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Unjust Suspicions





























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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Unjust Suspicions

Chapter Twenty-seven

Sheridan sat in the rocker holding Jennifer the next day. The nurses on duty watched sadly as she cuddled the baby, whispering things to her. Victoria said softly to the other nurse on duty, "It's going to break her heart..." Sheridan was trying not to think about the inevitable. Any minute now the woman from social services would arrive and that knowledge loomed in her mind, no matter how hard she tried to avoid thinking about it. She looked down at the baby and her heart clenched. What a way for the child's life to start... no father, no mother and now she would be sent to a foster home. Life just wasn't fair.

Eve was watching through the glass again and she frowned. This wasn't going to go well and she knew it. She pulled her cell phone from the pocket of her white coat and dialed the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Luis picked up and Eve identified herself.

"Eve, is something wrong?" Luis was instantly alarmed. Eve sighed. "Not yet, but I'm afraid something will be. Social services are coming to get Jennifer today. Sheridan has been here all morning... she's going to be heartbroken Luis."

"There's nothing I can do about it Eve... it's not our baby." "I know that Luis, but that doesn't matter to Sheridan. She loves that baby already and it's going to be terrible for her when she's taken away. I think you should come down here."

"I don't think that's necessary Eve... Sheridan will be fine." Luis couldn't bear the thought of seeing the baby again. "Luis, I'm serious... I think you should come over here." Eve heard her name on the loud speaker, calling her to the ER. "I have to go. Please Luis, she's going to need you." Luis hung up the phone, knowing he had to go. As hard as it would be he had to be there for Sheridan. He loved her too much to let her go through this alone. He knew Eve was right... Sheridan was going to fall apart when they took Jennifer away.

Sheridan knew as soon as she heard the door open behind her that the time had come. Her arms involuntarily tightened around Jennifer and she glanced at the woman beside her. The thought of handing Jennifer over was almost paralyzing. The woman smiled softly in understanding. "I'll give you a few minutes to say goodbye."

Sheridan nodded mutely and waited while the woman and the two nurses left her in privacy. She looked down at the baby and tears dripped silently down her cheeks as she spoke, "Oh Jennifer... I wish that things were different. If only there were some way that I could keep you I would. I already love you so much, even though I don't have a right to."

"I wish Luis would've come with me. He should've gotten to know you, even if it was only for a little while. Your parents were his best friends you know. They were special, wonderful people and you would've had a great life with them."

Tears dripped down her face and her voice was cracking. "But you're going to have a wonderful life anyway. You're going to have a family that wants you more than anything. A family that loves you. That's important you know. I know because I didn't have one, but I'm so glad that you will..."

Luis stood outside the nursery, looking through the window at Sheridan and the baby. His heart was aching for Sheridan as he watched her cry. He'd known she was getting attached to the baby, but he'd had no idea how much until just this moment. He was a bit surprised... he thought seeing the baby again would hurt, but it didn't. In fact, he was a bit regretful that he hadn't taken the opportunity to see her before. She was the last link to his best friends...

The woman from social services approached Sheridan and said, "It's time..." Sheridan held the baby close and her lower lip trembled as she whispered, "I love you Jennifer... I'll never forget you..." She pressed a kiss onto the baby's downy head and allowed the woman to take Jennifer from her arms. She watched as they left the room and then she slid out of the chair onto the floor, sobbing as though her heart was breaking.

Luis was in the room in a flash, dropping beside her and taking her into his arms. She clung to him, burying her face in his chest and crying her heart out. "Oh God, Luis... it hurts..."

"I know Angel... I know it does. It'll be ok...we'll get through this." Luis stroked her hair and rubbed her back with soothing circles as he whispered his love to her.

"I'll never forget her..." Sheridan whispered through her tears. "She'll always be in my heart... I know it's strange, but I just thought we were supposed to be together."

"She's going to be ok Angel... she'll have a great home with people that will love her." Luis felt helpless to ease her pain. He held her and comforted her, but he knew there was really nothing he could do. Only time could heal the pain in her heart now.

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