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The Bathroom





















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Bathroom
by catcrazytlk


Chapter Nineteen

The courtroom was silent, in anticipation of the information Julian was about to reveal. Sheridan and Luis held tightly to each others hands, knowing that they were about to discover the identity of the body from Sheridan's dreams, if in fact they had occurred. Luis looked over at her and smiled reassuringly, but Sheridan was not reassured.

If the body was found to be Martin Fitzgerald Luis' feelings would change, she knew it. He was able to still love her now because they were unsure. She knew he was telling himself that the whole thing would be a mistake and it wasn't his father after all.

"... Hell, it may just destroy Harmony all together." Julian was saying, of the secret he was hiding. "Enough theatrics Mr. Crane." The judge told him in a no-nonsense voice. Julian sighed. "Yes, your Honor. But you see, to fully understand Father's reasoning for trying to kill Sheridan I have to go back... back almost 15 years..."

"Very well Mr. Crane, but it had better be relevant..." "Oh, it's relevant your Honor, to this charge and some of the others as well. Now, Father's true business has always been secrets... and he has information on practically every family in Harmony. He uncovered a secret concerning Martin Fitzgerald and Eve Russell... a very juicy little secret, in fact." Julian paused for effect, glancing around the courtroom, seeing Eve and TC Russell both squirming in their seats. He saw Sheridan and Luis exchange a confused look. The judge cleared her throat in warning and he continued. "You see... Martin and Eve were having an affair." The courtroom gasped in unison. Father thought about this tidbit of information, and decided he could use it to his advantage best, by telling TC and confronting Martin. Then he would be able to blackmail them both... for what exactly I don't know, but Father is a great one for collecting on debts."

"What Father didn't count on was TC Russell's explosive temper. The man exploded... yelling at Martin and threatening to kill him. There was a terrible commotion and the next thing I knew they were wrestling with each other. I was standing off to the side when I saw Sheridan come downstairs. She was only a child, merely nine or ten and she was scared."

Sheridan clutched Luis' hand and sucked in a deep breath... this was where Julian would say that she killed Martin... she just knew it. She glanced at Luis, but he was staring, enthralled, at Julian, who continued to speak. "Sheridan was pale, white as a sheet. She grabbed the letter opener off the desk and hid behind a curtain where she couldn't be seen. TC and Martin were struggling and TC shoved him hard against the wall, right where Sheridan was hiding. Right onto the letter opener."

"It was unfortunate really... an inch or two either way and he would have survived, but it struck him in the heart. He was dead before he hit the ground. Father was very in control and he took over immediately. We covered the body and tried to calm Sheridan down. She was hysterical... in fact she's always been prone to hysterics... but I digress. We had to find a way to keep her quiet, so Father convinced her it was all her fault... that was the only way to keep her from talking. Father convinced her she was wicked, sent her away to an institution where they convinced her she was nuttier than a fruit cake and that was that."

"TC was really the one responsible, but we agreed to cover it up for him, in exchange for one little thing. Many have no doubt wondered why TC refuses to allow anyone, even his family, into the shed behind his house. That is because there is an old freezer there, containing the body of one Martin Fitzgerald."

The whole courtroom was silent, you could've heard a pin drop. Pilar was stunned... Martin had been having an affair? And he really was dead? Eve had no idea that TC had known about the affair with Martin... and she wondered if he knew the rest of her secret? TC was scared. He'd had a part in this... a big part and, unlike Julian, he had no immunity.

Sheridan was, at the same time, horrified and relieved at the same time. She had been holding the letter opener, but she had not intentionally hurt anyone. She looked at Luis, who looked as though a train had struck him. "Papa was cheating on Mama..." he whispered. "And that's why he died..."

Sheridan reached over, saying nothing, and slid her arms around him. Julian went on, explaining how Sheridan had been no threat when she was in Paris, but back here in Harmony, coupled with the one other person who was searching for the truth about the past... well, it was just too dangerous. After a few more questions concerning times, dates and details court was adjourned for the day. A search warrant was issued for TC's shed and there was indeed a freezer containing a body. A body that was instantly sent for identification.

TC was arrested in connection of Martin Fitzgerald's death, for the body was his. Alistair was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to life in prison. Julian, with his immunity, was a free man, and vowed to be a changed man. No more shady business dealings and scam jobs.

The secrets Eve had been hoping would stay undercover were revealed for Julian purged himself completely on the stand, telling about his affair with her and also about the other information Alistair had uncovered about her affair with Martin... Whitney was Martin's daughter, not TC's.

A month later Sheridan and Luis were on the couch at the cottage, snuggled together and talking. "Julian was sure right about destroying lives in Harmony." Sheridan said sadly. "I really am sorry you had to find out such a terrible thing about your father Luis."

"Yeah, me too. But at least now we know the truth. Papa is really dead... he didn't desert us, even if he was cheating on Mama." "Yes. And you have a half sister you didn't know about. But I do feel sorry for that family... Eve destroyed everything... I can't imagine what would possess someone to do such things."

Luis smiled a little at the thought of Whitney. She'd been around the house so much she was almost like a sister anyway. Then he frowned at the thought of Eve and his fathers infidelity. "What if it's hereditary?"

"What?" Sheridan had no idea what he was talking about. He sat up, pulling away from her, and turned to face her. "The unfaithfulness... what if I'm just like him?" Sheridan felt her heart ache at the pain in his voice... "Luis, no. That sort of thing is not hereditary. Besides, you are far to moral and too good a man to ever do anything like that. I trust you completely... I know you would never betray me." She wrapped her arms around him, holding him close and feeling him relax.

"I wouldn't... I will never hurt you Sheridan... I promise. I love you so much." "I love you too Luis. I will always love you." They relaxed, leaning back on the couch and soon they were asleep in each others arms. One night, of the thousands they would spend in each others arms over the course of the next fifty years.





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