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The Bathroom





















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Bathroom
by catcrazytlk


Chapter Seven

Sheridan and Luis lay on the rug in front of the tub, entwined together, desperately trying to restore their breathing. Neither one of them had ever felt anything quite like it. Although they had both experienced sex before this was the first time they had actually 'made love'.

Sheridan lay her head on Luis' chest, snuggling closer, sighing in contentment and blissfully whispered "Oh, Luis... I had no idea it could be this way..." Luis stroked her back languidly, "I know... me either Sheridan. It was..." He didn't know how to describe it.

Sheridan did... "Heaven? Perfect? Amazing?" Luis chuckled softly. "All those and more..." he whispered, pressing a kiss into her hair. As many times as he'd thought about this, imagined being with her, he'd never expected this feeling...

Although they were both enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking their situation wasn't lost on them. They both knew that the chances of them getting out of this mess alive grew slimmer as the time passed. Luis idly wondered what Hank was doing...

Hank was doing his best to stay cool. He had covered up the vents in the rest of the house too, but still the temperature was rising. He was wearing only his boxers too, and he was sitting on the sofa with a cold beer. A small fan churned away on the table in front of him and he had all the windows open, but he was still sweltering.

He didn't mind really though. He kept reminding himself that it was much, much hotter in the bathroom and that thought alone made him feel cooler. He wondered what they were doing in there. He hadn't heard anything since he'd shut the water off. The steel walls made it hard to hear voices unless they were yelling. Maybe they'd killed each other. He grinned at the thought. It wouldn't surprise him one bit. Those two were like oil and water and they would never get along.

He continued to smile. It probably wouldn't be long before Luis got so tired of Sheridan, added to the heat in there, that he would be more than willing to let Hank have her. Hank had never seen a woman get to Luis like that. Luis liked almost everybody, except the Cranes. But even with the rest of the Cranes he seemed to be able to control his temper. Not with Sheridan... she lit his fuse like nobody else could.

Hell, Hank was surprised Luis hadn't strangled Sheridan months ago...

As that precise moment Luis' hand was on Sheridan's neck, but the last thing he wanted to do to her was strangle her. He trailed his fingers over her throat and chest, loving the soft, silky texture of her skin. Sheridan's hand was sliding over his chest too, every so often she would rake a nail gently across his skin and a shiver of desire would shoot through Luis.

Although they both wanted nothing more than to make love again they knew that they had to try and figure a way out. The air seeping from under the bathtub was a constant reminder that the outside world was still there. Granted, that part of the outside world smelled damp and earthy, but even that would be welcome.

"Oh my God!" Sheridan sat up suddenly, scaring Luis. "What is it?" He was instantly alert, looking for a new danger, but he saw nothing.

"There's a laundry chute." Sheridan exclaimed, untangling her legs from his and scrambling to the vanity under the sink. She opened the door and began pulling things out of the cabinet. "Before the remodeling, there was a laundry chute under here... if it's still here Luis it might be big enough to get out!"

Luis began helping her clear the cabinet and then she moved aside while he struggled with the linoleum that covered the floor inside it. He managed to drag it out, followed by a piece of wood... and he looked over his shoulder at her and gave her the biggest grin she'd ever seen. It was still there!





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