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Unjust Suspicions





























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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Unjust Suspicions

Chapter Twenty-six

"What do you mean she isn't going to make it?" Luis practically yelled in Chad's face. "I don't know man," Chad answered, stepping back. "The doc just came out and asked if there was anybody I should call... but I'd already called you. Is there anybody else?"

Luis shook his head numbly. There was nobody else. Beth was all alone in the world. Sheridan led him to the sofa in the waiting area and sat down with him. She couldn't believe this horrible situation. First Hank and now he was going to lose Beth too.

"Why?" Luis had tears in his eyes and Sheridan's heart ached for him. "I don't know Luis. Nobody knows why these things happen." She wrapped her arms around him and moved closer. Luis held onto her tightly and Sheridan could feel his hot tears on her neck.

"Hey, this is her Doc..." Chad said, jumping up from his chair. Luis and Sheridan did too and the three crowded around the doctor. "I'm sorry, we weren't able to save Miss Wallace." Luis shuddered and Sheridan was crying too now. Chad turned away, looking sadly at the floor. The doctor continued, "The good news is we saved the baby... it's a healthy little girl." The doctor left them alone and Luis and Sheridan held each other close, while Chad stared blankly out the window. "At least the baby is alright..." Sheridan whispered. Luis took a deep breath... "Yeah, that's a miracle I guess."

After a while Sheridan said, "Luis, let's go see the baby..." Luis followed her to the nursery and they stood together, peering through the window at the tiny girl. The name tag said only 'Baby Girl Wallace'. "She's beautiful..." Sheridan said.

"Yeah," Luis agreed. He looked at the baby... all that was left of his two best friends. "She's perfect..." He couldn't bear to look at her any longer and moved down the hall. Everything was just too fresh right now... finding out about Hank last night, losing Beth today. It was just too much.

Sheridan went back to see the baby later that day, and again several times the next day. Luis couldn't bring himself to go back to the hospital. Sheridan was allowed in to see the baby... she even held her and fed her. Sheridan held the precious bundle in her arms and her heart ached, because she knew that in a couple days the baby would be released to social services and sent to a foster home. She had already become so attached to her that she couldn't bear the thought.

She sat in the nursery rocking chair, holding the baby and rocking, while she softly sang a lullaby she could still recall her mother singing to her. Eve Russell walked by the window and saw Sheridan there, and she was concerned. Sheridan was bonding with that baby and she was going to be hurt when it was sent away. Eve knew what it felt like to have a child ripped from her heart and she didn't wish pain like that on Sheridan or anybody else.

Sheridan was in the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, doing her best to make dinner, when Luis came in from work. He came to her and kissed her softly, before peering into the pot on the stove. He didn't recognize the food cooking in there, but he smiled encouragingly before going to sit at the table. "Where is everybody?"

Sheridan went back to the salad she was making. "Miguel is at the Bennett's, Theresa will be home shortly and Pilar is lying down." Luis nodded. "I've been thinking I might as well move Miguel's stuff right over to the Bennett's... the kid never comes home anyway."

Sheridan smiled. Then she said, "I was at the hospital today..." "Sheridan, please... I don't want to hear about it." "But Luis... they're going to put her into a foster home..."

"Sheridan... she isn't your baby! There's nothing you can do. She'll get a good home." "Luis! How can you be so cold? She is Hank and Beth's baby..." "Right. It's just too painful... please Sheridan, just let it go." Luis stood, pushing his chair back hard into the counter and went out into the back yard.

Sheridan sighed. Luis was in so much pain and she didn't know what to do to help him. He was right about one thing though... it wasn't her baby and there was nothing she could do.

Sheridan continued to spend a lot of time with the baby. She had taken to calling her Jennifer, a name she'd always liked and now a few of the nurses called her Jennifer too. Sheridan spend hours talking to Jennifer and rocking her. "Sheridan?" Sheridan looked over at the nurse, Victoria, "Yes?" "Tomorrow Sheridan... they're coming to get Jennifer tomorrow."

Sheridan felt her heart clench and her stomach went sour. Tomorrow... it was too soon. She looked down at Jennifer, sound asleep in her arms and a tear slowly rolled down her face. It was soon followed by others and Victoria came and put a hand on Sheridan's shoulder. "We're all going to miss her... but we knew it was going to happen..."

"I know..." Sheridan whispered. "I know, but I never thought... oh God..." She wanted to just jump up and run from the hospital with Jennifer. She wanted to spirit her away and keep her forever. Somehow, aside from Luis, this tiny person had become the most important thing in her life. And now, like most of the things in her life that she'd cared about, she was going to lose her.

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