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The Bathroom





















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Bathroom
by catcrazytlk


Chapter Eleven

Sheridan lay in her hospital bed, trying not to feel sorry for herself and failing miserably. Her life was a shambles. There were still people trying to kill her, her father hadn't sent so much as a sympathy card, never mind a visit and she was lying here, paralyzed. The fact that Eve was still saying nothing was definite wasn't all that comforting.

On top of all this she had sent away the only man she'd ever truly loved, the only man who'd ever truly loved her. She remembered the look on his face last night when she'd told him she was too good for him. It had broken her heart to lie to him like that and she had cried herself to sleep after he left. She still felt like crying. The bullet wound in her side hurt like hell, but it was nothing compared to the pain in her heart.

Luis was at the wharf, staring out over the water. He was thinking of Sheridan, wondering how he could've read her so wrong. He'd thought what they'd shared was special... and he'd thought she did too. He knew she was hurting and at first he figured her cruel words were just a way of pushing him away because she didn't want to tie him down.

But her eyes had been cold and her voice even icier and she convinced him. She really was the ice princess he had called her all those months ago. Crane through and through.

Luis cursed and went to his jeep. He needed to get away and think... somewhere without memories of Sheridan around every corner. Sam was talking about a seminar in Boston, and although Sam had been thinking of sending someone else Luis figured he could get Sam to change his mind. Granted, there were memories of Sheridan in Boston, but not as many as Harmony. And in Boston, none of them were good memories.

"Sheridan, you have to snap out of this!" Theresa said, scowling at the woman in the bed. "Dr. Russell says you have to want to walk again if the therapy is going to do any good!"

Sheridan sighed. "I know Theresa." Sheridan had gotten some of the feeling back in her legs... only a small amount, but Eve had claimed it to be a good sign. Theresa was helping Sheridan do the exercises Eve prescribed. "I'm sorry, I know you're trying to help."

It had been three days since the shooting, since she'd seen Luis. Part of her had hoped he wouldn't give up... that he would see through her act and come back to her. But there had been no sign of him. In fact, according to Theresa, he was out of town. "Look Sheridan, I know it's none of my business, but I also know this is about Luis. If he were here you would be trying." Theresa put Sheridan's legs back under the covers and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

Sheridan shook her head. "No Theresa... there is nothing between me and Luis. It just won't work out." "But you guys care about each other... I know you do! Don't let true love pass you by Sheridan!" Theresa said earnestly. Tears gathered in Sheridan's eyes. "I can't Theresa... I can't put him through this. All my life I've been nothing but a burden on everybody... and I won't do it to Luis!" "But Sheridan, you aren't going to be paralyzed... your legs are getting better, just like Dr. Russell said they might." "I sent him away Theresa. I said horrible, mean things to him and sent him away. He'll never forgive me for that. I mean, he couldn't even stay in town." Sheridan let the tears flow freely and Theresa leaned forward and embraced her. "It'll be alright Sheridan... he'll be back. He loves you, I know he does."

"He did... but after what I said to him I bet he hates me." Theresa just held her and let her cry.

Luis couldn't concentrate at the seminar. He tried to listen to the speakers and keep notes, but all he could think about was Sheridan. The speaker finished a very dull speech about ballistics and the host announced a break. He wandered out into the lobby where refreshments were being served and was just fixing a cup of coffee when a familiar voice came from behind him. "Well look at this... Harmony's finest..."

Luis turned around and grinned at Tina Alvarez. He'd thought he'd never see the Boston cop again after being released from their jail. "Hey, Tina. Great to see you." "You too Luis. I guess you got those crazy charges straightened out... otherwise you wouldn't be here..." She smiled. "You and Sheridan worked it out huh? She got the charges dropped?"

Luis frowned. "Not exactly. Her brother did." "Oh, but you two are together now, right?" Tina was sure it had worked out. She was surprised when Luis shook his head. "What? Why not? You two were obviously in love with each other."

Luis snorted. "Right, I was in love with her, but she wasn't in love with me." Tina frowned. "No... no, she loves you Luis. I would stake my badge on it."

"Then why did she blow me off?" Tina sighed. "Let's blow the next speaker and go get some real coffee..." Luis was about to refuse, but he realized he really wanted to talk to somebody about this and Tina was an excellent listener.

A half hour later Luis had explained everything that had transpired since the arrest, up to the point where Sheridan had told him he wasn't good enough and their lovemaking hadn't meant anything. Tina had been silent through the story, listening carefully and nodding in the right places. Now she leaned back and let out a low whistle. "Boy, you two sure do make life complicated." "Yeah... well it doesn't matter Tina... she doesn't love me. She doesn't want me in her life." Luis stirred his untouched coffee morosely. "Well, I know she did when you were here before. She and I had a long chat about it. Listen Luis, she is probably terrified that this could be permanent... in her position I would've probably done the same thing."

Luis stared at her. "Really?" "Yeah, and my best guess is that if you go back to her she'll have already reconsidered." Luis nodded uncertainly. "Hey, look at it this way... you're miserable already. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Luis smiled a little. "You're right. Thanks Tina. As soon as I get back to Harmony I'm going to go and make her listen." He stood and gave her a peck on the cheek before leaving the cafe.

Tina sat there and smiled a little. Sheridan was nuts if she turned him away. Why couldn't she find a guy like Luis? She wondered if they would invite her to the wedding...





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