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The Bathroom





















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Bathroom
by catcrazytlk


Chapter Six

The tiny room was sweltering hot and it was all Sheridan and Luis could do to breathe. The towels covering the vent kept the air from streaming in, but it seeped around them heating the room slowly. Sheridan was sitting, leaning against the wall, a wet facecloth in her hand. She slowly dragged it across her face, neck and chest every so often. The water was warm, but it still felt good on her burning skin.

Luis sat across the room, trying not to watch Sheridan with her cloth... he was hot enough already. He longed to crawl over there and trace the path of the cloth with his mouth... up her neck, over her face, ending on her sweet lips.

He forced himself to think of something else... preferably a plan to get them out of this mess alive. His gaze, landed on the Jacuzzi tub... something bothering him, but he wasn't sure exactly what it was. Then he knew... "Sheridan, is the floor fireproof too?"

Sheridan snapped out of her heat induced trance and tried to focus on his question. "Uh... I don't know... I would think so..." "But you don't know, right?" "No, I guess I don't know... but what good is a fireproof room without a fireproof floor?"

Luis couldn't argue with that statement, but he also knew that a lot of carpenters tended to skimp on details. He moved to the tub, seeing that it had a removable side, so that the Jacuzzi parts could be serviced. He fumbled with it for a moment and was rewarded when it fell off into his hands. He almost hooted with joy when he felt the rush of cooler air hit him. He could actually see parts of the basement through the rafters under the tub... whoever had remodeled this bathroom had no business calling himself a carpenter. Sheridan crawled over and began to suck in the air too. "Oh thank God..." she whispered.

Luis looked over the situation... maybe they could get out through the gaps between the rafters, but that would mean actually removing the tub first... and that would be no small task without any tools. Not to mention the fact that they would have to let the water out of it.

Sheridan saw him, his face pinched in concentration and she knew what he was thinking. "How Luis? We have no tools or anything... there's no way..." "There is always a way... we just have to find it, that's all." he replied stubbornly.

"Yeah, but it won't be this way..." she whispered laying a hand on his shoulder. "But at least we can breathe now..."

Luis was finding it harder to breathe than ever, because of her hand on his skin... she drove him wild with even the most innocent of touches. At that moment though, Sheridan was feeling anything but innocent about Luis. The touch on his arm made her want more... she wanted to run her hands all over him and it was all she could do to refrain. She drew a shaky breath and removed her hand, trying to stop it from trembling.

Luis looked over at her, amazed by the desire he saw burning in her captivating blue eyes. She wanted him... there was no doubt in his mind. The question was why? Because of the heat? Because she thought they were going to die and she wanted one last time? It certainly couldn't be because she actually wanted him... could it?

Sheridan saw the confusion and wariness as he stared back, and she wasn't sure what to do. She wanted nothing more than to lean over and kiss him but she was afraid to... what if he didn't want it? He had pulled away before... She sighed. She was locked in this damn room, more than likely she would die here... what did she have to lose? She leaned over and kissed him tentatively on the lips, intending to pull back right away. It was not to be... as soon as her lips touched his he wrapped his arms around her and then she was in his lap. The kiss deepened and she gasped as his tongue slipped into her mouth.

She wrapped her arms tightly around him and gave herself fully to the moment. they were both gasping for air between kisses, their hands roaming over each others scantily clad bodies. "Sheridan," Luis rasped, "I want you... I want to make love to you..." "Oh yes Luis... I want it too... make love to me Luis... please..."

Sheridan shivered with delight as her bikini top hit the floor, replaced with Luis' hands. She threw her head back and moaned as his mouth left hers, trailing kisses down her neck, to her chest. If she died right then, she would die the happiest woman on the face of the earth...

Luis couldn't get enough of the taste of her skin, the feel of her body pressed against his... when she moaned he thought he would lose all control right then. He forced himself to move his mouth back up her neck, to kiss her waiting lips again. "Are you sure this is what you want Sheridan?" he whispered.

"Oh yes Luis... I've wanted this for so long..." she whispered back breathlessly. "If you stop I'll die..."

Luis had no intention of stopping. He lowered her to the floor, covering her body with his and proceeded to make love to the woman of his dreams... and it was more exquisite and erotic than either of them had ever imagined.





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