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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Or, various Passions characters' responses to the age-old question
by Dayglo


Luis: He was probably forced to by those big shot Cranes!

Theresa: It was all a matter of fate...

Pilar: No, I warned that chicken not to cross the road... now it is only in for heartache.

Pierre & Roger: The chicken must be stopped at all costs, it already knows too much.

Sam: The chicken... (has flashback)

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, that chicken has a dangerous past. In fact, blah blah blah secret blah blah blah past blah blah blah etc.

Father Lonigan: That chicken is in jeopardy tonight.

Alistair: Julian! I thought I told you not to let that chicken out of your sight. So you turn around and let it cross the road? You're pathetic.

Les: Hank, I'm warning you. Either you eliminate the chicken, or your niece gets it.

Charity: (having visions) No! Chicken, don't cross the road! You'll die!

TC: If that chicken lays one wing on my wife, I will RIP HIS HEART OUT! ...Sorry, sometimes I just lose it.

Hal Freeman: Luis, I want you protecting the chicken. It can't be allowed to just go off and cross the road whenever it wants to, unsupervised!

Ethan: I love you, chicken-- I mean, Gwen.

Faith: No, no! The forces made it cross! Charity, we have to leave, now!

Chad: Yo, does dat chicken know about my past in Harmony?

Eve: That chicken could reveal my secret... I can't let him finish crossing the road, or everything that's dear to me will be lost!

James E. Reilly: No, wait, it can't cross yet! We haven't built up months of dramatic tension yet! Quick, make it get hit by a car or something.




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