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Irish Eyes









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Irish Eyes: Part Five – Planning for the Future
by DabbaDo


Goodbye, Norman Bates (we’ve all got to move away from Mama sometime)

Back at Sheridan’s place, Luis and Sheridan sat on the floor in the living room looking at the pictures of the houses that the realtor had dropped by. "Sheridan, there is something I need to talk about with you." "Sounds serious" she replied. Sheridan was worried about what might come next. "What you’ve done for the clinic is amazing, but I don’t want you working there right now. You’re surrounded by sick people and vagrants and bums. I mean, it could be dangerous for you and for the baby. Now I know you think I am being old fashioned, but it’s just because…" "You care about me." Sheridan interrupted.

"Luis. It’s ok. I have already talked to Patrick about some time away. I am going to help Theresa out until the baby is born. I think it’s sweet you worry about me." Luis was relieved. He couldn’t bear the thought of something bad happening to Sheridan and now there was the baby to worry about. He pulled her close to him. "I can’t wait to make you my wife."

That made him think about the next thing he wanted to talk to Sheridan about. "And there’s one more thing. I know that it’s just a few weeks until the wedding and we decided to leave things as they are until then, but I’ve been spending so much time here anyway and I just thought that…" Again Sheridan knew his every thought "Luis. Are you trying to ask me if its ok for you to move in?" "Yes. That’s exactly what I’m asking. I know you have made a life for yourself and that you need your space, but I really think I should be here, especially now. I want to be here for you." Sheridan smiled. "Well, I suppose" she joked. "As long as you don’t take up too much closet space. And don’t bring all your sports stuff. No baseball posters. No leaving your cleats in the middle of the floor." Luis smiled. "Yes ma’am, but you’d better get used to all that guy stuff because soon we’ll have a house full of boys." Sheridan replied, "Or girls, maybe." Luis shook his head and laughed. In two months time, they would know the sex of the baby. They left to go pack up Luis’ things.

Goodbye, Betty Crocker

Grace walked through Lighthouse Park on her way to meet Patrick. She was nervous, but confident too. She told Sam all the things from her past that she was starting to remember. He knew about Patrick. And, in return, Sam revealed his past with Ivy. At first, Sam thought that Grace would be devastated, but instead she was relieved. Grace always sensed that Sam was hiding something from his past. She didn’t harbor any resentment. She felt alive, like she had just awakened from a long slumber.

There he was, sitting on a park bench. He looked up to see her. "Thank you for coming, Pat." Grace said. Did she just call him Pat? Like in the old days? Could it be? Did she finally remember him? "You remember me, don’t you, Grace?" Patrick stated. "I do. It’s coming back to me in bits and pieces, but I know that you were a very important part of my life." Grace answered. "I didn’t want to rush you. You have to understand. I never knew what happened to you. I looked everywhere when I returned to Boston. There was no trace of you."

Grace interrupted, "Patrick, it’s not your fault. This is just one of those things, a twist of fate. For some reason, this was all supposed to happen. You and me…Sam and Ivy…all torn apart and pulled back together." Patrick was surprised. "You know about Sam and Ivy?" Grace smiled. "Yes. Sam told me. I wish he had told me sooner. Sam has always been so protective of me, ever since the fire. He sheltered me and I allowed that to happen. But now, I am getting to know myself again. And Sam is starting to know me too. That’s why I came here today, Patrick. Sam and I are committed to making this work. Not just our marriage but the relationship that ties all of us together. All four of us. Sam is talking with Ivy right now, clearing things up, and trying to find out why she chose Julian over him all those years ago."

Patrick was concerned. Would Ivy reveal that Sam was Ethan’s father? If ever there were a right time to do it, it was now. Grace was much stronger than anyone had given her credit, and Patrick should know. He was glad that Sam was getting to know the real Grace, but his thoughts were with Ivy. He needed to be there for her.

Goodbye, Poison Ivy (you’ve grown on me)

Sam and Ivy met at the Willow tree, their old meeting place. Sam had just told Ivy what had been happening with Grace. Ivy was relieved that Grace was remembering her past. She wanted Patrick to have closure. He deserved it. Ivy was surprised that she was happy to hear that Sam and Grace were dedicated to making their relationship work. She was over Sam. She was happy being with Patrick now, even though they were just friends at the moment. There were things Sam needed to know, and now the time was finally right.

Ivy explained that she had followed Sam to Boston and seen him with Grace. Sam felt awful that he had broken her heart, but he remembered that Ivy had broken his heart too. Sam asked, "If you were with Julian, why did you follow me to Boston?" Here was the opening that Ivy had been waiting for. She would tell him about Ethan.

"Sam, you better sit down." Ivy began. "After you left, I did return to Julian, but I wanted out of the marriage. I knew my family would never let me leave him. I was terrified. Julian and I never even consummated the marriage. And then, I discovered that I was pregnant." Sam was dumbfounded. "Ethan is your child, Sam. Our son." Ivy stopped. She didn’t know what else to say. Would Sam hate her for keeping it a secret all these years?

Ivy continued, "I know you must hate me, but I had to think of Ethan. After I saw you with Grace in Boston, I knew you had moved on. You were happy, and I was devastated that I had let you go. Patrick rescued me and helped me get through it." Ivy confided.

Sam remembered seeing Patrick at the hospital with a woman. It had been Ivy. Ivy continued, "I never told Julian the truth. I returned to Harmony and began my life as Mrs. Ivy Crane. Julian never suspected. Everyone thought that Ethan just came a little bit early."

Sam was overwhelmed, "Ethan is mine?" Ivy nodded. She knew that Sam was proud of Ethan. He had always been fond of him. Ethan was very special. Sam wondered how he would tell Grace, but he knew that Grace had a big heart. They were starting over and getting to know each other again. Grace was really a strong person. She would accept Ethan as part of their family.





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