and to lose him as part of her family crushed her. But if Ethan and Sheridan were really related, it would make them both so happy.

The blood test came back and confirmed that Sheridan was a Bennett. She was so happy to be part of a family, a family that was, for the most part, normal. She now understood why Hank was so warped and why he hated her so much. Deep down, he blamed her for his fatherís betrayal.

The bond between Sheridan and Ethan was in tact. They had been related all along. Sam and Grace accepted Sheridan with open arms. Luis couldn't love her any more than he already did, but he was glad she was at peace about that night and about her family. It all seemed so right, but Luis had to find the connection between Clarkís death and his fatherís disappearance.

So what did happen That Night?

Sheridan confessed to Luis that she had always feared that the man who died that night was his father. Luis wondered if the other boy in the room could have been Antonio, his own brother. Martin had been called to the Mansion that night. Had Antonio been there too? Perhaps, the Cranes framed Martin and Antonio or maybe they threatened them. At any rate, Luis had to know.

After weeks of investigation, Luis learned the truth and he found his father and Antonio. Sure enough, the Cranes called Martin to clean up the mess, thinking that Sheridan was responsible. Antonio overheard the phone conversation and followed Martin to the mansion that night. When Antonio found Captain Bennett, he assumed that the Cranes had paid his father to do their dirty work. He ran from the scene and kept the secret for years. When he left Harmony, it was to find his father and find out why he killed Chief Bennett.

Martin had refused to be part of the cover up and he suspected that Sheridan had nothing to do with the murder. He believed that Alistair was responsible. Martin saw Antonio running away from the mansion. The Cranes convinced Martin that Antonio had broken into the mansion with the intention of robbing them and that he had been caught by Captain Bennett. They said that Antonio killed the Police Chief. They made Martin cover up the crime and leave town to protect his family.

Now Luis knew the truth and he had reunited his family. Pilar was blissful to have her husband and son back. Antonio had been searching for his father for years and Martin had been doing his best to remain underground.





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