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Irish Eyes









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Irish Eyes: Part Two Ė Reunion
by DabbaDo


Sheridan Beginagain

Sheridan awoke the next morning, ready to get on with the tasks at hand. She kept the money that her mother, Camille, had left her, but she left everything else behind. She would be able to survive very well on this money, but she convinced herself that it was time to stand on her own. She wouldnít touch the money unless it was absolutely necessary. She had to find a job, and fast, to pay the bills and to keep her mind off of Luis.

She headed to the Book Café for a quick cup of coffee while she looked over the Classifieds. "Sheridan, are you sure you know what youíre doing? Itís a tough world out there and you are bound to get some rejections today." Beth asked. "I know and I am ready for that. All I need is just one offer, and Iím not picky, as long as it keeps me away from Luis." Sheridan replied.

Just then, Patrick walked in and saw Sheridan talking with Beth. She was holding the Classifieds. This seemed like a sign. Patrick planned to open a Clinic at the Pier and really needed someone to run the place. He would be so busy at the hospital. Maybe Sheridan could handle all the day to day tasks. She seemed very capable and extremely nice. "Sheridan, how are you? Itís Patrick Shaugnessey from the other night." "Of course, Dr. Shaugnessey. How are you?" Sheridan replied "Very well, thank you. Say, you wouldnít be looking for a job?" He inquired. Sheridan was suspicious. She couldnít risk Luis finding out that she was working for a living now. She knew what his reaction would be. He would want to know why she had left her family, and he would want to pick up where they left off. After all they had been through, Sheridan couldnít risk it. She was still a Crane and her family would never allow her to be with Luis.

She felt like it might be her lucky day. "Well actually, I am looking for work." Patrick explained the job to her and it sounded perfect. "Sold. Iíll take it. I have to be honest with you, though. I donít have much experience, but I am a hard worker." Sheridan confessed. "Actually, itís better that way. It will be easier to train you, plus you wonít burn out so fast. It ís a really intense job. You will bring a fresh outlook to it." Patrick replied.

What went wrong?

It had been few days since Luis ran into Sheridan at the Pool Hall and he hadnít bumped into her since. Luis walked the Pier and thought back to the other night at the Pool Hall with Sheridan. She and Beth had become very close and he was glad that someone was looking out for Sheridan. Who was he kidding? He hadnít made any progress getting over Sheridan. Of course, it had just been a few weeks since they broke up. After all they had been through, it just seemed impossible for them to be together. He thought back to the last time they were togetherÖ

Luis and Sheridan had been arguing a lot lately about her familyís part in their problems. He walked out of the cottage after this latest blowup but he longed to go back and apologize. He said some pretty terrible things. Over the past few months, Luis had practically moved into Sheridanís cottage. They had grown so close, but they always seemed to end up in the same place.

He rifled through his pockets, looking for his keys. Sheridan had a key made for him and put the key on a Panda Bear keychain she got from a candy machine. She said it reminded her of Luis, something about his intense but sweet eyes. Luis smiled at the keychain. Imagine a big police officer in the Harmony PD carrying around a Panda Bear keychain. It must be love.

He opened the door to the cottage, certain that Sheridan would be asleep. He would wake her up and apologize. Instead, she was sitting on the sofa, looking very distraught. Before he could apologize, Sheridan said "Luis, I am so sorry. I know you think that my family is involved in all the problems we have been having, but I just donít see it." "I had no right to trash your family, Sheridan." Luis replied. "I guess itís just the cop in me searching for answers." She ran up to him and threw her arms around his neck. They began to kiss passionately and he carried her into the bedroom. This was the way that things had become between the two of them. Fighting and making up into the wee hours of the morning.

That was the last time they had been together before the kidnapping. And then all hell broke loose. Luis continued walking the Pier. He heard footsteps approaching and thought it may be the thugs he was tailing. He hid behind some crates. Instead he heard a familiar voice. It was Beth. "Come on, Sheridan, it will be fun. When is the last time you went on a date? Itís not like you donít know them. It will be me and Brendan and you and Patrick." Beth stated. "Absolutely not" Sheridan replied. Luis was happy to hear her answer. Sheridan continued, "Does Patrick even know about this?" "Well not exactly, but I know he would love to go out with you. Anyway you two have been spending so much time together lately. Itís not like you donít know the guy" Beth remarked, alluding to the many hours Sheridan and Patrick had been putting in at the Clinic. Luis felt sick at hearing this. Why had Sheridan been spending time with Patrick Shaugnessey? Sheridan replied, "Itís not exactly quality time, Beth. Anyway, I donít want to give Patrick the wrong idea. I am still very much in love with Luis, even though I know we canít be together." Luis felt warm when he heard this. He had to talk to Sheridan tonight. He couldnít let another minute pass. There had to be some way that they could figure this out and be together.

"Look, Beth. I appreciate the offer, but I was planning to stay in tonight and take care of some things." Sheridan answered. "Suit yourself. If you change your mind, just give me a call." Beth replied. Luis knew that he could beat Sheridan to the cottage if he timed it right. He slipped away and made his way to the cottage. He still had the key. He meant to return it but he never got around to it. The cottage was dark. He opened the door. It was desolate, apart from the furniture. There wasnít even a telephone. What was going on here? He went back to his house to get some answers. Since Pilar was out of town visiting her sister and Paloma, he thought that maybe Theresa would know about Sheridanís whereabouts.

Both Pilar and Theresa quit their jobs at the mansion months before, but Theresa remained close to Sheridan and Ethan. Theresa was in the kitchen working on some drawings for her design class. Luis burst in. "Theresa, I have got to find Sheridan. I went to her cottage tonight, and it looks like sheís moved out. If you know where she is, you have to tell me" Luis demanded. Theresa had been waiting for this question for some time. She promised not to tell, but this was Luis, her brother. She couldnít lie to him. "Look, Luis. I canít tell you much. Just that Sheridan left her family after that whole Hank mess and moved into a place on the Pier. Sheís been working at the Clinic for a few weeks now." Luis ran out the door and made his way to the Pier. Which place was Sheridanís? He couldnít very well start knocking on doors. Anyway, she wouldnít let him in, not after the Hank situation.

Flashback: It was the day after they were last together, and Luis planned to surprise Sheridan with a homemade dinner at her cottage. As the candles slowly burned down, he looked at his watch. It was getting late. Where could she be?

Luis called Ethan. He hadnít seen her all day and was concerned because she was supposed to meet him at the Book Café for coffee. "Look, I donít like this." Luis said. I am going to start looking for her. Call me immediately if you hear anything, Ethan." "You do the same, Luis." Ethan replied. Luis searched all over town through the night until the next morning. Luis was sick with worry. They started a search. Sam, Ethan, TC, and LuisÖbut where was Hank? Hankís absence was suspicious to Luis, but he couldnít bring himself follow this train of thought.

Even Julian seemed genuinely concerned. He made no comments about Sheridanís tumultuous past and he even offered to bring in extra men for the search. Still, Luis didnít trust him. If Julian had anything do to with Sheridanís disappearance, he would kill him. Ethan suggested that they go to Camilleís lakehouse. It was a special place for Camille, Sheridanís mother, and Sheridan liked to go there. Maybe Sheridan just needed to get away.

Ethan and Luis left for the house, while TC and Sam remained in Harmony in case any new leads arose. Sam went to the Crane Mansion to question Julian about Sheridanís disappearance. He ran into Ivy before he could meet with Julian. He explained the situation to her and told him that Ethan and Luis had gone to look for Sheridan.

Ivy was distressed. "Sam, is Ethan in any danger? You have to go after him. I canít let anything happen to happen to ourÖ" she realized what she had said. She wanted so much to tell him the truth. "Ivy, donít worry. Luis is with him and they both have their phones. They will be in touch"

Luis entered the house, while Ethan called in their location. "Hello. Is anyone here?" Luis shouted. He noticed the bags on the floor. He opened the door to the bedroom where he found Sheridan. She was unconscious and tied to the bed. There were bruises on her face. She was really out of it. Maybe she had been drugged, but who would do this to Sheridan? He untied the ropes and gently stroked her cheek.

"Sheridan. Wake up. Come on, sweetie. Itís me, Luis. I need to know who did this to you" Luis pleaded. Sheridan began to come around. It was Luis. He found her. She knew he would come for her. She whispered, "Luis, itís Hank. Heís gone crazy. He wants to kill me. You have to be careful."

Ethan sat in the parked car. He had just called Sam to let him know that they had arrived at the cabin. Ethan saw Hank enter the cabin and he followed him. Hank was coming up behind Luis. "Luis. Watch out!" Ethan shouted. Just then Hank turned and ran out the door, knocking Ethan into the wall. Ethan told Luis to go after Hank. He would take care of Sheridan.

Luis cornered Hank outside. "Hank, what the hell is going on? Why Sheridan?" Luis demanded. Hank replied, "The Cranes threatened me. This whole thing was Alistairís idea. He paid me a lot of money and said that he would harm my family if I didnít comply. Luis, Buddy, you gotta believe me. I know that the Cranes had something to do with my fatherís death. They knew I was onto them and they threatened me."

Luis remembered the night that they found Clark Bennett all those years ago. He was the Captain of the Harmony PD and his death remained an unsolved mystery. They found his body in an alley. He had been shot and stabbed. Most people assumed it was someone seeking revenge, maybe one of the many criminals Captain Bennett put behind bars.

For now, Luis needed to focus on the moment at hand. He had his gun on Hank but he couldnít shoot. What if Hank had been the victim of a plan devised by the Cranes? Hank started to run. Luis hesitated and then heard Sheridan scream from the house. "LuisÖcome quickly." Luis entered the front door. Sheridan was holding Ethan. "He just lost consciousness. He is bleeding very badly, Luis. We have to do something." Sheridan cried.

Ethan had sustained quite a blow to the head when Hank ran out the door. They waited for the ambulance to arrive. Once Ethan was safely on his way to the hospital, Sheridan asked, "Whereís Hank? Didnít you catch him? You canít let him get away with this. He was going to kill me and he could have killed Ethan" Sheridan cried. "He got away, Sheridan." Luis paused. "Donít think about that now. You have been through so much. We need to get you to the hospital."

Sheridan was adamant, "No, Luis. I am fine. Now tell me what happened. I deserve to know." Luis wasnít sure if he should tell her, but she had a point. She did deserve to know the truth. He explained, "Hank told me that this whole thing was Alistairís doingÖthat your family was threatening him and forced him to do this to get rid of you." Sheridan was so hurt. She knew her family had done things in the past, but she was sure they had nothing to do with this. "No, Luis. Trust me. Hank has some grudge against me. He kept mumbling something about my motherÖcalling her a bitch. He knew about this place. Iím telling you Hank has some warped ideas about my mother. He has really lost it. He wants me dead and this has nothing to do with Julian or my father."

That event had been he beginning of the end for Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan refused to believe that Hank had been manipulated by her family. She truly believed that they were innocent in this matter, but the whole situation forced her to realize that she needed to make some changes in her life. The first order of business was moving out, but Luis must never know. She would break all ties with her family and with Luis. Even after Sheridan learned that Ethan was going to be all right, she could not forget that Luis let Hank get away.

Fixer Upper

Tonight Luis would find Sheridan and tell her he could not live another day without her in his life. He walked the Pier looking for Sheridanís place. Could this be it? Luis checked the window of the warehouse. He could just fit through the opening.

Sheridan was busy painting. She had the music turned up. She heard a noise downstairs and she grabbed her gun. After the kidnapping, Sheridan decided it was time to get a gun and learn how to use it. She was on her own now, and Hank was still on the loose. Sheridan drew her gun and walked down the stairs. She came around the corner. "Luis!" Sheridan screamed. Luis jumped back. "What are you doing here? I could have shot you" Sheridan said. " I had to see you, and I didnít know which place was yours." Luis replied. Sheridan started to walk back up the stairs and said, "This is breaking and entering, Luis. Now get out before I call the police." "I am the police, remember?" He had a point. Sheridan tried to conceal her smile. Luis looked at Sheridan and knew he could still get to her.

Sheridan was wearing torn up blue jeans, an old tee shirt and no shoes and was splattered with pink paint. She looked beautiful. "Whatís going on, Sheridan? Why did you leave the cottage and get a job without telling me?" Luis demanded. Sheridan explained, "First, itís none of your business, Luis. And second, I have work to doÖso if you want to talk to me, grab a roller." Sheridan was kidding, of course. She expected him to leave, but Luis took off his jacket and followed her up the stairs.

"Look, Luis. I was kidding. You are going to get your uniform covered in paint. And I wonít be responsible for that. Anyway, we have nothing to talk about. Weíve been over this time and again and have gotten nowhere." Luis grabbed her arm and turned her towards him. "Just let me get this out, Sheridan. I have been miserable these past few weeks. I canít live without you. And I know you feel the same way. I canít change what happened to Ethan or the way that I reacted to your theories about Hank. I want to get answers, Sheridan, because I love you, and I wonít have anyone hurt you. More than anything, I want a second chance. Now that you are on your own, maybe we have a chance." Luis pleaded.

"I am still a Crane, Luis. My family wonít let me be with you." Sheridan replied. Luis begged, "I donít care what they try to do. Life is not worth anything without you. We can take it really slow this time. Just give me another chance." Sheridan had longed to hear these words from Luis. She smiled. "Start painting, Luis." He smiled. He knew she was at least considering the idea.

Luis picked up a roller. "This is a nice place, but the location is a little dodgy." Luis remarked. "Hey, enough of the comments. Itís my place and I love it." They continued painting and talking about Sheridanís job at the Clinic and her new neighborhood.

They had been working for a few hours and the room was looking good. Luis was covered in paint. "Can I use your shower to get this stuff off before it dries?" Luis asked. "I thought you said we were going to take it slow" Sheridan replied. Luis smiled, "Hey, itís just a shower. I think I can be trusted." "OK. But then youíre leaving." Sheridan replied, unsure as to where they stood.

"Hey, whereís that blue robe I used to wear?" Luis called from the shower. "Itís the peach floral one on the door or nothing at all. I got rid of a bunch of stuff when I took this placeÖyou know, less room and all." Sheridan couldnít admit that she had thrown out all reminders of Luis, including the robe.

Sheridan realized the options she had just given Luis and she hoped that he would choose the peach floral robe rather than the alternative. She couldnít control herself if he came out into her bedroom naked. "Very attractive, sir." Sheridan commented on his selection of the peach robe. Luis wanted to take her into his arms and kiss her, but he had promised to take things slow. "Well, I will just get changed into my clothes when they are finished in the dryer and then I will be out of your way." Luis said, trying to conceal his desire.

Luis had something important to ask Sheridan. "Would you let me take you out tomorrow night?" Luis asked. "Luis, I am really unsure about this whole starting over idea. Everywhere we go will remind me of our past." Sheridan replied. "Come on, Sheridan. Give me a chance. Just put on your best dress and I will pick you up at 7PM. You do have a dress? Tell me you didnít get rid of all your clothes." "Well, I can probably come up with something" Sheridan answered. She had left most of her things behind because she had less room in her new place. Why would she need a nice dress? She had vowed never to date again. She had seen her future as the town spinster, wandering around in wooly cardigans with lots of cats living in her apartment, her only companions.

Luis got dressed. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Hey, by the way, I love your new place." Sheridan smiled. "Thank you." "Tomorrow at 7PM, OK?" Luis asked. "Against my better judgement, Luis." Sheridan smiled as she gave him a friendly pat on the back.

Close Encounters

At the Seascape, Grace and Sam sat a their table. Ivy watched them from her table. Where was Patrick? He was running late. Ivy and Patrick had reconnected after not seeing each other for years. She had never known him all that well, but he had come to her aid all those years ago in Boston. She trusted him. He had such caring eyes.

She and Julian had come to an agreement over the past few weeks. She could do her thing, and he could do his. After Ethan was released from the hospital, Ivy and Julian seemed to focus more on enjoying every day, which meant spending as little time as possible together. Julian may have assumed that Patrick was the new man in Ivyís life, but he was wrong. They were just very dear friends who both knew the pain of lost love. They were also friends who shared a secret past.

Ethanís near miss with death really upset Sam. Grace assumed that Sam felt a responsibility to Ethan because Hank had caused the whole mess. Sam convinced himself that must be the reason he felt a connection with Ethan Crane. It was as though he instinctively knew that Ethan was his son. If only Ivy had the courage to tell him. Ivy wondered what was keeping Patrick, and she thought back to that weekend in Boston all those years ago.

Flashback: Ivy knew she was pregnant. What could she do? After spending her wedding night with Sam, Ivy returned to Julian. A heartbroken Sam left Harmony that day. Ivy had no idea of where he had gone. She had tracked him as far as Boston and would start there to find him.

She told Julian she needed time away to think about their sham of a marriage and he seemed to welcome the break. She walked down the street of the last address she could find for Sam. He had probably moved, but she had to start somewhere. 50..51..52B. She reached the address and looked up at the bay window. Her heart sank as she saw him. There he was. It was Sam and he was holding another woman. They were dancing and laughing. He looked so happy. It had only been a few weeks since he left Ivy. Could he have moved on already? How could this have happened, she thought as she ran down the street? She stopped to catch her breath. She felt weak, as though her legs were giving way. Thatís when a stranger stepped in and caught her.

She awoke in an unfamiliar room. "You fainted." The voice said. "Where am I?" Ivy asked. "In my apartment. You took quite a turn." Patrick answered. "Who are you?" Ivy asked. "OhÖsorry. My name is Patrick Shaugnessey. Iím a med student at the college and I was on my way to class when I caught you." Patrick replied.

"Well, Mr. Shaugnessey. I appreciate your help, but really I will be fine" Ivy started to cry. Patrick didnít know what he said to upset her. "Whatís wrong?" Patrick asked. Ivy was still crying but she was also laughing at the silliness of this situation. Here she was telling a perfect stranger about her deepest, darkest secrets, and the strange part was that she completely trusted him.

She said, "You really want to know? Well, I have made a real made a mess of my life and lost the man that I love." Patrick knew this pain. He too had lost a love. She had simply vanished. He had gone to Harmony find his father and when he returned to Boston, she was gone.

Ivy put her hand on her stomach. What would she do now that Sam had moved on? She would have to consummate her marriage with Julian. Otherwise, everyone would know that the baby was not Julianís child, and the Cranes would destroy her. She had to act fast. But how? She was already six weeks along. Patrick watched as Ivy touched her stomach.

"Do you mind my asking? Are you pregnant?" Patrick asked. "YesÖyes I am." She replied, not believing that she was telling this man everything. "Look, let me take you to the hospital. You need to see a doctor." Her babyís health was her primary concern now and she agreed to go.

At the hospital, Sam took Grace for a final checkup with her doctor. She had made an amazing recovery since the fire, but she still had no memory of her pastÖonly that her name was Grace. Sam had saved her from the fire and he felt responsible for her. She had no one else.

Sam saw Patrick Shaugnessey outside the window. It was raining hard, but he was sure it was Patrick. Was he with a woman? Sam couldnít make out her face behind the umbrella. She was clutching her stomach. Sam suspected that this was Patrickís wife. He saw them enter the ER and walk towards Obstetrics. Patrick was a little young to be a father, but really this wasnít any of Samís business. He decided to leave well enough alone. He had to focus on Grace now.

Ivy snapped back into reality and decided to check her messages. She took her cell phone with her out onto the terrace and watched the ocean roll onto the beach. Patrick entered the Seascape looking for Ivy. He really enjoyed the time they had been spending together. She reminded him of Boston and his youth.

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked across the room. His fears were true. It was Grace. He had heard about Samís wife, about the fire, and her amnesia. It wasnít until he learned her name was Grace that Patrick began to suspect that Samís wife might actually be his Grace. Sam had lived in Boston during his twenties. It made sense. All the pieces were starting to come together. Patrick wondered if Harmony had called him home for this reason. He wanted to contact her, but he knew that victims of sever traumatic memory loss had to remember their past in their own time. Still, he had to know if she remembered him.

Sam was on the telephone checking in with the station. Patrick walked over to Grace. The minute she saw those green eyes she knew that this man had been part of her past. She stood up and began shaking. All of the sudden she fainted. "Angel" Patrick said, realizing that he was calling her by the name he had used all those years ago. He had not meant for this to happen. Sam rushed over. Grace came to.

"What did you say?" she asked Patrick. "AngleÖI said angle your head over your knees. You need the get the blood to return to your head." "Do I know you?" Grace questioned. "What happened?" Sam demanded until he realized that it was Dr. Shaugnessey. "OhÖPatrick. I didnít realize it was you. Itís okay, Gracie. This is Dr. Shaugnessey. He works with Eve. Youíre gonna be just fine now. Youíre in good hands, honey."

Patrick and Sam helped Grace to her feet. "I donít know what happened, Sam. I just got so lightheaded. Iím going to go to the Ladies Room and splash my face with some cold water." "Let me go with you" Sam offered. "No. Iíll be right back. Just stay here, Sam." Grace replied. She needed a minute away to process all the emotions she was feeling.

Just then, Luis and Sheridan walked into the dining room. Sheridan looked beautiful in a simple pale blue silk dress. Luis couldnít take his eyes off of her. She was glowing. He saw Sam and Patrick across the room. "Hey, SamÖPatrick" Luis said. Sam hugged Sheridan. "Itís good to see you two together again." Sam remarked. Sheridan and Luis noticed Samís worried face. Patrick hugged Sheridan too, but he also looked distracted.

"Where is Grace?" Sheridan asked. "She isnít feeling well. Actually, she just fainted. Dr. Shaugnessey was just helping her out. She went to the Ladies Room." Sheridan offered to help. "Well, I will go check on her. Donít worry, Sam. There is a lot going around lately. He clinic has been swamped with patients. Just ask Patrick." Sheridan couldnít reveal that she had been very queasy and faint lately. She didnít want to worry anyone, especially Luis.

Sheridan walked into the Ladies room. Grace sat on the pink bench in the corner shaking. "Grace" Sheridan called. She sat next Grace and held her hand. "Are you ok?" "OhÖSheridan." Grace was startled to see Sheridan. She had been lost in thought trying to remember her past. "No, actually, Iím not all right. I think I am having some sort of breakdown. I think I may be remembering things from my past."

"Come on letís get you back to the table. Sam should take you home." "No. Please donít tell him." Grace pleaded. They walked out of the Ladies Room together. Luis had gone to check on them when he overheard Sheridan tell Grace. "Youíre going to be ok, Grace. There is a lot going around. Just the other day, I fainted at the Book Café. It must be a bug. Luis came up behind her. "Sheridan, what do you mean you fainted? Did you see a doctor?" Just then Sam came to get Grace to take her home.

Luis and Sheridan walked to their table. Sheridan tried to change the subject. "Are you sure you want to eat here, Luis? Itís really expensive, especially for a first date." Sheridan joked. "Donít you worry about it, Ms. Crane. I know youíre from a rough neighborhood and youíre not used to these fancy restaurants. Just follow my lead." Luis replied. Sheridan smiled. She hadnít had the heart to tell him how much money her mother had left her. She would be set for life. But money always seemed to cause arguments so she kept it to herself.

Luis continued, "Hey donít change the subject, Sheridan. I am worried about you. You have had a rough couple of weeks ever since the kidnapping. You need to see a doctor." "Well, if it will make you feel better, I will make an appointment with Eve." Sheridan answered. "Yes. It would make me feel better. Just get Patrick to take a look at you at work tomorrow." Sheridan answered, "I prefer to see a female doctor." She couldnít let him know that she had missed her last period. It was probably just all the stress, but she didnít want him to worry. There was no way she was pregnant. They were always so careful, but she had to be sure. Luis added, "Let me know when Eve can see you so I can be there." Luis replied, realizing that he may be coming on too strong.





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