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Irish Eyes









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Irish Eyes: Part Four Ė New Beginnings
by DabbaDo


Iíve got a question for you

Luis knocked on the door to Sheridanís place. "Hey, Baby. How ya feeling?" "Iím good." Sheridan replied. "Very good." She added as she tried to hide her smile at the thought of the secret they shared. "Get your coat. I want to take you somewhere special." Luis said. "What are you up to, Lopez-Fitzgerald?" Sheridan asked. "Youíll see." He blindfolded her.

"Is this really necessary, Luis?" Luis was always pulling this cloak and dagger stuff on her. He liked to keep her guessing. So what was he up to tonight? "Quit your complaining, Crane. We are almost there." He took off the blindfold and Sheridan saw a beautiful picnic. Luis had strung fairy lights all through the trees. He had all her favorite foods. It was perfect.

She said, "You didnít have to do this, Luis." Luis was happy that she loved his surprise, "I wanted to make you a really special dinner tonight. You need to keep your strength up, Honey. After all, youíre eating for two now." Luis guided Sheridan over to the blanket.

After dinner, Luis fed dessert to Sheridan. It had been so long since they had been together and the desire between them was overwhelming. "Thereís something I have been meaning to ask you for some time." Luis looked very serious. Sheridan didnít know what was coming. Luis got down on one knee, "Sheridan, I love you so much. When I am with you, itís like no other feeling in the world. You are my best friend, and I know that I can share anything with you. I want to start our life together and I donít want to wait any longer. I want you to be my wife. Please say that you will marry me."

Sheridan was so happy to hear this, but she lowered her head and said, "Luis. You donít have to do this. Lots of people have children together without being married." Luis replied "Sheridan, we are not lots of people. I want this baby to have a mommy and a daddy who are completely committed to each other. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time, before we found out about the baby. I just didnít want to rush you. Please say yes."

Sheridan lifted her head. She knew that he was serious. She wanted to say yes. "Yes, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. I would love to be your wife." Luis gave her a big hug and then realized he might be holding her too tightly. "Are you ok? I mean, I didnít hurt you or the baby, did I?" Sheridan loved to see him so concerned. "No, Luis. You didnít hurt us. The baby is like the size of a pea right now. I can do just about anything I could do before."

They walked back together hand in hand, laughing and giggling. Neither one could believe that they were finally getting married. Sheridan opened the door to her apartment. Luis was following her in when he realized that he might be assuming too much. After all, Sheridan had really embraced her independence lately. It was going to be difficult for her to get used to having another person around all the time.

"Well, I guess I had better get going." Luis suggested. "Not so fast. Where do you think your going?" Sheridan replied. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. "We have a lot to celebrate tonight. Youíre not going anywhere." She started kissing his neck. It had been so long and he wanted her so much.

"Are you sure?" Luis whispered. "Yes, Luis. I want you to make love to me." Sheridan replied. He carried her over to the bed and placed her gently on the pillow. He took off his shirt and began unbuttoning her sweater. He noticed the small curve that had formed on her stomach. She was having his baby. He couldnít believe it. It excited him, but he wanted to be gentle with her. She noticed the look of concern on his face.

"Itís ok, Luis. Letís just take it slow." He continued undressing her and lay down over her, his left arm supporting his weight while he traced all the curves of her body with his right hand. He began making love to her. It was slow and sweet. He thought this night would never end. It felt so good to be with her again. It took all his willpower to keep himself from losing all control. Sheridan was kissing his neck and she raised herself up to him. She closed her eyes as he returned her kisses. She wanted this to last forever, but she couldnít hold back any longer. "Luis, I love you." She whispered as she began to let go. Luis felt the rush and pulled her closer to him as they melted into one another.

Going to the Chapel

"I canít believe you are beating me to the altar, Sheridan." Beth said as she and Sheridan drank their coffees. Things had gotten pretty serious between Beth and Brendan over the past few weeks and he had asked her to marry him. Sheridan and Luis were both so happy for them. Beth deserved to be loved and Brendan was so devoted to her. Luis and Brendan had really become close friends and when the four of them went out, they always had fun together.

"I know, Beth. Itís sudden, but we just donít want to wait." Sheridan replied, wanting so much to share the news of their baby. Sheridan and Luis told Pilar and Ethan their news but agreed to wait to tell everyone else until after the wedding. Sheridan looked down at the beautiful ring that Luis had given her.

"What does your family think?" Beth asked. "My family?" Sheridan started. "Donít tell me that you havenít told them. Sheridan, what if they find out from someone else? They wonít be happy." Beth had a good point. Luis had been supportive. He said that if Sheridan didnít want Julian and Alistair there, then Luis would make sure that the church was filled with Harmonyís finest. If she did want her family at the wedding, then Luis wouldnít fight it. He promised not to make any waves.

Sam, Ethan, Miguel and Brendan would be standing up with Luis. Sheridan had asked Beth, Theresa, Grace, and Gwen to be her attendants. Sheridan asked Patrick to walk her down the isle, and he was honored. Ivy would do a reading during the ceremony. Everything was coming together, but Sheridan couldnít even think about her family. She didnít want to hurt them but they might try to ruin her wedding.

Sheridan looked at her watch. She needed to meet Theresa at her dress shop. Theresa had agreed to design her wedding dress. Sheridan walked into Theresaís shop. Theresa had done really well for herself. Of course, it helped that Ivy had referred so many clients to her store. Pilar returned from her sisterís house to help Theresa run the shop. That way, Theresa could continue taking courses at the design college.

"Hey, I was getting ready to give up on you." Theresa said. "Sorry. I was running late." Sheridan replied. "Well I have some great ideas about your dress. Look at these drawings and tell me what you think." Theresa said. "These are beautiful" Sheridan answered. She noticed the fitted waist. "You know, maybe we could just keep the waist a bit looser. What do you think?" "Sure, whatever you want, Sheridan." Theresa replied. Sheridan tried to change the subject. She and Luis had agreed to keep the news of the baby a secret, but Theresa was family. Should she tell her?

Sheridan changed the subject. "So. How are things going with the shop?" Theresa grinned, "Good. Too good, in fact. If I want to continue taking courses at the school, I am going to have to get some help. Mama has been great helping me with the sewing and keeping the books, but the requests are coming in from everywhere. I need someone to handle that side of the business." Theresa confided.

Sheridan had an idea. "Theresa, I can help out. I have tons of connections in the Fashion Industry, and I can deal with the international side too. Please let me help." Sheridan asked. "You would do that for me? What about your job at the Clinic?"

Theresa was touched that Sheridan already treated her like family. Sheridan continued, "Donít worry about that. I was planning to talk with Patrick about some time away anyway." "Why? Whatís going on Sheridan?" Theresa was beginning to put the pieces together but she didnít want to make any assumptions.

"Well..." Sheridan nervously began. Before she could get the words out, Theresa interrupted "Youíre pregnant, arenít you? Why didnít you say anything? Luis must be over the moon. When are you due?" Sheridan answered "In about six months. We wanted to tell you, but we decided to wait until after the wedding to tell everyone." Theresa hugged Sheridan "I am so happy for you."

Luis was walking past Theresaís shop when he caught sight of Theresa and Sheridan. He needed to talk with Sheridan. Luis entered the store. "Hey, whatís going on in here?" Luis asked. Sheridan was caught off guard. "Youíre not supposed to be here. We are designing my dress, and itís a secret." Theresa was smiling at Luis. "What is going on, you two, tell me?" Luis asked. "Oh nothingÖDaddy." Theresa joked. "You told her?"

Luis was glad that Sheridan had told Theresa. It was killing him that she didnít know. Sheridan nodded, knowing that Luis was glad that Theresa finally knew. "Congratulations, Luis. You are going to make the best father in the whole world." Luis was honored by Theresaís words. He knew that Theresa thought of Luis as her substitute father as well as her big brother. She was so young when Martin disappeared. Luis had done his best for her, but he always felt like he wasnít doing enough. If only Luis could find out what had happened to Martin all those years ago.





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